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MISSION REPORT: Battle of Benton – August 16th, 2162. Benton ILL.

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Mission Report: August 16th, 2162 Benton ILL
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts
DATE: 8/16/2161
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Mission title –  A typical episode of “The A Team” – ak End of Darkness Recon

Daniel Bowie had gotten us to Benton, where we could possibly resupply and push on to Cairo. We split up to check out the bar, and talk to Bartender, and the other group was across the street securing some supplies at a general store.

That was the plan.

KFS Secret Police Strike Force in Benton ILL.

KFS Secret Police Strike Force in Benton ILL.

But the plan went wrong as the KFS V150 with the 20mm turret parked in front of the bar and 4 uniformed KFS Blackboots (Secret Police), in full body armour and assault rifles,  jumped out and headed towards the bar.

Desiree, Lincoln, and Ruby were in the general store across the street from the bar. They spotted the V150, and pulled out the RPG we had scavenged from the KFS ambush a few weeks ago ( when we were set up by with Madeline).The RPG was in all its component parts, so Ruby and Desere started the process of reading the weapon as they watched the V150 rotate its turret towards the bar.

Duncan took Desere AKM, who used it to line up a shot at the V150 commander who’s head and shoulders were visible on top of the turret, but missed.

Tim, blackburn, conroy and I were in the bar, talking it up, when some KFS trader guards stood up, raised their shotguns towards us and told us to back away. The next thing we knew MG and 20mm Cannon  fire was flying thru the building cutting into them and all sorts of other people.

Outside, the V150 commander opened up with his MG, and the 20mm started pumping rounds thru the building, out the other side, and into the countryside beyond. The waitress I was talking to was literally cut in half as I hit the floor. Tim took at MG round in his thigh, but it must have been a ricochet as it didn’t seem to do too much damage and was mostly stopped by his uniform.

With all the MG fire, I wanted out of the building so I ran to a window and jumped outside, thinking I could flank whoever was shooting up the building. But my webgear caught up on the windowsill and I ended up flat on my face outside. Tim followed up behind me but held position inside the bar, but behind a solid brick fireplace which seemed to stop most of the MG fire near his position. Conroy bolted for the door on the other side of the bar.

Blackburn hunkered down behind a solid looking table and set up his M60. He then laid down suppressive  with small controlled burst. Eventually I think he managed to kill the V150 Commander but with all the lead flying, I could not tell.

At this point it seemed like it was like the old TV show “The A team”. Tons of bullets being fired, and no one getting hit. Duncan shot at the V150 commanders back, but missed again. He must not have noticed where the shot came from, cause he just kept plugging rounds into the building.

I lifted my head up out of the dirt, in time to see 3 Blackboots running my way. I emptied my entire clip from my greasegun into these 3 guys, and when the smoke cleared, it was apparent I completely missed. Tim, using the window for cover, shot his pistol twice at them and missed too.


One of the Blackboots fired his Assault Rifle at me and I took at least 3 rounds into my chest. Luckily my IBA with the ballistic plates absorbed the shots, but it still stung like a bitch.

This time Lincoln fired at the secret police in front of me and missed, but was hit over 12 times when they returned fire. His body armour absorbed most of the impacts, but 1 messy headwound and a neck wound caused ruby to be sprayed with blood as Lincoln collapsed to the ground.

At this point Desere fired the RPG, and with a  BANG…. hit the V150. but it must have been a glancing blow and someone inside was still alive, as the turret began to traverse around from the bar to the church.

In the distance ruby and her half of the team could hear the beating of a helo, but they could not place the direction. Thinking that the KFS was sending in reinforcements, the started to reload the RPG while trying to spot a way for the team to escape the town

Conroy let loose a long burst, at the guys facing me and took one down, leaving 2. A secret policeman dropped his empty assault rifle and pulled out a pistol and I took a 9mm round to the thigh from it. My greasegun was empty so I pulled my saber and closed to attack. With a powerful swipe I took the hand completely off one of my assailants, and followed it up with a thrust to his chest which was stopped by his body armour. The man then threw himself at me and we wrestled on the ground till I eventually managed to find a gap in his neck armour and sawed my way through it with my sabre.

Tim took the 3rd down with a quick double tap from his pistol to the head.

At that point over our radio headsets we could hear something on the morrow project radio frequency but it was filled with static.

As the V150 started hammering the general store with the 20mm cannon,  ruby’s team sheltering behind the brick wall at the back of the store. Unfortunately the 20mm AP rounds seemed to be removing 1 foot chunks every time they hit.

Conroy tried tried to cut through the interference on radio and managed to contact the inbound MARS team OH-4 in a Blackhawk. They wanted to know if we needed assistance.

We told them to take out the V150 as quickly as possible, and soon after with a WHAM! it was an expanding fireball as a trio of 2.75 inch rocks slammed into it..

MARS Team OH-4

MARS Team OH-4 Comes to support the team

Desere said there was another KFS vehicle approaching, a V300 about ½ a mile away. The Blackhawk adjusted course and a burst of 2.75 inch Rockets made short work of them.

As the smoke cleared we took stock of the situation.

Ruby, hands covered in blood said that Lincoln died in her arms as he bleed-out from his wounds.

I looked at what was left of the team.

Keshawn no longer in our team, but missed.

Lincoln dead.

Herb Brandenberger dead.

Tim seriously wounded twice, and bleeding from another leg wound.

Everyone else sporting red patches of blood or dried or new.

The team was exhausted. Our Recon cover was long gone. Tired of being on the run. With a final decision, it was obvious this Recon Mission was over. I called up to OH-4 and they circled once and then settled on a field next to the bar. We loaded up what gear we had, and in a cloud of dust, took off into the evening sky. As we flew slow and low to the west, we saw some aircraft approach the town. Then Orange fire enveloped the few buildings, as the KFS aircraft dropped Napalm in the area. If that didn’t put an end to our mission I don’t know what else would.

Apparently HQ had determined that our Recon was over as well, which is why had the MARS team ready to extract us. By listening to the KFS radio bands, they had heard of the secret police unit responding to a confirmed report of an active morrow project team matching the description for CA-4 and took off to extract us.

We had attracted too much attention between the KFS and Krell.

Somehow most of the team fell asleep on the Helo ride thru the dark to the west.

After about 3 hrs of  flight time, we ended up 300 or so miles at what used to be the Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area. Just north of the border where Missouri and Arkansas meet up with Oklahoma. Looking up in my PDA, I noted that Morrow industries bought up the area as a “Nature Preserve” way back when, and retrofitted a regional supply base into the hillsides.

images An unwell US soldier (bottom) lies insid

We climbed out of the chopper, and were escorted to a “quarantine area” for “decontamination” apparently the base commander didn’t want us bringing in all the fleas, bedbugs, and other creepy crawlies into his nice “clean” supply base. We dumped most of our gear and watched them burn most of our clothes as they were literally rotting off our bodies.

