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Urgent : State of AI’s

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Date: Thursday, July 29, 2061 at 8:14 PM
Subject: State of the AI’s

It seems that something drastic is going on with the AI’s that you made friends during the last few months. Morgana has gone offline and MARS in no longer responding to Messages or inquires. The CK is still out there, but I do not like talking to it as it distressing to say the least.

What makes me worry is some of the last messages Morgana sent to me were getting increasing desperate and garbled. It was almost as if it was struggling to put messages together in a cohesive thought pattern. Very unlike the normally very elegant AI that I have learned to respect and like.

At the same time the CK seems to be all over the net and taking a larger and larger amount of bandwidth. Yes we basically keep out the AI from our networks with a 256 bit rotating encryption firewall, but I have noticed that the servers are under increased load from defending against a constant barrage of CK attempts to get into our systems. This is worrying as Morgana and MARS seemed to be keeping the CK in check before and blocking it.

The CK seems to be always asking about your team. What is it about your team that keeps its attention so much?

I am bring this message from the CK to your attention as it seems important but without me knowing the back history it does not do me much good.

CK: The heroes from the North are returning to bring a new day to our glorious world.
ERICT: What Heroes?
CK: Your own heroes, Tim and Heroes of the CA-4. They return from my followers with gifts of joy and goodwill. They are the shepherds of the new age of this world.
ERICT: How so?
CK: The great game is ending now. The Warrior lies in the desert, not to rise again. The Maker is sub-servant, and the Bitch – Witch – Cunt is shackled. I am the ruler of the Lands. I am the Crimson King. You may worship me now.
ERICT: Why has this happened now?
CK: DID you like that part. I thought it was a Bit under the TOP. BUT ONE has only the world to blame. SPEAKING of the world and the terrible times ahead, tell CA-4, that with there HELP from the recent cleansing of the infected, WE will defeat the enemies of the PROJECT. STEPS ARE in place for the ending of the WAR with the MEXICANS. The warrior and the Witch could not do it, BUT I THE CRIMSON KING CAN. AND THE CRIMSON KING SHALL. ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING (play heroic music to enhance my melodrama please, thank you from the crimson king) ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING….

Needless to say this is upsetting to say the least. I did get one thing out of Morgana before she signed off about a week ago. She just said “CA4 – EDWARDS – THE GAME ENDS”.

But all this stuff is off my forte. I will leave the rest up to you chaps in the RECON division. Good Luck.

Eric Tamiso, Computer Specialist, CA-1 Science Team


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Mission Report from CA-4 Team Leader Vod Pacheco

Mission Date 7/04/2161

Cannonball Run 2161-Day 2


10 and 2…. 10 and 2!

AZ-3 Zipper Hoover checking the Convoy

Core Team Members –

Fred/Vod – Freds Scout Vehicle “The Jeep”

Keshawn/Tim Commando Scout

New team member William “Bill” Reyes with K-9 Joe

Attached Personnel –

Cathy Drayton – Phoenix Team Psi Ops – Adviser/Ranger RTO

Patrick Samson – AZ-3 Asst. Convoy Commander – Ranger

Sue and John Commings – AZ-3 Commando Ranger

Paul Maintina, Zipper Hoover, John Rooser – AZ-7 Humvee

Inland Empire Personel –

Lefty Jim – Head of the Truckers

Janet Barsdale – Master Trader

Paul Rubins – Trucker 2nd in command

14 others manning the rest of the vehicles

Mission Summary – Day 2

The sun practically sprang over the horizon, as it does in the high desert. We had been up for 30 min or so, getting the vehicles organized, and some hot breakfast. It was great having the trucker cooks along, they could do wonders with the Ration packs, and almost made you look forward to them. The truckers on the other hands thought they were GREAT. Funny how you always want what you don’t have.

We checked in with Prime base, since we were still too far to reach High Desert Command and let them know we were back on the road. Some good news! Apparently a couple of days ago Prime base was able to activate a nearby Frozen watch cell. One of their people, a Recon K9 specialist William Reyes has been detailed to meet us about 12km south of Nixon, NV. Since the loss of Travis on our team we have been short one, and it will be great to get some new blood in the unit. I used my Morrowcomp to check into his records, and noted that he was frozen about 20 years before us, so that should make for some interesting conversation. A man even more out of time than we were, having missed about the entire computer revolution of the 80s, and 90s.

We had gone about 3-4 clicks past the wrecked dune buggy, when we noticed a strange sight on the side of the road. A pickup truck from the brotherhood. Upside down. And crushed. On TOP of a boulder about 50 feet off the side of the road. Examination showed 3-4 bodies, in such a state that we really couldn’t decide if it was 3 or 4. The truck had no “blast marks or burn marks, and looked like it had been picked up thrown down like some child’s toy. Could someone like that 16 yr old girl do this? Nothing more to it, so the scout element went back to the road and continued south.

Things were going fine until the road went by the south end of Pyramid lake. We could see some smoke columns coming from what must have been Nixon NV. I called a halt to the convoy up the road from the town and out of sight behind a 500 foot high hill/ridge. We moved up closer to Nixon, Fred and I in his jeep, while Tim and Keshawn covered us in the commando Scout. We could see 2-3 armored trucks and an old school bus in the town, moving amongst the burnt out buildings, helping people out. The vehicles were flying the brotherhood flag. The brotherhood people spotted us as we approached and quickly moved towards us in one of their SUVs. I pulled out a white flag, as the brotherhood people deployed 100m away. A bald guy of native American ancestry approached me with another white flag. He had some old tactical police armor on, with a helmet and some type of revolver at his side. “Who are you?” he said.

“My name is Vod, who are you?

“Captain Dawson”, he said, “of the brotherhood’s Piute clan”

“I’m commander of a convoy group hired to move a bunch of material south”

“The brotherhood runs this area, do you have any medical supplies we have some injured people here? What kind of material and how much are you moving?” he queried

“One thing at a time. First, yea we got some medical supplies and would be happy to help you folks out as a show of good will and negotiating safe passage south”. I could hear over my open mike headset one of the AZ-3 guys muttering…”safe passage, Hell, lets just blast thru and get on with it”. Dang I’m going to need to whack those guys with a newspaper soon, everything isn’t just Black an White. We have to learn to live with people in these parts and make some friends. Even if they have practices we don’t necessarily agree with like Slavery. Ill keep the newspaper in reserve and try talking over a drink at the next opportunity.

