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MISSION REPORT: Cannon Ball Run P1 7/4/2161

By , 04/01/2010 8:59 am

Mission Report from CA-4 Team Leader Vod Pacheco

Mission Date 7/04/2161

 Resupply High Desert Command


Cannonball Run 2161

Core Team Members –

Fred/Vod – Freds 1978 International Harvester SSII “Scout” (called “The Jeep”)

Keshawn/Tim Commando Scout

Attached Personnel –

Cathy Drayton – Phoenix Team Psi Ops – Adviser/Ranger RTO

Patrick Samson – AZ-3 Asst. Convoy Commander –  Ranger

Sue and John Commings – AZ-3 Commando Ranger

Paul Maintina, Zipper Hoover, John Rooser – AZ-3 Humvee

 Inland Empire Personel –

Lefty Jim – Head of the Truckers

Janet Barsdale – Master Trader

Paul Rubins – Trucker 2nd in command

14 others manning the rest of the vehicles

Vehicles for the Convoy south

Commando Ranger (50cal) – Convoy command extra radios and ground base radar system. Trailer with Aeroscout

Humvee (M1045-  Mk19 GL) – Close convoy escort, fire support

1978 International Harvester SSII “Scout” (HK21 LMG) – forward scout contact vehicle

Commando Scout (20mm) – forward scout backup/support

10-ton HEMTT (hard top/unarmed)

10-ton HEMTT (hard top/unarmed)

2.5 ton XM410E1 ()

2.5 ton XM410E1 ()  w/Trailer with 500 Liter Tank of Water

6   M35A1 Trucks     

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By , 03/18/2010 10:23 pm

Mission Report from CA-4 Team Leader Vod Pacheco

Mission Date 6/24/2161

Core Team Members – Keshawn, Tim, Fred, Vod

Establish communications, and get reinforcements for the high Desert


One if by CA, Two if by NV

It seemed like I had just put my head down on my pillow after securing Prime base.



Dang it… the phone rang on the wall. I dragged myself up and reached for it.. noting that the rest of the team was still snoozing. Checking my watch I noted we got an entire 2 hours of sleep after being up for 48 or more straight, and trying to recover from the stims we had been using near the end.

“Hello? This is Vod Pacheco”, the Voice on the other end sounded entirely too awake. “Commander Pacheco, this is Sam Johnson of CA-3, you and your team are requested to report to Ops level 6 Phoenix Team Commander Bill Baxton’s office ASAP.”

“Um, right…. Who.. and where?, and right now? ARG!” There was a brief conversation in the background, and Sam came back on. “Sir, Im sorry, but he is mighty insistent that you come up here or I will have to come down and get you.”  Sigh.. “ok Sam we will be there in 15 minutes.” Sam replied “Thank you sir, and security sweeps of the base have not been completed yet.” I checked Keshawn’s PDA(im still missing mine since my original one is Morgana-linked), and it had no information on any Bill Baxton, or Phoenix team in the morrow project records. Unity didn’t show any information on this guy or the Phoenix team either.

I proceeded to shake the team awake, and tell them we had to report to someone from the Phoenix team.. who’s the phoenix team? I didn’t know, never heard of them, but they felt they had enough authority to order CA-3 around, so we better report.

We left most of our gear, going with combat loads, and headed out toward the ops cylinder, using Unity to figure out where we were supposed to go. We arrived in Ops level 7, and I was greeted by someone who I could only describe as a military computer geek in an all black MP style resistoweave outfit with a Phoenix Team-2 shoulder Patch on it. He had the pale pallor and look of someone who had just come out of cold sleep.  He said he was Bob Michaels, computer specialist for Phoenix team 2(what ever that is) and he would escort me to Commander Bill Baxton. Bob was armed with some type of backpack super assault laser which was much more modern than that MP equipment I was familiar with. He brought us to an office, where we were confronted by a similarly dressed man, obviously ex-military, about 40-50yrs old. He introduced himself as Commander Bill Baxton, and then asked me to turn over all command codes for Prime base to him. I asked him to confirm his identity via PDA retina Scan, and now, it said “Commander Bill Baxton, Morrow Project Phoenix Team 2 commander” I looked at his clearance level, and…..  I expect it was up there with Bruce Morrow himself.  I paged thru the PDA for a summary of the Phoenix team, and the PDA now informed me that these were the top-top guys in their fields. Bill Baxton was their commander, and specialized in organization and reconstruction. The other 11 members were Computers, economics, engineering, and the list went on. This was the Morrow Project Major league relief pitchers, when some type of emergency came up.  “Yes sir, right away sir”, I interfaced with Keshawns PDA, and informed Unity of the change of command and transfer of all command codes to Bill Baxton.