As we watched the last of our things turn to ash, we closed the pages of the heart of darkness, and wondered what the next chapter to CA-4’s mission logs would be. Certainly it couldn’t be much tougher…… right?

MISSION REPORT: August 16th, 2162. Benton ILL.

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DATE: 8/16/2162
LOCATIONS:  Benton (Illinois) – Outside of Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – Near Empire of Cario
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, Attached to Recon Team CA-4.

After our rainy night gunfight we loaded up into the Krell Wagon and onto the spare horses that they had. I was so glad that we found that wagon. Tim was in no shape to travel on horseback and I have no clue on how to ride a horse.

We managed to make it to Crossville, Illinois before our wagon gave out. We broke down a little ways outside of town where we ran into a boy scout and his dog. He was able to bring back his scout master and the town priest; this was another town that the Church of Resurrection controlled.

Boy Scouts in 2162

I thought that I would be able to gain the priests trust, but neglected to remember that I was dresses in TMP gear and not as a proper woman. Luckily for us the boy scouts are still reliable. Unfortunately they were unable to repair our wagon; we were able to trade for horses though.  That night we stayed in town and the next day we were given basic riding instructions and horse care. Thank God for that because I would have been lost if not. We stayed one more night and then left the next morning after thanking them for all their help.

We traveled on horseback for about two weeks until we were about a half days ride outside of Benton, Illinois. We stopped for an early lunch and realized that we were very low on food supplies.

At the time we did not realize that we were so close to Benton so a couple of the guys tried to go hunting. They were unsuccessful but about that time a man came walking down the road with a dead deer on his shoulders.

He was willing to trade the deer for a metal canteen and a black powder revolver.  The guys cooked up the deer and we shared it with our new acquaintance.  He was a rough looking fellow and reminded me a lot of Davey Crockett or Lewis and Clark.

Mr Bowie

His name was Daniel Bowie and he had just come back from Texas and was recruiting men to go back down. Apparently the Texans were at war with the Mexicans. He was headed back to a place called the Alamo to help the Texans defend the area. We were welcome to come with him on his return but told him we had business to finish first.

I forgot to mention that he also has a knife named after him called a “Bowie Knife”. He had a stamp on the blade that said made in China. I know it couldn’t be made in the country so I assumed it must be a town or city that was named after the country.  He told us that if we stayed on the road we were on and followed west we would come to a town called Benton. When we got there to find a tavern called ” The Jack Russell” and talk to the bartender. The bartender was a cousin of Daniels and would help us with some food supplies.

We finally reached town it was around dusk. Half of us decided to go the tavern and the rest of us went to the supply store across the street.  In the supply store we were able to buy saddle bags for the horses, flour, salt, rice, beans, and some other travel foods.

KFS V150

It was just getting dark when we left the store, so we loaded up our saddle bags with our food while we waited for the rest of the group. I was hoping the other guys made out just as well when a KFS V-150 showed up with a 20mm turret. Four Black Uniformed KFS soldiers got out and headed for “the Jack Russell”


I had this very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, little did I know what was about to happen.

Christina “Ruby” Howellet

Mission Report: July 23rd, 2162 – New Harmony – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – (Indiana)

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts
Long term objective, – Get Antibiotics to Louisiana
Near term objective – get out of Kentucky Free States Territory, loop around to Cairo Illinois
Immediate objective – escape new Harmony and the Posse following us
DATE: 7/23/2161
LOCATIONS: Recouping in the town of New Harmony, and Planning the escape
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Mission title –  “A Deal with the Devil”

The official report to Prime base We met up with an have absorbed a member of original team OH-2, our team Medic Tim is healing nicely, we have formulated a plan with local KFS resistance elements to extricate ourselves from New Harmony. All is well and going to plan.

The Unofficial report which goes in my secret password protected part of my minicamp which will only be used for my memoirs when all is right and good again in America.


When it rains it pours, and i am not talking some dinky little shower.. This has the makings of a typhoon/hurricane type storm.

We made it into New Harmony with the rain slacking off enough to get a look at the town. New Harmony looks to be about 400 people and in good repair. Houses in good order, and what looks to be a nice town park on the west side of town. We drove the exhausted horses, both them an us rain soaked and muddy, into the docs’ barn. The doctor was brought out of his house to check out Tim along with Ruby, the orphaned OH-2 team member Lincoln told us about on the road.

I pulled doff my oilskin duster, and shook off my cowboy hat “Vod Pacheco, CA-4 Team lead. This here is Lincoln, Conroy, Porter, Desiree, and the one leaking vital fluids is Tim, our team doctor. The doc got to work, and was able to stabilize Tim. Our MP medkit used the last of our nanorepair injections on Tim, which would greatly speed his healing. He should be mobile in a day or so. We all sacked out for the night and would figure out what to do next in the morning.

I awoke early and started getting what gear I could organized, with the rain slacking off. I let the horses out into the barn’s corral, and took an overall inventory. With the loss of that wagon, we lost a bunch of our food, the twin 50 cal MGs and their ammo, the solar panels, and Tims Pipe tobacco. Luckily Tim was sleeping when I mentioned this, but im sure he will find out soon, and get pissed off at that. The weapons we recovered from the ambush included a postwar AKM. Its looked to be 10-20 yrs old and the barrel was in decent condition. The ammo used smokeless powder, but definitely post war product. A couple of pump action 870 shotgun reproductions, a Prewar MP5 in good condition(cache loot?) and a 38 cal pistol, definitely prewar. None of the postwar. At this point I figured we were in pretty good condition, with Tim recovering, and everyone starting to dry out a bit.

I figured while Tim recovered, Porter, Ruby and I would take one of our wagons out to the crash site and see what we could recover. And that’s when things started to go bad.

KFS V300 with 90mm Cannon in New Harmony, July 23rd, 2162

KFS V300 with 90mm Cannon in New Harmony, July 23rd, 2162

We were coming up on the center of town, when we heard the sound of a Diesel motor approaching ahead of us. Then the sight of a V300, with a 90mm cannon turret, rounded the corner about 5 blocks ahead of us, and pulled up to the town square. And a squad of KFS Army troopers dismounted and set up a defensive perimeter, and started asking questions of nearby townsfolk. We casually turned down a side street and circled around back to the barn to let the team know what is going on.

As we were talking, a boy about 9 yrs old ran up to the farm. Ruby recognized him as Kenny, the town baker’s kid, and asked what was going on. The Kenny said the KFS was at the town hall, looking for Doc and asking to talk to him. Kenny had heard them talking about a wagon wreck a couple miles out of town, and asking about any strangers in town. The wagon was thought to belong to the “River Dog Terrorists” and there’s a $500 reward for anyone who turns them in!