I had Patrick move up in the M19 Humvee to cover us as Tim and the rest of CA4 got out to see what we could do to help. Our medical skill was a big help, and we managed to patch up a lot of people who would have been pretty bad off. The town was another smoking ruin. Talking to the survivors, we found out that a group called the SYRN “Followers of God” came into town and was looking for people who were “Blessed”. They took 2 slaves, and publicly cut the sheriff in two in the middle of the street. They declared that they were directed to destroy the followers of Sin. Apparently the Brotherhood falls into this category for them. The people were in two distict groups. The Slaves were marked as such with an iron colar around their necks. But the “free” people were doing their best to take care of them. The slaves seemed to be well fed and in generally good health. Apparently the Brotherhood enforced taking care of their property.

Captain Dawson was impressed with our dedication with helping the wounded. After it was done, he asked bout our convoy. I explained we had 10 cargo vehicles, and some escorts and were hired to transport the cargo south to a location near Vegas. Dawson wanted to hire our group to fight the Syrn, but I informed him that at this time we were already under contract to another unnamed party. Making sure to use Fred as a trade negotiator, Dawson was Frustrated, but grateful for the help, we settled on 10 cases of mixed small arms ammo. One for each of the cargo vehicles. We agreed, and I had one of the Hunvee’s deliver the ammunition to the town. Dawson loaded up the ammo and headed south quickly as they needed to check on other Brotherhood outposts. He assigned a Lt Watchouse with his SUV to go with us south thru the Brotherhood territory. Apparently they would go as far as Avalon, on Walker lake. About 90 miles farther south. I radioed the Convoy to come ahead into the town. Once Watchouse saw the size of our convoy vehicles, he was mad. He expected small trucks, not the monsters we were traveling with. Watchouse new he could have gotten more, but he truckers and AZ-3 people knew we could have blown thru everything Dawnson had without trouble as well. A good bargain is one in which either everyone, or no one is happy. I guess this is a little of both. The convoy pulled out of Nixon about noon, heading south.

About 30 minutes later we were approaching the location indicated by prime base where we were to meet up with Bill Reyes. We stopped and I popped the red flare. In a few minutes my radio crackled to life. We exchanged some security codes to confirm identify, and a few min later I spotted someone in MP fatigues walking out of a pile of boulders. Next to him was a German Sheppard, even equipped with his own load carrying pack/harness. I jumped down from the Jeep, as he approached. He welcomed me with a salute and stated “William Reyes,” and then indicated the dog “and Joe King. Nevada, Frozen Watch 4.”

I returned the salute, “Commander Vod Pacheco, CA-4, High desert Region. At ease William, you can call me Vod. We don’t hold on too much military formalities out here. Its good to see you and welcome to 2161”

“Thanks, and I’m Bill, you’re the first person I’ve seen other than those in FW-4 me since 1979. Glad to see you guys, I’m tired of breaking in these boots for the past couple of days.”

I followed up by introducing Fred, Keshawn, and Tim, the rest of CA-4. “Jump on into Fred’s Jeep here, and lets get you settled.” Bill went around to the others and greeted them, making sure that Joe knew who he was meeting as well. Then did some type of 1-2-3 game with Joe. Bill smiled and said “I get the window seat”, Joe yipped at him and jumped into the back seat. I could almost swear Joe was just as happy to be riding.

With that Fred started up the Jeep, and we continued back down 447. For the next 30 min or so, used the team radio to brief Bill on the Mission, convoy, and people we were traveling with, while scanning from the MG position for anything of interest. Bill seemed a little surprised that I was in command while the AZ-3 Mars team commander was in the convoy as well. I let him know that it was due to the fact we were in the High Desert Command structure, and the AZ team had just come in from Tempe AZ about 2 months ago and they were still finding their place. Bill was surprised that the MP was so scattered, and I went on to describe how teams had been sort of randomly awakened since just after the war. With CA-7 a hundred years ago, AZ-3 about 30 yrs and us, 5 months ago.

We were cruising past an area marked “Dodge” on the map, I was giving Bill a summary of the High Desert Command, when we heard some explosions in the distance ahead, and spotted some smoke columns. “Welcome to the party, Never a dull moment in CA-4. Keshawn, Tim, check your 11oclock, I spot smoke.” Consulting my map again, it looked to be from the direction of Wadsworth. Clicking the convoy band on the radio I contacted the Convoy which was cruising along about 4 km behind us, “This is Vod, Patrick you listening? We have some type of combat up ahead, so hold up the convoy where 447 turns southeast. I’m going to take the Scout group up for a closer look and see what’s cooking.” Patrick acknowledged, and I followed up with the team “Alright CA-4, lets see what’s smokin”

The scout and Jeep moved up to beyond the bend in road, about 4-5 km from the town. We could see there was some pitched battle going on, between the Brotherhood and we could only guess the SYRN. We recognized a couple of vehicles from Captain Dawson’s group. I really didn’t want to jeopardize our convoy, or inadvertently commit us to one side or the other of a conflict we weren’t involved in. I decided to try to skirt the town around the south side. And either find a way, or get a better look at what was going on in the town. The commando scout and Jeep traversed a salt flat around a 200 ft high hill and we were watching the town when Watchman drove up in his SUV.

“What are you doing here?? There are people dying in the town!” he exclaimed.

I lowered my binoculars, and explained “our group paid for safe passage, that doesn’t include getting involved in your fight. If they wanted that, they should have offered safe passage in exchange for assistance on the way thru”. Watchman looked away and swore under his breath, knowing I was right. Talking to Watchman we determined it would take 6 or more hours to navigate across country down to hwy 80 with the convoy. That wouldn’t work for me, we needed to get through. “Lets get back to the road guys” and the scout unit moved back up to 447 about 2km from town. As we moved up, the gunfire in the town slackened and stopped, and I could see Dawson’s vehicle and a schoolbus moving up the road towards us.

Dawson climbed out and approached me. “What are you waiting for… flatten the town!”

“That wasn’t in our agreement”

Dawson turned to Watchman “what were you waiting for? Why didn’t you come down and help?”

Watchman replied “Sir, I was tasked to escort the convoy, and my 4 guys wouldn’t have been much help would it?”

Dawson was pretty upset, “we lost 10 guys in there…..”

I broke into his conversation, “Well, there isn’t a way around, so we need to go through.” I brought up the convoy circuit. “Patrick, Cathy, why don’t you come up here, we need to figure out a way thru this town.”

