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UPDATE REPORT: Changes to American History –> KFS Slavery and History.

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SUBJECT: Kentucky Free State History and the Origins of Slavery
REPORTER: Carla Jackson, Science Team AR-2.
LOCATION: Near Jonesboro, AR
DATE: June 17th, 2162.

The KFS has always had a deliberate policy of controlling media outlets so it should be no surprise that they have over the last 160 years changed the view of the past to meet there own agenda.

From there own published high school school textbook “The Rise of Freedom and Independence” by Bowling Green University Press, 2112, you can see this theme in effect. The Time after the war was a mythical time of confusion and chaos which the forefathers families stepped into the chaos inorder to save civilization and the “true spirt” of the American system.

Post war reconstruction Bowling Green KY, 2028.

Post war reconstruction Bowling Green KY, 2028.

By the “true spirt”, they are talking about free markets and the belief that one has the right to security and freedom to live ones life within a structured society. The book never mentions the other tents of prewar america: freedom of religion, rule of law, freedom from bondage, or the sense of working for the common good. But given the structure of the KFS, it is not surprising that all of this is not included.

After all, according to the KFS revised american history, the united states had lost its way after the 1980’s and was a land of socialism , communism, and decadence in which the hardworking forefathers that created new wealth and prosperity were punished by high taxes and treated with contempt from the un-educated masses.

When the war came, it was the same forefathers with the hard working work ethic that had planned ahead to make sure that the “True America” would survie the war. They did this with the consumate good will for the hard working people of Kentucky knowing that together, a great nation would recover.

The War unfortunately taxed the ability for the KFS forefathers to take care of all the people who needed help so many of the flood of people seeking stability had to become displaced persons (DP’s) and work for the good of all. Over time these people proved to be lazy, selfish and not capable of belonging to the KFS in the same level as the rest of the enlightened citizenry. So the people of the KFS must take it upon themselves to help these ignorate peoples to fit into the glorious society of the KFS in the way that fits in to there limited abilities.

Displaced Persons in work camp outside Lexington KY, 2023.

Displaced Persons in work camp outside Lexington KY, 2023.

Of course, from our own research, it seems that none of this was 100% false, as the best lies merge truth with the dis information.

The true history of the KFS does seem to be a bit different from there text books.

It does seem that the original five families were in fact, five leaders of major International corporations in which each had there own specialities. Military Systems, Technology, Bio – mechanics, Agriculture, and Media are all represented.

How they had access to the Cold Sleep technology or new of the upcoming war is not known, but I suspect that one of the corporations that did sub contract work with Morrow Industries must have had a security breach and thus the 5 getting wind of the project technology. But the known facts are that they managed to store large number of goods, military equipment and personal over a time period of 30 years, so when the war actually occurred, they were ready.

From the limited resources that I have collected, it does seem that the KFS in the starting years after the war was over whelmed by the disruption in the old united states and was not ready for the influx of peoples desperate for safety. As a means to handle the problem, They created a system of Displaced Person camps in order to find the skilled from the unskilled workers. The Workers with critical skills: Doctors, Electricians, Programmers, Engineers, Soldiers, and Mechanics were integrated into the new order as fast as possible while the unskilled were sent to farms, work camps, and basic salvage duties. Over time the children of the unskilled workers also were denied education in order to break out the cycle and thus passed down there legal status to the next generation.


By the 2050’s the status of DP’s became a part of the law and a DP could be bought or sold by there protectors or owners.

So a means to a end eventually became the bedrock of the KFS society and thus over 160 years of misery, bondage, and outright slavery came back to north america.

Into the Heart of Darkness Campaign Notes: The Kentucky Free State (Part 1)

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This campaign is based loosely on the classic Kentucky Free State of the Morrow Project Books, but with a twist.


For one thing, my Campaign uses the new 4th Edition timeline (war takes place 2017 instead of 1989) so there was more people in the world, more technology, and a greater collapse (as the technology curve was even more digital than the late 80’s). But it also means that I have a greater level of rebuilding in general than the older 3rd edition timeline.

The Kentucky Free State (KFS) is still a huge problem for the Morrow Project Teams. Its population of 3 million or more people (2.2 million of them slaves or non citizens) plus its modern infrastructure, weapons, and production facilities make it the number one power in north america. It has an air force that is more than happy to drop any amount of bombs on a given team just to prove that it can, and it really does not care about most of its soldiers being killed in order to take down a enemy.

