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Mission Report: July 23rd, 2162 – New Harmony – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – (Indiana)

By , 10/10/2013 9:26 pm

MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts
Long term objective, – Get Antibiotics to Louisiana
Near term objective – get out of Kentucky Free States Territory, loop around to Cairo Illinois
Immediate objective – escape new Harmony and the Posse following us
DATE: 7/23/2161
LOCATIONS: Recouping in the town of New Harmony, and Planning the escape
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Mission title –  “A Deal with the Devil”

The official report to Prime base We met up with an have absorbed a member of original team OH-2, our team Medic Tim is healing nicely, we have formulated a plan with local KFS resistance elements to extricate ourselves from New Harmony. All is well and going to plan.

The Unofficial report which goes in my secret password protected part of my minicamp which will only be used for my memoirs when all is right and good again in America.


When it rains it pours, and i am not talking some dinky little shower.. This has the makings of a typhoon/hurricane type storm.

We made it into New Harmony with the rain slacking off enough to get a look at the town. New Harmony looks to be about 400 people and in good repair. Houses in good order, and what looks to be a nice town park on the west side of town. We drove the exhausted horses, both them an us rain soaked and muddy, into the docs’ barn. The doctor was brought out of his house to check out Tim along with Ruby, the orphaned OH-2 team member Lincoln told us about on the road.

I pulled doff my oilskin duster, and shook off my cowboy hat “Vod Pacheco, CA-4 Team lead. This here is Lincoln, Conroy, Porter, Desiree, and the one leaking vital fluids is Tim, our team doctor. The doc got to work, and was able to stabilize Tim. Our MP medkit used the last of our nanorepair injections on Tim, which would greatly speed his healing. He should be mobile in a day or so. We all sacked out for the night and would figure out what to do next in the morning.

I awoke early and started getting what gear I could organized, with the rain slacking off. I let the horses out into the barn’s corral, and took an overall inventory. With the loss of that wagon, we lost a bunch of our food, the twin 50 cal MGs and their ammo, the solar panels, and Tims Pipe tobacco. Luckily Tim was sleeping when I mentioned this, but im sure he will find out soon, and get pissed off at that. The weapons we recovered from the ambush included a postwar AKM. Its looked to be 10-20 yrs old and the barrel was in decent condition. The ammo used smokeless powder, but definitely post war product. A couple of pump action 870 shotgun reproductions, a Prewar MP5 in good condition(cache loot?) and a 38 cal pistol, definitely prewar. None of the postwar. At this point I figured we were in pretty good condition, with Tim recovering, and everyone starting to dry out a bit.

I figured while Tim recovered, Porter, Ruby and I would take one of our wagons out to the crash site and see what we could recover. And that’s when things started to go bad.

KFS V300 with 90mm Cannon in New Harmony, July 23rd, 2162

KFS V300 with 90mm Cannon in New Harmony, July 23rd, 2162

We were coming up on the center of town, when we heard the sound of a Diesel motor approaching ahead of us. Then the sight of a V300, with a 90mm cannon turret, rounded the corner about 5 blocks ahead of us, and pulled up to the town square. And a squad of KFS Army troopers dismounted and set up a defensive perimeter, and started asking questions of nearby townsfolk. We casually turned down a side street and circled around back to the barn to let the team know what is going on.

As we were talking, a boy about 9 yrs old ran up to the farm. Ruby recognized him as Kenny, the town baker’s kid, and asked what was going on. The Kenny said the KFS was at the town hall, looking for Doc and asking to talk to him. Kenny had heard them talking about a wagon wreck a couple miles out of town, and asking about any strangers in town. The wagon was thought to belong to the “River Dog Terrorists” and there’s a $500 reward for anyone who turns them in!

Kenny also said to tell Doc that the weapons’ shipment was due tonight and should they go ahead with it? Ruby said she would pass the message to Doc and sent Kenny on his way. After talking to Doc, he gave Ruby a note to take to the general store and give to Hank. It would tell hank to cancel the shipment for tonight. Doc then took off towards the town hall. We waited in the barn for Doc to return and meanwhile geared up in our body armor and prepared in case it came to a fight. I briefed the team that no long distance radio comms were to be used. The KFS had good RDF capability and only very low power local radios were safe, and even then keep it brief if we had to use them.

About an hour later, Doc came in and said that we were safe for now. The KFS had been about a day behind us, and found the wagon wreck.  The Church of the Resurrection and thus the town doesn’t like the KFS and they wouldn’t turn us in for now. But we needed to get out of town… soon. For now, he gave us some common clothes so we wouldn’t stand out.  We changed back out of our combat gear, and then exited the barn to take up residence in Doc’s house. Ruby took the note to the Hank.