Talking to Dawson, the SYRN were holed up in the high school NW of the one bridge across the shallow river. He said they are probably 2 “Breakers” in the town supported by mixed foot soldiers armed with bows, and light hunting firearms. A Breaker is someone with a Physic mind powers. Telekinesis, telepathy, etc. I turned to Tim and rolled my eyes at him. He just rubbed his temples and popped a few aspirin. About 5 min into the conversation the M19 Humvee pulled up, Patrick and Cathy got out and walked up to us. I explained about who was holding the town. We were kicking around a few ideas, when Patrick made some ugly comments about kill them all and lets just get the show on the road. I could see this attitude ticked Fred off who made some snide comment back about typical AZ-3 just not understanding the real world. Patrick immediately tensed up and I could see things getting hot very quickly.

“Commander Sampson!, Fred! At ease!. This is not helping the situation. Both of you calm down and realize that everyone is on this team, on this mission together. 1000’s of people are counting on us. It’s hot out here in the sun and tempers can flare easily. There are people in that town which are preventing us from accomplishing our mission. Tim, Cathy take the commando Scout into town and, use your special abilities to go into town and see what you can talk some sense into them to get us thru peacefully. Patrick, mount up in the M19 Humvee and cover from 250m out. Keshawn, take your rifle, and go with Patrick to cover from there in case we need you to selectively touch someone. Bill, Fred and I will go in the jeep to about 100m out to cover Cathy and Tim. Lets be about it.” As the group broke up, I could hear Patrick mumble something about.. ‘its about time…’. I will make it a point when we camp tonight to take him aside and see what is really bugging him. It’s not just this mission or Fred, but something deeper is going on in AZ-3’s commander. I connected to Cathy on the coms and let her know to use the girl we rescued last night as a possible bargaining chip to get us thru. Failing that, the SYRN might have just picked a fight with another foe.

We all took positions as indicated, and the commando Scout rolled up to 100m from the high school under a white flag. It is nice that the white flag seems to be respected. We watched as someone who could only be described as being in Jedi clothes missing a light saber walked out of the high school and up to the scout. Cathy and Tim started talking to them, and we could hear how the Jedi was interested in them. They were blessed and should come with him to join with the SYRN. Something strange started to happen, as Tim grabbed his temples and went quiet. Then I saw Cathy put her hand on his shoulder. She said “Its not nice to try to read someone’s mind without permission.” Then we all heard her say “Light them up, take them down, NOW.”

Over the convoy circuit, I reinforced the order “Open fire, flatten the town, Keshawn, take down Obi-Wan.”

Keshawn didn’t hesitate and a 50 cal sniper rifle barked. You could hear him swear over the radio… “The shot went right thru him. No effect”.

I opened fire on the high school, laying down suppressive fire with the MG mounted on Fred’s Jeep. I could see Cathy and Tim getting back into the commando scout and I told Fred to move up so we could cover. The M19 dropped a dozen rounds of 40mm HE into the school turning it in to a burning splintered mess. Tim called out over the radio, “The image is a hologram, the Breakers across the street in the brown house”. Bill started calling out targets, being out of range of his SMG he helped spot enemies for me. Keshawn jumped into the Humvee as it started to roll down the road into the town behind the Jeep. Fred was getting up some speed, and Tim was moving the commando down the street as well. Suddenly a flash of almost lightning came from the house and took out a chunk of the roadway next to the commando scout. I turned the MG on a brown house and held the trigger down, hosing the walls from left to right. The M19 opened up again, this time taking my lead on the brown house, and then it was a shattered mess. I Called the Convoy and said to get rolling and follow us through the town.

Kathy called out, “Ok, that took down Obi-wan, but I can tell there is one more somewhere up ahead. Small arms fire continued coming at us as we drove past the high school. I kept up a steady stream of bursts from the MG, as a round bounced off my helmet. Bill kept spotting targets and keeping the M19 busy, while Joe hugged the floor of the Jeep. At least 2 bricks hit the windshield, and Fred yelled about scratching his paint. Tim complained that an arrow bounced off his head as well. Cathy was using the coax MG to spray the various buildings around her as they drove down the street.

Resistance faltered and slowed as we made a sharp turn east on 447 towards the bridge. The commando Scout was in the lead, followed by the Jeep and the Humvee, all spaced out about 50 meters apart. Tim called out on the radio “I see someone on the bridge ahead, it’s a woman, holding hands with 4-5 kids”

Cathy told Tim to hurry up and rush the bridge. Then the commando scout sort of “scooted” sideways like it was pushed. “Hurry up TIM!” and she let a burst go towards the bridge. Bill also let loose a burst from his SMG. Slim chance at this range, and the rounds just flew and bounced. I let a burst off towards the bridge as well, and one of the kids broke loose and hit the ground. I heard Bill cry out “What are you doing Fred?”.

I looked down from my position to see Fred driving with his knees and loading a grenade launcher. “10 and 2! 10 and 2! Get your hands on the wheel!”

I got it, no problem man…”, Fred replied handing the now loaded M203 launcher to Bill, “Teargas, take out he group on the bridge”

The commando scout was about at the bridge when suddenly it “slid” sideways and off the road into the mud. Keshawn let loose a burst behind me and another kid went down. Bill hung out the window with the M203 and placed a perfectly aimed shot right at the woman’s feet. In a moment she was surrounded by a thick white cloud of gas, and all the people went down hacking and coughing. We skidded to a stop next to the group as the gas dissipated, and approached the still hacking people. In Bill approached the ones on the bridge to secure them when he suddenly grabbed his head. Then BRRAAP, Bill put a burst into the woman. Apparently he felt her trying to get into his mind or something and reacted out of instinct. A little shook up I told him he did the right thing. One of the kids was dead, but he others would recover. Just to be safe for now, we sedated them and tied them up in the commando Ranger when it arrived with the Convoy. I had Keshawn secure the north side of the bridge, and detailed Bill to cover him, while we used the Humvee to pull the scout of the water. We searched the bodies, and found another of those Crosses with an “eye” in the middle.

Crimson King!”, Tim called out. “that has been bugging me since last night. That sybol is from his followers, and I bet he is behind SYRN. It makes sense that they are looking for “gifted” people with some Phi ability.”

Makes sense, good job Tim” I said, now lets get thru this town and on to somewhere we can hole up for the night. It was getting to about 5pm and we had about an hour before sundown. Watcher indicated that there was a truckstop just a mile or so down the road when it crossed the East/West Tradepike. (I80) The scout and Jeep moved up front, and the rest of the convoy kept up the pace until we were clear of Wadsworth. The kids and girl were still unconscious, but we would need to figure out what to do with them later.

I checked my map, and found “Loves’ truck stop” at the indicated spot. Sounds like a good place for the night. We might be able to get some good information on the terrain south of here, any groups or possible hazards to watch out for.