Kenny also said to tell Doc that the weapons’ shipment was due tonight and should they go ahead with it? Ruby said she would pass the message to Doc and sent Kenny on his way. After talking to Doc, he gave Ruby a note to take to the general store and give to Hank. It would tell hank to cancel the shipment for tonight. Doc then took off towards the town hall. We waited in the barn for Doc to return and meanwhile geared up in our body armor and prepared in case it came to a fight. I briefed the team that no long distance radio comms were to be used. The KFS had good RDF capability and only very low power local radios were safe, and even then keep it brief if we had to use them.

About an hour later, Doc came in and said that we were safe for now. The KFS had been about a day behind us, and found the wagon wreck.  The Church of the Resurrection and thus the town doesn’t like the KFS and they wouldn’t turn us in for now. But we needed to get out of town… soon. For now, he gave us some common clothes so we wouldn’t stand out.  We changed back out of our combat gear, and then exited the barn to take up residence in Doc’s house. Ruby took the note to the Hank.

When she got back she told us that a V150 cruised thru town and stopped at the town hall to join the V300 Army guys while she was walking. It was “running silently” so I would guess some unlucky MP team is dead and that was their vehicle. More importantly out of the V150 came a group of 4 Blackshirted KFS security police. While the army guys were pretty casual, one even “wolf whistling and hitting” on Ruby, these Security goons looked like they expected everyone was out to get them. CRAP, it just kept getting worse.

I took porter out with me in “commonfolk clothes” to check the roads and ways out of town. The KFS had set up roadblocks to the road north and south of the town, and another group at the ferryboat across the river. The townsfolk said that the strangers must have bypassed the town, so that bought us some time. But in a day or two, the KFS will realize that we didn’t. An 2 ½ tone Army Truck pulled into town, and more KFS Army troops got out and were setting up camp in the town park. This just got better and better. At least the V150 with the KFS security troops had driven south, and was out of town for now. We don’t need those crazies running around. We did see a flash from the church steeple and figured that an sniper was up there, in clear view of the roadblocks.

KFS Army Troops on patrol, In New Harmony, Indiana, July 23rd, 2162

KFS Army Troops on patrol, In New Harmony, Indiana, July 23rd, 2162


I talked to Doc about how to get out of town. He said he could possibly get us across the river and then somehow arrange to get horses and equipment across later to meet up with us. I thought about shooting our way out, but figured that would just bring them down harder. We really needed to just fade out and disappear. I asked about the weapons shipments he had mentioned, and who they were getting them from. Specifically I figured that whoever could get weapons into the town, could get us out, so I requested a meeting. I was thinking, wow, what a great idea. Doc left for the evening, to make some rounds, and would return with his resistance weapons supplier to talk to us. Oh… boy I would come to wish I didn’t request that meeting… sigh.

The rain started up around 7pm, and when it rains it pours….about 10pm that night we were in Docs house when the door opened. Doc walked in, followed by 2 other people. They removed their oilskin dusters and pulled off their hats. I could feel the temperature in the room instantly drop 10 degrees. Tim and I froze, for two different reasons. I was looking at the most beautiful woman (other than Viviana my wife) I have ever seen.  Hair so red, Perfect body, confident piercing blue eyes. Decked out in leather, a .357 Magnum strapped to her thigh in an oiled holster like someone from a prewar comic book. A .357 Magnum strapped to her thigh in an oiled holster. I must have looked silly just staring. Somewhere in my haze I could hear Tim swearing behind me…..… “get out of my head Bitch!”

Colonel Madeline Frost, Republic of Krell, New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

Colonel Madeline Frost, Republic of Krell, New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

In a voice as smooth as glass she purred, “CA-4….. long time no see….. You have the strangest way of showing up in the strangest places…..” She looked at me with those eyes.. and then slowly pulled up her sleeve to reveal a Joker Tatoo…..

Joker Tattoo….

I snapped out of it. CRAP CRAP CRAP.. how can she be here!

My had dropped to my holster, but I realized the futility of it at this point. Open up a firefight and the KFS would be here in moments. I spoke the words “Stand down CA4……”

I could hear Tim behind me grinding his teeth… “But its HER!”

My mind raced back to the first days of the high desert. Colonel Madeline Frost was a product of Krell. Bred for her psychic abilities, generations of redheaded crazy women who could reach into your mind and pull out your thoughts. She had been at the High desert, trying to get the Alliance into a deal with Krell. She had been at the end of the Crimson King, when we blew the mountain up. One of her sisters had been there in the pursuit of the Nuke in Missouri. She just wouldn’t die.

“It all starts making sense”, she said. “Sigh… CA4, some new faces, but undeniably your signature on the trail of Havoc leading to this point. Only your team of maniacs could have managed to undo the years of our work to put the KFS to sleep in a matter of weeks. Its going to take years for us to coup the damage you have done.”

Now it made sense. The post war automatic weapons must have been made in the Krell Republic. They must be supplying the “resistance” to oppose the KFS. And we are smack dab in the middle of it, and now I was going to have to make a deal with this Devil.

“Colonel Frost…. Madeline…. I find myself in the strangest situation of asking for your help.”

The KFS don’t want us here… we don’t want to be here… and from your comments you don’t want us here either. What would it take get you to get us across the river and out of your oh so lovely hair.”

She thought a moment, “It would be so much easier just to kill you here, but I suppose that would just bring the KFS Blackshirts in and level this quaint little town. And they have been so useful in keeping the KFS back for these past years. I suppose we could strike a deal.”

We talked a bit on what it would take, and finalized on one remaining Cache of construction equipment that OH-2 had left. About 5 miles away. She would get us across the river. Confirm the existence of the cache, and then we would say our goodbyes. It would take a day to set up, so she donned her weather gear, and disappeared into the darkness outside the house. Everyone took a breath as we could feel the warmth return to the room, warmth that didn’t have anything to do with the potbelly stove in the corner.

Mission Report: Boonville, IN, July 20th, 2162 – “can we burn down your farm?”

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Horsedrawn Carts – (Swift boat: Redrum scrapped) – Kentucky Free State Territory RECON
DATE: 7/20/2161
LOCATION: 8 miles east of Boonville, IN
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco, Team Commander CA-4
Mission title – “So, since you’re leaving anyway, can we burn down your farm?”
We woke up in the morning about 8 miles east of Boonville, Indiana. The two boys, Wilber and Fred starting prepping the cart, while Desiree, our newest Pirate rebel, and the rest of the team broke down camp. The Postman thanked us for our hospitality of sharing the camp, and said goodbye, along with his dog muttonchop and the old mule who only responded to dumbshit.
To the northeast, we heard the sound of a steam whistle, and we could just see a column of smoke thru the clearings in the forest that surrounded us. I took Conroy on a couple of horses to check it out.About 1/3 mile away, we came to a set of railroad tracks. They looked shiny enough to indicate that they were still in use. Coming down the track, heading west was a functioning steam Train. It was pulling 5 cars, 2 passenger, 2 boxcars and a flatcar headed towards what could only be Boonville.