When she got back she told us that a V150 cruised thru town and stopped at the town hall to join the V300 Army guys while she was walking. It was “running silently” so I would guess some unlucky MP team is dead and that was their vehicle. More importantly out of the V150 came a group of 4 Blackshirted KFS security police. While the army guys were pretty casual, one even “wolf whistling and hitting” on Ruby, these Security goons looked like they expected everyone was out to get them. CRAP, it just kept getting worse.

I took porter out with me in “commonfolk clothes” to check the roads and ways out of town. The KFS had set up roadblocks to the road north and south of the town, and another group at the ferryboat across the river. The townsfolk said that the strangers must have bypassed the town, so that bought us some time. But in a day or two, the KFS will realize that we didn’t. An 2 ½ tone Army Truck pulled into town, and more KFS Army troops got out and were setting up camp in the town park. This just got better and better. At least the V150 with the KFS security troops had driven south, and was out of town for now. We don’t need those crazies running around. We did see a flash from the church steeple and figured that an sniper was up there, in clear view of the roadblocks.

KFS Army Troops on patrol, In New Harmony, Indiana, July 23rd, 2162

KFS Army Troops on patrol, In New Harmony, Indiana, July 23rd, 2162


I talked to Doc about how to get out of town. He said he could possibly get us across the river and then somehow arrange to get horses and equipment across later to meet up with us. I thought about shooting our way out, but figured that would just bring them down harder. We really needed to just fade out and disappear. I asked about the weapons shipments he had mentioned, and who they were getting them from. Specifically I figured that whoever could get weapons into the town, could get us out, so I requested a meeting. I was thinking, wow, what a great idea. Doc left for the evening, to make some rounds, and would return with his resistance weapons supplier to talk to us. Oh… boy I would come to wish I didn’t request that meeting… sigh.

The rain started up around 7pm, and when it rains it pours….about 10pm that night we were in Docs house when the door opened. Doc walked in, followed by 2 other people. They removed their oilskin dusters and pulled off their hats. I could feel the temperature in the room instantly drop 10 degrees. Tim and I froze, for two different reasons. I was looking at the most beautiful woman (other than Viviana my wife) I have ever seen.  Hair so red, Perfect body, confident piercing blue eyes. Decked out in leather, a .357 Magnum strapped to her thigh in an oiled holster like someone from a prewar comic book. A .357 Magnum strapped to her thigh in an oiled holster. I must have looked silly just staring. Somewhere in my haze I could hear Tim swearing behind me…..… “get out of my head Bitch!”

Colonel Madeline Frost, Republic of Krell, New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

Colonel Madeline Frost, Republic of Krell, New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

In a voice as smooth as glass she purred, “CA-4….. long time no see….. You have the strangest way of showing up in the strangest places…..” She looked at me with those eyes.. and then slowly pulled up her sleeve to reveal a Joker Tatoo…..

Joker Tattoo….

I snapped out of it. CRAP CRAP CRAP.. how can she be here!

My had dropped to my holster, but I realized the futility of it at this point. Open up a firefight and the KFS would be here in moments. I spoke the words “Stand down CA4……”

I could hear Tim behind me grinding his teeth… “But its HER!”

My mind raced back to the first days of the high desert. Colonel Madeline Frost was a product of Krell. Bred for her psychic abilities, generations of redheaded crazy women who could reach into your mind and pull out your thoughts. She had been at the High desert, trying to get the Alliance into a deal with Krell. She had been at the end of the Crimson King, when we blew the mountain up. One of her sisters had been there in the pursuit of the Nuke in Missouri. She just wouldn’t die.

“It all starts making sense”, she said. “Sigh… CA4, some new faces, but undeniably your signature on the trail of Havoc leading to this point. Only your team of maniacs could have managed to undo the years of our work to put the KFS to sleep in a matter of weeks. Its going to take years for us to coup the damage you have done.”

Now it made sense. The post war automatic weapons must have been made in the Krell Republic. They must be supplying the “resistance” to oppose the KFS. And we are smack dab in the middle of it, and now I was going to have to make a deal with this Devil.

“Colonel Frost…. Madeline…. I find myself in the strangest situation of asking for your help.”

The KFS don’t want us here… we don’t want to be here… and from your comments you don’t want us here either. What would it take get you to get us across the river and out of your oh so lovely hair.”

She thought a moment, “It would be so much easier just to kill you here, but I suppose that would just bring the KFS Blackshirts in and level this quaint little town. And they have been so useful in keeping the KFS back for these past years. I suppose we could strike a deal.”

We talked a bit on what it would take, and finalized on one remaining Cache of construction equipment that OH-2 had left. About 5 miles away. She would get us across the river. Confirm the existence of the cache, and then we would say our goodbyes. It would take a day to set up, so she donned her weather gear, and disappeared into the darkness outside the house. Everyone took a breath as we could feel the warmth return to the room, warmth that didn’t have anything to do with the potbelly stove in the corner.

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