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Australian War Memorial Best source on the Web for Anzac knowlege
An undisciplined look on discipline The trouble with those undisciplined Aussies (GREAT!!!!)

Australian War Memorial, 1918 Special

Huge Web Site about Australia in 1918
Trenches on the Web A Excellent Site on World War One

Trenches on the Web, Anzac Memories

Excellent Site
Grants Militaria Photos Has many photos or orginal ww1 Australian uniforms and Kit
Hellfires Corner A site with many Links to Personal accounts of the Great War
Great War 80 years later (BBC) Real Audio interviews about the great War
Australian Cultural Network - Remembrance Day Great Links to ANZAC Stories of World War One
Weapons of World War One List of common weapons of WW1

13th BN Blackwatch (Canadian)

Our vallient "cousins". Canadian WW1 Reeneactment Group
5th BN AIF Anzac East Coast (USA) Australian Reenactment Group
26th Divison - 102 Inf (US)
6th East Kent Regiment (the Buffs) East Coast (USA) WW1 British Reenactment Group
The Real Modern Australian Army unit which the Reenact.
18th BN AIF Anzac Australian Reenactment Group
Australian Queensland based Reenactment Group
American US WW1 Marine Reenactment Group
Australian War Memorial, Anzac Views Views of Australian Troops to other Allied Forces



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Australian and American troops together at Villers-Bretonneux, July 1918

12th BN (reenactors) Irvine Park 1998