Basic Manual of Arms

Inspection Arms

For the NCO to check rifles to make sure all are empty.

Special Thanks to Tom May for his help.

Slope Arms 2
Inspection 1
Inspection 2 (Port Arms)
Inspection 3 (Examine Arms)
Inspection 4
Inspection 5
From Order Arms.

Throw Rifle upwards with the right hand across the body. Catch the rifle at the point of balance

Safety catch off with the thumb of the right hand. Open the bolt, once only DO NOT CYCLE THE MECHANISM (The breech is not cycled until "Ease Springs"). Look to the front, DO NOT LOOK INTO THE BREECH.(the breech WILL be emptied and checked BEFORE coming on parade).


When adopting the "Examine Arms" position, place the right hand (fingers straight and together) beside the breech, ball of the thumb over the charger guide and the thumb covering the face of the bolt (to reflect light along the barrel).

When The NCO step in front of you. Move your right foot to behind your left. Place the Barrel tip at eye level. The NCO will then look down your barrel and check condition of your Rifle.

When the NCO is two places down the line. You (without any command) step back to Port Arms.

Then Ease Springs. While holding the Trigger down, easy the bolt back into place.

Then Go Back to Order Arms and Stand at ease.

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