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Hannah Douglas CA-4 (Detached CA-7)

Hannah Douglas CA-4 (Detached CA-7)

DATE: 4/03//2161-4/04/2161
LOCATION: At Wright Wood, Ca.
REPORTER: Tim Hart, Medic of CA-4

Day 4/04/2161:
Well the report should be short today, but man what a long trip. Ok let’s get
it started. with a song, “Woke up got out of bed drag a comb across my hair.
Head up the stairs” Right about here the song ends. When that cold mountain air
hit you, NO joy at all. It was a long damp night, and just when I thought Fred
could not smell worse. Just think of Rasta and horse mix with all of our funk
not a happy spot to remember, but we were warm and safe as it were. Breakfast
was a food bar and water.

We locked up the site and headed back down to the ambush site. We did not find
much, the bodies were gone, dragged off to be eat or reuses knowing what we have
seen. We had a trail but not the time to really do a good job tracking them to
there base. If we did, I’m sure it would have been a fight again and we have
project members and civilians to save.

At base camp Carlos went all out for us eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits. I ate
way, way to much but dam if it was not good. We then headed down the road to
Cajon. Along the way a flatbed truck hauling a knocked-out Marine tank passed us
heading the other way. The look on Fred’s face was not good. It seems Fred and
Hannah had never seen one taken out before. This can not be good as we most
likely have a new play entering the conflict to give the bad guys better gear.
We will need to look in to this more and keep our butts down on this run.

Cajon was a real stinker and I mean stinker. It seems they make there own
Bio-fuel and it smells. It is not much, just the CHP station and an old truck
stop turned in to a fort. It looked like something right out of the Mad Max
films. The police could have walked right off the set. It seems Fred lost a bit
of his rep being seen riding a horse. The support team was there with the
repaired and fully loaded for bear V-150. Hannah and Fred were each issued there
own full set of project team member gear. It must have been like Christmas for
them. They had big kool-aid smile, as they were being trained by the support
team and us.

We went inside the CHP station where Fred was once again in his element. He soon
had a road gypsy to get us thru the Deadlands as they call it. O yea I do not
know what they but in the food now days but dam I met another man this one named
Bo who was as big as if not bigger than the Sheriff at the fort. Fred and Bo
worked something out to get more time or info between the Gypsy’s and us. We
passed up the option to have the CHP’s run with us which I think we should not
have. They were loaded for bear and seem to shoot first and not even bother to
ask. We may be able to pull them in to allies with the project in the future.
A side note: It seems Fred did make a slip and informed the CHP’s about the
radio tower we had just finished bringing online. O’ well Poole will need to set
a team up on that baby or we may loss it.

A note on road gypsies: Think surfer/stoner/guide, they love the weed and
surfing, and seem to be the only ones crazy, well good at navigating the people
thru the ins and out of the on going conflicts in the area. Without them, I do
not think there would be much flowing thru the area.

It was decided that we would take the I-15 route down from Cajon to Corona.
This would allow us to avoid the Mexican army that seems to be operation around
the I-215. As we neared Fontana we were jumped by a pack of ganger’s as Fred
calls the.. Think bad guys from Mad Max movie.

I did not even get up till I saw was told Fred shot himself. (He was shot and
we have a small hole in the back door now.) It got crazy as Hannah tripped or
slip and let a round off inside the V-150. It is all good, but if not for our
gear I know Vod “The bullet magnet” would be dead, and maybe some others as
well. I worked on Vod, Keshawn, and Fred. Nothing to note but I will keep an eye
on them. The team did a great job on the gangers. Hum if not for the shooting I
would have still been a sleep.

We hit The Republic of Corona, what a capitalistic bunch of bastards. They are
my new definition for bad capitalism. It seems there are neutral to all if you
have the coin, and do seem to have the power hold there area. The toll was 4
gold crowns for a round trip thru there area.. We did see both Mexican and
Marine vehicles and units in town.. The Mexican army didn’t seem to care about
us which is a good thing I hope.