So why has the KFS not taken over the pitiful remains of the north america? Its Lazy, decadent, and happy at the status quo .


The KFS is based on an economic system that the few Rich families (the rich 5) control all the wealth and power in the land. If they took over neighborhood land, they would need to garrison the lands, build infrastructure to get its resources, promote more mid level management (someone has to run the new areas), and basically bring the areas under there control. In many ways the new lands would be better off as they would at least have safety of the KFS Army and more modern infrastructure. Yes they would lose almost all there political rights but they could gain security, good food supply, medicine, and maybe surplus agriculture. So I would think that the KFS has made a practice of NOT expanding past its current borders.

And thinking about economics (think the roman empire in 100 AD), the KFS just does not need to. It can dominate all the lands around it by exploiting the people to produce surplus goods and raw materials but making them dependent on finished goods and machinery. Think of the KFS as a first world nation and the rest of North America as a 3rd world country desperate for antibiotics, machined parts, and knowledge.

Why would the KFS do this? Its the easyest way to control people on the cheap!

The KFS does not need to send armies, It sends salesmen and traders.

It can more or less stop most other manufacture goods by undercutting prices or just by sabotage or military means. All its products are built on the cheap so there wear out quickly and thus make the people using them dependent spare parts.

Example: A local village gets a tractor with fuel from a KFS representative. It produces a large amount of crops and everyone see’s the value. The KFS allows for the village to pay for the Tractor with the surplus crops, but it needs the village to build a road down to the local river for pickup by KFS chartered river boats. The KFS (For more debt) will help build the road and will help to ship the crops. At the end, the village actually makes almost nothing from the work as its never allowed to keep the profit due to shipping, parts, and the representatives commission. And if the villiage does not pay its share of the debt? Then it is cut off from spare parts, medical supplies, and more important the good will of a KFS corporation (which are all controlled by the Powerful families).

Bandit and slaver attacks are well know to happen to villages that do not pay there bills on time. So it is common knowledge that you never default on debts own to the KFS.

Again, why spend all that money to conquer lands when you can make a profit and do it without a lot of chaos to the markets? And the best part is, the local population does not even know its been controlled till its to late. Once you sign a deal with the devil, you are already damned.


Pretty much unchanged from the standard lore.

There few people that control almost everything. These are the true 1% who control the means of production, the armed forces, and the media. The do not allow for any sort of democracy or local control more than rubber stamped town councils. If they bother with elections for mid level positions, they are all pre selected and pre approved (“Jessica, we have another Election with 100% enfranchised voters voting for the candidate of the people. The Government and the people are lock in step moving the KFS into a bright new future!”).

The Bureaucracy is firmly entrenched and bribery is rampent at every level. The Families are fine with this as it slows down change and keeps the people worrying about day to day life instead of pushing for reform.

Again to make it clear, the power families actually control everything that matters in the KFS and will do everything they can to keep it that way.


The 1%:

  • Perhaps less than 1000 people own almost everything that matters. They are a detached from the common people in almost every way and relying on the mid level technical classes to run the government and keep the machinery of state running. They use the secret police to keep tabs on everyone and especially the Middle Technical classes.
  • All upper ranks in the armed forces tend to come from the 1%.
  • Middle Class can marry into the 1%, but it is quite rare.
The 2% to 5%: This would be considered the upper to middle class. They are college educated and actually run the day to day operations of the KFS. These are generally always working to become in the 1% but as above, it rarely happens. They generally are left to there own devices and can have quite a lot of wealth, but it is always under the umbrella of the 1%. Most army and air force officers come from this class. In general they are not an oppressed group of people and are not interested in upsetting the KFS structure (unless its to get to be in the 1%). These are part of the Franchised voter class. They usually have domestic slaves and slave helpers at work.
The 6%-15%: This is the lower middle class. They are the store owners and small business owners. They might have college education (one child per family due to cost). They have some freedoms, but are watched closely by the secret police. They are heavily taxed, and in general tended to be low level officers in the armed forces.. These are part of the Franchised voter class. They are generally NOT happy with the current systems, but have learned not to speak in public about there concerns. They might have from 2 to 3 slaves per family.
The 16% to 35%: The working poor. Education stops at 6th grade for perhaps 50% of this group. These are the small farmers, trades peoples, enlisted in the ranks. Most of these peoples are actually content in there role as they do not have the education to know there treated so poorly. Most of them have few contacts with the government and tend to be pretty arrogant and proud of the KFS and all the stability it brings. When the corruption are shown to them, they will get angry but the KFS will also be the most harsh against them.  They do not have any voting rights. They might have 1 slave on the farm or household slave.
The 65%:  Slaves. No rights at all besides some laws to protect investment of the owner and basic treatment. The KFS does not in general try and treat slaves any harsher than needed as its bad for business and slaves actually cost a lot to train and keep alive. Slaves do most of the manual work and even some skilled work but this is used to keep the lower middle class in line (and keep the lower middle class aggression healthily for slaves). In theory slaves can win there freedom, but its very rare.