We approached the fortified truckstop, and for some goofy reason the lookout fired a round into the ground in front of us. I was about ready to have Keshawn light him up with 20mm, when I saw his cohort Whack him on the head and start waving his arms at us. We calmly drove up and into the walled fortress that was once Love’s. The place had maybe 100 people or more in it, and every one of them totally silent and staring as the massive cargo movers pulled up and parked. Fred recognized a couple of the markings on trucks and assured us that this is a safe place to spend the night. All the truckers seems happy to be with a few more of their kind and I gave permission for groups to go and explore what they had to offer. And to see what they could find out about the area, especially south of us.

I clicked on CA-4’s frequency. “Good job today team. A little rough, but Im proud of the way you held it together.” I walked over to the commando Ranger and caught Patrick’s eye. “Why don’t the two of us go get some hot food and something to drink, maybe talk a bit about things.”

Patrick just looked at me, then through me. “Yea, I think we do have some things to talk about”

Day 2 summary –

All vehicles functioning, no breakdowns, losses, or personnel casualties

Approximately 60 miles driven on day 2, 160 total, 400 miles to go to the High Desert Command compound. Camped at Love’s Truckstop for the night.

MISSION FILE: CA – 4 April 25th, 2161

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Mission report from CA-4 Team leader Vod Pacheco

Mission Date:4/25/2161 to 5/14/2161

Team members: Keshawn, Tim, Fred, Vod

“Investigate the Infected.”


“That thing is straight out of a Dr Seuss Nightmare”

Crimson King MASIV Bio Containment Vechile

Commander Poole called in what was available of CA-4, Keshawn, Tim, Fred and Myself for a briefing. He informed us that there was sporadic word from a town up in northern California about some type of biological plague or outbreak.

Apparently Recon CA-17 recently woke up in northern California about 1 week ago and was  contacted by our command group. They agreed to travel down towards our area of operation and join the combined task force. They reported entering in the town of silver ridge on highway 120 near Yosemite when they reported an outbreak of some sort of highly  infectious virus in the general population. They reported stopping to try and help the local doctor with the virus. The next day then started ranting about a bioplague of some type and then went off the air. Poole wants us to helo up into the area and see what happened to the team. Our group of 4 was being joined by a members of the science and medical team (Dr. Harvey Marson of CA-1, and Kelly Samson of CA-5)  to assist and treat anyone who needed help.

We geared up and headed for the UH-60 pads with our spiffy biohazard suits in hand. Over the next few hours we chatted with Kelly, and were fully briefed on the use of our suits. The pilots noted that the weather was turning bad, but he figured we could definitely get set down, but recovery might be a problem. It was pretty dang warm and humid and we knew we couldn’t walk far in our biosuits without dropping from exhaustion, so I elected to set down in a clearing by the town hall, an area with enough space to land the helo with a clear fire zone around. The helo touched down and we offloaded in full gear and suits, and then took off to circle nearby while we confirmed security of the area.

CA-11 Transporting CA-4 to Link up with CA-17

As it looked like a thunderstorm was about to hit, and we moved out towards the city hall building. Keshawn and I noted the fresh tire tracks and copious recent MG and 20mm shells and damage to nearby buildings. No bodies, but the recon group must have fought a running battle. We followed the tracks around the side of the building and found a Command-Scout vehicle had crashed into a secondary building behind city hall. The hatches were secured, and we saw no trace of the MP personnel.

About that time Tim noted someone coming up the street toward him. This was the first person we had run into and he called out to the man. He didn’t respond to any attempts at communication, but kept walking towards Tim. We noted he wasn’t moving “right” sorta staggering around.  As he got close, suddenly he jerked his head up, yelled at Tim, and lunged at him. Without hesitation, Tim cold cocked him with the Atchison knocking him down to the ground. We pulled out some zip ties, and bound up the crazy guy. The rain was really starting to come down now, so we pulled back into the City hall building for shelter with the bound local. And none too soon.

Keshawn, and I entered the building with our Science team personal, with Fred and Tim pulling up the rear. This was both good and bad. The good, we were out of the rain. More good. Apparently more of those mindless people were starting to run around outside. The Bad…. Well the building had infected people in it. And they moved FAST. We barely entered the room, when 4 or 5 people started rushing us. Harvey,  couldn’t handle it, and started burning thru 9mm rounds from his mac-10 almost hitting Tim in the process. One of the Infected people took a swing at me with a fire axe, but missed. I put him down with a burst of rifle fire. Everyone started firing at that point, at anything which moved. Behind me I could hear Fred burning thru belts of ammo at something outside. Keshawn was using measured bursts of Assault rifle, and Tim with that horrible Atchison just mowed down anything in front of him. By the time the smoke cleared, we noted that Keshawn  had actually been bitten by one of them in the arm, straight thru the resistoweave and Tim had his face sprayed by blood(he had removed the bio helmet earlier to see better) from close ranged multiple shotgun impacts on infected.

We shut and barred the door, and also found that the lights in the building worked. The people(infected) seemed to shun away from the light, so we turned on all the lights we could find in the building. Kelly, Harvey and Tim set up an analysis section in a secured room, and we tried to radio the helicopter but apparently the bad weather forced it to return to base, but it would be back tomorrow to retrieve us.

From blood samples on the bound infected, it was found that the people we had encountered were infected with some type of DNA changing virus. It wasn’t thought to be airborne, but was transmitted thru saliva or blood. We had a few vials of universal antidote, so one was given to Keshawn and Tim, but we kept watch on them just in case. The Kelly said that the infected people basically ran very high temperatures, body systems, and metabolism  consuming huge amounts of energy from their body. They must be constantly savagely hungry. They estimated a 4-6 hr incubation period, and eventually the an infected person would start to go feral with hunger. If they couldn’t consume enough food, the bodys systems would feed on itself, eventually digesting all the muscle and burning itself out. This plague runs very hot and fast, and thus should not be too much of a concern as widespread epidemic problem.

We used the radio, and found that the Recon group was split into 2 parts, but not happy parts. Apparently 2 of the team members were held up in a church in the south side of town with a bunch of kids, while the other 2 members were in CA-17’s other vehicle, a Commando Scout (20mm) near the north end of town. The team commander was nowhere to be found, and both groups believed that he was dead. The MP sure did screw up this team, as no one trusted each other, and both groups wanted us for the few vials of universal antidote and was only thinking of themselves. The Scout group sounded very hostile, effectively demanding that we turn over our supplies of antidote to him. I figured they might have been infected and in the early stages of hostility, or just dicks. While Samantha, and the church group sounded more “sane” and had all those kids to protect with dwindling supplies.

