Basic Manual of Arms

This is based on the British training manual of Elementary Drill (1935) and "Infantry Training Manual of 1914".

The Order
Stand at Ease
Stand Easy
Standard Position to Start almost all movements.

May not talk or Move

Left Arm Hangs straight down to the trousers seam.

May Not move feet

May not talk, but may move limbs and hands.

Without Arms:
Heels together and in line. Feet turned out at an angle of about 45 degrees. Knees straight. Body erect and carried evenly over the thighs, with the shoulders (which should be level and square to the front) down and moderately back - this should bring the chest into its natural forward position without any straining or stiffening. Arms hanging easily from the shoulders as straight as the natural bend of the arm, when the muscles are relaxed, will allow, but with the thumbs immediately behind the seams of the trousers. Wrists straight. Palms of the hands turned towards the thighs, hands partially closed backs of fingers touching the thigh lightly, thumb close to forefinger. Neck erect. Head balanced evenly on the neck, and not poked forward, eyes looking their own height and straight to the front.
Keeping the legs straight, carry the left foot about twelve inches to the left so that the weight of the body rests equally on both feet ; at the same time carry the hands behind the back and place the back of one hand in the palm of the other, grasping it lightly with the fingers and thumb, and allowing the arms to hang easily at their full extent.
The limbs, head, and body may be moved, but the man will not move from the ground on which he is standing, so that on coming to attention there will be no loss of dressing. Slouching attitudes are not permitted.

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These movements are correct to the best of our knowledge. We do not have access (at this time) to world war one Australian drill manuals. If anyone has tips or suggestions, please Email me.

Special Thanks to Tom May for his help.