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After Action Report: Bank Robbery and Chase of the Black Hand Gang, November 2nd, 2162

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DATE: 11/01/2162
REPORTER: Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department

Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department

Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department



“So this thing is going to record my voice. You are kidding me. How can something that small record my voice?”

Another voice in the background: “Trust me it does. Its called a PDA and it works just fine”

“Okay if you say so. Can I start now?”

The other voice responds: “Yes you can start when you’re ready”

“Okay then. So from what I saw in the aftermath of the gunbattle at the Bank in town, 4 of the gang were shot by you fella’s pretty damn quick and taken down. The 2 more got away in a motor vehicle and headed up north towards the border with the Republic.

Now I know something of those assholes up north in the republic. Even though they say there big on law and order, those Krell bastards are a real lying piece of shit, if you asked me. They keep saying one thing but everyone knows that there is a damned lot of these bandits that are called contract merc groups by the Krell government.

They give protection to them (and I think they must get a cut of the action) but they never own up to that fact. Pisses me and every other lawman off.

So the Black Hand Gang are well know in the Missouri area as a contract to hire merc group that specialize if raiding. I know about it as I was just up at my cousins funeral in Missouri and a fellow badger was drunk and talked all about them. Real professional scum bags and there leader is called “The Cobra” and she has an heart of ice. Killed her old man when she was 14 when he tried to touch her is what the rumors say.

Well, The sheriff tells me that he wants me to go with you Morrow Project Fella’s in your big armoured truck thing and track down the gang and capture or kill them all. I look at your truck, or I think you called it a V – Something, and say sure, as it looks like it has a lot of balls, and it just looks like it could destroy a entire regiment of bandits.

So in the morning we head out and follow the tracks in the snow by the black hang van and it takes us to the ruins of Picher. Now I only been up here once or twice as its a really messed up place with all the sandhills in the middle of the town and the town is pretty much all just ruins after everyone left 100 years or so ago.

So entering the ruins we spot the van on the side of the trail we been following.

Now the morrow team is really hopped up on coffee (which they have shared with me) and its really great stuff. I do not know were they get it, but I sure would like to know as would the sheriff ….

Voice in the distance: “Could we get back to the Report?”

Ahhh sure, Oh ya, the vehicle was off to the side of a bunch of ruins and a large 3 story building was prehaps 20 yards or so away from it.

Ruby, the red head women was up in the commander’s position with a Large evil looking Machinegun, and Tim, the Doc, was walking to the left side of the teams V – thing. I think Vod the team commander was out to the right also walking. I being the smartest of everyone, was staying in the middle of the armoured truck with lots of steel between me and the bandits.

So Ruby or someone outside says they see some bandits and all hell breaks lose. Pretty Sure that Ruby fired like million rounds or so as all this brass comes raining down the hatch and one falls down my jacket and burns my neck. Then I hear the Gunner say “Clear” and a BOOM! The V – something rocks like a buffalo kicked me and there is a loud explosion near by as the gunner actually giggles and says “Lets load one of the AP Rounds next!”.

Outside there is a lot of small arms fire and some sounds of small arms hitting the hull. I spend my time moving from one vision block to another vision block trying to get a view of what is going on. But with the smoke, burning truck, and the sound of the MG on the top blazing away, I can’t tell anything of what is going on.

Soon I see the turret rotating again and then another BOOM! as another building – wall – person is blown to bits. After this I hear VOD call for a cease fire and I venture outside to see the wreckage.

Wow, you Morrow Project types just don’t mess around. Or I mean you sure do leave a mess around as I spot bits of dead, burning bandit, all over the ground.

I think The lady (Cobra) got away, but the money from the town bank was recovered, and there was a huge amount of dead bandits let in the snow.

So after a another cup of that great coffee that you guys made for me we get back into the vehicle and drive back.

So Thats about it. But I do have to hand it to you all. You sure make an impression with the locals and the wildlife.

The other voice responds: ” Thank you for your time, Deputy”

No Problem. Could I now have those extra packets of coffee you promised?

The other voice responds: “Sure”


MISSION REPORT: July 25th, 2162. New Harmony Indiana.