We spent the next 2 hrs or so briefing Baxton on the situation. 162 yrs late, bio-weapon took out prime base, no organized MP that we knew of, other than high desert command. No wake up codes, computer virus in the MP mainframe for prime base, etc. Each report seemed like a physical blow to Baxton, and afterward, he just rubbed the stubble on his scalp and said.. OK… we have a LOT of work to do. I informed him of the exhausted state of the team, and he said we could crash out and report back in about 12 hrs. I rousted the team, we went back to level 13, and got the first good night sleep in days.

Sleep, shower, food, and then back up to his office as my alarm beeped at 12 hours.

Baxton let us in the office, and said, “Good, you are back, and looking much better.” He needed us to go down the excursion base passageway, about 2km down, to the radio relay station antenna control room. Figure out why it didn’t extend on command, and fix it. Then continue on down the tunnel another 2km to the excursion base. Apparently this is where a bunch of the Prime Base vehicles and vehicle maintenance material were stored, and he wanted eyes on it to confirm status of the equipment. Also on the way, we were to take a cartload of LED emergency lights and replace the burnt out ones every 30 feet or so. We were given a MAG from Unity to pull the cart, and serve as a communication link back to HQ.

We took light combat loads, and started off on the trek. Pretty creepy being in a place no one had walked in for over 150 years. The MAG pulled the cart along, and stopped next to each appropriate LED that needed to be replaced. So we took turns bending down, and clipping the new light in, like a trail of crumbs leading back to the base. After about an hour and a half, we came to a short stairway, leading to the side utility door Marked – Radio Antenna Maintenance access. We opened the door, and another dark hallway lead off into the distance. After helping the MAG up the 2 stairs we started down the 1km tunnel, again replacing LEDs as we went. Eventually we reached the end, and found that the hydraulics for the antenna were in need of repair. We broke out the tools we brought, and got to work for a couple of hours,  eventually getting the system working. We reported back to control that they should be able to access the Antenna. Back down the walkway and then on the Excursion Base.

The corridor went on for another 2 km, slowly sloping upwards the entire time. Keshawn confirmed from the complete lack of any signs, that no one had been in this part of the base, so we didn’t have to worry about running into one of the rogue bikers or mercs. After another hour and a half, of stopping every 20 meters or so to change a LED, we arrived at the excursion base….. and we all just about fainted at the sight before us. It must be the size of 4 “costco’s” I murmured… I heard Fred say “Huh?”  The vast amount of material here was staggering. A pair of C-130 cargo planes, flanked by a Mars-1 and a Science-1 vehicle dominated the center of the Motor pool floor surrounded by 20-30 more combat vehicles. Utility vehicles, Commando Scouts, Rangers, V150’s, V300’s, Strikers, Airscouts, and then Fred saw the cargo vehicles. 6 brand new sparkling HEMTT Cargo vehicles, with a series of modules near them for easy conversion.  A couple of M1070 Heavy Transporters with Trailers, and at least a dozen M915 heavy lift trucks. All the vehicles looked like they were brand spanking new, with shiny paint and fresh tires; up on blocks. You could practically hear Fred thinking about the domination his clan would have with this type of heavy lift cargo transportation. Another dozen or two smaller utility vehicles and some HumVees could be seen as well. Then the supplies. 100’s of tires, barrels of oil, maintenance facilities, spare parts, Munitions beyond comprehension, with racks of Missiles, Rockets, crates of Ammo of all different varieties. With enough trained people, we could take over a mid sized country with the armaments that Prime Base must have. All of it deep stored, and waiting for the Morrow Project to put to good use. With the integrity of the excursion base confirmed, we turned around and walked the 4km back to prime base. At least we could make good time since we didn’t have to change light bulbs.

We made our way back to Baxton’s office, and could hear yelling coming from inside. Poole was here. And he was pissed. I couldn’t tell what was said, but about 2min later, Poole came out and signaled us to follow him. Our team picked up our gear, and followed him out and into another office down the hall. Poole briefed us in. The Mexicans were on the move again, and pushing very hard. They were armed with more tanks and vehicles than before, and seemed to have an endless supply of ammo the way they were shooting anything they could aim at. The Marines were fighting in Riverside, and getting pushed back. Poole had hustled up here once communications had been reestablished. He tried to convince Baxton that the high Desert command needed supplies to fight the current war. Baxton not only said no, but ordered Poole to get ALL the MP personnel up here to prime base to get it reactivated properly. I could understand Baxton’s perspective. Being awakened, way too late with no MP infrastructure to speak of. Security of the base unknown, not enough people to do even rudimentary repairs.  I informed Poole of the vast amount of vehicle transport, and munitions that we had found. Baxton has all the materials, and no people, while desert command has people, but no materials. I suggested to Poole that both priorities of prime base and high desert needed to be fulfilled.

We came up with a plan.