The KFS does have quite sophisticated media outlets to control the people and the local area. They uses churches, radio, films, newspaper, and limited TV. Almost all media is controlled by the government and used to enforce unity of thought. (Think late 1930’s Nazi movement).

The KFS makes sure than even the working poor can afford simple radio recievers so they can get the “good message of the prosperity the KFS brings to the people”. The radio tends to be a mixture of radio dramas, gossip radio, news, and a heathly dose of propaganda. Think 1930’s wartime radio, and its about right.

Newspapers are around but mostly read by the top 15% and heavily censored.

TV is only used by the Top 15%, and is considered a sign that you are up and becoming when you can watch the one station broadcasting from the government. Many prewar movies are shown, but most in the light of showing how corrupt and wrong the old USA was.

Films are still being made, but there almost always playthings of the 1% or propaganda movies.

The Internet is only used by the government and the top 5% and is more of a business tool than and media outlet.


Places to find more info about the KFS:

  • Morrow Project Yahoo User Groups
  • Excellent Website of all sort of things Morrow Project:
  • Bullets and Blue Grass – Morrow Project Module
  • Fall Back – Morrow Project Module (I do not use much of this one)

The Primary Book would be Bullets and Blue Grass (out of print) but my campaign in general is about 20 years after the tradition Morrow Project (3rd edition) timeline

MISSION REPORT 4/19/2162 – Marquette Region MI

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Date: 4/19/2162

Alan Michael Cross

Science, attached to CA-04

After some R&R in Marquette, we left for the iron mining town of Palmer. Along with us was a local guide “Thunder”.

Empire Mining Company Buildings April 2162

We entered Palmer, noting that it was a kind of hellish company town. The mining company holds the population in an iron grip, with a stratification of executives on top, malnourished and ill workers on the bottom and a few technicians and professionals in the middle. Our cover story was we were mercenaries hired down south in Chicago to look for a “dragon” or other mythical beast that is a local legend.

While talking to the local security force about possible employment and our mission, we noticed that the company was using newly manufactured vehicles: an engine was being winched into a truck body. As the company seems to be owned out of the place called “Kentucky Free State”, this indicates they have a heavy industrial base that can export manufactured products 1000 km away. Vehicle engines possibly means light tanks, APCs, at least piston aircraft. The local equipment seemed to be circa 1940’s, with various light armaments.

Empire Mining Company Housing April 2162

The Sergeant talked to us and mentioned that an old trapper to the WSW had some encounter decades before with the beast we said we were looking for. Through him we also obtained permission to be in the area. On the way out the Lieutenant ran into us. She couldn’t get Vod to divulge our mission and we left, heading to find the old man. He was living in a trapper’s shack located near a lake about 7-8 km from Palmer.


Arriving at the man’s shack Vod shared the vile stew he was cooking, as well as the alcohol he was drinking. He related a story that sounded like a Science-One or other large Project vehicle came out of a nearby lake. Imp mercenaries apparently ambushed and massacred them, with one survivor in what sounded to be a HAAM suit retreated back into the lake and was never seen again. I guess the Imps must have all been killed because if they were connected to the mining company, it’s well within their means to drain the lake or otherwise find something sunk in there.

The Old Mans Cabin. Found the story of the Death of the missing Science Team.

The trapper related the last words spoken to him by the Project team, that the vehicle (Excalibre) could be recalled or accessed using the “name of its owner”.


