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Mission Report: Marietta OH

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After berating Vod for getting them all killed, the team calms down and picks out equipment for the trip. They stash group supplies comprising a large medical kit, trade pack, MP armor, PDAs, MP radio, and demolition kit (did I miss anything?) into three trunks (crates?) on a river boat which also has a Stinger system stashed in it.

They join the river boat at Coal Run, Ohio where swarms of mutant mosquitoes the size of a human palm formed a welcoming committee, followed by the blacksmith working on their Swift Boat. Major Zed meets and briefs the team.

Cover mission: Pick up KFS issued medical supplies (aspirin, low-grade antibiotics, and other medical supplies) from Marietta and deliver to New Orleans. Papers will be provided in Marietta. The team decided to travel as the Black River Dawgs (Swift Boat Pressed Gang for Truth?), who live up and down the rivers trying to make ends meet.

Actual mission is to recon the river: towns, populations, governments, resistance, military presence. Stop 4-5 times to meet up with resistance, first stop outside of Cincinnati. Check in by radio periodically.

The team shoves off into the river with a 13 year old boy apprentice blacksmith, Peter Glover, as a river guide. Our as yet unnamed boat captain and Al take the helm with Conroy manning the .50 and Keshawn spotting at the front. They approach Lowell which appears to have been napalmed in the past. Peter says they tried to resist the KFS and were made an example of. Shortly thereafter, they pass a sucken ship. A trader on small paddle wheel boat passing the opposite direction mentions trouble down in Marietta, but passes too quickly for more information. A little farther down river in Devola, they come to a dam where, as they manually work the lock, a farmer approaches and provides some intel on Marietta.

Apparently, the Duchy of Parkersburg is worried about spies from the KFS. They’re searching boats and charging tolls.

The team ties up at a local establishment to get some more information over some possum, wine and ale.

Marietta has: about 1000 people, garrison of 30 for tax collection, a college. The KFS has demanded another coal shipment from the Duchy which pissed off the Duke. In turn, he is squeezing the traders. A river trader estimates three silver marks for our boat and marvels at our armaments.

As they arrive in town, they pull up to the tax collector’s dock and pay the toll. He sends them down to the Trade Commission office where they tie up and deliver Peter to his aunt Sue at a nearby pub. The clerk at the Trade Commission shakes them down before turning over the paperwork. They head over to pick up the medical supplies where they get shaken down again. They schlep the three 50lbs crates back to the boat and stow them beneath the deck before heading to the local brewery for dinner. They spend the night in Marietta, posting watches on the boat overnight before heading to Parkersburg in the morning.

Mission Log June 24th, 2162

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LOCATION: on the Muskingum River


The local MP teams have set it up as a staging location, at a small village called Beverly (Pop 321). It is a local strong MP supporter as the local science team stopped a plague last year from killing most of the areas children. Thats a good thing, as the local teams tell me its mighty tough to be a active morrow project team in the area. It seems that the KFS has an unofficial buffer zone of perhaps 100 miles around its border, that it can exert great influence through a combination or military and economic means. Locals are encourage with large trade concessions if they are willing to turn in any morrow project activity in the zone.

Till recently I never could figure out why the KFS so hates the project, but after talking to a snake eater named Major Zed Harington, I now have a clue, but I am getting a head of myself.

Its best if I just play you the video I took of the meeting the first day the teams gathered in Beverly.

<<Video starts outside a small run down barn with perhaps 30 morrow project members of various teams. Some of the people have bandages, while all are heavily armed. In the Local Church bell tower, one can see a mars team member scaning the sky with a Stinger missile system.

There is an air of calm professionalism while an older man in a faded US Army uniform climbs onto the floorboard of an old wagon.

The Old man is skeleton thin, with long white hair pulled back into a braid with a tattered green beret on his sun burned head. Even though he wearing an old faded US Army BDU, His face and steel blue eyes show that he is a veteran of countless battles, and deserves respect from those he talks to.

“Now Listen Up, I understand that you have been around the block in this new world, but let me tell you about the So called Kentucky Free State. They call it a free state, but what I have seen its about as free as the old south in 1861. But at least these bastards don’t care about your color, religion, and your sex. They don’t care about your beliefs or your wealth. To them we are all tools to be used then discarded.

They call their slaves, DP’s, I would guess it was the pre war term for displaced persons, which might have been what they were 160 years ago, but today, there slaves in every sense of the word. They even implant their property with electronic chips for identification. I seen three year olds scream in pain as they get there DP chip just before they go on the auction block.

They keep the local areas poor but dependent on their crap goods. The only design their goods to last 5 years so the locals have to constantly trade for new parts. They do not allow anyone to gain any sort of modern manufactured goods and there very good about playing favorites. The basically control the economy of everyone within 200 miles in some way or form.

And they have the most capable military in the United States. Airpower, Tanks, AFV, and lots of guns. And they will use it at a wim. Anyone steps out of line, then you will wake up to a P-47 dropping Napalm on your town. It only takes one or two destroyed villages to remind everyone who is the top dog.

You see, the 5 families own the wealth around here. They have Skyscrapers, factories, and modern medicine. They had this for over 160 years, and could have rebuilt the USA many times but instead, they keep it all for themselves. They are the rich 5 and without anyone to stop them.

Then old man then smiles at you. And continues.

But, You see, the one thing these bastards are worried about is the Morrow Project. You have the training, the knowledge, and the weapons to bring back the United States. Thats the United States where people are free, with no slaves, and one can get ahead by one’s hard work, not their heritage.

You stand for everything that these so called Overlords are not and once people know that, well there is a lot of dirt poor people and very few of them. Thats why they will do everything they can to hunt you down and kill you before your dangerous beliefs of freedom and democracy can infect the local population.

So to take them down,  we need more knowledge of how they work, what they have, and what are their weakness.

That’s where you come in. I need a team of you to  travel down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River. You are going to do this undercover as a licensed Merc unit protecting an medical shipment. You are going to do the first professional recon of the KFS river systems, while contacting the resistance groups as needed.

We have reconditioned MP Recon Team OH-3 River Patrol Craft, a Vietnam Era SWIFT boat,  to look more “modern” and you are going to have to give up all your high tech weapons to blend in with the locals. No M-4 Carbines with Laser Sights, you are going to be using almost 200 year old  M-1 Garands, or Bolt Action Springfields. No Kevlar but Steel Pot Helmets. Think 1940’s and thats about what a well armed merc group could sport in any lands around the KFS.

Anything else, could draw attention to you and the secret police making a call. You all are too healthy, too smart, too education, too tall, and too proud. Your teeth alone would give you away in a moment so we are going to have a MP dentist help remove some of your fillings with ones that will blend in with your teeth.

You are going to need all your skills and luck to get through this, but what you can find out will give the MP a chance to bring down this demon. So do I have any volunteers crazy enough to do this mission into the Heart of Darkness?

A well dressed morrow project recon team commander steps forward and speaks in a commanding voice: “I am Commander Vod Pacheco of Recon Team CA-4,  And it sounds just like the type of Job we excel in. So I say for my entire team, lets do it”.

The holder of the video says (off camera), “Did Vod just volunteer our team for this suicide run?”

Another voice near by says: “Yep, he sure did”.

Then you hear the holder of the video say: “Fuck” and it turns off.



Project Log: June 19th, 2161 : Coffee Run

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Frederick Douglass Johnson
Inland Empire Trucking Company
On contract to the Morrow Project CA-4
June 19, 2161

 Highway 126 through Santa Clara Valley

 Today the team did something that’s near and dear to my heart: we took a little trading trip. What was different about this trip is it was west through Santa Clarita to Ventura. Usually, I go down into Los Angeles (the Deadlands), not out to the ocean. 

The team roster was myself, Vod, Keshawn, Tim and Cathy Smithfield of CA-07. Smithfield was along because we had a cattle trailer hooked up to the V-150 full of prime stock from the Lazy-Circle-Eight, prime California Longhorns and she knew a lot more than I do about selling them!
Anyways, we followed the Highway of Death for a little while. It follows the course of I-5 north from the Deadlands all the way to Bakersfield, although we turned off at Highway 126. I have only been down the Highway of Death a few times, as I go through this area as little as possible. Inland Empire doesn’t have too much business with Bakersfield, for one thing. For the other, it’s really depressing. Abandoned communities line either side of the road, and wrecks litter it as well, making it hard to safely travel fast. A lane has been cleared down the centre, but there’s so much cover from the wrecks and easy to block. The few times I’ve been up the road we’ve needed to keep an eye out for trouble, and it always found us.


There’s always the bones, of course. I-5 was the main route for refugees escaping the LA basin after the nuclear attacks. Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds, maybe millions jammed this road as they fled north, joined by others as their cars broke down. Bakersfield, panicked by the enormity of the situation, first blocked them from continuing north and then started slaughtering them. Disease, thirst and starvation got most of the rest. The areas near Bakersfield were cleared of bodies within a few years but the other areas closer to Santa Clarita remain littered with human remains. Bones and skeletons are everywhere, not so much on the pavement any more, but in the overgrown yards of the houses and apartment buildings alongside, piled into drifts down in the ravines and gullies by the rains when they come. I guess they had suitcases and belongings, whatever they thought they could bring with them like clothing, shoes, and whatnot, but all that’s long gone now, eithe r scavenged or rotted away by the sun or carried away by the wind. 
At any rate, for a change the trip that morning was fairly uneventful, if creepy. Bakersfield must have been stepping up patrols of I-5 further south than usual. Whichever, once past Santa Clarita we were down in the Santa Clara Valley. It’s an agricultural region, with a few small vegetable farms and mostly citrus orchards lining the Santa Clara River. Some of the larger farm-holders occasionally block the roads to collect a levy for unspecified “road work” and someone actually had the stones to stop us. I was all for blowing through them in true Trucker style, but, not wanting to make enemies, we decided to pay the toll of a silver coin and proceed. I think they were quite surprised, and I hope they think we’re just generous instead of pushovers. 
It was still morning when we reached Valencia, the southernmost city of the California Coastal Republic (CCR) and the independent Port Hueneme. Just short of the marketplace we passed a checkpoint manned by well-armed mercenaries of the Gold Coast League. This group is a little mysterious, they come out of the east about ten years ago and earned a reputation for utter ruthlessness towards any troublemakers. So far, they seem to prefer to let a group of merchants run Port Hueneme itself, but presumably they charge well or take a percentage of transactions. From what we saw I think they’re well worth the money but there’s always the danger they could simply take over for themselves. From the mercs on duty there and at the market I saw plenty of Chinese-made AK and SKS rifles and SAWs, a few machineguns (GPMGs and a cal.-fifty) and even a couple RPGs. More importantly, they had a couple APCs, as well as radios. They seem well-organised and I would assume at least mor tars and other fire support on call. 

