12th Battalion

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This web site is dedicated to all the past and future men and women who have given there lives to service in there countries armed forces in defense of freedom.

I would also like to dedicate this site to my great uncles who fought for Australia in world war one.

PAUL GOTTLIEB HEINRICH (1893-1968) - 56th BN (5th Division) 12-14-14 to 2-19-19

JOHANN ERNST "Jack" HENRICH (1887 - ?) - MIA in France during 1917

FRED "HARRY" HEINRICH - Served with the 50th BN, died of wounds on May 1st, 1918

JOHANN GOTTLIEB "JACK" HEINRICH (Changed Name after war to John Henrick)
(1896-1965) -- 2nd Division Signal Coy -- 1-26-15 to 5-15-19

Johann "Jack" Ernst Henrick

Jack served with the 2nd Divison Signal Company Y.

Jack enlisted 1-26-15 and left the army to 05-15-1919

Paul and Rubie Henrich

Paul served with the 56th BN (14th Brigade)

Paul enlisted 12-14-15 and left the army on 02-19-19

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