Basic Manual of Arms

Slope Arms

Is the basic Position for the Rifle. Most of the Rifle Drill comes from this position.

Special Thanks to Tom May.

Slope Arms 2
Slope Arms 1
Slope Arms 2
Slope Arm 3
Slope Arms 4
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From the Order.

The rifle is thrown upward and caught by the left hand just above the point of balance and the right hand catches the rifle at the small of the butt, the fingers of the right hand should be straight and together.

The rifle is carried across the body by the right hand, at the end of this manoeuvre, the fingers of the right hand are straight and together.

Cut the Right hand back to the position of Attention.

Left elbow is close to the side, forearm Horizontal.

Slope Arm 3

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From Slope Arms

Bring rifle down to the full extent of the left arm, at the same time meeting it with the Right Hand..

Bring the Rifle to the right side, steadying it at the time with the left hand at the nose cap.

Butt just clear of the ground.

Cut the Left hand back to the position of Attention.

Lower Rifle to the ground quietly.