In the church, they said one of their members had been bitten, and was showing signs of sickness. Kelly estimated that if we could reach him in time, the universal antidote could save him.  Looking out, we could see that the infected people visible were very slow and staying in the shadows. With the remaining time until sunset, I figured we could make a run for the church.

We picked up our gear, ditching the biosuits since many of them had rips, and the virus wasn’t airborne. We just needed to keep them away. Tim and Keshawn were running temperatures, but Kelly said that they seemed to be effectively fighting the virus. Just the same, we gave them some extra ration bars to chew on while we walked. We opened the door and started moving quickly down the streets towards the church, able to avoid any conflict for a while.

Super solider Virus A2_Z343

We were about 200 yards from the church, when apparently hunger overrode the dimming light and the infected started coming out of various buildings and moving faster. I tried baiting them away from us by chucking a couple food rations, but it had no effect. Interestingly none of them seemed to be interested in Keshawn or Tim, like they could sense he had some low level infection going from his bite. With just a couple hundred yards to go, we started firing at the infected as they approached us. More and more were showing up, so I popped a flare, figuring the light would make them turn away. It did make them back off but also it attracted the attention of the Commando Scout group. Rodriguez called us over the MP radios and said to hold position and NOT go to the church. They would come and “get” us. As the infected started getting closer, we opened fire and knocked some down. Harvey was freaked out and broke into a full out run for the church. So I gave the order to doubletime it, and make a run for the church. I caught Harvey by the shoulder and basically guided his chicken shit body towards the church doors. We were almost there when the Scout showed up down the street behind us, and started  to fire bursts of 20mm and MG rounds into the infected and our general area. The whole team made it into the church low on ammo, as a woman in Morrow Project uniform stepped out of the church holding out an Armburst. We could hear over the radio that Cathy was warning off Rodriguez in the commando scout. They backed off… we backed into the building and closed the door.

Introductions were made all around and we found ourselves with about a dozen 5-12 yr olds, the priest, and Cathy Henderson (the medic) of  Recon CA-17. They had George Harrison (the driver), the 2nd member tied up in the basement, so Tim and the biotech went to see what they could do. We used another dose of the universal antidote on him, and they thought he had about a 50-50 chance of recovery.

Cathy explained that She, George, and Bishop(team leader) were in the Command Commando Scout, while Rodriguez and Steve were in the teams other Commando Scout(20mm). Apparently the team came into town as evening fell, and Bishop got out to introduce himself to the people, as a good Recon Team leader should. He was grabbed and dragged into a building before anyone could do anything. His screams abruptly stopped and it was all Rodriguez and Cathy could do on the vehicle weapons to keep the infected away, as they made a run for it. As they careened around the city hall building, steve made a quick left turn down an alley. George tried to follow but skidded out on a squished infected person, and the scout imbedded itself into the building where we found it. The infected people kept after Steve’s vehicle (attracted to movement?) which gave Cathy and George the chance to sneak out. They got some type of radio message from people held up in the church and decided to make their way there as a defendable building. Loading up with all the food and Ammo they could carry they fought a running battle to the Church. Apparently an infected person bit George in the process, but they made it. That was yesterday. Cathy was using anything she could find in her medkit to help George, and it slowed the infection enough so that our universal antidote would give him a 50-50 chance by Kelly’s estimate.

The Priest explained that this has been a normal town, in a nice area up until a couple of days ago. Apparently a group of people went to the military base just east of town to see if they could scavenge anything useful after a recent earthquake. They thought maybe the quake shook something loose that they could put to good use. Apparently some room that had been sealed up until now actually broke open from the quake.  They didn’t find any useful equipment, but the room had some barrels of liquid in them that had broken open. Soon after they returned, the group fell sick, and nothing the town “doc” could do would help. That was 3 days ago, and the town just went crazy. Kids are apparently not effected by the virus for some strange reason, and so the priest rounded them up and hunkered down to try to survive.

We ran our backpack radio up to the top of the church for good reception and tried to radio CA-2 to report our situation. Instead of getting our command group, we managed to contact the Crimson King by way of my PDA link to the radio.  The Crimson King, the Bio-specialist AI was on our line asking if we needed help. He was apparently monitoring our radio frequencies as a favor to the other AI, MORGANA and seemed very VERY interested in the bio plague in the town.

At this point, I am pretty sure I made a poor command decision. Crimson King offered to send some “help”. As we were surrounded, in a town of infected people, with dwindling supplies. I said Yes, send some help. It replied that help would arrive about 4am in the morning. We had about 8 hours to hold out. On the one hand…as you will see later in my report… we did get “help”. On the other hand, as you will see later in my report  I did learn that the Crimson King is insane.

We took shifts to get some sleep, but about midnight we got a radio broadcast from close buy. Bishop was Alive! He said he fought his way free from the infected, and wasn’t showing any type of symptoms, but he was wounded and needed help ASAP. Cathy confirmed it was Bishop, and so we figured we could make a run for the Diner he was holed up in and get him back to the church before Crimson King’s help arrived. Geared to move fast, carrying just the basics and ammo, the four of us moved out to get Bishop.

We kept to the alleyways, and stealthily moved thru the streets towards the Diner. Twice we saw an infected, and I dropped them with a suppressed shot from the M21. We were almost to the diner when we just flat out ran into 2 infected people. The fire fight was quick, and I got hit in the foot with a fireaxe… dang it.. when do I get steel toed boots!… but any infected in the area was sure on their way towards us now. There was an open field, some type of park or soccer field in front of the Diner, so we started our way across it. We could hear Bishop on the radio, saying he heard the firing, and wanted to make sure we were OK and still on our way. We started to run and made it into the Diner. We could see Bishop prone behind the counter but something was wrong… Bishop kept talking over the radio, but he wasn’t moving. Then he was asking… “aren’t you going to check my body?”   in the immortal words of Scooby doo…. Rhu-Roh. Everybody spun to face the windows and we could see a line of infected people out there…. Standing …. Staring at us. I called out to Bishop on the radio “what are you doing.. where are you”. “Im right here… looking at you with my friends… stay right where you are and ill come to see you. You should feel the power, its GLORIOUS. Im so strong, and fast, and everying is so clear to me. I can save the world. Join me and we can do GREAT things”.

I replied…. “Um, No.”