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DATE: 7/25/2162
LOCATIONS:  New Harmony (Indiana) – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – Church of the Resurrection
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, late of Engineering Support Team OH-2, Now Attached to Recon Team CA-4.

I definitely know why the rest of the group hates that redheaded b**** Colonel Madeline Frost.

She was the Krell agent I spoke of in my previous report. To say that she and CA-4 do not get along is an understatement. At first I thought maybe I was over reacting from the previous night. I thought that maybe I misinterpreted her and that they were exaggerating, but not after tonight…

Tonight that cruel backstabbing witch tried to blow us all up. The nerve of that woman, what did I ever do to her?

The night started out well with us being smuggled out of town and across the river. I felt bad since most of the team had to leave a lot of their supplies behind. I am sure the town is grateful though.

Old Schoolhouse Ca-4 holds up before the Battle. July 25th, 2162

Old Schoolhouse Ca-4 holds up before the Battle.
July 25th, 2162

We were taken to an old school house that reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. Frost told us to wait here until she could confirm the cache and then she would send us some horses and a wagon for us to escape in.

After she Frost left four of us decided to patrol the area outside because of the KFS. Well I guess I should say 3 decided and then I was volunteered. I don’t mind playing in the rain, but down pours are asinine.

Heavy Rain made escaping easier, but I hate marching in the wet.

“Heavy Rain made escaping easier, but I hate marching in the wet.” Ruby Howellet, July 25th, 2162.


Somehow how got paired with the team leader Vod. Something tells me the only thing he was looking at was me. Most of the patrol was uneventful, besides the rain, until an ambush was discovered. I don’t remember much of the fight. I do remember firing my weapon, but I couldn’t see what I was firing at. Every so often I could muzzle fire or rocket fire and I would just shot in that direction.

Thinking back it was kind of funny how Vod had to point me in the direction of the shooters. I was so rattled that I couldn’t get a fix on people’s locations. I was told to fire in a certain direction and I did.

I also remember RPG’s and 40mm grenades being fired at the school. Maybe what Lincoln said was true about them burning things down or blowing things up. By the time the fight was over that school was blown up and what was left was burning. Eventually we won the fight and managed to find some horses and a wagon for us to escape in.


At first I thought it was the KFS that we were fought, it wasn’t until after the fight that I learned it was the Krell we fought. I know that I will never trust that Frost ever again.

I hope the doctor is still ok and has better luck with her.
Christina “Ruby” Howellet


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Recon CA-4 outside of Ashland Wisconsin – April 2nd , 2162



CA-4 is currently using the refurbished V150 from the original Wisconsin Recon G-5 team.  After disposing of the leaking nuke around Croft (Bandcroft WI), the Team is traveling North thru Wisconsin, having reached Ashland on the south coast of lake Superior. Somewhere behind us is a pursuing force of Krell, traveling in vehicles, and trying to hunt us down.

We reached Ashland, after briefly converting the V150 to travel on railroad rails from tomahawk Wisconsin, thru a major snow storm.

Current Overall Mission –

CA-4 is investigating reports of a science team near Marquette Michigan, the plan is to book passage  on a freighter to transport our vehicle and team(3 day trip). The team is low on supplies, and therefore going to open Team G-5’s Cache located near poplar Wisconsin.


The team arrived the previous night in Ashland, and were awaiting a meeting with the Chippewa Indian representatives in the Mermaid’s Lockup bar and grill,  regarding the Morrow Project and our intensions in the area. We found out thru local conversations that the 20 years ago, team G-5 helps set up the local university, and the power plant which serves the town.

Ashland is a prosperous town, as a trading port for shipping on lake Superior. It is also the terminus for a rail line and telegraph connecting south to Tomahawk. The Railroad hasn’t worked in a while, but CA-4 was able to help service repairs and they expect to be back up and running in a couple of weeks. The locals seem to be about 1920’s tech base, armed with flintlocks and black powder weapons.

Rail Yard – Ashland Wisconsin – April 2162

We met with the leaders, and they expressed their concern that the Morrow Project was not here to improve their life. They were told 20 years ago by G-5 that follow-up teams would be here, and they thought we were that follow up team. The towns’ generator is an old boiler/generator and is in major need of repair. They want us to set up schools, hospitals, teachers, etc.

