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Current Operational Teams: Command Group 2 (Combined Task force)

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TO: Operational Command, CA-2.

SUBJECT: Current Status of Teams

DATE: Updated April 17th, 2161

As you are aware, the command group is in the process of awakening the CG2 (CTF) to full operational status. It has had delays in

this process from external factors ranging from lack of manpower to transmition/equipment factors. As of today, this is the current

status of the CTF, Command Group 2.

TEAM: CA- 1: Science Team

PERSONAL: 8/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Science One

ACTIVATED: 2160, Dec 11th.

STATUS: Activated by Bolt Hole Computer, Was in Heavy Combat against Mexican Empire Forces at UCI in Orange County. While defending the Civilian population of the University from Mexican Army units it has lost much of its ammo and extra equipment as well as its Airscout and two of its team. It managed to break out with over 300 militia and civilians and made it way to the High Desert to Join Command Group 2. It is being assisted by Recon Team CA-4 and MARS Team CA-3.


TEAM: CA- 2: Command Team

PERSONAL: 4/4 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger (Command)

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 18th.

STATUS: Activated by CA-4, Team has taken charge of Operations for the High Desert Area and Surrounding Morrow Project Teams. Is in Process of making a Forward Operational Base at the California Correctional Institution in the west end of the Tehachapi Valley. It is being assisted in this task by the CA-7 decendents at the Lazy Eight Ranch.


TEAM: CA- 3: MARS Team

PERSONAL: 6/6 personal.

VEHICLE: Phoenix M1A4 Battle Tank, Humvee with Mk19 GL.

ACTIVATED: 2161, April 2nd.

STATUS: Activated by CA-2, This team has just been awakened to help in the rescue of CA-1 (Science Team). It is in an expermental modified M1A4 Abrams MBT with its 120mm Cannon removed to make way for a gatling Mk3 Laser system.



PERSONAL:6/5 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando V150 with 25mm Cannon

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 16th.

STATUS: Activated by Bolt Hole Computer, this team has awakened the command team for the High Desert Operations Group (CG2). It is currently supplemented by a Liaison member of CA-7, and a Scout from the Inland Empire Trucking Clan.

In the Rescue of CA-1, Travis Smythe, The Team Driver was killed by Mexican Forces during a rearguard action.

TEAM: CA- 5: Support (Medical Rapid Response) Team

PERSONAL: 12/12 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando V300 Ambulance, 2 Humvee in Ambulance configuration.

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 28th.

STATUS: Activated by CA-2, This team is a heavy medical task force for the Command Group 2 with Full Medical Supplies and Equipment for the Morrow Project Personal.

Currently setting up medical and science faculties at the FOB at California Correctional Institutiion in the Tehachapi Valley.


TEAM: CA- 6: Support (Water Systems)

PERSONAL: 10/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger, Earthmoving Equipment.

ACTIVATED Not Active and Not Responding to wake up Signal.

STATUS:  Unknown. This Team is heavy on the Engineering and water systems side. Its purpose it to repair / support the California Aqueduct system.

TEAM: CA- 7: Ag Team

PERSONAL: 50+ /6 personal.

VEHICLE: Horses, Some Gasoline Vehicles, Ag Equipment.

ACTIVATED: 2061, Oct 3rd.

STATUS: Activated by Bolt Hole Computer, This team fought a overlord using the California Correctional Institution in the Tehachapi Valley as a strong hold and won.

Finding itself alone, the team formed the Lazy Eight Ranch to promote peace and prosperity in the local Area. After the Last 100 years the ranch has grown in influence and power to control most of the Tehachapi Valley.

Currently the CA-7 personal are helping CA-2 (Command) to set up a FOB at the California Correctional Institution. They are also active in supporting Morrow Projects teams in the field in the High Desert. A 50 person detachment of the Lazy Eight Ranch has permantly be “loaned” to the Combined Task Force, making up the new CA-7 Team. This Team will eventually be use to supplement active morrow project as well as do there own missions.

Currently the Combined Task Force is trying to outfit and train the new CA-7 with existing stores of weapons and supplies.



TEAM: CA- 8: Support Team (Power Systems)

PERSONAL: 10/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger, 2 Humvee.

ACTIVATED April 12th, 2161.