We were assigned a space in the market, a patch of ground where we could park and either sit on the ground, set up a table or a stall, even a semi-permanent structure like a restaurant, bar or whorehouse. There were traders from all up and down the coast, even overseas. They were using “Trade Speak”. Mostly English but with a healthy mix of Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, even Polynesian and Hawai’ian, I’m told. I speak a bit, enough to get by. We got set up okay in our assigned spot in the market and started trading. It went really well; we got maximum value for our trades. We scored several hundred kilos of high-grade Kona coffee beans, from Hawai’i. The beans were sold to us at a great price by Craig Goldman, a coffee merchant with the Islands Trading Company who needed to unload them quickly. He and his cargo sailed here on the Yankee clipper Pride of the South Seas out of Hilo, Hawai’i. 

We also got a refurbished washing machine for the base. The market was full of goods like that. Salvage in the form of manufactured goods (appliances, high-tech goods, car parts) and various valuables is taken from the Deadlands and the ruins in California. Along with raw materials like minerals, metal, foodstuffs, timber, hemp and textiles, the salvage is traded at the market to be shipped across the ocean. The raw materials and the best of the salvage feeds consumer markets in Asia. The rest of the salvage is refurbished and sold back to California, along with weapons, ammunition, medicine and of course drugs like opium and heroin. It’s a flow of trade, but the best of what we have left is traded away for mostly guns and drugs, and a few rebuilt car and truck parts. Kind of like what MORGANA calls the opium trade, in reverse. All that’s missing is some West American Company (like the West and East India Companies) with its own army, as these are fortunately most ly small-time traders, but it’s probably coming some day when the market for Californian goods becomes lucrative enough for someone to want to monopolise. 

Yankee clipper Pride of the South Seas out of Hilo, Hawai'i

After trading was done, we headed up to Ventura where we met some local merchants from the California Coastal Republic, and even some naval personnel. The traders were Jacob Marks and Neil Commings from San Luis Obisbo, of the Sun State Trading Company. We had dinner with them at the Chrome Gyro, an inn and tavern, and discussed the local political situation. They were aware of the HDF and kind of thought of us as unsophisticated hicks, which isn’t too far from the truth, I guess. They’re really more worried about Bakersfield, as it and the CCR have had serious conflicts in the past and there are ongoing tensions. They were really nice, really convinced the CCR embodied the democratic values of the old pre-war USA. They figure that the Morrow Project should have started in the CCR, instead of the desert rabble up around Barstow. 

Also, we noted earlier that there was a CCR naval vessel, the USS Lassen , docked in Port Hueneme under some kind of agreement with the neutral port. The CCR was formed from a core of US naval personnel from the 7th Fleet which returned from across the Pacific during the war. It stretches from Ventura north past San Luis Obisbo to about 100 miles south of Monterey. The official northernmost outpost is King City, a walled town. About 50 miles north of San Luis Obisbo is a major military base of some kind, maybe Fort Hunter-Liggett or Camp Roberts. Aside from coastal transport and highway 101, there is a railroad line that goes from Ventura northwards. The CCR is a long and narrow coastal strip, including some offshore oil rigs. Strategically, they are vulnerable to Bakersfield, which occupies the central valley and outnumbers them three or four times.


In Ventura we met a Lt. Commander Horness and a Petty Officer Nguyen from the Lassen. They told us a little of the CCR’s naval situation, including how they fought off a major Mexican naval invasion some years ago. This makes sense; the Mexicans would have wanted to bypass the uncontrolled and uncontrollable Deadlands if they were pushing north. The Lassen is the backbone of the CCR’s fleet, although the cruiser USS Shiloh is still listed as officially active. Another destroyer, the USS Fitzgerald, was stripped for parts to keep the Lassen operational. The submarine USS Houston  is permanently moored in Santa Barbara to provide electricity for the city, although there is a sub tender moored there, too.

Lassen in Drydock at Port Hueneme

There was a lot to absorb, and we arranged for communications between the CCR and the HDF. I have great hopes for an alliance between us to keep Bakersfield in check and fight the Mexicans. It’s possible that the Buffalo aircraft Bakersfield were buying from Edwards were intended for use against the CCR, which could make sense if the CCR doesn’t have advanced aircraft.  

Later that night, we got an emergency call from Poole at CA-01. We were being recalled to Stallion Springs. Apparently, we got word that some kind of crucial Morrow Project facility back east had been located. Wouldn’t you know, some kind of rescue was needed and we were the only spare personnel. Just our luck, we didn’t even get a chance to drink the damn coffee!   



CA-4 MISSION LOG : PRIME BASE June 22th, 2161

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Mission Report from CA-4 Team Leader Vod Pacheco

Mission Date 5/22/2161

Core Team Members – Keshawn, Tim, Fred, Vod

Attached Team members –

Chris Chosen – Power system specialist from Support team CA-9

John Martinez – Recruit with CA-7

Investigate Prime Base


Don’t touch the red button on the backpack


CA-11 Blackhawk heads towards Prime Base

            The morning started like most of the rest for the past few weeks. We have been running around, talking with various people and keeping our communications active. Folks seem to be getting the picture that change is happening in our little valley, and immigration to the area is on a definite upswing.

 The various MP team members are running classes to educate the people coming in on what we plan to do, and what jobs need people to help. Our heavy knowledgebase in engineering is defiantly paying off in bringing up the basic skill level of the average person willing to learn to find a new job. The spring crops are in, and the increase we have been able to manage in water flow will defiantly show dividend in the fall harvest. Meanwhile, CA-3 Mars group and the AZ Mars group are running ragged trying to train up the militia with more modern tactics and equipment. The local gunpowder production has even started improving as the Science team integrating with the 7th Marine Regiment has developed better production techniques.

 Poole has been doing a good job trying to coordinate everything, and in spite of him the AI construct MORGANA has been helping him keep on track more than he would admit. The CA-1 Science computer nerd is in seventh heaven talking to her all the time, and is keeping a team of locals busy uploading various data and briefs to MORGANA to allow her to best organize our rebuilding efforts.

 Despite Tim’s wifes attempts, Tim continues to sneak out and take smoke breaks, and has even managed to start growing some tobacco seedlings in our hydroponics facilities. Keshawns girl keeps growing… and is due in a few short months the hints she is dropping about making things official have more in common with a 10lb hammer than a subtle hint.

 Fred and Hannah have been busy too but she seems to be spending more time around the ranch in the training facility than in the field lately. Vivianna’s farm is better than before. The outhouse we er…. Renovated (with the Atchison) has been replaced and the farm is much more secure than before. The crops and livestock are doing great, with the new well we managed to drill last week. But that all came to a screeching halt for CA-4 when our phones rang with Poole’s haggard face requesting us to gear up and report to HQ ASAP.

            Keshawn, Tim, Fred and I grabbed up our kits and headed out the door, and we were even amazed to see the CA-11 guys hustling towards their UH-60  Blackhawks. The fact they were moving meant that something big was brewing. We dumped our stuff  against the wall and sat down as Poole started talking. He began by explaining that he has been in contact with a couple of the Nevada teams up in the northern part of the state. Apparently NV-2 actually located Prime Base…. We had expected something from prime base once we got the communication relay up and running, but hadn’t heard anything at all. Every MP team member had some type of theory as to the silence, from it being nuked, to the thought that no prime base ever did exist, and the war came before it could be built. None of us had ever been to Prime base for any type of training, so we couldn’t even hazard a guess as to where it was located, but it had to be some out of the way area. I guess Northern Nevada is about as out of the way as you can find. Poole went on to say how NV-2 was closest to the suspected site, went to investigate, and suddenly went silent. NV-1, another recon group from Ely NV, was further away was sent to find NV-2.  NV-1 reported that they had found a burnt out V-150 that appeared to be NV-2 vehicle and evidence  of some type of firefight occurred between NV-2 and a large group of people.  They followed the trail, which lead down into a valley. At the end of the valley was a hole in the ground in which someone had dug down to find a concert stairway. This led to a door to what was propertied to be prime base.

 It was opened, and obviously a large body of people had entered.

 NV-1 set up a perimeter and was guarding the doorway and awaiting reinforcements from the High Desert Command..The Mars teams CA-3 and AZ-3 were all off base training or patrolling, so CA-4 would be the leading edge of those reinforcements. We would be taking one of the two Blackhawks directly to the Prime base location, and would be followed up some 12-24 hours later with whatever Mars team members Poole could scrape together on the 2nd Blackhawk. Poole said we would be bringing a power systems’ specialist Chris Chosen of CA-9, and for fire support John Martinez of CA-7, who accompanied us down into the supply base two months ago. It is unknown who the group of people who attacked NV-2 and penetrated the base are, but it was imperative that they not get control of Prime Base.

Chris Chosen in BlackHawk on route to Prime Base 6/21/2161

 Poole let us know that we were not to contact MORGANA or any of the other AIs on this mission, as knowledge of prime base is to remain a top MP Secret. Unfortunately with my personal PDA being compromised by MORGANA, it was turned off and the battery removed.  Poole gave me his personal PDA for the mission, and with his higher access it might prove even more useful than mine. After the rest of the team left, Poole pulled me aside and assigned me an extra piece of equipment. Woohoo.. My own portable NUKE. Yikes. It was imperative that Prime base NOT fall into anyone else’s hands, no exceptions.

 Poole gave us access to any equipment we might need so we flew the quick hop to the supply base, where we were re-outfitted for the trip north. Fred changed out his LMG for an Atchison assault shotgun, and Tim even managed to get the supply officer to break out the few surviving rounds of HE and HEDP shotgun rounds. I switched out my 40mm for a 12 gauge rail mount on my G36. Keshawn even got a 50cal Barrett sniper rifle. I wasn’t going to get caught short again, so I even pulled a Stinger missile set, last time I said no, we were fighting aircraft with a Mk2 laser. Everyone stood back a bit, as I attached my 20 pounds of “new equipment” onto my back. John asked what it was.. I told him jokingly.. do NOT touch the red button. A few trips in and out of the base, the Blackhawk was loaded up, and we were away.

            The flight was uneventful, about 500 miles or so north to a ridge overlooking a small valley. We could see the outside of the valley had a group of the post war vehicles, a burnt out V150, and  NV-1 Humvee’s nearby. The Blackhawk settled down and we were met by a 50 year old Chris McKaine of NV-1. The vehicles seemed to be of road warrior types of prewar equipment cobbled together. We guessed that there was enough storage for 30 to 40 people at least.