Bishop then said… “well, we will just have to do this the hard way, you will see clearly soon enough” And with that, The Infected people started bounding towards us FAST across the parking lot in front. Bishop must be controlling them somehow. I fired off a Flare round which seemed to stun them for a few seconds, but then they kept coming at us. Everyone raised their weapons and started firing at the onrushing tide of sickened humanity. Tim was burning thru his drums of ammo, Keshawn with his measured bursts taking down body after body. Fred was again long bursting MG rounds downrange, piling up their bodies. I let loose a 40mm Flechette round, taking down 10 or more at once. We could hear banging on the back door as they were trying to get in, but it seemed secure for now. We kept burning thru ammo, thinning out the infected enemy. It was about then that we spotted who must have been Bishop standing on the field, with a Tube in his hands. Hmmm not a tube.. an Armburst, going up to his shoulders… aiming at the Diner.     “GET OUT OUT OUT OUT!” We all dived out the windows, and hit the dirt, as the Armburst went into the Diner and blew out any remaining glass. Oh and it vaporized the infected trying to get into the back door too.

Then a bright spotlight was shining across the field in front of the Diner. 20mm and 7.62 rounds started spraying all over the enemy lines from the side, and the infected went down like 10 pins on League bowling night. In a matter of seconds our combined firepower cleared the field, and Bishop was nowhere to be found. Apparently Rodriguez and Steve saw our flare, heard the firefight and came to get us. After a few tense moments we made piece and explained that George was getting better and we should all get back to the church, safely in numbers and firepower. Using the vehicle, we were able to hold to handholds and buzz on down to the church and regroup.

With the Commando Scout guarding the front door, we broke out the reserve ammo from the vehicle, reloading magazines, and supplies. It was about then that Crimson King’s “help” arrived. Over our radio link and outside from some loudspeakers we suddenly heard

“We are here to help you citizen. Stand and be scanned. We need to take samples to ensure that you are uninfected. Contamination Quarantine is in effect, stand by to be decontaminated.”

I climbed up to the top of the church spire and took a look around. I could see some type of vehicles moving towards town, and into the outskirts. Hmm.. that didn’t sounds so bad. I picked up my PDA and contacted Crimson King, apparently thru a local link on the vehicles. “Crimson King here my MASIVs have arrived to help and has determined that quarantine conditions are in effect. We will need to be identified and sampled in order to ensure that we are uninfected.” Ok, we can do that… then I heard over the background of the link one of the local machines “Stop! Present yourself for sampling..” and then a inhuman Buzzing sound like a giant sawblade started up…. This buzzing was drowned out by the HUMAN screaming that followed. Then in a Gleeful voice Crimson King could be heard to say “Congratulations citizen, you are not infected.. move along… come on.. move along… hmm I must review my sampling techniques at a future date to ensure the patient can move afterward. Note taken.” EEK! I decided right then I do not want to be sampled. Then we could hear over loudspeakers in an equally Joyous sounding voice, “Infection identified, stand by for decontamination”… and WHOOSH a great geyser of  fire could be seen on the other side of town… “Decontamination of subject has been successful! Thank you for your coorperation, scanning for further infection…..”  EEK.. I don’t want to be decontaminated either.

We could see many of these vehicles moving thru the outskirts of town, with the sound of an errily psyco voice over loudspeakers, buzzsaws, screams and flamethowers. This is “help”?? Ok.. Bad command decision.

Outside we could hear Steve yell out.. what the hell is that!? And down the street one of Crimson King’s Mobile Active Sterilization Infection Vehicles (MASIV) was coming around a corner and spotted the Commando Scout. This was our first good look at these things, and they looked like they came out of a Doctor Seuss nightmare. On big solid tired, the armored vehicle mounted an articulated arm connected to a turret with a 4 foot buzz saw blade. On the top of the turret is a nozzle which can only be the flamethrower device. With what could almost be called a giggle the MASIV’s loudspeakers said “ Hold still for sampling this won’t hurt me a bit….” As the saw blade spun up to speed.   Im pretty sure the MASIV was saying it won’t hurt itself by sampling us..  Rodriguez spun the turret and let loose with a long burst from the 20mm against the MASIV’s turret. The MASIV spun and started barreling down on it with the saw blade out. A 2nd burst from the 20mm missed and then with a crazy tearing sound the MASIV drove past the Commando Scout, and saw blade sliced clean thru the driver’s area and Steve. By that time we had rushed down the church and into the front area. I took aim with my 40mm and put an HEDP into the MASIV, stopping it cold. But it was too late for Steve.

It was getting early and over our radio we could hear Bishop again. Great that crazy was still alive too. We figured he must have been using the Command Commando Scout radio to talk to our Helo which was back inbound, but an hour or so away. We couldn’t communicate with the Helo yet with our backpack version, but the command vehicles’ extended range radio let him. He was telling our helo that CA-4 was infected and that he needed an immediate dustoff and extraction for himself and the few people with him. Great, now we need to go stop this before he uses the helo to get back to base, infect the people there and take over the world! We determined that the commando scout (20mm) was still mobile cleaned it out as best as we could. Fred held his breath and took control with Kehawn at the gunner’s chair, and Tim and myself as forward scouts. We figured we would try to sneak back to the town square to intercept the helo and get Bishop. Now, if we could just avoid any MASIV’s or Infected, it would be perfect. (good luck!) Kelly, Harvey, Cathy, George, the priest, and Rodriguez would sneak thru the south part of town, and take the kids outside the quarantine cordon where we could meet up with them later. Tim and I scouted ahead and for the first few streets we made good time. Then I spotted a MASIVE a couple hundred yards away, so we doubled back and went around. Two more encounters with a couple of infected, which ended with silenced M21 rounds, and we were approaching the town Square. We could still hear Bishop on the radio, encouraging the Helo to hurry and pick him up. I used our radio to try to warn the Helo off and get confirmation that CA-4 was clean and CA-17’s commander was infected. This was partially successful, until my radio was jammed by Bishop’s more capable vehicle radio. We had to take it out. Then I was very thankful for my improved body armor. Bishop must have been looking for us cause I took a shot in my chest, and was knocked on my ass. Tim dragged me behind the Scout, and out of the line of fire. As a couple more shots came toward us. About then Infected started coming out of the buildings. Keshawn started hosing them down with 20mm rounds and coax MG fire, while Fred hit the gas to get around the town hall to where we had seen the Command vehicle was stuck in the building. Keshawn must have had some idea of where Bishop was, cause he totally hosed down a couple of rooms in a building across the quad.

