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Personal Log: Osheen Conall Brendan Corc Alan O’Neill, Nov 10th, 2162

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DATE: 11/10/2162
REPORTER: Osheen Conall Brendan Corc Alan O’Neill


Dear Brother,

While I write this letter I cannot help but think about the last few days with the CA-4 recon group that I have been assigned to. After foiling the bank job and doing our best to track down the criminals we continued to travel west on what was left of the Oklahoma state highway system, such as it is. The bad condition roads forced us to slow to a crawl even the slightest bit of work could return these to a workable form.

Just a day short of the ruins of Tulsa we ran into a very small town that served as an overnight camp for us to spread the good word and gather so local Intel. We met a few interesting people that mentioned a few things of note:

Tulsa is in ruins and is mostly been ignored by the locals. This means that there will be a HUGE amount of salvage that can be gathered that has just become rad free.


Deathweep: it is a deep purple plant with a rotten smell, toxic and deadly, leave air ASAP or wear gas-mask. It creates a purple fog that kills and poisons the air and water around it. Like many like many such plants it most likely has medicinal applications if used properly.

The best roads are the toll roads that are maintained by either the toll keepers or the local governments some time with or without the states help.

The railroads are run/maintain/lease by the Oil Cartel, they will be easy to deal with like most cartels they will sell out for easy money.

Tulsa OK Refinery

Tulsa OK Refinery

The next day we made better time by following the rail lines all the way to Tulsa Airport. the airport was populated by three groups barely coexisting together.

First is Capitan Wilcox “Big Bear” commander of the 5 nations defense force, aggravated with both his job and the people he has to deal with. Assisted by Sargent cooper they serve as the governmental forces that keep the other two from running rampant and destroying more than they do.

The Air clan run by Mad Sal age 50+, missing teeth, with a 1/2 burned face, and her second Bug Eyed Joey. Their goals are to trade for profit and to expand their air force. The Air fleet at Tulsa was based around a few kit-bashed cargo planes and maybe a ½ dozen ultra-lights.

The Oklahoma State University team led by Professor Tannenbaum, of the OSU Physics Department, backed up by Okey, an OSU Engineering Professor and Assistant Physics Professor Cathy Sheldon (age 20ish). We found them and their team tearing down the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, looking for lost tech. The main goal turned out to be the rocket engines stored within. After preventing them from destroying the building and everything inside we helped them to secure two packed ‘space x’ engines for shipment back to OSU.

For our help we earned letters of introduction to OSU Dean of Physics and Hard Sciences Professor Mathews. The papers also turned out to help us get through all the tolls and city gates we were to encounter on our way to OSU.

We did learn that the Agro Team (Agricultural MP team) is rumored to have gone native somewhere in the Western part of 5 Nations. Helping ranchers, traded with Truck clan in or about Woodword, OK. Also we are hearing radio broadcast from home in the form of “Voice of America” that sounds like it comes from The Morrow Project area base.

Our plans are to continue on to OSU by taking Route-177 to Crushing, OK; it is a Toll road, which is in much condition than past roads.

Send word when you can about the rest of the family, and may we one day returnhometo help our homeland rise from the ashes.

Your loving Brother,

Osheen Conall Brendan Corc Alan O’Neill

Warrior High Prince of the Crimson Hand, Son of the Seminole Deer Clan, Earl of Tyrone,

Last Descendant of the High Irish Kings, Hire to the Crown of Ireland

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