Those of us outside heard vehicles coming. At the same time, Vod was incapacitated by the food he’d eaten. We tried to get into defensive positions. The convoy was from the company: 3 trucks (2 MGs, 1 recoilless rifle). Armed militiamen began deploying to outflank us despite our attempts to parley. This was a hostile move and we opened fire. Two of three trucks were destroyed and all but two personnel were killed. KeShawn began a pursuit of the survivors. The V-150 had been hit and a wheel destroyed, so Conroy began repairs. We were able to capture one of the trucks intact so other personnel took it to the lake to attempt to recover the vehicle.


SITREP: Combined Task Force Phoenix, April 21st, 2161

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TO:  All Morrow Project Teams in Command Group 2 ( Combined Task Force “Phoenix”)

FROM: Cmdr J. Poole, Lt. Cmdr Martha Roosevelt.

SITRUP: Current Status of the Project and our Combined Task Force.

DATE: April 21st, 2161.

So lets gets some basics out of the way:

  1. As of this moment, My second in command will now be Lt. Cmdr Martha Roosevelt of CA-7. You will respect her with all honors and privileges that rank Holds. CA – 7 Members will be instrumental in providing manpower, resources, and knowledge to the project. Treat them as you would treat any other MP team member.
  2. Its at least 150 years after the war instead of 3-5 years we thought it would be. That changes things in the small scale, but our mission is still the same, so get over it. I do not want to hear anymore bitching about it. That’s an order.
  3. There is No contact with Prime Base.  I am working with 2 Teams out in Nevada to find out the current state of the base and to see if we can re – activate it.
  4.  Something happened to the MP central command and control network and it has been shut it down.  CA – 1’s Computer specialist thinks that it might have been a specifically targeted computer virus.  With the Activation of our Communications Link, it seems that our systems are not infected, but we all need to be careful about accepting outside data. We are working to develop a counter program. It also means that large scale communications with distances father than 400 miles is not currently possible.
  5. As  far as we can tell, we are the only active large scale MP presence on the west coast. It seems we are it people.  That means we must keep ourselves together and focused if we are to rebuild the United States.
  6. As we find other MP teams or personal, we will ask that they join our newly named Combined Task Force “Phoenix” .  An MARS team from Arizona and its dependants are on the way to us now bringing much needed expertise. We must contact and bring in teams whenever possible.
  7. We are in contact with Teams in AZ, NV, and CO. There is a Morrow Project in the united states but it seems to be under no direct command. The Dates of the activations are all different as well so it seems that teams have slowly been activating over the last 100 years at least. We are not sure of what this means, and your theories are as good as ours at this time.
  8. We are short of Weapon Systems and Ammo. This CTF was never designed to be a front line combat force, we are an engineering support one. Does not change the fact that we are in a war zone against some very serious threats. Every Team Member, bullet and weapon is priceless. Do not take chances but do not waist weapons systems. So Far our Team caches are the only supplies that we have. We are working to get our regional supply base back to active status, but till that happens conserve ammo.
  9. It Seems that there is a lot of politics in the local area we find ourselves in. Please think before doing anything to harm  our current position as guests of the HDF.
  10. We are not ready to show our strength to the outside world yet. We are still trying to find out what needs help first before acting so keep a low key impression .


We will send out more updates as we find out more information.

CA-4 MISSION FILES: March 16th, 2161 Part 4

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1978 International Harvester SSII "Scout"

1978 International Harvester SSII "Scout"

Monday, March 16th, 2161
Frederick Douglass Johnson
Inland Empire

CA4 MISSION FILES: March 16th, 2161 Part 3

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RECON TEAM CA4 About to Attack the Ranch House

RECON TEAM CA4 About to Attack the Ranch House

DATE: 3/15/2161 to 3/16/2161
LOCATION: California High Desert near Highway 138 / Interstate 5

Compiled by Team Leader Vod Pancheco – Recon CA-4

            After discussion on the way to the Ranch, it was decided to let Vivianna, Fred and Hannah borrow extra resistweave BDUs to allow for easier recognition thru the team’s night vision goggles.

            Then after taking down the sentries in the overlooking north east and southeast towers, Travis skillfully maneuvered the V150 next to the East wall. With this maneuver we were able to cover the area with the coax MG(Hannah) and commanders MG(Fred).

