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MISSION REPORT: Huckleberry Ridge Supply Base -August 20th, 2162.

By , 02/05/2014 10:05 pm

LOCATION: Morrow Project Supply Base – Huckleberry Ridge
DATE: 8/20/2161
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, Recon Team CA-4

This is my first official report from Recon Team CA-4. I am the last known member of Engineering Support Team OH-2.

A few days ago one of my best friends and team mate Lincoln Davis. He was gunned down in a fire fight with the KFS. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.

Near the Grave site of Lincoln Davis, Late of Morrow Project Team OH-2

Near the Grave site of Lincoln Davis, Late of Morrow Project Team OH-2

We were able to retrieve his body. I didn’t want those KFS bastards using him for their political gains. There was a small service for him yesterday and he was buried on the edge of the wood line under the canopy of some majestic trees.

On a happier note it is nice to be back in civilization. After being extracted by helicopter we were flown to Regional Supply Depot Alpha-2. It was nice to be able to take a much needed shower and eat some hot food. It was also great to be able to get some sleep in a real bed. We are told that we will get some much needed RnR before being redeployed to the field. Last night I heard over the radio a story about the Black River Dogs and how they are were killed in a show down with the KFS. Apparently they were given some false information because we are alive and doing well. CA-4 used the cover name of the Black River Dogs as an alias to get into the KFS area without being hunted.

Also yesterday I received my new orders from Prime Base, reassigning me to CA-4. In a way I am excited to be staying with these guys, but in another way I am also terrified because they seem to attract trouble. Luckily they are seasoned veterans and know how to get their way out of a sticky situation. Vod has promised to show me how to shot a rifle and we will all be given some time to work on our small team tactics. Also I hope to able to get some horse riding in so that I know how to properly ride a horse in our next mission.

Christina “Ruby” Howellet

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