Chris told us that NV-1 had already shot and killed two guards who were stationed with the vehicles and the burnt out V150 was from NV-2. They found 4 out of the 6 members of NV-2 dead, stripped of clothing and equipment in the jungle in the valley.

Chris McToshen NV-1 Recon

 He told us apparently there was some type of indigenous Lizard creatures, which virtually shrugged off small arms fire and badly wounded one of NV-1 personal named James Donald, who needed to be airlifted out. We soon had James set within the Blackhawk and flying back to our base as we had to hump the 200 pounds of extra gear down into the valley to NV-1 base camp.

 Within the Valley the ground was lush with growth, as this was some type of barren desert area was now dominated with a mixed forest which was almost jungle like. It was Hot and Humid, and I could swear I swatted a mosquito which looked more like a humming bird. Upon getting to NV-1 base camp, they was very happy to see us, and our supplies.

CA-4 Moving to NV-2 Base Camp

 They got the Barrett rifle, and our extra  ammo supplies we brought with us, and even the Stinger missile set. These guys had been out for at least 20 years or so,  and were amazed at our rations and equipment quality. I give them credit for going this long and keeping the faith.

They had set up a perimeter defense focusing on the open doorway to the Base. They said that some unknown number of people had entered the base a week or two ago from what they could tell. They passed us a couple of green smoke grenades to use when we come out… to let them know its us. Otherwise they will Blast anyone coming out. With that, we topped off our canteens and entered into the base.

            The main room was obviously the site of a recent fight. About 20’x30’ room with 2 defensive laser turrets took down 3 people before they were trashed. The bodies had been chopped in half or thirds before what appeared to be 40mm grenade hits knocked out the turrets. Going thru the bodies, we didn’t find any identification, but they had been stripped of ammo, weapons, food and water. The main door showed no signs of being forced, so somehow the attackers had gotten it to open up. Apparently they didn’t disable the defenses, so I would guess we will see more things like this as we explore. Hopefully any active defenses will recognize our MP ids. (with my PDA being Poole’s I hope it doesn’t cause issues).

            There were 2 doors leading from the entrance room, one marked Decontamination, and the other with no label. Decontamination sounds ugly especially if it actually functioned with chemicals over a hundred years old, so I chose door #2. I used Pools’ PDA interface, and click.. it opened. The door slid sideways and revealed a darkened hallway with what must be the last functional LED emergency lights. Well that was easy. Keshawn went ahead with his low light vision, and it led down to a 2nd door. The rest of the team was beginning to follow when he apparently used his PDA and a Retinal scanner  to open the door on the far end of the hall. It revealed a security station and control/monitoring room for the decontamination hallway. Another fight had occurred here, with 4-5 mutilated bodies, or at least what appeared to be pieces of bodies which would make up 4-5 people. I do NOT want to run into an active laser turret, as they most defiantly are active in the base. This room apparently was the exit for both our auxiliary hallway and the decontamination hallway. Examination of the room showed many dried muddy prints from what must have been a large group of  WET people going thru this way… apparently the decontamination process is still functional in some way, YUCK. Chris, the power tech, took a look at the controls, and determined that the base must be on emergency power. All the power to the monitors and controls were dead, and only a emergency grid to the turrets, doors and the emergency lighting was functional as far as he could tell. The emergency lighting was made up of LED arrays, and only about 1/40 individual LEDs were working. It was enough for our low light gear to see about 40-50 feet, but no more. From the control room a wide pathway led down to the darkness. We had John fire up his 2million candle spotlight down the hall and could see it went on for 4-500 feet sloping down. Back to low light, we made our way down into the base.

            At the end of the hallway, it came to another obvious security station, with what was bulletproof glass and a clear field of fire up the hallway we had come thru. Someone broke the widow with a 40mm grenade… Keshawn and I estimated about a week ago, which made sense with NV-1’s report.  The people we were following had gone thru the windows, so we too followed that track. The area had been ransacked and picked clean. But not 2 weeks ago, but MUCH earlier than that. Anything portable was gone, and only recent activity was from the group of people we were following into the base. We continued following the footprints thru the remains of the security HQ, with a variety of cells, and bunk rooms. Nothing of any use or information was visible. The Security HQ led to a central core of the base layout,  as all walls and general patterns to the doors suggested what appeared to be a circular layout. Just outside the Security HQ door apparently the people ran into something. A firefight was obvious, with blood and 9mm rounds/casing all over the area. We saw that some type of mobile “robot” was active here, and the pieces suggested it was about the size of a large dog. Armed with a 9mm sub machine gun. It was chopped into pieces by what I recognized to be fire axe damage. A blood trail led off  in a different direction. The center of the base was big door with a sign “Danger, power system access – Radioactive”. I called Chris over to take a look, and he was intrigued. Pulling out an instrument it did indeed show low level radioactivity, but this would be a silly place to put a power system, especially a radioactive one. He asked to give him 10 min to take a look, so Fred and John stayed to guard him, while Keshawn, Tim and I followed the blood trail.

CA-4 in Prime Base

            It led into what was a medical area. Again Stripped of anything portable, it was obvious the people used this to try to safe one of their wounded. The body full of 9mm wounds showed they failed. It was clad in biker leathers and remnants of fatigues from the 1970’s . One more down. Tim did some scrounging and found a few discarded medical instruments from the attempt to save the biker to take back to base with him for recycling.

            We returned to Chris, and he said that the door was actually fake. We broke apart a gurney from the med area and improvised a crowbar to pry the entire fake door off the wall. It revealed a “normal” door in the wall with a Security slot next to it. We opened it to reveal a stairway leading down.. down.. down. We went down one level and out into what appeared to be some type of administration area.  No room identification plaques or maps, were showing, but we could see brackets and holes in the walls which would have served that purpose. We figured out that the original level we were on was probably “staged” as an abandoned base, in case it was breached. These lower levels were the true Prime Base.

Exploring the nearby rooms we found ourselves in a Library, or records keeping room. The team fanned out and looked around to see if anything of interest could be found. Keshawn found a desiccated body still sitting at a desk. Tim did what he could to determine the cause of death, but basically he person died a LONG time ago, and not from any obvious trauma. They had a MP id card and PDA on them, indentifying them as MP Prime base personnel. The PDA was a hunk of useless junk, the battery having corroded and melted the circuits. Further investigation in the room showed a row of terminals, and after trying 2-3 of them the 4th actually powered up.

I called Chris over to see what he could get out of the computer system and determine the power situation. He was able to get in and determine that indeed the system was down to minimal power reserves and was under some type of emergency bio-containment lockdown. At that point the screen went blank, and asked for identification. I typed in my Personal identification information, and the screen returned with a haggard 3D face on it. The face identified itself as Unity and informed us to stay where we were to be scanned and positively identified…. I flashed back to the last time a machine wanted to scan us, when Crimson Kings’ MASIV’s used an oversized chop saw. But maybe this time it will be safer.

Unity Bio Containment Protcals are in Effect for Prime Base

I warned the rest of the team, and about a minute later one of those dog sized armed robots came around the corner to our location. They went up to Keshawn and used some type of retina/bioscan process and delared him to actually be Keshawn. Woohoo! Painless! Next was Tim, Chris, and then Myself. At which point it queried why I was using Comander Poole’s PDA. I explained about MORGANA, and that we didn’t want to risk her discovering Prime Base. UNITY informed me that I would need to acquire a new PDA as soon as possible and not to use Poole’s.  Then confirmed that UNITY understood that over 150 years had passed, and that we had 2 new members of our team, which would NOT show up in her database, Fred and John. They were accepted probationally, and were not to leave the side of the registered members of the Morrow Project. UNITY then went on to say that Roger Wilkins from NV-2 has been in the base as well. I explained to UNITY that NV-2 has been compromised, and either they are being held under duress, or dead, and have someone masquerading as them.

Unity MP Defence Unit

UNITY went on to explain that she was in a Bio-containment lockdown, and under attack. Power levels were critical, and thus a call for assistance went out. Apparently this is what led NV-2 originally to the base, and probably whoever attacked them a week ago as well. UNITY was under strict security restrictions, but was able to provide us with an administrational map as we enter each level of the facility. We figured out that there were 3 “cylinders” to the facility, interconnected as some of the levels, but not all. Each cylinder was 13 floors high, and we were currently in the 2nd level of the OPS cylinder. UNITY would have her Dogbot follow us thru the facility to assist as needed if possible, and attempt to retain communications. We went back to the staircase, and Keshawn said he wanted to check out lower levels before we proceeded. He then went all the way to the bottom, as we figured any type of power system would probably be at the lowest level of one of the cylinders, and it would likely have cross passages if the power systems were not in the ops cylinder. 15 min later, Keshawn returned and said that some great big steel vaults were in the lowest level, but it did indeed have cross ways. They had blast doors, but they were working. So down we went.

The team emerged from the stairways and again the bare minimum of lighting was available from a few LED light cells. We had 2 choices of cross passages, and picked one. The blast door moved, and allowed us to travel the 500 feet or so to another blast door. We didn’t know what to expect, but we triggered the door and it started to slide sideways. As it opened, we entered into another cylinder area, and immediately spotted 2 people in Morrow Project Fatigues with IBA. We identified ourselves, and called out for them to stop.

They responded by opening fire.

            Keshawn and I hit the dirt, while Tim stood and pulled up his Atchison shotgun. Bullets started flying every which way, and I took a round in my thigh. I heard a grunt behind me and knew that someone else took at hit as well, either John and Chris. John sprayed the hallway with his M-4 but failed to hit anyone. Then BAM BAM, a doubletap from Tim, and one of his “special” HEDP round smashed straight into and thru one of the enemies.

Straight thru his IBA and Armor Plates, and out the back side. He was thrown back and twitching. John put a burst into the other enemy, while Keshawn seemed to take careful aim but missed. John fired another burst and this time and  the 2nd guy went down. All of a sudden it was quiet. Tim hustled over to Chris, and got him patched up, while Keshawn and I checked the two down guys. It was obvious that nothing was saving them, as they quickly bled out.

CA-4 Active search in Prime Base from Unity Rover 2B 06222161

We went through their stuff and found ID cards from NV-2. The dead guys  were “Kaitlin McGuire”, and “Jackson Allias”. A woman and a black guy… and neither of these dead dudes were women or black. Obviously the took NV-2’s equipment and gear and that must be how they got into Prime base. The canteens on both people were effectively empty and neither had food.  They looked disheveled, and unkept, like they had been here a while. A couple minutes later, “Jackson’s” radiomike crackled. I picked it up and heard…”Team 3, you find anything?….. team 3 come in…… Team 3 again respond”. I figured this was “team 3”.. so using my best muffled voice I responded.. “This is team 3… we haven’t found anything yet….. over”. A pause.. and then I heard “Code Gamma-Echo-2” and then silence. I muffled the mike and acted like we were losing reception. I don’t know if they bought it or not.. but I turned to the rest of the team. Load up and get ready… they probably know we are here.