The engine looked reasonably new and in good shape as it steamed on past us. The engineer and some passengers waved, we waved back. Apparently the KFS has sponsored a good working rail transport system, even in these areas “outside” their territory. We noted next to the railroad there were telegraph lines as well.

Steam Train in the Special KFS Economic Development Zone

Steam Train in the Special KFS Economic Development Zone

After the train passed by, we returned to the group and completed preparations to travel into Boonville. We realized we needed to change our cover story, as the Black River Dogs are being hunted.So CA4 is now the “Traveling Wilberries Repair Troop”. We can leverage our skills to be able to converse as a group of people traveling from town to town to help repair equipment that local people can handle.

As we approached the town, we noted that many people were in the fields, harvesting, and planting later summer crops. A strange dichotomy of farmers. On one side of the road you we could see Oxen pulling a manual plow, as farmhands harvested with scythes. Yet across the road, or next door a fully functional tractor or harvester was doing the work of 50 men.
Many of the buildings didn’t have the “defensible” look to them. As if people here didn’t have to worry about the problems on the frontier. I guess having the KFS so nearby has provided a measure of peace to this region.
Boonville, like almost all towns had shrunken, even from its meager prewar state. Rubble and wreakage on the outskirts, but no town wall, as we have seen on so many other frontier towns. More evidence of the feeling of safety.On the east edge of town was the train station, the train we saw, still there being serviced and loaded with foodstuffs. The grain silos and open warehouse next to the siding evidence that Boonville was where all those local farmers brought their food to get shipped out.

I could only guess that the train would be heading down the south line, to the KFS territory. A couple of men in KFS suits seemed to be overseeing the operation. Boonville is a trade junction, just the place we could use to stock up on materials to flesh out our cover of the Traveling Wildberries.

The center of town consisted of about 8 blocks, and looked to be new construction. The town had cleared the rubble and rebuilt, rather than try to fix up old broken down buildings.

The variety of people’s clothing reinforced the feeling of a trade hub, and would do nicely to help us “blend in”. Road Gypsies, with an 18 wheeler, and some cars were parked and set up to sell what they had, and there was a large “General Store” near the center of town.

Conroy and Desiree, being the best at the local accent, went to the general store to get some clothes. It was even Air conditioned! Thats the first building we have seen in over 1 year that had AC. You don’t know how jealous I was that they got to get out of the oppressive heat and humidity that is July in Indiana.
I watched as they were confronted by some type of store security, but I could see Conroy flash some of our Gold coins and they disappeared inside.
I figured they would be about 30 min getting us some suitable outfits to replace our worn clothing, so I strolled across the street to the old courthouse. It was still in good repair, and I noted a bulletin board with some posters and local newspapers pinned up.
Apparently the American Freedom Party was warning of some raider attacks near Graysville, operating on horseback. Mt Carmell and Mt Vernon militia were being called out to fight the bandits.
Still working after almost 200 years, an Ancient Rail Bridge in Boonville, IN

Still working after almost 200 years, an Ancient Rail Bridge in Boonville, IN

There was also a poster indicating that there was a crackdown on the Ohio River, and to be careful to carry extra ID when entering KFS. The crackdown was the result of the Black River Dogs, and a reward was posted for $500. There were some rough descriptions of our team, and a list of our alias’, indicating the Black River Dogs were thought to be traveling in 2 wagons. Anyone with information was to contact KFS internal Security Forces at the telegraph office. I surreptitiously took a picture of the poster for our archives.
In the local newspaper, there were talks of the Republic of Krell going to war with the militia up north at La Cross Wisconsin, From what it sounded like, it could  be the battle we were in months ago when we were shipped out from California and landed in Wisconsin.
Then another mention of strange creatures in St Louis and the Maxilla Free Militia setting up checkpoints around what was left of the city.
I looked over and saw that a servant was bringing out lemonade to our wagons with Conroy and Desiree. Behind them, to my amazement was a line of slaves carrying more and more stuff out of the store and to our lowly wagons. What the hell did they buy?
I casually approached Conroy, and inquired, and he started talking about all the great stuff they had and that somehow, He and Desiree just kept buying and buying.
It seemed all of us needed nice felt hats and a suit of fine sunday clothes, the iron cooking gear, a evening dress for Desiree, candy, coffee, sugar, a french press for said coffee, a parasol, white gloves, pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet, ect, ect, ect.
We realized it wouldn’t fit on the 2 wagons, so the farm boys were sent over to the livery to get us another wagon to haul all this stuff. Well I’m sure there are a lot of people out there we will run into that could use it. The Morrow Project is here to make people’s lives better. We will just have to find some and spread the wealth.
A local policeman came by to ask who we were and what were we doing. Conroy let him know we were the TWRT and just heading thru after stocking up after a long repair contract up northwest.
While Conroy spun the story, a couple of us notice that we were being watched. Three or maybe four people were just “loitering around” glancing at our way every once in a while, taking more notice than everyone else. I mentioned this to a the team and we decided that it would be a good idea to get out of town and out of sight.
The boys returned and we loaded up all the goods into the 3 wagons and headed out to the Farm of the two local boys who been helping us for the last week, which was about a mile and a half west of town.
When we got there, the Farmer was happy to see us, and we set up in the barn for the night. He also said the Morrow Project wanted someone from our team to stay and help out with the local resistance/underground. Another team will be coming into the area soon, and they wanted someone to meet up with them in Bloomington, North of here about 50 miles.
Over dinner with the farmer’s family we talked about our next steps, and how to get West to Car, he indicated that the old Highway 62 was a trade route, and goes thru Evansville and was the most direct route. It was nuked in the war, but no one gets sick anymore and It had been stripped of most salvage long before.
We could go that way, but he warns that it would be best to stay 30-50 miles from the river as the KFS was mighty pissed at us apparently.
We could take route 64 to St Louis and then head south, after skirting around the city.
There were Rebel contacts in New Harmony on the 66 who could help us. It also seemed we would be traveling through the American Freedom Party area of control. They doesn’t work with the resistance, but they control the area thru which we will be traveling. The team will be skirting around Evansville and then up 66 to New Harmony. Maybe we can make some new friends with the Rebels and get them to work with the Morrow project.
That night we set up a rotating watch, with radios on our hidden sentries. Conroy and I took the first watch, while Keshawn, Tim, Porter and Desiree were in the house still talking to the farmer. Actually Tim, Porter and Desiree were talking, Keshawn was nowhere to be seen., But then again, the Farmer’s daughter was nowhere to be seen either… hmmmm…The rest of the team was bunked down in the barn catching some sleep before their watch started.