I would convince Baxton to let High Desert have munitions and transport vehicles to get them there… Poole would stop reconstruction work, and get those people up to prime base to enact repairs and get it online. He would also provide some security personnel from CA-7 trainees for Baxton as well. Fred said that his clan would provide enough drivers to operate 10-12 of the Heavy cargo vehicles, the M915’s and a HEMTT is possible.  They would do this for access to our maintenance and a pair of reserve fusion drive train’s to retrofit on their trucks. We could use the heavy cargo transport to get vital munitions, TOW missiles, Armbursts, LAWs, the type of munitions that would counter the Mexican’s Armor. We would ask for Commando scouts and a V300 to escort the vehicles south. And I would pilot an Airscout unit to scout ahead of the convoy and plot the pathway south. About 600-800 miles.  We could be there in about 10-14 days. Poole agreed, he was willing to do anything to avoid abandoning the work he had done over the past 6 months.

I headed to Baxton’s office with Fred. I sent Tim and Keshawn off to get me a new PDA. Baxton looked up from his terminal, “Yes Vod, what can I do for you.” I knew this was a turning point, and if I screwed this up who knows where we would be headed next.

“Sir, I would ask that you reconsider the orders to redeploy all MP personnel to Prime Base”

With a heavy sigh, he turned to me, sat back, and replied “Why, what could be more important that Prime base”.

“First, I understand that you are in command. But with all due respect I think you are making a strategic error abandoning the high desert. My team has been out for about 5 months now, but even our team members have begun putting down roots. That speaks nothing of the 100 years of CA-7’s efforts. You sir, have a base sorely in need of people. The high desert command has people and support infrastructure that sorely needs organization and materials. Can the Morrow Project afford to break the promises, commitments, and alliances the “Morrow Project” has made in that region? There are a lot of people who are just beginning to think that the MP is more than a flash in the pan. That we are truly here to help them rebuild. Make a place safer for them and their children. To return Freedom and order to this land, where people only think of the  next mouthful of food, or the next crop to bring in. Those people in the south of here are the future of the Morrow Project. They are the people that can come to believe in what it stands for, what it can do, and what it can teach them to do for themselves.”

“Vod, you have my attention, continue”

Sir, this is Fred Douglass Johnson. We met up with him not more than 15 min after we exited our bolt, and he, being someone who grew up in “this time” somehow kept the idea of freedom, democracy, and America alive in his heart. Fred went on to talk to Baxton about how the MP has done good. How the “people” have just begun to trust and believe in the MP. How if the High Desert command left them now, especially now with the Mexican army on the move from the south, it would damage the name of the MP perhaps irreversibly.

“What are you two suggesting?” he replied.

“Sir, we have seen the heavy cargo transport vehicles of the excursion base. Fred comes from a Trucker Clan. His people can provide the drivers, if you are willing to let us take 10 or so of those vehicles, some escorts, and an Airscout, all loaded up with these materials(show him a list Poole provided of vital needed materials) from prime bases’ reserve stores. None of them are first line equipment, but the replacement stores from the MP 2008’s tech upgrade program. With that type of commitment, Poole can stop the reconstruction projects in action now, and redeploy those people here to help get Prime base back up, and also provide security personnel from CA-7’s reserves.  As payment to Fred’s clan, they are asking for a pair of reserve Fusion drive train assemblies to retrofit on their own trucks.

Baxton looked at me… to Fred.. back to me, took the list and sat back…. After scanning the list, he made a few notes. He picked up his phone, and said “Conner, come in here.”Another of the phoenix team members came in and took the list from Baxton’s outstretched hand. “How much of our material would this list constitute of Prime Base’s supplies?”. Conner took the list, and after about 10 seconds of thought, he replied “about 20% of our heavy ground base cargo lift, and 5% of the weapon stocks, 10% of the medical and communications equipment”. Baxton sighed. “Alright Vod, you have some good points, we don’t live in a vacuum, the MP does need to start somewhere, and we will need indigenous support. I just wish it was closer than what… 600 miles?

Also, do you know what happened to CA-6, we could use that heavy earthmoving equipment. And isn’t there some type of Railroad repair unit down there? The computer files on teams and locations are a shambles in prime base from the virus that was set loose.”

I informed Baxton that we hadn’t located CA-6 yet, or the Southern Pacific Railroad unit either. But I was sure once the Mexican situation was settled that they could be investigated without distraction.

About 1 minute of silence went by before Baxton said “Ok Vod, Fred, you convinced me… get your plan drawn up and submit it to me for approval. One problem, which you might not be aware of, the Excursion base is under a huge amount of dirt that will take at least a week or so to clear. We already have the one earthmover in route by helo from High Desert command to begin excavation. You have until then to get the “trucker clan” here and the vehicles readied and loaded.

Baxton continued: “ I need a security plan on how not to revel the location of prime base to these truckers before I okay the final plan. You have one week to get the needs and personal ready.”

With a wave of his hand broxton dismissed Vod and Fred.

Vod left the room with Fred in tow and said : “The cannonball run is on!”

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