To the west, Duluth is controlled by the IMPS. We are not sure who the IMPS are it doesn’t seems to be short for anything. They run the port city with an iron fist, and are very much at odds with the locals in Ashland. They charge very high tarrifs, and control the major trade route interstate 35 provides south into Minnesota.  Lake Superior is “safe” for trading with the “cannooks”, where Thuder Bay is a small tradeport on the north short. “The Soo” (Sault Ste Marie) is a major tradeport, where goods are transshipped across to the other great lakes.

We monitored a burst of uninteligble radio traffic from northeast of our position. Asking around, we heard a series of tales about strange goingings on the isle of Royle National Park. No one lives there, but there have been stories of lights on the island, and lost ships who have gone too close.  Stories of mechanical equipment going “wild” but surely that’s just ghost stories to scare kids. But still there was a radio signal of some type … perhaps after our current mission we will check it out.

Vod dutifully took down their requests and needs and tried to confirm with them that the Morrow project is here to help. That we would pass their needs and desires to our superiors, and see what could be arranged soon. We expressed that the Morrow Project is here to rebuild America and that a stronghold of support would be greatly appreciated to work together. The team felt that the leaders needed some type of commitment, so after discussion we decided that we could resupply from the Cache nearby, and use the extra supplies to infused the town with a material investment.

The town said they would loan us a snowplow to attach to the V150, and trailer to haul materials and would support us from the Brule River State forest.  Also we could provide them the service of plowing the road out to their outpost in the state forest. This would open the road for the first time this winter for them. The Mad Beaver tribe will provide some horses and braves to bring back supplies once we retrieve them from our Cache. A group of braves took off on skis to let the outpost know we are on our way.

The team loaded up and began the plow job along hwy 2, making slow but steady progress. We passed thru the outpost and on into IMP territory towards. This would be the first “town” and so if any IMPS were on patrol or in the area it would probably be there. The team reached the outskirts, and make a cut along old town roadways to skirt the town northwest. We wanted to try to get in and out without alerting the IMPS.

With the deep snow, no one was out, but we did see a boy ice fishing and a farmer run back into his house as we crossed thie snow-covered fields. Eventually we made it to the site of the Cache, just north of Poplar  on a farmstead. We parked the vehicle in the treeline and Keshawn scouted ahead onto the farm. The farmhouse had some smoke coming out the stovepipe, so someone was probably home. Keshawn found tracks from a large vehicle, he was convinced was an M1 Tank. Which must be 1-2 days old from the lack of fresh snow. Other signes of secondary wheeled vehilces as well were found. The water tank was shot full of holes, as well as the chicken coop. The tracks lead up to what Keshawn identified as our now EMPTY Cache of supplies. Keshawn quietly peeked into the house, and saw a family of 4, the Father obviously beaten and in poor shape.

Farmstead that was attacked by the local IMPS

No danger in evidence we drove our vehicle up to the house and called out. After a few minutes we knocked and enterd the house. It was a sorry state of affiars. The Father, Leo, was beaten pretty bad, and had a broken leg. Tim came in and he and Conroy patched them up. The daughter had been brutalized as well. We took out some of our rations and tought them how to prepare the freeze dried food.  Slowly Leo grew to realize that we weren’t the IMPs. We actually were not going to beat him senseless. The story came out that apparently Leo’s son found a sign which said Morrow Industries on the old building on their farm, and took it to town to trade it for some food or magic beans. The IMPs took the sign, and got all excited about it. Then 2 days later, a huge mechanical beasts(they identified it as an M1 tank, along with a duce-1/2 and a Humvee showed up. They just drove in, beat up dad, and broke into the old building. They were so excited with their loot. Leo said he heard captain Bliss say he would be rich!

Vod just stood there slack jawed. crap. OUR STUFF IS GONE. Dang it.