Keshawn, standing on the V150 peeked over the wall, and found a conveniently placed woodpile on the other side.  After looking carefully, the team heard a couple of Bangers coming around the corner of the main building. After trying to bluff them… they wouldn’t go away, so Keshawn shot them both with his suppressed G36.

            Scrambling over the wall from the V150, and down the woodpile, Keyshawn pulled the bodies out of view. Rick, Vod and Vivianna next went up the stairway to the 2nd floor, where Vivianna advised the kids or family members would most likely be held. All three quietly made it to the top of the stairs, and Vod went to open the door so Rick could sweep into the room.. 1…2….3…. door locked.

Post Battle Computer Mockup of Black Crow Ranch

Post Battle Computer Mockup of Black Crow Ranch

            Sheepishly, Vod turned around and Vivianna was holding out the key ring. 1…2….3.. Door opened to find a Banger assaulting what appeared to me a maid or household worker. Rick stealthily approached the guy, and double tapped him in the head. Vivianna rushed to her side to quiet her, and tell her to stay still. Keyshawn joined the team upstairs, as Vod, Keshawn, and Rick began to clear the rooms and search for the kids.

At the end of the hallway, the kids could be heard, and as Vod approached, the door opened. A man in body armor, with an AKM stepped out, and Vod put him down with a quick burst. Vivianna rushed into the room, and gathered the frightened children to her side.

Bangers began to yell that they were under attack, and Fred/Hanna used their MGs to cover the avenues of attack for the team. Covering the stairway leading downstairs, Rick was surprised by a banger exiting the master bedroom. He took a hit to the chest, which hurt, but was not wounding. Rick then dispatched the banger in a spray of modern art.

One Banger came out of a back door and rushed up the stairs before George could hit him with the M21 sniper Rifle. The Banger disappeared into the upstairs, as he scrambled over the wall, pulling out his CAWs assault Shotgun, rushing up the stairs after him. The banger entered into the room, and approached the maid, still huddled in the corner. Vod took aim, but before he could fire, the banger let loose with a shotgun, wounding Vod’s left and right feet, and a small wound to the thigh. Vod then took out the banger with a quick burst, narrowly missing the maid behind him. Vod and Vivianna did what they could for his injured feet at Rick took the kids down the back stairs to get them safe.

The way clear, it was decided to evacuate the children and Vivianna to the V150 for safety.  As Rick exited the upstairs, a group of bangers tried to come around the corner, only to meet Fred and a long burst from the commanders MG. Fred could tell he hit some of them at least, and the others scrambled back.

The kids and Vivianna began to scramble up the woodpile, a banger behind an outhouse tossed a grenade, but it missed traveling over the wall and the V150. The explosion almost hit Hannah as she assisted the kids over the wall. Rick then peeled off a long burst of shotgun rounds into the outhouse, turning it, and the banger behind it, into so much ugly smelly mess. 

Keshawn and Rick were covering the top of the inside staircase, while Vod moved down the back stairs and took aim at the door. A banger emerged, and Vod dispatched him before he could do anything. Then Vod moved up and peered down the hallway, and spotted the standoff between the 3 bangers looking up the stairway, Rick and Keshawn were watching. The standoff between the two groups was settled by a 40mm multiple projectile round, which put all 3 bangers down in a cloud of splinters from the walls of the hallway.

Fred asked about moving the vehicle, and I gave permission to move at will to engage the enemy. Apparently he asked Travis to back up so that they could get a clear view around the south side of the compound and into the Horse corral. Fred said that he couldn’t see much, but put a long burst into a group of horses and people trying to mount up, downing many of them. Hanna made use of the thermal vision, and then let a short burst of 25mm shots into a couple of horsemen.. well can’t tell whats horse and whats men from what was left.

While that was going on, the apparent commander of the enemy called out to Vod from the main room. He said that he wanted to talk and get his men out without anyone else dying. He was holding Big Jake and his Wife in the main room adjacent to the hallway Vod just emptied. Rick came down the stairs and was in a flanking position to the main room.

Romas Antica said he was from the Imperial Military Forces of Mexico and he just wanted out and he would exchange the lives of Big Jake and his wife. Apparently there was some disagreement, and it became evident that there were two groups working together. This “Mexican Army” group, and the “bangers”.