MISSION FILE: CA – 4 April 25th, 2161

By , 01/21/2010 1:24 pm

Mission report from CA-4 Team leader Vod Pacheco

Mission Date:4/25/2161 to 5/14/2161

Team members: Keshawn, Tim, Fred, Vod

“Investigate the Infected.”


“That thing is straight out of a Dr Seuss Nightmare”

Crimson King MASIV Bio Containment Vechile

Commander Poole called in what was available of CA-4, Keshawn, Tim, Fred and Myself for a briefing. He informed us that there was sporadic word from a town up in northern California about some type of biological plague or outbreak.

Apparently Recon CA-17 recently woke up in northern California about 1 week ago and was  contacted by our command group. They agreed to travel down towards our area of operation and join the combined task force. They reported entering in the town of silver ridge on highway 120 near Yosemite when they reported an outbreak of some sort of highly  infectious virus in the general population. They reported stopping to try and help the local doctor with the virus. The next day then started ranting about a bioplague of some type and then went off the air. Poole wants us to helo up into the area and see what happened to the team. Our group of 4 was being joined by a members of the science and medical team (Dr. Harvey Marson of CA-1, and Kelly Samson of CA-5)  to assist and treat anyone who needed help.

We geared up and headed for the UH-60 pads with our spiffy biohazard suits in hand. Over the next few hours we chatted with Kelly, and were fully briefed on the use of our suits. The pilots noted that the weather was turning bad, but he figured we could definitely get set down, but recovery might be a problem. It was pretty dang warm and humid and we knew we couldn’t walk far in our biosuits without dropping from exhaustion, so I elected to set down in a clearing by the town hall, an area with enough space to land the helo with a clear fire zone around. The helo touched down and we offloaded in full gear and suits, and then took off to circle nearby while we confirmed security of the area.

CA-11 Transporting CA-4 to Link up with CA-17

As it looked like a thunderstorm was about to hit, and we moved out towards the city hall building. Keshawn and I noted the fresh tire tracks and copious recent MG and 20mm shells and damage to nearby buildings. No bodies, but the recon group must have fought a running battle. We followed the tracks around the side of the building and found a Command-Scout vehicle had crashed into a secondary building behind city hall. The hatches were secured, and we saw no trace of the MP personnel.

About that time Tim noted someone coming up the street toward him. This was the first person we had run into and he called out to the man. He didn’t respond to any attempts at communication, but kept walking towards Tim. We noted he wasn’t moving “right” sorta staggering around.  As he got close, suddenly he jerked his head up, yelled at Tim, and lunged at him. Without hesitation, Tim cold cocked him with the Atchison knocking him down to the ground. We pulled out some zip ties, and bound up the crazy guy. The rain was really starting to come down now, so we pulled back into the City hall building for shelter with the bound local. And none too soon.

Keshawn, and I entered the building with our Science team personal, with Fred and Tim pulling up the rear. This was both good and bad. The good, we were out of the rain. More good. Apparently more of those mindless people were starting to run around outside. The Bad…. Well the building had infected people in it. And they moved FAST. We barely entered the room, when 4 or 5 people started rushing us. Harvey,  couldn’t handle it, and started burning thru 9mm rounds from his mac-10 almost hitting Tim in the process. One of the Infected people took a swing at me with a fire axe, but missed. I put him down with a burst of rifle fire. Everyone started firing at that point, at anything which moved. Behind me I could hear Fred burning thru belts of ammo at something outside. Keshawn was using measured bursts of Assault rifle, and Tim with that horrible Atchison just mowed down anything in front of him. By the time the smoke cleared, we noted that Keshawn  had actually been bitten by one of them in the arm, straight thru the resistoweave and Tim had his face sprayed by blood(he had removed the bio helmet earlier to see better) from close ranged multiple shotgun impacts on infected.

We shut and barred the door, and also found that the lights in the building worked. The people(infected) seemed to shun away from the light, so we turned on all the lights we could find in the building. Kelly, Harvey and Tim set up an analysis section in a secured room, and we tried to radio the helicopter but apparently the bad weather forced it to return to base, but it would be back tomorrow to retrieve us.

From blood samples on the bound infected, it was found that the people we had encountered were infected with some type of DNA changing virus. It wasn’t thought to be airborne, but was transmitted thru saliva or blood. We had a few vials of universal antidote, so one was given to Keshawn and Tim, but we kept watch on them just in case. The Kelly said that the infected people basically ran very high temperatures, body systems, and metabolism  consuming huge amounts of energy from their body. They must be constantly savagely hungry. They estimated a 4-6 hr incubation period, and eventually the an infected person would start to go feral with hunger. If they couldn’t consume enough food, the bodys systems would feed on itself, eventually digesting all the muscle and burning itself out. This plague runs very hot and fast, and thus should not be too much of a concern as widespread epidemic problem.

We used the radio, and found that the Recon group was split into 2 parts, but not happy parts. Apparently 2 of the team members were held up in a church in the south side of town with a bunch of kids, while the other 2 members were in CA-17’s other vehicle, a Commando Scout (20mm) near the north end of town. The team commander was nowhere to be found, and both groups believed that he was dead. The MP sure did screw up this team, as no one trusted each other, and both groups wanted us for the few vials of universal antidote and was only thinking of themselves. The Scout group sounded very hostile, effectively demanding that we turn over our supplies of antidote to him. I figured they might have been infected and in the early stages of hostility, or just dicks. While Samantha, and the church group sounded more “sane” and had all those kids to protect with dwindling supplies.

In the church, they said one of their members had been bitten, and was showing signs of sickness. Kelly estimated that if we could reach him in time, the universal antidote could save him.  Looking out, we could see that the infected people visible were very slow and staying in the shadows. With the remaining time until sunset, I figured we could make a run for the church.

We picked up our gear, ditching the biosuits since many of them had rips, and the virus wasn’t airborne. We just needed to keep them away. Tim and Keshawn were running temperatures, but Kelly said that they seemed to be effectively fighting the virus. Just the same, we gave them some extra ration bars to chew on while we walked. We opened the door and started moving quickly down the streets towards the church, able to avoid any conflict for a while.

Super solider Virus A2_Z343

We were about 200 yards from the church, when apparently hunger overrode the dimming light and the infected started coming out of various buildings and moving faster. I tried baiting them away from us by chucking a couple food rations, but it had no effect. Interestingly none of them seemed to be interested in Keshawn or Tim, like they could sense he had some low level infection going from his bite. With just a couple hundred yards to go, we started firing at the infected as they approached us. More and more were showing up, so I popped a flare, figuring the light would make them turn away. It did make them back off but also it attracted the attention of the Commando Scout group. Rodriguez called us over the MP radios and said to hold position and NOT go to the church. They would come and “get” us. As the infected started getting closer, we opened fire and knocked some down. Harvey was freaked out and broke into a full out run for the church. So I gave the order to doubletime it, and make a run for the church. I caught Harvey by the shoulder and basically guided his chicken shit body towards the church doors. We were almost there when the Scout showed up down the street behind us, and started  to fire bursts of 20mm and MG rounds into the infected and our general area. The whole team made it into the church low on ammo, as a woman in Morrow Project uniform stepped out of the church holding out an Armburst. We could hear over the radio that Cathy was warning off Rodriguez in the commando scout. They backed off… we backed into the building and closed the door.

Introductions were made all around and we found ourselves with about a dozen 5-12 yr olds, the priest, and Cathy Henderson (the medic) of  Recon CA-17. They had George Harrison (the driver), the 2nd member tied up in the basement, so Tim and the biotech went to see what they could do. We used another dose of the universal antidote on him, and they thought he had about a 50-50 chance of recovery.

Cathy explained that She, George, and Bishop(team leader) were in the Command Commando Scout, while Rodriguez and Steve were in the teams other Commando Scout(20mm). Apparently the team came into town as evening fell, and Bishop got out to introduce himself to the people, as a good Recon Team leader should. He was grabbed and dragged into a building before anyone could do anything. His screams abruptly stopped and it was all Rodriguez and Cathy could do on the vehicle weapons to keep the infected away, as they made a run for it. As they careened around the city hall building, steve made a quick left turn down an alley. George tried to follow but skidded out on a squished infected person, and the scout imbedded itself into the building where we found it. The infected people kept after Steve’s vehicle (attracted to movement?) which gave Cathy and George the chance to sneak out. They got some type of radio message from people held up in the church and decided to make their way there as a defendable building. Loading up with all the food and Ammo they could carry they fought a running battle to the Church. Apparently an infected person bit George in the process, but they made it. That was yesterday. Cathy was using anything she could find in her medkit to help George, and it slowed the infection enough so that our universal antidote would give him a 50-50 chance by Kelly’s estimate.

The Priest explained that this has been a normal town, in a nice area up until a couple of days ago. Apparently a group of people went to the military base just east of town to see if they could scavenge anything useful after a recent earthquake. They thought maybe the quake shook something loose that they could put to good use. Apparently some room that had been sealed up until now actually broke open from the quake.  They didn’t find any useful equipment, but the room had some barrels of liquid in them that had broken open. Soon after they returned, the group fell sick, and nothing the town “doc” could do would help. That was 3 days ago, and the town just went crazy. Kids are apparently not effected by the virus for some strange reason, and so the priest rounded them up and hunkered down to try to survive.

We ran our backpack radio up to the top of the church for good reception and tried to radio CA-2 to report our situation. Instead of getting our command group, we managed to contact the Crimson King by way of my PDA link to the radio.  The Crimson King, the Bio-specialist AI was on our line asking if we needed help. He was apparently monitoring our radio frequencies as a favor to the other AI, MORGANA and seemed very VERY interested in the bio plague in the town.

At this point, I am pretty sure I made a poor command decision. Crimson King offered to send some “help”. As we were surrounded, in a town of infected people, with dwindling supplies. I said Yes, send some help. It replied that help would arrive about 4am in the morning. We had about 8 hours to hold out. On the one hand…as you will see later in my report… we did get “help”. On the other hand, as you will see later in my report  I did learn that the Crimson King is insane.

We took shifts to get some sleep, but about midnight we got a radio broadcast from close buy. Bishop was Alive! He said he fought his way free from the infected, and wasn’t showing any type of symptoms, but he was wounded and needed help ASAP. Cathy confirmed it was Bishop, and so we figured we could make a run for the Diner he was holed up in and get him back to the church before Crimson King’s help arrived. Geared to move fast, carrying just the basics and ammo, the four of us moved out to get Bishop.