Once thru Corona, we picked up the I-90 and headed for UCI. At this time it has
been un-eventful. I was able to sleep off the food and I’m fresh and read for
the trip now. I will need to ask Fred to have the road gypsies pull back on the
weed as I do not need us all stoned by the time we get there. Around this time
we were told the MARS team was near Cajon. This makes them hours behind us.
It seems Morgana is coming to are aid. We may need to do another meet and greet
after this and work out an alias with her. As we can not real keep her out of
the project system it would be in both are best interest to join in re-building
this area.

Ok I have gone over my gear and we are ready to get are people out of here. If
we can bloody the Mexican army’s nose a bit we my get some more time to work out
what is causing them to push so hard and where they are getting the new gear

MISSION LOG: CA-4 April 3rd, 2161

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DATE: 4/03/2161
LOCATION: At WrightWood, Ca.
REPORTER: Frederick Douglass Johnson, Circle-Lazy-Eight Ranch, Recon CA-4

Route Log April 03, 2161

In the morning we finally got back down to the ambush site after setting up the relay station. When we got to the ambush site, the bodies were gone, dragged off. Maybe by Night Eyes, but probably not. On the way to Cajon, we passed a knocked-out Marine tank, something I’d never seen before. It looked like a lucky shot blew out the magazine, but it was a reminder that the Marines are not completely bulletproof.

 Cajon was how I remembered it, with the CHP station and truck stop. I got a lot of flak for riding a horse, probably never live it down. The V-150 was there, and we got kitted up. Hannah and I were issued a lot of fantastic gear which smelled funny because, well, it all was so new! After talking to the CHP about leasing extra communications capacity with “Bo”, we picked up a Road Gypsy to help guide us through the Deadlands for a reasonable price. The CHP aren’t bad for Smokies, or “Badges”, and with their traditions, weapons and organization I think they could be a real help in eventually reconstructing the state of California.

 Poole wasn’t so happy about letting people know about our capabilities (and certainly people shouldn’t know too much) but keeping everything secret was the biggest mistake CA-7 made overall. No one will know or care about the Morrow Project unless they think it will directly or even indirectly benefit them, and they can’t do that unless we tell them. Create a demand for our services, as it were.

 The Road Gypsies are interesting folks. They are basically little cousins of the Gypsy Truckers, and they are indispensable as guides. Without them, trade in the Deadlands would be impossible. Most people like and trade with the Road Gypsies, but everyone knows that all Gypsy Truckers look out and protect them, and if anyone messes with a Road Gypsy they’re going to pay for it.

 We took the western 15 route down from Cajon to Corona to avoid the Mexicans on 215, keep them off-balance. We were attacked en-route by probably some of gang that operates out of Fontana, at least three pursuit vehicles plus motorcycles lying in ambush. We quickly blew up all the four-wheelers and a bike, and scared off the bikes, although I was inside the V-150 and couldn’t see who really did what. We’re going to be a little better organized on the rear trip; it was something of a “Chinese fire drill” with everyone scrambling for a gunport or a place to shoot, and I found myself pulled out of my position and Rick there, instead. We took some damage from a rocket or recoilless rifle to the rear hatch, and Vod and Keshawn each took a bullet but they luckily had only minor wounds.

We made the Republic of Corona, which is kind of a neutral territory. We saw that the MARS team was enroute and reaching Cajon behind us. The toll was 4 gold crowns there and back, not too bad. In Corona we saw both Mexican and Marine vehicles and units. The Mexicans didn’t seem to know who we were. Down 90 through the hills towards UCI was relatively uneventful.

CA-1’s perimeter was pushed hard and had lost an Airscout vehicle, some kind of ultra-light or helicopter. Either way, no air recon information from them other than the Mexicans had artillery.


We arrived about 15 miles out from UCI at dusk, and found out the campus was surrounded. The plan was to help CA-1 and civilians break out to the north at 0301 hours. MORGANA was asking for access to our team vehicle net computer thing to coordinate information-gathering, something I strongly support at least if it’s safe.

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