I heard Conroy whisper on the radio that he had 2 armed men sneaking up from the east on the farmhouse. No sooner than he said it, than I spotted 3 more next to me on the west side. I guessed that these guys were here to take us down as they seemed armed to the teeth. Whether it was just our extravagant spending spree, or if we had been made as the Black River Dogs, it didn’t matter. We needed to take them out.
I alerted the team and took aim. With a Quick radio countdown, Conroy and I opened up on these bandits.
Conroy hit both the guys he saw, killing one, and missing or wounding the second, while I hosed down the three on his side with a long burst from my greasegun. One went down gurgling from a throat shot, while the other must have been hit in the leg, hitting ground with a scream.Porter ran out of the front door and took cover at the corner of the house near me to back me up. Tim grabbed his shotgun, ran to cover the back of the house, while Desiree dowsed the lights, sending the farmhouse into darkness.

One of porters bandits fired his shotgun, hitting him in the thigh. The one I missed freaked out. He dropped his weapon and took off running, towards Porter’s position. The leg shot guy near me blasted a hole in the corn next to me with his shotgun, but one pellet creased my scalp. I took aim and put him out of his misery with the last of my clip.
Porter realized that the guy running near him was just trying to get away. He had no weapon, so he wouldn’t shoot him in the back as he ran off. I called over the radio not to let anyone get away, but it was too late as he disappeared into the blackness.
Tim came out and helped bandage up our light wounds.
The farmer is… well pissed. With one of the bandits away, it won’t be long before he gets to town to report to the sheriff and thus to the KFS.
Im sure a posse will be on it’s way and here in the morning. We can’t be here when they get here.The farmer says he can’t be here either or they will kill him or burn down his farm. In the middle of this discussion, Keshawn comes down tucking in his shirt into his pants stairs to ask what happened.  But of course he is followed closely by the daughter, who looks quite blushed and a bit disheveled,  it all comes into place at least what had happen by Keshawn during the fight.

He was “busy”. Well. He then volunteered to escort the farmer and his family north out of the way. Keshawn will stay local, and help prep for the Morrow Team which will be here in a few months.Dang. We had been together from the beginning out at the bolt hole in the cement factory back in the high California Desert. Im sure our paths will cross again.

The next thing I  hear is Conroy saying to the farmer,  “So, since you’re leaving anyway, can we burn down your farm?”…
 The silence was broken by an very loud “NO, YOU CAN NOT BURN DOWN MY FARM” from the farmer.
Conroy replied, “Well… it would help cover our tracks and distract the posse.”
The farmer repeated his statement and said, while you are at it, how about paying me for my farm since I have to leave and he could have to have some money to start all over again somewhere. Conroy dug into his pack, and held out a handful of coins, “Here is some gold to make up for it… “ and he gave out most of our remaining gold.
I thought that was a good idea, “As you know, the Morrow Project is here to make life better. So here is the gold to help you out” I gave him my best AAA smile. The farmer seem to glare at me for some strange reason, that must be how he says thanks!
The team headed out to the barn to get the wagons going. Keshawn pulled his gear out of the wagons and said his goodbyes as he got on his horse to catch up with the family on the northern trail off the farm.
We put on our night vision so we could make the best time. We needed to be long gone before anyone came out to the farm to find out what happened. Or investigate the fire… not sure which at this point.

Mission Report: Cannelton Locks Dam, Illinois, July 9th, 2162 (Part One)

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Mission Log
Location: 4 Miles west of Cannelton, upstream of the Cannelton Locks.
Date: July 9th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Lincoln Davis :> Newly Assigned to CA-4

Finally got the power back to my MA-5 “tablet”.  Still not used to this thing, but it is pretty cool.  Way smaller than the computers I am used to.

Today we pulled into a bog like area north of the Ohio river.  The maps call this little and big deer creek, but it is nothing but a swamp now.  There used to some houses out here, but it is all overgrown with no sign of anything man made.

Early this morning a team consisting of Kenshaw, Porter, and myself went out to scope out the dam and the locks.  Ironically this is what I was supposed to do as part of OH-2, but the situation is very different now.  I still can’t believe that the rest of the team is gone.  Maybe someday I can find one or two of the other survivors.

We trooped about 2 miles in the dark with our night vision googles to just under the crest of the hill on the Indiana side of the river.  Totally overgrown with trees and brush now, so we had plenty of camouflage.  Unfortunately, some of the local wild life also had plenty of camouflage.  I almost stepped on a western cottonmouth.  Luckily Kershaw pushed me aside right before I would have been bit.  After that we finished out trip uneventfully.  We did see what looked like lights over at the old girl scout camp on the far side of the hill from the river.  We did not explore that as we did not want to risk revealing ourselves to the natives.

Before the sunrise, we settled into a stand of trees near an old parking lot.  Again, not much left but some cracked chunks of asphalt.  Looks like no one comes around here anymore.  Below us was the dam, and we spent all day observing.

The Cannelton Locks and Dam are just what I was here for, and it even appears intact.  The generators that were supposed to be installed in the 90’s apparently got done before the ball went up.  A few of them are even working, which is something of a miracle.  I figured there would be nothing but rusted metal by now.  Unfortunately, the whole dam and lock system is in KSF hands.

Cannelton Locks in 2162.

Cannelton Locks in 2162.

The key point for us is to get through the locks.  Both locks seem to be operative, with two boat paths.  There are four hard concrete control buildings as well as other more recent structures.  Looks like a barracks, stable, and mess hall at the least.  We saw mostly KSF border troops, but they have army trucks and a jeep on site being worked on.  They also have a big guy that is clearly the local “authority” here from the way he acts.  He is in charge of tolls for using the locks and has two gorillas following him around.  Not people I would want to meet in a dark alley.

Luckily, no sign of real army troops, or worse, the secret police.  Several machine guns and search lights, but nothing too difficult.  Still a good 15-20 guys there.  We also saw a caravan come in from probably Cannelton and also a river patrol boat go through the locks in addition to the normal river traffic.

Of course it rained all day and I was soaked.  I hate this weather.

At least now we have gotten back together and made a plan.  We think we can just bribe and bluff our way through the locks.  Just in case Kershaw with his M1903 Sniper Rifle, Porter with his M60, and I (with my shotgun) are going to hide on the hill side to provide cover fire if they don’t go for.  I think between the boats guns and us on the hill we should not have any trouble if they don’t buy it.

We go at dusk, and we should be sailing past Cannelton by midnight.  Got my gear checked and ready.  Gotta go.

UPDATE REPORT: Changes to American History –> KFS Slavery and History.

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SUBJECT: Kentucky Free State History and the Origins of Slavery
REPORTER: Carla Jackson, Science Team AR-2.
LOCATION: Near Jonesboro, AR
DATE: June 17th, 2162.

The KFS has always had a deliberate policy of controlling media outlets so it should be no surprise that they have over the last 160 years changed the view of the past to meet there own agenda.

From there own published high school school textbook “The Rise of Freedom and Independence” by Bowling Green University Press, 2112, you can see this theme in effect. The Time after the war was a mythical time of confusion and chaos which the forefathers families stepped into the chaos inorder to save civilization and the “true spirt” of the American system.

Post war reconstruction Bowling Green KY, 2028.