We kept to the alleyways, and stealthily moved thru the streets towards the Diner. Twice we saw an infected, and I dropped them with a suppressed shot from the M21. We were almost to the diner when we just flat out ran into 2 infected people. The fire fight was quick, and I got hit in the foot with a fireaxe… dang it.. when do I get steel toed boots!… but any infected in the area was sure on their way towards us now. There was an open field, some type of park or soccer field in front of the Diner, so we started our way across it. We could hear Bishop on the radio, saying he heard the firing, and wanted to make sure we were OK and still on our way. We started to run and made it into the Diner. We could see Bishop prone behind the counter but something was wrong… Bishop kept talking over the radio, but he wasn’t moving. Then he was asking… “aren’t you going to check my body?”   in the immortal words of Scooby doo…. Rhu-Roh. Everybody spun to face the windows and we could see a line of infected people out there…. Standing …. Staring at us. I called out to Bishop on the radio “what are you doing.. where are you”. “Im right here… looking at you with my friends… stay right where you are and ill come to see you. You should feel the power, its GLORIOUS. Im so strong, and fast, and everying is so clear to me. I can save the world. Join me and we can do GREAT things”.

I replied…. “Um, No.”

Bishop then said… “well, we will just have to do this the hard way, you will see clearly soon enough” And with that, The Infected people started bounding towards us FAST across the parking lot in front. Bishop must be controlling them somehow. I fired off a Flare round which seemed to stun them for a few seconds, but then they kept coming at us. Everyone raised their weapons and started firing at the onrushing tide of sickened humanity. Tim was burning thru his drums of ammo, Keshawn with his measured bursts taking down body after body. Fred was again long bursting MG rounds downrange, piling up their bodies. I let loose a 40mm Flechette round, taking down 10 or more at once. We could hear banging on the back door as they were trying to get in, but it seemed secure for now. We kept burning thru ammo, thinning out the infected enemy. It was about then that we spotted who must have been Bishop standing on the field, with a Tube in his hands. Hmmm not a tube.. an Armburst, going up to his shoulders… aiming at the Diner.     “GET OUT OUT OUT OUT!” We all dived out the windows, and hit the dirt, as the Armburst went into the Diner and blew out any remaining glass. Oh and it vaporized the infected trying to get into the back door too.

Then a bright spotlight was shining across the field in front of the Diner. 20mm and 7.62 rounds started spraying all over the enemy lines from the side, and the infected went down like 10 pins on League bowling night. In a matter of seconds our combined firepower cleared the field, and Bishop was nowhere to be found. Apparently Rodriguez and Steve saw our flare, heard the firefight and came to get us. After a few tense moments we made piece and explained that George was getting better and we should all get back to the church, safely in numbers and firepower. Using the vehicle, we were able to hold to handholds and buzz on down to the church and regroup.

With the Commando Scout guarding the front door, we broke out the reserve ammo from the vehicle, reloading magazines, and supplies. It was about then that Crimson King’s “help” arrived. Over our radio link and outside from some loudspeakers we suddenly heard

“We are here to help you citizen. Stand and be scanned. We need to take samples to ensure that you are uninfected. Contamination Quarantine is in effect, stand by to be decontaminated.”

I climbed up to the top of the church spire and took a look around. I could see some type of vehicles moving towards town, and into the outskirts. Hmm.. that didn’t sounds so bad. I picked up my PDA and contacted Crimson King, apparently thru a local link on the vehicles. “Crimson King here my MASIVs have arrived to help and has determined that quarantine conditions are in effect. We will need to be identified and sampled in order to ensure that we are uninfected.” Ok, we can do that… then I heard over the background of the link one of the local machines “Stop! Present yourself for sampling..” and then a inhuman Buzzing sound like a giant sawblade started up…. This buzzing was drowned out by the HUMAN screaming that followed. Then in a Gleeful voice Crimson King could be heard to say “Congratulations citizen, you are not infected.. move along… come on.. move along… hmm I must review my sampling techniques at a future date to ensure the patient can move afterward. Note taken.” EEK! I decided right then I do not want to be sampled. Then we could hear over loudspeakers in an equally Joyous sounding voice, “Infection identified, stand by for decontamination”… and WHOOSH a great geyser of  fire could be seen on the other side of town… “Decontamination of subject has been successful! Thank you for your coorperation, scanning for further infection…..”  EEK.. I don’t want to be decontaminated either.

We could see many of these vehicles moving thru the outskirts of town, with the sound of an errily psyco voice over loudspeakers, buzzsaws, screams and flamethowers. This is “help”?? Ok.. Bad command decision.

Outside we could hear Steve yell out.. what the hell is that!? And down the street one of Crimson King’s Mobile Active Sterilization Infection Vehicles (MASIV) was coming around a corner and spotted the Commando Scout. This was our first good look at these things, and they looked like they came out of a Doctor Seuss nightmare. On big solid tired, the armored vehicle mounted an articulated arm connected to a turret with a 4 foot buzz saw blade. On the top of the turret is a nozzle which can only be the flamethrower device. With what could almost be called a giggle the MASIV’s loudspeakers said “ Hold still for sampling this won’t hurt me a bit….” As the saw blade spun up to speed.   Im pretty sure the MASIV was saying it won’t hurt itself by sampling us..  Rodriguez spun the turret and let loose with a long burst from the 20mm against the MASIV’s turret. The MASIV spun and started barreling down on it with the saw blade out. A 2nd burst from the 20mm missed and then with a crazy tearing sound the MASIV drove past the Commando Scout, and saw blade sliced clean thru the driver’s area and Steve. By that time we had rushed down the church and into the front area. I took aim with my 40mm and put an HEDP into the MASIV, stopping it cold. But it was too late for Steve.

It was getting early and over our radio we could hear Bishop again. Great that crazy was still alive too. We figured he must have been using the Command Commando Scout radio to talk to our Helo which was back inbound, but an hour or so away. We couldn’t communicate with the Helo yet with our backpack version, but the command vehicles’ extended range radio let him. He was telling our helo that CA-4 was infected and that he needed an immediate dustoff and extraction for himself and the few people with him. Great, now we need to go stop this before he uses the helo to get back to base, infect the people there and take over the world! We determined that the commando scout (20mm) was still mobile cleaned it out as best as we could. Fred held his breath and took control with Kehawn at the gunner’s chair, and Tim and myself as forward scouts. We figured we would try to sneak back to the town square to intercept the helo and get Bishop. Now, if we could just avoid any MASIV’s or Infected, it would be perfect. (good luck!) Kelly, Harvey, Cathy, George, the priest, and Rodriguez would sneak thru the south part of town, and take the kids outside the quarantine cordon where we could meet up with them later. Tim and I scouted ahead and for the first few streets we made good time. Then I spotted a MASIVE a couple hundred yards away, so we doubled back and went around. Two more encounters with a couple of infected, which ended with silenced M21 rounds, and we were approaching the town Square. We could still hear Bishop on the radio, encouraging the Helo to hurry and pick him up. I used our radio to try to warn the Helo off and get confirmation that CA-4 was clean and CA-17’s commander was infected. This was partially successful, until my radio was jammed by Bishop’s more capable vehicle radio. We had to take it out. Then I was very thankful for my improved body armor. Bishop must have been looking for us cause I took a shot in my chest, and was knocked on my ass. Tim dragged me behind the Scout, and out of the line of fire. As a couple more shots came toward us. About then Infected started coming out of the buildings. Keshawn started hosing them down with 20mm rounds and coax MG fire, while Fred hit the gas to get around the town hall to where we had seen the Command vehicle was stuck in the building. Keshawn must have had some idea of where Bishop was, cause he totally hosed down a couple of rooms in a building across the quad.

With the vehicle fire as cover, Tim and I started off running across the square and about that time we heard behind us “Oh citizens…. Please stop to be sampled….. “ BUUZZZZZZZZZ. Oh crap 2 MASIVs were coming up on this area too. Fire and move fire and move, as we followed the commando scout. The MASIVs stopped and stared a great fire on a couple of buildings not more than 100 feet away as infected were pouring out the doorways. The scout made it around the corner and DANG IT… the command vehicle was not there.. we could see it had been dragged out of the building a ways away. With a screech, the Commando Scout shuddered to a hault, the damage from the previous saw blade and abuse of driving too much. Keshawn and Fred got out and started looking for the command vehicle’s location. Tim left me and jumped up onto a building for a clear line of fire. The Helo was circling the area and seemed to be coming down in a nearby field, as we could see what must have been Bishop, and 3 other “people” carrying a kid running out an popping smoke. At that point Tim spotted where the command vehicle had been dragged to and emptied a full drum of shotgun shells at it… He managed to mangle the Antenna, and suddenly the jamming stopped.  I quickly called out on my Radio “CA-11 Helo, this is CA-4 commander Vod Pacheco, authorization code (edit out) Do not pick up CA-17 commander Bishop. He is biohazard infected and extremely dangerous.!”  Bishop tried to override me, but ended up getting really pissed off as the helo pulled up and out of reach. They circled around and then let loose at the 2 nearby MASIV’s with their minigun. All those rounds must have damaged their wheels or something as the MASIV’s stopped moving but kept right on burning anything in range. Luckily we were not in range. About then Keshawn took careful aim at the frustrated Bishop, and blew his head clear off with a well placed shot from the M21 rifle. It was like flicking a lightswitch. All the infected suddenly looked dazed and confused. Any type of coordination stopped and they started attacking each other as well. The Plague must have been going into final stages for many of them, as anything that moved was considered food and they ripped each other apart. Any of them foolish to come our way were put down quickly as the sunlight was making them even less coordinated and clumsy. The helo returned, and ferried us over to where the group from the church was held up. CA-11’s 2nd helo arrived and we loaded up and flew back to base, the entire town seemed ablaze as the MASIV’s completed their sterilization of the area.

We spent the next 2 weeks in isolation, to ensure we weren’t infected, as we nursed our wounds and used the time to do some needed construction on our housing. The Water system is up and running and we even managed to get a solar water heater working on the roof for limited warm showers. The place is getting busy and more and more people are indoctrinated into our group. We have started some regular classes in a few buildings nearby and people are interested in what we have to teach. We try to insert ideas of democracy and freedom and what America was into the various courses of farming, engineering, and mechanics that people are learning to make better lives for themselves. Who knows.. maybe we have the beginnings of a higher level school.

Keshawn’s girlfriend is now about 5 months pregnant and spending more time around our area. That boy needs to make an honest girl out of her soon. Vivianna still spends lots of time around here.. and in my free time I try to go down to her ranch to help out. I’ve managed to get a couple of their old water pumps working again, and even got John Baker from the CA-10 over to the ranch to help with one of their tractors which had broken down. Apparently Vivianna’s got a cousin on the ranch who saw John at the roundup and wanted to be introduced. Vivianna sure was appreciative of my efforts, and Big Jake welcomed him to the ranch like one of the family. Definite possibilities.