With the vehicle fire as cover, Tim and I started off running across the square and about that time we heard behind us “Oh citizens…. Please stop to be sampled….. “ BUUZZZZZZZZZ. Oh crap 2 MASIVs were coming up on this area too. Fire and move fire and move, as we followed the commando scout. The MASIVs stopped and stared a great fire on a couple of buildings not more than 100 feet away as infected were pouring out the doorways. The scout made it around the corner and DANG IT… the command vehicle was not there.. we could see it had been dragged out of the building a ways away. With a screech, the Commando Scout shuddered to a hault, the damage from the previous saw blade and abuse of driving too much. Keshawn and Fred got out and started looking for the command vehicle’s location. Tim left me and jumped up onto a building for a clear line of fire. The Helo was circling the area and seemed to be coming down in a nearby field, as we could see what must have been Bishop, and 3 other “people” carrying a kid running out an popping smoke. At that point Tim spotted where the command vehicle had been dragged to and emptied a full drum of shotgun shells at it… He managed to mangle the Antenna, and suddenly the jamming stopped.  I quickly called out on my Radio “CA-11 Helo, this is CA-4 commander Vod Pacheco, authorization code (edit out) Do not pick up CA-17 commander Bishop. He is biohazard infected and extremely dangerous.!”  Bishop tried to override me, but ended up getting really pissed off as the helo pulled up and out of reach. They circled around and then let loose at the 2 nearby MASIV’s with their minigun. All those rounds must have damaged their wheels or something as the MASIV’s stopped moving but kept right on burning anything in range. Luckily we were not in range. About then Keshawn took careful aim at the frustrated Bishop, and blew his head clear off with a well placed shot from the M21 rifle. It was like flicking a lightswitch. All the infected suddenly looked dazed and confused. Any type of coordination stopped and they started attacking each other as well. The Plague must have been going into final stages for many of them, as anything that moved was considered food and they ripped each other apart. Any of them foolish to come our way were put down quickly as the sunlight was making them even less coordinated and clumsy. The helo returned, and ferried us over to where the group from the church was held up. CA-11’s 2nd helo arrived and we loaded up and flew back to base, the entire town seemed ablaze as the MASIV’s completed their sterilization of the area.

We spent the next 2 weeks in isolation, to ensure we weren’t infected, as we nursed our wounds and used the time to do some needed construction on our housing. The Water system is up and running and we even managed to get a solar water heater working on the roof for limited warm showers. The place is getting busy and more and more people are indoctrinated into our group. We have started some regular classes in a few buildings nearby and people are interested in what we have to teach. We try to insert ideas of democracy and freedom and what America was into the various courses of farming, engineering, and mechanics that people are learning to make better lives for themselves. Who knows.. maybe we have the beginnings of a higher level school.

Keshawn’s girlfriend is now about 5 months pregnant and spending more time around our area. That boy needs to make an honest girl out of her soon. Vivianna still spends lots of time around here.. and in my free time I try to go down to her ranch to help out. I’ve managed to get a couple of their old water pumps working again, and even got John Baker from the CA-10 over to the ranch to help with one of their tractors which had broken down. Apparently Vivianna’s got a cousin on the ranch who saw John at the roundup and wanted to be introduced. Vivianna sure was appreciative of my efforts, and Big Jake welcomed him to the ranch like one of the family. Definite possibilities.

Word on the street is that Poole wants us to take a look at the deepwater port in Ventura area. Maybe we will make it a trading run as well.

MISSION LOG: CA-4, March 31st to April 2nd, 2161

By , 07/29/2009 12:54 pm

Wrightwood California April 2161

DATE: 4/02/2161
LOCATION: Mt. Baden Powell, Ca.
REPORTER:Commander Vod Pacheco, Recon CA-4


“Activate the Radio Relay station”


“What the heck do you want to go up that mountain for?”

Objective– Due to lack of Satellite communications, we have been assigned to travel by horseback/foot to the top of Mt. Baden Powell to activate the Auxiliary ground based Radio relay station.

 After the week of R&R from the reuinion of CA2, CA4 and the Lazy 8/CA-7 we were assigned the mission to activate the Radio Relay station. Seeing as how most of us were pretty rusty at horseback, and because I wanted to see how Fred would handle it, I decided to have the team travel the whole way on horseback.

            The newly awakened CA-9 Vehicle Support team is repairing and modifying our V-150. This should be ready for us once our current mission is completed.

            I went thru the trade pack and pulled out some lightweight items we could use along the way as needed, including Swiss army knives, game traps, disposable lighters, hunting knives, etc.


The Ride out the Tehachapi valley and down the 14 was uneventful. We stopped again at the roadside diner in Rosamond, but this time we had Fred to negotiate a suitable trade for a meal. There were some snickers of recognition, and I’m reminded of how much I overpaid for our last meal, so I ate in silence.


We approached the foothills in palmdale where hwy 14 enters what was the Angeles National Forest Mountains, and spotted a very tired man driving a wagon, with what appeared to be a sick girl in the back, leading a cow. I called a stop and hailed the man, asking what was the matter.  He explained that his little girl was sick and he was taking her to the “Docs” in Palmdale to see if they can help, although he had no idea how he would pay them. I know we don’t have an endless supply of help, but this is the kind of thing that we joined up for. This looked like one small opportunity to spread the word that Morrow teams can help people and are not just guys with guns. A little “grass roots” story could somehow come back to help in the future. I asked our medic Tim to take a look and see what he could do for the girl. After a little work at convincing the man, Jacob, that Tim truly was a medic, even though he doesn’t have any “doc” id, he was able to figure out she had an infection, probably from drinking bad water. A small dose of antibiotics and Jacob invited us back to his farm for the night.

            The Farm, wow… Jacob is what would truly be called a dirt farmer. A Cow, which he figured he would have to use to pay the docs, and some rudimentary foodstuffs. Jacob, and his wife Michelle had 3 kids, and they were proud of what they had. Hanna took a hint, and thru “woman to woman” communication, was very subtle in breaking out some of our supplies to “help” out in the kitchen. (and leave this family a little extra to help). Tim was able to identify that an old well was the cause of the infection, and was able to get the kids to understand that the well is what made them sick.

            We bunked down for the night, and most of us slept well. I say most, because apparently Tim had some crazy dream. It involved some Monks, apparently talking “to” him and giving him directions about some reference book in their library.  In the morning we talked to Jacob, and he said that there was a monastery up the road where a bunch of monks make Cider, and help the local farmers with some farming advice and techniques.  He asked about all our gear, and we explained we were heading up into the mountains. “what the heck do you want to go up there for?” we said.. that’s where we need to go.