Post war reconstruction Bowling Green KY, 2028.

By the “true spirt”, they are talking about free markets and the belief that one has the right to security and freedom to live ones life within a structured society. The book never mentions the other tents of prewar america: freedom of religion, rule of law, freedom from bondage, or the sense of working for the common good. But given the structure of the KFS, it is not surprising that all of this is not included.

After all, according to the KFS revised american history, the united states had lost its way after the 1980’s and was a land of socialism , communism, and decadence in which the hardworking forefathers that created new wealth and prosperity were punished by high taxes and treated with contempt from the un-educated masses.

When the war came, it was the same forefathers with the hard working work ethic that had planned ahead to make sure that the “True America” would survie the war. They did this with the consumate good will for the hard working people of Kentucky knowing that together, a great nation would recover.

The War unfortunately taxed the ability for the KFS forefathers to take care of all the people who needed help so many of the flood of people seeking stability had to become displaced persons (DP’s) and work for the good of all. Over time these people proved to be lazy, selfish and not capable of belonging to the KFS in the same level as the rest of the enlightened citizenry. So the people of the KFS must take it upon themselves to help these ignorate peoples to fit into the glorious society of the KFS in the way that fits in to there limited abilities.

Displaced Persons in work camp outside Lexington KY, 2023.

Displaced Persons in work camp outside Lexington KY, 2023.

Of course, from our own research, it seems that none of this was 100% false, as the best lies merge truth with the dis information.

The true history of the KFS does seem to be a bit different from there text books.

It does seem that the original five families were in fact, five leaders of major International corporations in which each had there own specialities. Military Systems, Technology, Bio – mechanics, Agriculture, and Media are all represented.

How they had access to the Cold Sleep technology or new of the upcoming war is not known, but I suspect that one of the corporations that did sub contract work with Morrow Industries must have had a security breach and thus the 5 getting wind of the project technology. But the known facts are that they managed to store large number of goods, military equipment and personal over a time period of 30 years, so when the war actually occurred, they were ready.

From the limited resources that I have collected, it does seem that the KFS in the starting years after the war was over whelmed by the disruption in the old united states and was not ready for the influx of peoples desperate for safety. As a means to handle the problem, They created a system of Displaced Person camps in order to find the skilled from the unskilled workers. The Workers with critical skills: Doctors, Electricians, Programmers, Engineers, Soldiers, and Mechanics were integrated into the new order as fast as possible while the unskilled were sent to farms, work camps, and basic salvage duties. Over time the children of the unskilled workers also were denied education in order to break out the cycle and thus passed down there legal status to the next generation.


By the 2050’s the status of DP’s became a part of the law and a DP could be bought or sold by there protectors or owners.

So a means to a end eventually became the bedrock of the KFS society and thus over 160 years of misery, bondage, and outright slavery came back to north america.

Mission Log: July 3rd, 2162 – Ohio River – Kentucky Free State

Location: Ruins of , Ohio
Date: 3am July 3rd, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory

The carnage was floating everywhere. The rain has abated for a bit, as bellows of dark smoke hung low
on the water. The river boat was listing, as flames could be seen over the main deck. What little
humanity left in this world seems to be long lost…

“Hey what the hell is this Roy” Vod directed to Conroy.

“What, the reports are so ‘vanilla’, I wanted to spice it up”

“Well don’t, these reports are for higher ups, not some community college writing class on ‘Apocalypse
now’, so get that fluff out and make the damn report.”

“Fine….” Conroy replies dejected…

2100 hours, Herb and Blackburn went to shore to make contact with a local farmer for intel. On route,
they encountered a bear who was dining on some local fair. After some gunshots, both Me(Conroy) and
Vod jumped ship to assist the two man team.

Both Herb and Blackburn were wounded by the bear, but they were able to overcome the animal and
manage to also make contact with the farmer (who came out to see what the commotion was all

Herb and Blackburn received some medical attention and headed back to the skiff, while Roy and Vod
helped the farmer cut up the bear for food.

Back at the boat, the rest of the team started to hear more gun fire. The attack seems to be
directed to the ‘bait’ boat. Just then Herb and Blackburn make it back, after a few attempts to jump
back into the patrol boat. The team pushed off and speeds towards the “Salty River Queen”.

A silhouette of a 20-30 man motor boat was coming away from the “Queen” as CA-4 opens up with twin 50’s in a driving rain storm.

Another motor boat is also seen, as well as a large river-paddle boat. The team quickly realizes that this
is the pirate boat attacking other ships on the river.

The firefight was quick and deadly for the attackers. After a few short minutes it seems that the
whole river is on fire, as the paddle boat is now listing to one side. CA-4 swings back to pick up Vod and
Roy, as they go and investigate the “Salty River Queen” boat to see what their fate is. No survivors
could be found. It was time to check out the listing river boat.

As we searched the flaming river boat, we found the captains main cabin and found a good sized
strong-box. After smashing the desk where the safe was hidden, we managed to drag in back to our
patrol boat.

We tugged the Queen back to Higgins-port and reported the incident and were sent to see the
Colonel Wainsworth and tell him our tale. He did not seem impressed, though he did thank us (half
heartedly) and stated that we could get provision from the Corporal Hicks.On the way to the Armory, we saw 200-300 solders, M1 Tanks, Black V300 and possible secret police unit.

Once at the armory we were able to procure ammo and whiskey (main staple of the world),
which would be delivered to the docks later today. On the way back we did some local-bar hopping for
soft Intel and we were able to pick up two possible side jobs that could assist us with searching for the
resistance in Fort Thomas and Cincinnati.

Back at our patrol boat we decided to open the safe, and found 300 KFS gold coins, a letter to
meet Julia Balentine at Harrison Ferry at 11pm tonight, and the most important was a writ of salvage
from the Colonel.

Once the ammunition and the whisky were delivered, the team decides to take some time off to
wash, eat, and clean their cloths before tonight rendezvous with Mrs. Julia at 11pm………

“Their Vod, you happy, clean and disinfected like a 150 year old hospital..” Conroy hands it to Vod. He
reads it over mumbles a few words as he reads.

“Good, don’t forget to put in that Herb’s loud mouth when he gets hit is atrocious and we should get
some extra pay to be assigned with him..” laughing as he walks away.

Into the Heart of Darkness Campaign Notes: The Kentucky Free State (Part 1)

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This campaign is based loosely on the classic Kentucky Free State of the Morrow Project Books, but with a twist.


For one thing, my Campaign uses the new 4th Edition timeline (war takes place 2017 instead of 1989) so there was more people in the world, more technology, and a greater collapse (as the technology curve was even more digital than the late 80’s). But it also means that I have a greater level of rebuilding in general than the older 3rd edition timeline.

The Kentucky Free State (KFS) is still a huge problem for the Morrow Project Teams. Its population of 3 million or more people (2.2 million of them slaves or non citizens) plus its modern infrastructure, weapons, and production facilities make it the number one power in north america. It has an air force that is more than happy to drop any amount of bombs on a given team just to prove that it can, and it really does not care about most of its soldiers being killed in order to take down a enemy.