Vod stated that if they drop the loot, and leave, he would let them live. The Banger chick had some type of argument with Romas, about needing something out of all this and how they should just kill everyone. The conversation went back and forth for a while, and Rick started to hear some type of movement in what turned out to be the front of the house.

The Bangers and the Military guys were leaving while we were talking. Romas wanted to take Jake’s wife until they were in a safe distance, and we were adamant that everyone be left here. Vod expressed that the family was #1 priority to get safe, even if it meant letting these guys get away. The more time this guy talked, the closer the Marines reinforcements got.

Keshawn said he saw people dragging stuff out the door in bed sheets, said they looked to be heading out the front gate area, and started firing on them from his 2nd floor vantage point. 

Hearing this , Fred had Travis hit the “Gas” and get around to the front gate. By the time they got there, some horsemen and Bicyclists were trying to get away. Fred mowed down a couple horsemen, while Hanna Vaporized a biker with a short burst of 25mm cannon fire. The remaining bikers hit the dirt, or a trench and tried to imitate rocks. They were out of the fight.

Fred used the CB to radio the Marine reinforcements for an ETA on when they would get here. 5 min out. He also informed them about the V150 and the Morrow Team, and how we are the “good guys”.  

Meanwhile, using the thermal imaging they identified what appeared to be huddled people hiding in more buildings. One person must have tried to take a shot, but Fred said that their gun must have exploded instead. With the V150 driving around the front, Keshawn said that people were now going out the back. Fred let Travis know, and they heading around towards the back.

            Meanwhile, Vod entered the main room and found big Jake, and looking towards the front door, just in time to see a Banger firing at Rick with a shotgun. Rick took aim and fired a burst back thru the doorway, and the banger stopped firing. Big Jake was safe but Vod didn’t see his wife, and figured they took them out the front door like they said.

Jumping a barricade he took a look out the front door, and was greeted by an M60 burst in the chest and a round in the right arm. The armor plates saved his life, but were broken by the enemy fire. Either way, he was knocked to his back and stunned. Rick pulled Vod back from being exposed, and Keshawn began firing at the M60gunner who returned fire on Keshawn. George came into the downstairs and quickly assessed Vod and Rick to make sure they were ok. Rick peeked out, and took aim at the M60 gunner position, and as soon as he showed himself, hit him with at least one round.

            Rick went out he front door, and a recovering Vod tried to follow. Some Banger check then started taking aimed shots at the two of them, as they were backlit by the houselights.

Vod took another minor wound to the right arm and he quickly closed the door to cut out the light. The woman disappeared, but Fred spotted a couple more horsemen preparing to get out thru the gate. With a long burst, one gunman went down and the horse for the other was hit at least once.

George went out and checked the M60 gunner building.. a few shots of the assault shotgun, and that enemy wouldn’t hurt anyone again.

            Fred/Travis/Hanna rounded the back of the compound and saw many people with mountain bikes, and horses in various states of getting away. He fired off a long burst from the machine gun and called out for them to stop. Various Bangers were throwing bikes over the wall to try to escape and once Fred lit up the night sky with the spotlight they thru down their weapons and put their hands in the air. Two horsemen in Imperial forces gear split up, but once one was silhouetted in a spotlight he too froze and gave up. The other disappeared into the fog.

At this point the Marines showed up in a couple of vehicles and horsemen. They quickly established contact with Vod and the team, and began to round up the wounded and captured enemies.

Establishing that CA-4 was friends of Fast Freddie helped alleviate any tension between the groups. Keshawn went downstairs to free Big Jake, and also found his wife also tied up, but mad as a wet cat in a room full of rocking chairs. They were reunited with Vivianna and the kids and everyone was safe.

              The Marines were amazed at the MP equipment, both the V150 and the state of our equipment.

Just as they were beginning to ask more and more questions, Jake spoke up and put the Lieutenant in his place, stating that our group was responsible for saving his entire family and farm, and that they should thank our team for doing their job. Vivianna gave hugs all around for saving her family(painful on Vods bruised chest and wounded arm. Jake offered us a bed to rest and recover in for the night, which we took him up on.