Word on the street is that Poole wants us to take a look at the deepwater port in Ventura area. Maybe we will make it a trading run as well.

Project Report:CA- 4 May 2nd, 2161

By , 11/16/2009 9:05 am

Inland Empire Trucking Co.
Recon Team CA-04
Engineering Group High Desert
Frederick Douglass Johnson

Thursday, April 30 (Cont.)

The ball got somewhat political at this point, with Victoria Hamilton giving a speech. She’s from the Kentucky Free State, a little-known entity from back east, with a fairly progressive technological base but a regressive society that includes slavery and a secret police. Victoria married into a prominent Bakersfield family. I can’t see what value this holds either party; the KFS is probably a thousand miles away so this does not seem a useful strategic alliance in terms of defence or trade to me. My guess was she did something really, really bad and she’s been exiled to where she can’t do any damage, and apparently that’s close to the mark. In her speech, she trash-talked the Project, nothing special, although she conceded if we mind our business she’ll mind hers. Her bodyguard, Captain Daniel Droughty of the Secret Police, flipped his gourd and took a shot at me, nothing to worry about, no damage because he was holding back. Maybe that might be something that will crop up in the future, maybe not.

Some of the team talked to Samantha Grey, the “house slave” of Victoria, and she filled in some blanks. I wasn’t part of the discussion so I can’t comment.

After, we met Generalissimo Fransisco Mansia of the Imperial Mexican Army. He was a little annoyed at us, especially as I’d reminded him during the speech yesterday of the reinforced mechanised infantry battalion we kicked ass on a week or so ago. He issued some vague threats, we didn’t know at the time how creditable they were.

Friday May 1st.

This was the day where our previous groundwork paid off. We were having our own soiree at the Dewdrop Inn, hosting local business and religious leaders, plus the USMC and USAF generals. There was a nice demonstration of our action against the Imperial Mexicans, although we weren’t invited to attend.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense; the Project needs to make as mileage as possible of its victories. The best way is to make sure it makes heroes out of recognisable faces like Vod, and at the least we should have been there to give a first-person account.

Prior to our party, there was a high-level meeting to arrange a cease-fire with the Imperial Mexicans. We, of course, were also not invited. There was another party being hosted by the Bakersfield contingent at the same time.

It’s important to mention is that at our party, one of the monks from the abbey explained what may have been happening with Kira Krell. I didn’t get his name. He said that some people had abilities, powers that could be used to cloud people’s minds, influence them. There had always been plenty of legends about mutants after the war, but never confirmed. Lots of stories!

Mindful of the Generalissimo’s threats we took some basic security precautions, knowing that sometimes truces are broken to assassinate enemy leaders. Someone’s guards is down, and important targets are all located in one spot. It does happen, although not often. It’s a high risk strategy but can really pay off. We set up a command post with all our weapons aside from sidearms and a MARS to man the radios, and posted a lookout on the roof (Keshawn with a sniper rifle). We set up a alert code over the radio.

What happened next is still somewhat unclear, although my memory has largely returned. Supposedly heading out of town, the Imperial Mexicans approached under escort by 2 Marine Humvees. They had 2 APCs and a deuce truck. When they got close, Keshawn noticed that the Humvees had bullet holes and blood smears on the window, and he gave the alert signal. We dropped what we were doing and went into action.

Keshawn kept watch as they approached, Vod and I rushed to the command post to get our weapons, Tim headed out the back to get some heavy firepower into action. Travis and Rick started giving a warning and ushering people towards the exits.

Without waiting to put on my armour, I grabbed my stuff and ran for the front desk, to try and hold the front door. Vod paused to gear up in the command post. A captured Marine Humvee, an APC and the truck parked out front and opened fire, while a Humvee and APC went around to the rear. Keshawn did some outstanding work, sniping the Humvee gunner, the deuce gunner and harassing the APC.

Under cover of the APC the first wave of “disposable” commandos came through the front door. They took down the marine guard that came out of the Presidential ballroom, where Poole, the marine and Air Force general were taking cover from the fifty-cal and twenty-two mike-mike fire chewing through the front of the hotel. A lot more holes appeared in the desk as bullets and what I think was a laser passed through it, coming and going. I’m not afraid to say I was hugging the deck, trying to keep my ass from catching some of those holes! I was told Vod took out the guys to the left of the door. I saw, through the holed punched in the reception desk, the legs of a couple guys to the right of the desk. I blew the legs off one and just tagged the guy behind him with my shotgun. The second guy fired back at me with his MP5. I shot him, I think in the arm and head, with my Python. It’s kind of fuzzy.

Out the back, Tim was waging a one-man war with the second Humvee and APC, who were busy shooting the hell out of our vehicles in the rear. I think he shot the Humvee driver with his sidearm, a great shot, hear, and the Humvee crashed through the wall of the kitchen. Then he fired an Armbrust rocket and took out the APC, blowing off a track. No doubt about it, Tim’s a one-man wrecking machine! On top of the building, Keshwan kept picking off Mexicans, specifically any gunner. They started returning fire at him, and Keshawn dropped a grenade near the front door but it went wide.

Inside, the VIPs started to be hustled out the kitchen, while the second more “professional” commando wave came in the front door. One guy out his M60 on the desk without seeing me below, and I blew his head off with a single round. Vod burned the rest, and then they got desperate and rammed an APC through the front wall. Vod, in a move that was pretty risky, blew it up with a 40mm grenade. That touched off the ammo, and that’s all I remember, I woke up in hospital.

Later, I found out the Marine’s HQ was raided and a lot of command officers killed. So was the Bakersfield party; Victoria wasn’t present but other VIPs were butchered before the assassins were driven off. We took some casualties, including several Project personnel. The Mexicans sent in helicopters to pick up their commandos and Tim, of course, immediately shot one down using a Stinger missile. MORGANA was able to provide some intelligence but wasn’t able to get a drone in the air in time.

All-in-all, we were both lucky, but things also went our way because we were prepared. If our weapons had been in our rooms or out back the commandos would have taken the front doors with no problem and had the VIPs trapped. As well, if they had stationed an APC and Humvee out the front to block that exit, a Humvee and APC out the back to shoot up the vehicles, and sent the commandos in the unprotected side door, they would have done a lot better.

We’ll do what we can to capitalise on this event. Luckily, we had everything recorded through our PDAs, video and sound. This was to make a record of the night but it so happens we now have a record of what happened. We can show people what happened, and what the Mexicans did will rightfully get people up in arms. We need to channel that, get people working for the future. Make them understand this is not just a border skirmish but a war, one we can only fight if we’re united. I also wouldn’t be surprised if MARS might not make contact with us. We may not necessarily be carrying out it’s prime goal but it can’t have escaped it’s notice we have both kicked serious ass and we’re trying to promote more centralised government, which is at least part-way along where it wants to go.

MISSION UPDATE: CA-4 April 1st – 4th 2161

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DATE: 4/01/2161 to 4/4/2161
LOCATION: CG- 2 FOB at CCI in Tehachapi Valley.
REPORTER: Commander Vod Pacheco, Recon CA-4

Rescue and Evacuate Science Team CA-1”
We are going to need a bigger Boat”

Objective– Team CA-1, in their SCIENCE-1 Vehicle is under heavy attack by Mexican forces. They have requested assistance in evacuating themselves and 300+ People from the UCIrvine Area. CA-4 is being sent to assist them, with CA-3 (Mars) team in their Phoenix M1 Tank as backup.


No rest for the tired and exhausted. We just got the Radio relay station activated, when CA1 came on the line indicating they were under heavy attack. Poole said to get the station totally online, and then get ourselves down to Cajon on the I15/138 interchange.

Apparently CA-9 has overhauled our vehicle, putting in a new computer, and some exterior armor plates, and cargo hookups. They will rush our vehicle down to meet us and take the horses off our hands.

Everyone bedded down in the cramped quarters of the 2 rooms for the night.

Morgana communicated to us and offered to ally with us asking for access to our net. This is something I’m thinking about. She could be a powerful force for us.


Rick and Vod finished up at the Relay site, while the others went down the mountain a little early to see if anything could be discovered looking at the bodies from the ambush yesterday. Something was strange about those guys, not having any type of emotional effect from the overwhelming firepower used to break out of the ambush. Apparently the team reached the site, and found blood trails.. But no bodies. They followed the trail a little ways but were unable to tell much in the short time available.

Rick and Vod rejoined the group and we all went down to the head o the trail to get a hot meal, and then mount up on the horses for Cajon. We rode thru the town of Wrightwood, stopping long enough to say hi to the sheriff and confirm that things are on the mend between Carlston Lumber and the local blackfeather group. But we knew that the longer we waited.. The more people died. And we needed to make UCI that night. So we pushed on thru down hwy 2 and 138, eventually making it to Cajon where we were greeted by an exhausted CA9 group.

As promised our V150 was refitted and reequipped. Apparently they have been visiting various caches, and pulled out what Anti-Armor weapons they found to assist us. The Mexicans reportedly have APCs and some tanks, believe it or not. They stripped out all the extra gear from our V150, and replaced it with Dragon Launcher, with 3 missiles, an M202 Flash launcher with 3 sets of reloads, and a couple extra cases of ammo, grenades, and 40mm grenades. Dang.. What were we getting ourselves into?

Cajon also is the site of the “Highway Patrol” and a Major “Truckstop” for trading. The place stank from the local biofuel production facility. It was obvious to us that we needed a guide, so Fred took the lead and somehow transported us back to the 60’s… the 1960s that is. The Pot smoking Hippy guys who clustered around the VW Bus could have been on their way to Woodstock, except for the extra armor, and weapons bolted to their bus. Fred negotiated with the hippies and one of them agreed to guide us down to UCI. Meanwhile we went to the CHP office to find out any Intel on the roads as well from them. Here, Fred got kicked in the shins as he tried to “barter” the use of our new radio relay, even dropping hints as to where it was located. I bet that location just became the “you screwed up and now spend 3 months guarding this hilltop” assignment for High Desert MP.(note to self.. don’t screw up.. its freaking cold up there). We could have hired a CHP escort, but figured we needed to get on the road in order to make it to UCI by 1-2am. Perhaps future teams could use the CHP if needed.

We had 2 options… I15, which had more gang activity, or I215 which apparently is more of a war zone with artillery round going off. I bet the artillery is sending the gangs which usually were near I215 towards I15. With just our one vehicle.. we should be able to scoot past or shoot past anything we run into.