So why has the KFS not taken over the pitiful remains of the north america? Its Lazy, decadent, and happy at the status quo .


The KFS is based on an economic system that the few Rich families (the rich 5) control all the wealth and power in the land. If they took over neighborhood land, they would need to garrison the lands, build infrastructure to get its resources, promote more mid level management (someone has to run the new areas), and basically bring the areas under there control. In many ways the new lands would be better off as they would at least have safety of the KFS Army and more modern infrastructure. Yes they would lose almost all there political rights but they could gain security, good food supply, medicine, and maybe surplus agriculture. So I would think that the KFS has made a practice of NOT expanding past its current borders.

And thinking about economics (think the roman empire in 100 AD), the KFS just does not need to. It can dominate all the lands around it by exploiting the people to produce surplus goods and raw materials but making them dependent on finished goods and machinery. Think of the KFS as a first world nation and the rest of North America as a 3rd world country desperate for antibiotics, machined parts, and knowledge.

Why would the KFS do this? Its the easyest way to control people on the cheap!

The KFS does not need to send armies, It sends salesmen and traders.

It can more or less stop most other manufacture goods by undercutting prices or just by sabotage or military means. All its products are built on the cheap so there wear out quickly and thus make the people using them dependent spare parts.

Example: A local village gets a tractor with fuel from a KFS representative. It produces a large amount of crops and everyone see’s the value. The KFS allows for the village to pay for the Tractor with the surplus crops, but it needs the village to build a road down to the local river for pickup by KFS chartered river boats. The KFS (For more debt) will help build the road and will help to ship the crops. At the end, the village actually makes almost nothing from the work as its never allowed to keep the profit due to shipping, parts, and the representatives commission. And if the villiage does not pay its share of the debt? Then it is cut off from spare parts, medical supplies, and more important the good will of a KFS corporation (which are all controlled by the Powerful families).

Bandit and slaver attacks are well know to happen to villages that do not pay there bills on time. So it is common knowledge that you never default on debts own to the KFS.

Again, why spend all that money to conquer lands when you can make a profit and do it without a lot of chaos to the markets? And the best part is, the local population does not even know its been controlled till its to late. Once you sign a deal with the devil, you are already damned.


Pretty much unchanged from the standard lore.

There few people that control almost everything. These are the true 1% who control the means of production, the armed forces, and the media. The do not allow for any sort of democracy or local control more than rubber stamped town councils. If they bother with elections for mid level positions, they are all pre selected and pre approved (“Jessica, we have another Election with 100% enfranchised voters voting for the candidate of the people. The Government and the people are lock in step moving the KFS into a bright new future!”).

The Bureaucracy is firmly entrenched and bribery is rampent at every level. The Families are fine with this as it slows down change and keeps the people worrying about day to day life instead of pushing for reform.

Again to make it clear, the power families actually control everything that matters in the KFS and will do everything they can to keep it that way.


The 1%:

  • Perhaps less than 1000 people own almost everything that matters. They are a detached from the common people in almost every way and relying on the mid level technical classes to run the government and keep the machinery of state running. They use the secret police to keep tabs on everyone and especially the Middle Technical classes.
  • All upper ranks in the armed forces tend to come from the 1%.
  • Middle Class can marry into the 1%, but it is quite rare.
The 2% to 5%: This would be considered the upper to middle class. They are college educated and actually run the day to day operations of the KFS. These are generally always working to become in the 1% but as above, it rarely happens. They generally are left to there own devices and can have quite a lot of wealth, but it is always under the umbrella of the 1%. Most army and air force officers come from this class. In general they are not an oppressed group of people and are not interested in upsetting the KFS structure (unless its to get to be in the 1%). These are part of the Franchised voter class. They usually have domestic slaves and slave helpers at work.
The 6%-15%: This is the lower middle class. They are the store owners and small business owners. They might have college education (one child per family due to cost). They have some freedoms, but are watched closely by the secret police. They are heavily taxed, and in general tended to be low level officers in the armed forces.. These are part of the Franchised voter class. They are generally NOT happy with the current systems, but have learned not to speak in public about there concerns. They might have from 2 to 3 slaves per family.
The 16% to 35%: The working poor. Education stops at 6th grade for perhaps 50% of this group. These are the small farmers, trades peoples, enlisted in the ranks. Most of these peoples are actually content in there role as they do not have the education to know there treated so poorly. Most of them have few contacts with the government and tend to be pretty arrogant and proud of the KFS and all the stability it brings. When the corruption are shown to them, they will get angry but the KFS will also be the most harsh against them.  They do not have any voting rights. They might have 1 slave on the farm or household slave.
The 65%:  Slaves. No rights at all besides some laws to protect investment of the owner and basic treatment. The KFS does not in general try and treat slaves any harsher than needed as its bad for business and slaves actually cost a lot to train and keep alive. Slaves do most of the manual work and even some skilled work but this is used to keep the lower middle class in line (and keep the lower middle class aggression healthily for slaves). In theory slaves can win there freedom, but its very rare.


The KFS does have quite sophisticated media outlets to control the people and the local area. They uses churches, radio, films, newspaper, and limited TV. Almost all media is controlled by the government and used to enforce unity of thought. (Think late 1930’s Nazi movement).

The KFS makes sure than even the working poor can afford simple radio recievers so they can get the “good message of the prosperity the KFS brings to the people”. The radio tends to be a mixture of radio dramas, gossip radio, news, and a heathly dose of propaganda. Think 1930’s wartime radio, and its about right.

Newspapers are around but mostly read by the top 15% and heavily censored.

TV is only used by the Top 15%, and is considered a sign that you are up and becoming when you can watch the one station broadcasting from the government. Many prewar movies are shown, but most in the light of showing how corrupt and wrong the old USA was.

Films are still being made, but there almost always playthings of the 1% or propaganda movies.

The Internet is only used by the government and the top 5% and is more of a business tool than and media outlet.


Places to find more info about the KFS:

  • Morrow Project Yahoo User Groups
  • Excellent Website of all sort of things Morrow Project:
  • Bullets and Blue Grass – Morrow Project Module
  • Fall Back – Morrow Project Module (I do not use much of this one)

The Primary Book would be Bullets and Blue Grass (out of print) but my campaign in general is about 20 years after the tradition Morrow Project (3rd edition) timeline

Mission Report: Marietta OH

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After berating Vod for getting them all killed, the team calms down and picks out equipment for the trip. They stash group supplies comprising a large medical kit, trade pack, MP armor, PDAs, MP radio, and demolition kit (did I miss anything?) into three trunks (crates?) on a river boat which also has a Stinger system stashed in it.

They join the river boat at Coal Run, Ohio where swarms of mutant mosquitoes the size of a human palm formed a welcoming committee, followed by the blacksmith working on their Swift Boat. Major Zed meets and briefs the team.