Well that one statement of him being rich.. hmm.. maybe he will try to keep it for himself. I think the CA-4 wrecking crew will have something to say about that. Leo said the IMPS have some type of base out west of town, but he didn’t know anything about it. Old Doc will know though. He goes out on the base to service the soldiers when they force him to. Doc has a house in town. So our next step was to go into town and talk to Doc. We gotta know what we are up against and maybe get a map of the base so we can take them out and get our supplies. Leo said that the IMPS look like us, but have different patches, sort of a crossed Keys patch. A quick search on the vehicle  computer revealed that it was very close to an old National Guard MP unit from Wisconsin. AH. MP unit… IMPs. We finished patching up the family as Leo gave us some directions to find Doc’s and then drove to town. Leo said that the IMPs come down into town every couple of nights to let off some steam and get drunk, so we would be careful. It was much easier driving into town since the road was already plowed by the M1’s tracks, so we left the trailer at Leo’s.

We reached the town by twilight, and hid the vehicle on the side of the road while Keshawn did his sneaky thing in town. Town.. right… 8 or so buildings with some gardens. Keshawn found the docs house, and we went in on foot, trying to keep from being seen by anyone.  As we came up towards Docs, Keshawn and Conroy heard a vehicle coming, so we hit the ground… er snow. And watched.  An old Humvee, rattled up to what apparently is an Inn/bar and 4 guys got out.


Keshawn took aim, but Vod said to hold fire, as we don’t want to alert the IMPs yet that we are in the area. Keshawn checked out their vehicle, disabled the engine and took up a position in a barn nearby to watch for them exiting. Meanwhile the rest of the team met with Doc. He was very suspicious of us at first, but after showing him a movie on our personal comp of Leo telling Doc that we are not with the IMPs it went easier. We told Doc that we were here to take down Captain Bliss and the local IMPs and recover our gear. Doc said he wouldn’t help unless we could ensure the people would be ok, and NOT the target of IMP retribution. We told him his people should move towards Ashland, but he said no way I the middle of winter. Then we told him of the Krell and he mentioned that there was a Krell advisor with the IMPs. Now we had a plan. We would take out the IMP base and leave evidence that the Krell are the people who attacked, for the MP Supply Cache. After some quick talking Doc said Ok he would help, and draw a rough map of the compound. Apparently the IMPS do come into town, but they go back each night.

Next objectives –

Take out the 4 guys in the Inn, and move to attack the Base before they are alerted. We have an improved Dragon, which should be able to disable the M1 with a rear or possibly side shot.  This will have to be quick , as in tonight so they don’t miss the 4 guys in town . Its about 9pm right now, and the IMP base is about 2 miles west near Wentworth.

We could try to draw them out of the base and ambush them, but the thought of letting them out in that M1 tank might not be the best idea.

If we can keep them from even manning the tank, and take out the soldiers…. Hmmm we will spend about an hour forming a plan and then either take out the guys as they leave the Inn, or go in after them.


Project Report:CA-4 April 27th to May 1st, 2161

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April 27 to May 1, 2161
Frederick Douglass Johnson
Inland Empire Trucking Co., Attached to Recon CA-4

Tuesday April 27

We rolled into Barstow after visiting Edwards AFB, late evening. The rest of the Morrow Project contingent caught up later. It was still basically a shithole, although this time there were a lot more armed people hanging around. Farmers, vaqueros, cowboys, ranchers, Marines, Air Force, rich guys from Bakersfield. Some people before the war used to say an armed society was a polite society. You never hear them say that now that everyone is armed and they can shoot you for whatever insult they think you might have made, or for no reason at all. In my experience, a well-armed society is either a killing ground at best or an armed camp at worst. This was more of the armed camp variety, where the Marines kept the peace with an itchy trigger finger.

Our billet was the Dewdrop Inn, a prime location. We had to do a little negotiation to get the spot, but I think it was worth it.

Wednesday April 28

Morning came, and we had breakfast with Cathy Henderson. We also talked with MORGANA, where we made a plan to improve the High Desert’s water and electrical supply. We figure that this should provide an economic rationale for communities to work together for the future, and there will be a need for more centralised government both to oversee expanded public works, better regulate trade and create a fair and equal justice system.