STATUS:  Awakened. This Team is heavy on the Engineering and power systems side. Its purpose it to repair / support the power systems in the High Desert Area. Has a Microwave Power Receiver. Is helping with the evaluation of the damage to the Combined Task Forces Supply Base at CA-10 Base.

TEAM: CA- 9: Support Team (Vehicle)

PERSONAL: 6/6 personal.


ACTIVATED: 2061, March 20th.

STATUS: Activated by CA-2, This Team is the Vehicle Recovery and Repair team for the Command Group. It has a large stock pile of Morrow Project Vehicle parts in its caches with a leaning to heavy equipment.

Currently it is tasked with helping to repair the FOB at the California Correctional Institution when not pulling double duty as a temporary “RECON” Team for the command group.


TEAM: CA- 10: Support Team (Logistics)

PERSONAL: 11/12 personal.

VEHICLE: 2 x 2 ½ Tone Truck, 2 Humvee, V150 APC, Airscouts.

ACTIVATED Activated by CA-4 Recon Mission.

STATUS:  This is a supply – logistics Team for the Command Group. There is a small resupply base for the command group that this team is stationed in. The Base lower levels suffered from water damaged and the power supply and lifting elevators are damaged. CA-8, The Engineering Team, is working with CA-10 to find out what can be rebuilt and salvaged.

TEAM: CA- 11: Air Transport Team (Air Transport)

PERSONAL: 15/15 personal.

VEHICLE: 2 x UH-60 BlackHawk Helicopters, 2 Humvee’s, 1 V150 APC.

ACTIVATED Activate April 16th, 2161.

STATUS:  This is a primary Support Team with mechanical staff as pilot and flight crew. This is not a combat group but a tactical resupply team. It is stationed at the FOB for Combined Task Force.

CA4 MISSION FILE: March 17th, Part 2

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Eagle Air Frieght Last Flying UH-1 Heuy

Eagle Air Frieght Last Flying UH-1 Heuy

DATE: 3/17/2161 (10:30pm)
LOCATION: 4 Miles South of Ballart Ca.

“Two if by Air… Three if by Land.. and we are not from Morrow Bay by the Sea….”
Aka “What went up.. went down hard”

After spending the night at Big Jakes, the team enjoyed breakfast at the Ranch. Apparently due to the news of the Mexican forces, there was a general call up of Militia forces in the area and Big Jake was in a hurry. He was able to spend some time talking about the area.

Fred and Hannah left for the circle-lazy-8 ranch early in the morning, and we arranged to meet them up in the Ballarat area.

Apparently the Ranch is supplied with power from local wind generation, and the area in the high desert is scattered with various Electrical production facilities. Mirror Solar arrays (by Barstow), Geothermal(china lake). Apparently the high desert area trades Electrical power for Oil from Bakersfield.

The Aqueduct facility is what allows the high desert to exist in an agricultural way, but it is running about 10-15% capacity, and is in very poor shape. It is the one thing that ties them all together, and about twice a year everyone pitches in to dredge it and maintain it. The Aqueduct is probably the reason they do have good pumping technology in the area.

The Marines are sort of the enforcers/police of the area, and Barstow containing some railway functionality, and is their main base of operations. I am sure they got their name “marines” and their equipment from the Marine Logistical base there.

Edwards AFB is apparently occupied by “The Air Force” a unit which has it closed down, with no access allowed.

We packed up a couple days fresh food from Jakes’ and headed out on the route laid out by Fred towards Ballarat, via Mojave. The road was in good shape, apparently used for trading often, but most traffic was headed in the other direction, apparently due to the Militia call up. We even spotted an M1A1 tank which appeared to be immobile on a flatbed truck heading out towards Jakes’. The area seems pretty well populated with maybe 15-30K people. The buildings are either serviceable, or stripped of anything that could be of use. Nothing has gone to waste in the area. There are no wrecked or abandoned cars to be found anywhere on the side of the road. Travis noted that the GPS system was acting funky, like the satellites were out of place. Apparently it loses accuracy over time, and has to be recalibrated based on landmarks periodically.