Cover mission: Pick up KFS issued medical supplies (aspirin, low-grade antibiotics, and other medical supplies) from Marietta and deliver to New Orleans. Papers will be provided in Marietta. The team decided to travel as the Black River Dawgs (Swift Boat Pressed Gang for Truth?), who live up and down the rivers trying to make ends meet.

Actual mission is to recon the river: towns, populations, governments, resistance, military presence. Stop 4-5 times to meet up with resistance, first stop outside of Cincinnati. Check in by radio periodically.

The team shoves off into the river with a 13 year old boy apprentice blacksmith, Peter Glover, as a river guide. Our as yet unnamed boat captain and Al take the helm with Conroy manning the .50 and Keshawn spotting at the front. They approach Lowell which appears to have been napalmed in the past. Peter says they tried to resist the KFS and were made an example of. Shortly thereafter, they pass a sucken ship. A trader on small paddle wheel boat passing the opposite direction mentions trouble down in Marietta, but passes too quickly for more information. A little farther down river in Devola, they come to a dam where, as they manually work the lock, a farmer approaches and provides some intel on Marietta.

Apparently, the Duchy of Parkersburg is worried about spies from the KFS. They’re searching boats and charging tolls.

The team ties up at a local establishment to get some more information over some possum, wine and ale.

Marietta has: about 1000 people, garrison of 30 for tax collection, a college. The KFS has demanded another coal shipment from the Duchy which pissed off the Duke. In turn, he is squeezing the traders. A river trader estimates three silver marks for our boat and marvels at our armaments.

As they arrive in town, they pull up to the tax collector’s dock and pay the toll. He sends them down to the Trade Commission office where they tie up and deliver Peter to his aunt Sue at a nearby pub. The clerk at the Trade Commission shakes them down before turning over the paperwork. They head over to pick up the medical supplies where they get shaken down again. They schlep the three 50lbs crates back to the boat and stow them beneath the deck before heading to the local brewery for dinner. They spend the night in Marietta, posting watches on the boat overnight before heading to Parkersburg in the morning.

Mission Log June 24th, 2162

By , 06/24/2012 10:43 pm


LOCATION: on the Muskingum River


The local MP teams have set it up as a staging location, at a small village called Beverly (Pop 321). It is a local strong MP supporter as the local science team stopped a plague last year from killing most of the areas children. Thats a good thing, as the local teams tell me its mighty tough to be a active morrow project team in the area. It seems that the KFS has an unofficial buffer zone of perhaps 100 miles around its border, that it can exert great influence through a combination or military and economic means. Locals are encourage with large trade concessions if they are willing to turn in any morrow project activity in the zone.

Till recently I never could figure out why the KFS so hates the project, but after talking to a snake eater named Major Zed Harington, I now have a clue, but I am getting a head of myself.

Its best if I just play you the video I took of the meeting the first day the teams gathered in Beverly.

<<Video starts outside a small run down barn with perhaps 30 morrow project members of various teams. Some of the people have bandages, while all are heavily armed. In the Local Church bell tower, one can see a mars team member scaning the sky with a Stinger missile system.

There is an air of calm professionalism while an older man in a faded US Army uniform climbs onto the floorboard of an old wagon.

The Old man is skeleton thin, with long white hair pulled back into a braid with a tattered green beret on his sun burned head. Even though he wearing an old faded US Army BDU, His face and steel blue eyes show that he is a veteran of countless battles, and deserves respect from those he talks to.

“Now Listen Up, I understand that you have been around the block in this new world, but let me tell you about the So called Kentucky Free State. They call it a free state, but what I have seen its about as free as the old south in 1861. But at least these bastards don’t care about your color, religion, and your sex. They don’t care about your beliefs or your wealth. To them we are all tools to be used then discarded.

They call their slaves, DP’s, I would guess it was the pre war term for displaced persons, which might have been what they were 160 years ago, but today, there slaves in every sense of the word. They even implant their property with electronic chips for identification. I seen three year olds scream in pain as they get there DP chip just before they go on the auction block.

They keep the local areas poor but dependent on their crap goods. The only design their goods to last 5 years so the locals have to constantly trade for new parts. They do not allow anyone to gain any sort of modern manufactured goods and there very good about playing favorites. The basically control the economy of everyone within 200 miles in some way or form.

And they have the most capable military in the United States. Airpower, Tanks, AFV, and lots of guns. And they will use it at a wim. Anyone steps out of line, then you will wake up to a P-47 dropping Napalm on your town. It only takes one or two destroyed villages to remind everyone who is the top dog.

You see, the 5 families own the wealth around here. They have Skyscrapers, factories, and modern medicine. They had this for over 160 years, and could have rebuilt the USA many times but instead, they keep it all for themselves. They are the rich 5 and without anyone to stop them.

Then old man then smiles at you. And continues.

But, You see, the one thing these bastards are worried about is the Morrow Project. You have the training, the knowledge, and the weapons to bring back the United States. Thats the United States where people are free, with no slaves, and one can get ahead by one’s hard work, not their heritage.

You stand for everything that these so called Overlords are not and once people know that, well there is a lot of dirt poor people and very few of them. Thats why they will do everything they can to hunt you down and kill you before your dangerous beliefs of freedom and democracy can infect the local population.

So to take them down,  we need more knowledge of how they work, what they have, and what are their weakness.

That’s where you come in. I need a team of you to  travel down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River. You are going to do this undercover as a licensed Merc unit protecting an medical shipment. You are going to do the first professional recon of the KFS river systems, while contacting the resistance groups as needed.

We have reconditioned MP Recon Team OH-3 River Patrol Craft, a Vietnam Era SWIFT boat,  to look more “modern” and you are going to have to give up all your high tech weapons to blend in with the locals. No M-4 Carbines with Laser Sights, you are going to be using almost 200 year old  M-1 Garands, or Bolt Action Springfields. No Kevlar but Steel Pot Helmets. Think 1940’s and thats about what a well armed merc group could sport in any lands around the KFS.

Anything else, could draw attention to you and the secret police making a call. You all are too healthy, too smart, too education, too tall, and too proud. Your teeth alone would give you away in a moment so we are going to have a MP dentist help remove some of your fillings with ones that will blend in with your teeth.

You are going to need all your skills and luck to get through this, but what you can find out will give the MP a chance to bring down this demon. So do I have any volunteers crazy enough to do this mission into the Heart of Darkness?

A well dressed morrow project recon team commander steps forward and speaks in a commanding voice: “I am Commander Vod Pacheco of Recon Team CA-4,  And it sounds just like the type of Job we excel in. So I say for my entire team, lets do it”.

The holder of the video says (off camera), “Did Vod just volunteer our team for this suicide run?”

Another voice near by says: “Yep, he sure did”.

Then you hear the holder of the video say: “Fuck” and it turns off.



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