            We left the farm in the morning, and began the road up into the mountains. We encountered some monks with a stuck wagon, and with a little mud on our clothes, got them unstuck. They invited us back to St Andrews Monastery for some cider and refreshments. The Monastery was a fortified compound, with 10 foot stone/concrete walls. The Monks apparently do what they can to help out the farmers around them. We explained the Morrow Project mission to them and the fact that we are around to help as well. They were amazed in thinking that we were perhaps part of a group that came thru some 75 years ago. Military “US military” people in Cammo BDUs with a Tank or APC of some type. They apparently were searching for some other groups, but they didn’t have the same insignia on their uniforms as we do. So some other group is out there……. Perhaps the Marines know something about this in their history?

            They mentioned that the land up road is claimed by the “blackfeather” tribe, which is at odds with the townsfolk of Rightwood and the Carsdale lumber company working the area.  Also apparently the local Ranching group is not taking care of their bondsman very well, thus the poor state of Jacob and family.

            Meanwhile Tim apparently went off to the library to talk to some monks about his “dream” (see Tims report for more details) He came back with some access card which he turned over to me.


            The town of Wightwood was about 6 miles away, so we decided to leave the monastery and make the town by nightfall. Traveling up the road, we came across and old man in leathers, who appeared to be a native or “Indian” straight out of the old movies. We approached him and he challenged us, asking why we were travelling on his land. I apologized for trespassing, unaware that the road was not available to who ever needed to travel. I explained that we were not here for hunting, or trespassing, and just wanted to pass thru to the town up the road. At that point we noted that he had a bandage on his upper arm that was bleeding. Tim came up and offered to help out, and was able to extract the arrow shaft that was stuck in his arm. Nighteyes explained that the Carlsdale lumber company attacked and kidnapped 2 of their people. We gave him one of our blankets in trade for access on the road and said that we would talk to the Carlsdale company to see if we could recover his people. (or figure out what truly is going on) We asked about the trail up in the mountiains and he asked what the heck we wanted to to up there for… I replied that it was where we needed to go.


            Traveling up the road towards the town, we came up on wha appeared to be the scene of a fight with a shot up wagon pulled off the side of the road. The alert went out and everyone began to disperse off the road as “BANG” a big cloud of smoke from a tree and a bullet whizzed by us. A Crossbow bolt hit Keshawn int eh chest. No damage thanks to his armor, but  it knocked him off his horse. Everyone began to spot people hiding in trees, or by bushes, and the bullets started flying. Hanna shot the guy out of the tree, and I loosed a short burst into a guy in a bush. Tim just about vaporized 2 guys with that shotgun of his. It was practically over before it began, and the attackers were down or running away.  We checked the bodies, and they had this “crimson Eye Tatoo” which one of the guys recognized from some Stephen King novel for the Crimson King. We were able to rescue a woman from the wagon, her name Paulina, from the Carlsdale lumber company.    

We figured something was going on, since these attackers weren’t from the black feather tribe so someone might be trying to stir the pot and get the two groups fighting.

We loaded two of the bodies with us to prove to the Carlsdale company people who attacked their wagon, and also because something didn’t seem right about the bodies to Tim. He thought that he might be able to check them out better in town. Once we got to the town, and past the old Geezer “guarding” the gate we went up to the Carlsdale co. offices. They were thankful for the Paulina, and the wagon, and after explaining about the bodies, understood that perhaps it wasn’t the blackfeather tribe causing the problems they have been having. They also denied kidnapping the blackfeather tribe people so that too gave evidence that some 3rd party was at work.

I went into the “Starbucks” bar and met Ted, some huge 7’ man and asked about some medical offices. He laughed some and said old Hacksaw had a place across the way, but it was dubious that we would exit better.. or worse. Tim took the bodies over to Hacksaws place and arranged to use the space to “autopsy” them. (ick) We radioed back to CA-2 and were surprised to find that he had awakened CA5, the medical team and Tim’s wife said that he should not get killed (good advice). Tim found that the bodies had radiation burns. The backs of their hands were a little radioactive, but they had various scorch marks.  Also their organs were all there.. but something was “strange”. See Tim’s report for more details, but he was able to send digital pictures and sample results via uplink to CA-5 for analysis later.

I played a little poker with the sheriff, hoping for some information. He said that there hasn’t been any trading up the “2” recently, which is strange for this time of year.  Only hwy 138 is active.  We asked about the trail up the 2 and into the mountains, he asked “what the heck do you want to go up there for?” I said that it was where we needed to go.


4/1/2161 – April fools day.

            We awoke in the town early, and got a hot breakfast in before hitting the trail. The objective was to get to the top of Mt. Baden Powell and to the Radio Relay station today. We rode out of town, and up what used to be hwy 2. Keshawn and a few others noticed that we were being followed. He broke off the trail and tried to circle around to see who it was. Low and behold 2 hunters from Nighteyes group said that they were under orders to follow us and make sure we were safe. Ok… that’s nice.

            Keshawn rejoined us and we reached the foot of the mountain where we needed to leave the horses. The climbing gear was distributed out and we began to hike up the mountain trail.

            Freeking in the middle of nowhere we are attacked. And not by a few people. The group handled the ambush well, spreading out and covering zones. Bodies began to fly and from Tim’s shogun, vaporize. Just when we thought we had things under control, Hanna turned around and saw 2 dozen bodies in the ground with arrows all thru them. Apparenlty it was good that Nighteye’s group was covering us as we didn’t even notice the enemy behind us! (note to self… check 6) How did they know we were there? In the middle of some trail to the top of some mountain. ARG. “what the heck did they want up here?” We checked the bodies and they too had this Crimson King tattoo on them. They also didn’t act at all scared of the copious use of fully automatic weapons ripping their comrades apart. Something is defiantly strange. 

            We completed the climb and made the peak with no injuries. After a little looking and digging, we found the access panel and gained entry to the radio relay station. Following the instructions in our Ipods we activated the station and contacted Cmd Poole. We also got connection to NV-2(see first log entry upon waking up) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Then CA-1 the science team came on the line. They reported that they were under heavy attack by Imperial Mexian forces, including Artillery and Armor. They were low on ammo and down at UC Irvine with about 300 militia and civilians. They requested immediate assistance. I passed this too to Cmd Poole who said to continue getting all equipment up and running and he would get back to us. With the servers powering up and in self checks, the MorrowNet came online, and I wasted no time posting pictures of Fred on horseback to prove it happened. Poole came back online, and said that we were to spend the night up there, and then first thing get down the mountain and to Cajon. CA-9 had completed our vehicle refit, and it would be waiting there for us. We needed to get there, and then Race off to assist CA-1 out of UC Irvine. No rest for the weary.

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