After a couple hrs on the road, we stopped at a diner to meet some locals, stretch our legs and get a bite to eat. The meal of Ham and Eggs was tasty, and at that point I realized that a key point was forgotten to be talked about at Jake’s. What’s used for money? What’s the general trade ratio I the area? ARG. So I dug into the trade pack, and settled the bill with a small bag of tobacco. The way the other locals in the bar snickered and joked, I’m sure we got taken big time. Note to self… talk to Fred, and get some bartering skills for the area. We have to get a feeling for what things are worth. For now, it is not a huge priority, since due to the note we have to get up north ASAP. Back on the road, we made it the rest of the way to Mojave, but it looked like the weather was starting to turn bad, snow or rain I’m sure was coming.

Mojave had a working airport operated by Eagle Air Freight. We approached the chain gate and got the guards to take us to someone who we could talk to about hiring a plane to check out Ballarat(per the note). Crazy Eddie said they could scout the area up there… fly us up there, or we could use the chopper to fly up and drop off. In view of the time criticality we opted to split up the team, with 2 of us taking the chopper to scout the area “south of the dead” and the other group driving up the vehicle to meet us. Keshawn joined me as we loaded up our gear, the desert survival pack, and the PRC70 unit as we planned to probably spend the night while the rest of the team drove. The airport itself was a crazy mismatch of planes, from an F4 Phantom, some strange P38ish type aircraft, to a couple of C130s, some civilian jetliners, and even a massive C-5 Galaxy. People in various uniforms or clothing decorated the area, obviously this was a trade hub or of some kind.

The Helo started with some coaxing, and eventually took flight. The flight up to the area was uneventful. We noted that Ridgecrest seemed to be a pretty intact city, with lights and power. The rest of the landscape was dotted here and there with settlements, and such, becoming more sparse as we journeyed north east past Ridgecrest and Trona.

We reached the area of Ballarat, and there was nothing there. Any building that did exist had obviously been worn away over time. We identified the graveyard from the air, and then began to sweep “south of the dead of Ballarat” following the Windgate road South, looking for anything the MP might use for a Bolt hole.. or something that we are supposed to “see from the air”.

We were about 2km south of Ballarat when both Kesawn and myself saw a flash of metal to the east. We directed the pilot that way to take a closer look. Using the telescopic site on the rifle, I spotted 3 vehicles, and even could tell one was a earthmoving caterpillar type, another was what appeared to be an M2 Bradley, and the third made my blood run cold, as an M113 –AA gun vehicle began to swivel the Minigun into our direction. “Get the hell out of here right now!” But luck was not with us as a burst from the Minigun perforated the Helo. We made a dash southwest, but then a 2nd burst hit the tail rotor, and we were going down. The Helo hit hard, and I found out later that I fractured my left leg in the crash. Keyshawn was thrown clear, and was able to get the pilot, myself, and our gear out the Helo just as the fuel cell went up. He’s shaken, but not severely hurt from the concussion of the diesel fuel igniting.

We estimated that we are about 1 ½ km south west of the vehicles we spotted with a couple of ridgelines between us. With the weather starting to snow, the fire and smoke should be obscured. We patched up Patty, the pilot who had a compound fracture of her right arm, and a nasty bump on the head. Luckily we still had the gear, and we were able to set up the tent for some shelter tonight.
Taking turns on the radio, we attempted to reach the team, who should be coming up to rendezvous with us as soon as they can (tonight or tomorrow depending on weather). While trying to contact them, we intercepted what appears to be a burst transmission coming in very close to our location. It must be from those vehicles we spotted. About 10pm we actually made contact with them as they rolled into Ballarat. I briefed them on what occurred, and Tim said he intercepted the transmissions as well, but the MP computer couldn’t decrypt them, so it wasn’t a MP transmission.

Tim said he took a smoke break out in the graveyard, on a hunch from the message referencing the dead of Ballarat. Apparently he took a piss on a gravestone, and it was labeled BRUCE MORROW! Details on the gravestone indicated a MP coordinate location for what must be CA-2 our High desert command Team. The coordinates locate to the area that we spotted the vehicles in, and it can’t be a coincidence.

Bruce Morrow Grave Stone at Ballarat Ca

Bruce Morrow Grave Stone at Ballarat Ca

Bruce Morrow
2nd BN
California Vols

We shall be
Reborn in the
day of atonement

We have to get the team back together, and investigate those vehicles, who they are, and why they are here. In addition we need to get the helo pilot out safely.

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