We were making 20-30mph or so and everything was cool for about 15 miles. Fred was watching out back, with his LMG on a post mound, while Keshawn was on the 25mm and I was head out, looking around. Both Keshawn and I spotted some movement in some buildings on the side of the road. They must have had radios, cause about a minute later a bunch of cars and motorcycles came barreling down an onramp behind us, in Hot pursuit. I don’t think their radios were working too well, or they might have realized that when you pull the tail of a tiger…. Expect to get bit. Or in this case… Mauled. The Gangers were driving some crazy way on the road, they must have known this stretch of the road well, and were gaining on us steadily. I ordered the Turret rotated around to face the rear, and warned Fred we were rotating around so he could get clear. The Gangers had some Nitrous or something because a couple of their vehicles were making crazy noise and acceleration. I let loose on the Mag58, and Keshawn took a bead with the 25mm. The Mag58 took out one vehicle, and it swerved off into a piling. BAM. One down. Keshawn let loose with the 25mm, and must have hit the Nitrous tank, because it went up with a WHOOOSH. I got tossed back in my seat, and will have bruises on my chest for a while. The rest of the team was scrambling for firing ports in the rear, and I let loose with another burst from the Mag. I missed the first time, but walked the rounds right into the driver, and it too swerved out of the way. One of the trucks has some type of cannon, and put a hole in the back of the V150. No one was hurt, and that vehicle didn’t last long as Keshawn poured about 15 rounds of 25mm into it. Small arms fire from the rear of the V150 was taking out some bikers as they came too close and apparently Hannah tripped and let out a few rounds inside. Keshawn took one in the thigh, but I wasn’t serious. A few more seconds, and all the vehicles were burning… and the few bikers left were running the opposite way. We rode on.. Tim bandaging the few friendly fire hits… into the Republic of Corona.

Corona is a strange town. Sort of a “Don’t mess with us and you can stay here if you pay enough” We spotted a Mexican army unit, and what appeared to be mercenaries and various groups all over the compound. They gave us our paperwork and we paid for the “luxury” of using the crossroads. Apparently that is where they get their money, my taking a skim off the top of anyone doing any type of trading or salvaging.

We heard from CA3, the Mars unit, and they said that they were about 3 hrs behind us in Cajon, and were moving to assist south down our route.

Morgana came on the line again, and I made the executive decision to allow her access to our Net. The advantage she presented us was just too good to give up. She had an aerial drone in the air, and was giving us live feeds from UCI and the surrounding area. It was even armed with a couple of Hellfire’s which she would use if we were “threatened” in her opinion. We moved on down the 91, then 241 south, chatting with Morgana on the radio, and getting a feel for the tactical situation. Eventually we took the 261 down into Irvine, and contacted the CA1 to find the plan. They were south west of the 405 in what used to be the University Town Center. Under heavy fire and being approached from 3 sides. There are 3 bridges in tact across what used to be the San Diego Creek Channel… the 405, which is a 10 lane monster, Campus drive which is little more than a causeway, and Macarthur Drive, which is the only span left from the 73 hwy group. CA1 was planning a diversionary attack at 300am, and we needed to clear/secure the campus drive bridge by then preferably quietly.

We made it into the area about 1am and were north of the campus Dr Bridge getting the lay of the land from some local citizens willing to help us out. CA1 had been awake since early December 2160 and had made friends with them. There were some units on each of the 3 bridges. The 405 had a couple of vehicles, Campus drive only a single APC with a squad of men, and Macarthur drive had what appeared to be a couple of Humvees parked on it with 12-20 men around.

Evacuate CA-1


Tanks and Trucks and APCs oh My!

4/4/2161 – 1AM

Tim and Hanna took the Dragon and the M21 out on to a spit of land which overlooked the Campus Drive as well as the road going along the side of the river. And the V150 crept up on the causeway until it could see both campus drive as well as Macarthur Drive bridges. Travis and Rick stayed in the vehicle while Keshawn, Fred and Vod took silenced weapons and approached down the side of the road towards the APC and people on Campus Drive.

All was going to plan, and we had crept up to about 30 feet. I could see through the lowered back ramp of the APC, some type of Tracked vehicle with what appeared to be a 20mm autocanon, and it had one guy in it facing away, crouched over the Radio. A couple of guys were keeping warm around a fire, and there were some sleeping on the ground nearby. We even spotted a mortar pit across the road from us which probably had a few more sleepers. We were just getting set up when SNAP… Fred hit a twig. “Did you hear something?” Dang it… one of them started walking towards us… we all froze… but he got close enough and started to say… “Hey I think…. “ Fth fth fth…… a burst from my silenced MP5 stitched up his body and he dropped like a rock. I vocalized over the radio… “take them out”. At the same time, I relayed to CA-1 to start Jamming all the Mexican radio transmissions. Keshawn used his suppressed G36 and started knocking down the others. Fred jumped up behind a log which was put across the road and used a silenced pistol on the others. Vod took aim and after a couple of bursts… the radio operator went down. Fred was double tapping enemies as they woke up or started coming at us. Keshawn picked off one sentry from the other side of the bridge… and then the other sentry started running… Vod tried with the last of his MP5 ammo.. but missed. Hanna even tried with the M21 on the mudspit.. but missed. Keshawn took one last burst.. and downed him. Fred called out “give up.. put your hands up” and the remaining Mexicans did. Wow… we actually took the enemy down silently!

Time was running short and we had about 15 min until CA1 started their distraction attacks. We let CA1 know that the bridge would be clear in about 5 min and they could start moving civilians towards the bridge when ready. I radioed Travis to bring the V150 up to pull the log out of the way… while I jumped into the Mexican APC… and started it up. Luckily my construction equipment work let me know how to run a tracked vehicle. I used the APC to push the log on the south side of the bridge out of the way.. then moved it around to the north side. Keshawn said he could run a mortar decently, took stock of the ammo, and I had him take aim for MacArthur bridge. Meanwhile Hanna and Tim pulled up stakes and came in from the mudflats to rejoin us at the north end of the bridge. Tim set up the Dragon again to cover the south end and road. Fred jumped into the 20mm command spot.. and I grabbed Hannah and the demo pack to wire the bridge. A few minutes later… we could hear all hell break loose with CA1, and Keshawn started dropping rounds on the vehicles and people on the bridge. The idea was general mayhem, and with using the mortars, they had no idea where the fire was coming from. Morgan confirmed that the Mexicans on 405 bridge were racing southwest towards the diversionary attack, and out of position to block us on our planned escape route.

Civilian vehicles of all sorts started driving across the bridge heading north. Tim spotted a couple of Mexican vehicles driving along the south road towards our bridge. Morgan confirmed that they were an enemy T72 and another APC. Tim took aim with the Dragon while Rick and Fred aimed with the v150 and APC main guns. Tim fired the Dragon.. and hit.. but not critically. It swerved, but didn’t stop. Rick and Fred both opened up.. and 25mm/20mm rounds quickly dispatched the APC. The T72 fired a couple of rounds, and one hit Fred’s APC. Luckily it didn’t explode.. and Fred jumped out, heading for the V150.. Tim reloaded and a 2nd shot hit the T72, as it drove into the water and stopped. All the civilians made it across and we loaded up in the V150 with Keshawn in normal gunner seat, and me out the top with the remote detonator.

The Science-1 burst out thru a building and headed towards the bridge.. trailing smoke. Not more than 10 seconds later, another T72 rolled out of the building on it’s tail. The T72 fired but missed everyone. Keshawn started firing the 25mm, rounds bouncing off, but hopefully distracting the enemy. The Science 1 made it across the bridge.. and Keyshawn managed to knock the right tread out of the T72, as it came to a rest in the middle of the bridge… I hit the detonator switch… and the bridge went down, with the T72 into the muck. More enemy units were heading our way, but we quickly pulled north out of sight, and rejoined the Science1 vehicle, which successfully put out the fire in the rear.

Everyone formed up, and we headed out, trying to outrun the enemy into the hills. We were making good time, but he civilian vehicles couldn’t go too fast. Morgan said her drone was running out of fuel, and had to return to base. Before she exited the area, she informed us that about 10 Mexican Tanks/APC/Trucks were following us, and estimated that the Mexicans would overtake us at their current rate of speed on the 241 just past Irvine Lake.

6:15am 4/4/2161

We kept going, and were relieved to hear from CA-3, the Mars Group. They were monitoring our situation, and had set up a defensive position across a river crossing/bridge. We had about 20 minutes until the Mexican showed up.. and during that time we scavenged some Armburst missiles, more 25mm ammo and another pair of Dragon missiles. Tim even pulled the Mk2 Laser unit from the Science vehicle. CA-3 placed their Phoenix Tank squarely in the road, and their 2ndary vehicle with a Mk19 40mm grenade launcher behind. The V150 was hull down behind a tree trunk, with our personnel spaced out from it with infantry weapons.

Then we started hearing the buzzing. It took a few minutes, but we spotted 4 aircraft approaching our position. Great…. The Mexicans had air support. And we left the stinger missiles with the science 1. Keshawn cranked up the 25mm to use in Anti-air mode.. and Tim even aimed with the Mk2 Laser. The first aircraft aimed at our V150. Keshawn let off with the 25mm and a few rounds must have hit. It dropped a couple of bombs, but they flew wide. The next one suddenly lost a wing, as Tim pegged it with the Laser. As the 3rd plane approached we heard the Gatling laser on the Phoenix spin up.. and the plane just vaporized… The 4th plane took a burst from the 25mm and went down as well.

We all then turned to face south and awaited the ground forces. A pair of T72 and a couple of APCs crested the rise and we all opened up. The V150 took down an APC, while I hit a T72 with a Dragon. The T72 wasn’t knocked out and popped smoke. Fred, manning the Mag58 on the V150 was letting off his long bursts, at the trucks and people who began to dismount. The Phoenix Tank spun up but missed the T72 and made a bunch of holes the ground. Tim fired an Armburst, and pegged another APC, turning it into scrap as people jumped out behind a boulder. The T72 in the smoke stuck out is nose, and fired, but missed. The Phoenix tracked over and a bunch of pretty beams of light in the smoke highlighted the damage done, as holes appeared thru one side of the tank and out the other. It stopped working.

A 2nd group of vehicle followed the first, a couple of trunks, another T72 and an APC. The Mars M19 Humvee let off a long burst of 40mm grenades among the vehicles, doing all sorts of damage. Tim took out a truck with an Armburst and the Phoenix turned another T72 into Swiss cheese. At that point people dismounted behind the bolder opened fire with a 50cal on our V150. A couple of rounds hit us and penetrated our armor. I pulled out the M202 rocket launcher and turned the bolder area into a 2000 degree inferno. Another bunch ov 40mm grenades, and MG rounds and the Mexicans had enough. They turned around, and ran back south.