First things first, Tim met with the local EmDees board and aced their exams. We shouldn’t have a problem with the EmDees or Doctors in the future. Good on him! We all went to the Militia shooting competition, where Vod and Keshawn had a good look at the local talent, so to speak. The Mexican “Peace Force” (the Imperial Mexican Army) arrived after the shooting competition was done. Fat and smug, they strutted around like they owned the joint. They also had some serious-looking mercenaries with them, under the command of a “Kira Krell”. It was hard to keep my eyes off of her, and the Krell mercs seemed to be tough customers. The team from Arizona gave us a head’s up that they were bad dudes and had a beef against the Project, which was good to know. It’s a shame that it seems unlikely we’re going to be able to bribe them to our side, like any self-respecting mercenaries. The BBQ at the Tribute Ranch and Holdings main house was held by David Briggs. That was a number one prime rib steak! We also met with General Thompson of the marines and Bill Johnson of Carsdale Construction.

Wednesday April 29

There were more events showcasing the militia’s skills and abilities. Again, fine horsemanship, some individuals were every bit as good as the marines and Morrow Project with regards to marksmanship but on the whole the overall units seemed ragged and uncoordinated in comparison when it came to tactics. The MARS guys put on a very impressive show of room-clearing and hostage rescue.

One thing worth mentioning is this guy in a pre-war uniform came up, and claimed to be Captain Mark Allise of the 5th Special Forces Group. He said he was there to make sure the Project fulfilled some kind of pre-war agreement. I would assume from what we heard of a similar group showing up a long time ago at the Abby to the south, and the shape of their gear, he was legit. If the Project and the prewar US government had some kind of agreement, then it makes sense that the cryotube technology would be shared, and soldiers would be frozen to keep an eye on the Project.

The barn dance was pretty impressive. Lots of people there, including that Kira woman. Again, she seemed to cast some kind of a spell on folks, myself included. We wouldn’t find out until later what may have been going on with her. She talked to Vod, and I’ll leave it to him to elaborate what she said on account I was distracted. Overall, not a lot of business was discussed as this was a purely social event. We gave invitations to our own shindig on Friday, when we could talk turkey with those we felt would be most sympathetic

Thursday April 30

This was an important day, as there was a big meeting. The Imperial Mexicans explained why they crossed the US border and invaded southern California. They claimed it was for defensive purposes and somehow blamed the Morrow Project for this. Which was difficult to understand, seeings how the Project hadn’t been south of the High Desert until long after the Imperial Mexicans invaded. Vod took the stand and blew them out of the water, and I think that’s when folks started to take not of the Project as more than just a small but well-equipped faction.

Thursday night was the formal ball. Bustles and hoop skirts for the ladies, Sunday best or tuxedos for the men. Daryl Bingartsen of the Steel Springs Ranch is interested in getting in on the ground floor of any development or projects we undertake, and what we could do to benefit his operation. More serious was Michael Comminigs of the 25th Guild branch of the International Brotherhood of Electricians was concerned about expanding electrical production and possibly threatening their monopoly on power generation. I merely explained that expanding electrical capacity would expand the market, and they would therefore benefit too. In other words, a rising tide raises all ships. Luckily, Commings saw the big picture, and promised to meet us the next day to discuss business, along with Bingartsen.

What worries me is that if we can only get people interested in what we’re doing with their hands stretched out, how’re we going to build a society and nation that’s stronger than people’s greed and self-interest. These are powerful motivations, granted, and we’ll need to make something as long-term and difficult as rebuilding the USA worth people’s while, but somehow people’s motivations should be deeper. It has to be something they want, something they will sacrifice for.

Ryan and Vod talked to an Intel officer with the Imperial Mexicans, LT Rodriguez. It seems likely he was the guy we kicked out of Big Jake’s place, where he was leading some kind of recon. He asked about the advanced weapons we used, like missiles and the laser. Also, he implied that not everyone in the Mexican Empire was happy with the Krell’s influence. If the Krell hate us so much, they could be behind the Imperial Mexican’s invasion, although this happened before the Project was really on the scene. If there’s dissent or even factions that want to act against the Krell that could be useful, but then again Intel guys are famous for spreading false information and rumours. Something to follow up if we can, but we’ll need to independently verify this. If the Intel guy wants to follow up, he knows where we are or can convince the Marines he’s serious. Otherwise, it’s up to him to prove his case.

Next entry: the KFS, the Mexican General, and the double-cross the next day.

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