            As the marines were eyeing our group, one Marine, (later identified as) Private Steve Wilson, came up to Rick and asked if we were from the Morrow Project team CA-4. Rick said yes, and the private pulled out a worn ancient envelope stating that he and his family had been entrusted for years with carrying this and that one day they would meet up with “Morrow project Team CA-4” an he was to give it to the team leader. Further questions revealed that someone came to his deathly ill grandfathers’ farm many years ago. The stranger cured the sickness that the grandfather was dying from in exchange for the pledge that he, and his family would carry this envelope and deliver it at some point in the future. And apparently today was that day. (see scanned image into report folder)

Message from unknown source given to Team from Prvt. Steve Wison

Marine, steve wilson form the 7thBN, said that he and his family had been entrusted for years with carrying this and that one day they would meet up with “Morrow project Team CA-4" and to give it to the team commander

 The letter says the following:

To Commander of Recon CA4         

The sleeper have awoken and he must be stopped or all that has happened will happen again.

 Find the Eagles and search with the sky for the missing commanders who still sleep. They do not have much time and are in danger.

 Look to the South of the Dead of Ballarat.

 You are the Wakers of the Dead and the Hope of Salvation. Hurry there is not much time.

 They must be stopped or all will be Lost.

 We know that T.O Morrow could travel in time, so perhaps this is a message from one of the MP who could. Our mission parameters have changed from when we were part of an organization. We don’t know where our commanders are, but apparently we need to find them. There will be much to talk about in the morning.

 Fred mentioned that the Eagle Air is a freight hauling group which flys aircraft out of Mojave, so perhaps that will be our next objective.  

Ballarat is about 175 km northwest, it was a ghost town with many mines. This could be a likely place for the MP to put a bolt. In 2008 when we were put into our bolt Ballarat was a ghost town with only 1 resident.

 Fred and Hannah seem like good dependable people and it is my hope that they are willing to help us in this apparently Fated mission coming to us… from the future… using the past…. To save today.

 Immediate mission goals –

Convince Fred and Hannah to assist and possibly join our team

Talk to Big Jake and get what information we can on the various Recon Objectives on our list.

Process the Message from the envelope for any other meanings or writings that can be recovered.

Message Goals –

Inquire with Big Jake about Ballarat, and if he knows or knows someone who may know anything.

Contact this Eagle Air Freight group and see about the feasibility of scouting Ballarat area.

It mentions searching the south of the death.. this could refer to a graveyard or the town morgue which the Morrow-Google references. Investigate in detail any properties in the Ballarat area which were purchased by a corporation since the MP program began which seem likely bolt hole or facility placements

Developing Mission Goals –

Determine the political/social groups in the surrounding areas and how they relate to each other. Ie who hates who and who allies with who.

–          the “Marines” they seem to be the law around here, who commands them and what are the extent of their powerbase area

These Mexican Imperial Forces seemed to surprise everyone including the Marines. Who are they, and why were people surprised they were here. And how/why are they coordinating with these apparent skum-gang-bangers.

Official mission goals –

Perform similar Search for facilities or land purchases by MP corporations in the Owens valley/Owens Lake area which could house the Engineering/Science team CA-6

  1. Check the California Aqueduct system for functionality and viability to restore/establish Agriculture.
    Locate and activate the Radio repeater/transmitter on top of Mountain SW of palmdale
    Recon the following specific locations –
    Lancaster/Palmdale – Agriculture development possibilities

    Mojave(airplane graveyard)
    Edwards AFB, and adjacent Dryden flight research Center

    Boron(borax mine functionality)
    Kramer Junction (solar Energy Systems and AF relay station)
    Barstow area
    Railway hub condition
    Solar 1, 2, 3 power production facility
    Marine Corp Logistics Base Nemo and Yerbo bases


Personal Log  of Team Leader Vod Pancheco

Looking at the bruises and bandages on my body it is evident that I have made mistakes. But we did accomplish a major goal of gaining the trust of someone who apparently is very important. Big Jake is the commander of the local militia, and saving his family seems to have laid the framework for a trusting relationship.

Obviously something has gone wrong with the Morrow Project. We should have awoken with a support system in place and an organization to support. Instead we find ourselves effectively alone. Way out of projected date, and with some type of message from the future/past.

In the morning we will get to know Fred, Hannah, better, and see what we can learn from Big Jake. I need to figure out how to convince Fred and Hannah to help us, and if they do, how to integrate them into the team. We need a safe place with people we can trust to store our gear there is so much but it, but it is all priceless, while we investigate this letter and do our job as Recon CA-4 of the Morrow Project. 

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