We assessed the damage to our vehicle. And we suffered our first major casualty on the team. one of the rounds hit Travis in the head, and did a nasty job on him. Tim ripped out his Medpack and went to work, and amazingly managed to stabilize him. The computer got hit again! We have to retrofit some serious Armor plate around that thing once CA9 replaces it. We quickly moved up the road to rendezvous with CA-1 and they managed to hook Travis into a medbed to further help him out. They said he would probably survive.. but wouldn’t be the same again.

Everyone mounted up, and we convoyed back up to the high desert and back to the ranch. Not a single ganger even poked their nose out at us with all the firepower we had visible.

Poole said we would have a week or two off, as they organized things. We noticed that he and Martha of CA-7 were practically inseparable.. and they seemed to be getting along much better. Apparently they had made peace of some sort. CA-4 laid claim to one of the buildings in the old prison and we will use some of our down time to fix it up like home as much as possible. Being so far out of time….. it would be good to have a place to put down some roots, and call home..

MISSION LOG: CA-4, March 31st to April 2nd, 2161

By , 07/29/2009 12:54 pm

Wrightwood California April 2161

DATE: 4/02/2161
LOCATION: Mt. Baden Powell, Ca.
REPORTER:Commander Vod Pacheco, Recon CA-4


“Activate the Radio Relay station”


“What the heck do you want to go up that mountain for?”

Objective– Due to lack of Satellite communications, we have been assigned to travel by horseback/foot to the top of Mt. Baden Powell to activate the Auxiliary ground based Radio relay station.

 After the week of R&R from the reuinion of CA2, CA4 and the Lazy 8/CA-7 we were assigned the mission to activate the Radio Relay station. Seeing as how most of us were pretty rusty at horseback, and because I wanted to see how Fred would handle it, I decided to have the team travel the whole way on horseback.

            The newly awakened CA-9 Vehicle Support team is repairing and modifying our V-150. This should be ready for us once our current mission is completed.

            I went thru the trade pack and pulled out some lightweight items we could use along the way as needed, including Swiss army knives, game traps, disposable lighters, hunting knives, etc.


The Ride out the Tehachapi valley and down the 14 was uneventful. We stopped again at the roadside diner in Rosamond, but this time we had Fred to negotiate a suitable trade for a meal. There were some snickers of recognition, and I’m reminded of how much I overpaid for our last meal, so I ate in silence.


We approached the foothills in palmdale where hwy 14 enters what was the Angeles National Forest Mountains, and spotted a very tired man driving a wagon, with what appeared to be a sick girl in the back, leading a cow. I called a stop and hailed the man, asking what was the matter.  He explained that his little girl was sick and he was taking her to the “Docs” in Palmdale to see if they can help, although he had no idea how he would pay them. I know we don’t have an endless supply of help, but this is the kind of thing that we joined up for. This looked like one small opportunity to spread the word that Morrow teams can help people and are not just guys with guns. A little “grass roots” story could somehow come back to help in the future. I asked our medic Tim to take a look and see what he could do for the girl. After a little work at convincing the man, Jacob, that Tim truly was a medic, even though he doesn’t have any “doc” id, he was able to figure out she had an infection, probably from drinking bad water. A small dose of antibiotics and Jacob invited us back to his farm for the night.

            The Farm, wow… Jacob is what would truly be called a dirt farmer. A Cow, which he figured he would have to use to pay the docs, and some rudimentary foodstuffs. Jacob, and his wife Michelle had 3 kids, and they were proud of what they had. Hanna took a hint, and thru “woman to woman” communication, was very subtle in breaking out some of our supplies to “help” out in the kitchen. (and leave this family a little extra to help). Tim was able to identify that an old well was the cause of the infection, and was able to get the kids to understand that the well is what made them sick.

            We bunked down for the night, and most of us slept well. I say most, because apparently Tim had some crazy dream. It involved some Monks, apparently talking “to” him and giving him directions about some reference book in their library.  In the morning we talked to Jacob, and he said that there was a monastery up the road where a bunch of monks make Cider, and help the local farmers with some farming advice and techniques.  He asked about all our gear, and we explained we were heading up into the mountains. “what the heck do you want to go up there for?” we said.. that’s where we need to go.



            We left the farm in the morning, and began the road up into the mountains. We encountered some monks with a stuck wagon, and with a little mud on our clothes, got them unstuck. They invited us back to St Andrews Monastery for some cider and refreshments. The Monastery was a fortified compound, with 10 foot stone/concrete walls. The Monks apparently do what they can to help out the farmers around them. We explained the Morrow Project mission to them and the fact that we are around to help as well. They were amazed in thinking that we were perhaps part of a group that came thru some 75 years ago. Military “US military” people in Cammo BDUs with a Tank or APC of some type. They apparently were searching for some other groups, but they didn’t have the same insignia on their uniforms as we do. So some other group is out there……. Perhaps the Marines know something about this in their history?

            They mentioned that the land up road is claimed by the “blackfeather” tribe, which is at odds with the townsfolk of Rightwood and the Carsdale lumber company working the area.  Also apparently the local Ranching group is not taking care of their bondsman very well, thus the poor state of Jacob and family.

            Meanwhile Tim apparently went off to the library to talk to some monks about his “dream” (see Tims report for more details) He came back with some access card which he turned over to me.


            The town of Wightwood was about 6 miles away, so we decided to leave the monastery and make the town by nightfall. Traveling up the road, we came across and old man in leathers, who appeared to be a native or “Indian” straight out of the old movies. We approached him and he challenged us, asking why we were travelling on his land. I apologized for trespassing, unaware that the road was not available to who ever needed to travel. I explained that we were not here for hunting, or trespassing, and just wanted to pass thru to the town up the road. At that point we noted that he had a bandage on his upper arm that was bleeding. Tim came up and offered to help out, and was able to extract the arrow shaft that was stuck in his arm. Nighteyes explained that the Carlsdale lumber company attacked and kidnapped 2 of their people. We gave him one of our blankets in trade for access on the road and said that we would talk to the Carlsdale company to see if we could recover his people. (or figure out what truly is going on) We asked about the trail up in the mountiains and he asked what the heck we wanted to to up there for… I replied that it was where we needed to go.


            Traveling up the road towards the town, we came up on wha appeared to be the scene of a fight with a shot up wagon pulled off the side of the road. The alert went out and everyone began to disperse off the road as “BANG” a big cloud of smoke from a tree and a bullet whizzed by us. A Crossbow bolt hit Keshawn int eh chest. No damage thanks to his armor, but  it knocked him off his horse. Everyone began to spot people hiding in trees, or by bushes, and the bullets started flying. Hanna shot the guy out of the tree, and I loosed a short burst into a guy in a bush. Tim just about vaporized 2 guys with that shotgun of his. It was practically over before it began, and the attackers were down or running away.  We checked the bodies, and they had this “crimson Eye Tatoo” which one of the guys recognized from some Stephen King novel for the Crimson King. We were able to rescue a woman from the wagon, her name Paulina, from the Carlsdale lumber company.    

We figured something was going on, since these attackers weren’t from the black feather tribe so someone might be trying to stir the pot and get the two groups fighting.

We loaded two of the bodies with us to prove to the Carlsdale company people who attacked their wagon, and also because something didn’t seem right about the bodies to Tim. He thought that he might be able to check them out better in town. Once we got to the town, and past the old Geezer “guarding” the gate we went up to the Carlsdale co. offices. They were thankful for the Paulina, and the wagon, and after explaining about the bodies, understood that perhaps it wasn’t the blackfeather tribe causing the problems they have been having. They also denied kidnapping the blackfeather tribe people so that too gave evidence that some 3rd party was at work.

I went into the “Starbucks” bar and met Ted, some huge 7’ man and asked about some medical offices. He laughed some and said old Hacksaw had a place across the way, but it was dubious that we would exit better.. or worse. Tim took the bodies over to Hacksaws place and arranged to use the space to “autopsy” them. (ick) We radioed back to CA-2 and were surprised to find that he had awakened CA5, the medical team and Tim’s wife said that he should not get killed (good advice). Tim found that the bodies had radiation burns. The backs of their hands were a little radioactive, but they had various scorch marks.  Also their organs were all there.. but something was “strange”. See Tim’s report for more details, but he was able to send digital pictures and sample results via uplink to CA-5 for analysis later.

I played a little poker with the sheriff, hoping for some information. He said that there hasn’t been any trading up the “2” recently, which is strange for this time of year.  Only hwy 138 is active.  We asked about the trail up the 2 and into the mountains, he asked “what the heck do you want to go up there for?” I said that it was where we needed to go.


4/1/2161 – April fools day.

            We awoke in the town early, and got a hot breakfast in before hitting the trail. The objective was to get to the top of Mt. Baden Powell and to the Radio Relay station today. We rode out of town, and up what used to be hwy 2. Keshawn and a few others noticed that we were being followed. He broke off the trail and tried to circle around to see who it was. Low and behold 2 hunters from Nighteyes group said that they were under orders to follow us and make sure we were safe. Ok… that’s nice.

            Keshawn rejoined us and we reached the foot of the mountain where we needed to leave the horses. The climbing gear was distributed out and we began to hike up the mountain trail.

            Freeking in the middle of nowhere we are attacked. And not by a few people. The group handled the ambush well, spreading out and covering zones. Bodies began to fly and from Tim’s shogun, vaporize. Just when we thought we had things under control, Hanna turned around and saw 2 dozen bodies in the ground with arrows all thru them. Apparenlty it was good that Nighteye’s group was covering us as we didn’t even notice the enemy behind us! (note to self… check 6) How did they know we were there? In the middle of some trail to the top of some mountain. ARG. “what the heck did they want up here?” We checked the bodies and they too had this Crimson King tattoo on them. They also didn’t act at all scared of the copious use of fully automatic weapons ripping their comrades apart. Something is defiantly strange. 

            We completed the climb and made the peak with no injuries. After a little looking and digging, we found the access panel and gained entry to the radio relay station. Following the instructions in our Ipods we activated the station and contacted Cmd Poole. We also got connection to NV-2(see first log entry upon waking up) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Then CA-1 the science team came on the line. They reported that they were under heavy attack by Imperial Mexian forces, including Artillery and Armor. They were low on ammo and down at UC Irvine with about 300 militia and civilians. They requested immediate assistance. I passed this too to Cmd Poole who said to continue getting all equipment up and running and he would get back to us. With the servers powering up and in self checks, the MorrowNet came online, and I wasted no time posting pictures of Fred on horseback to prove it happened. Poole came back online, and said that we were to spend the night up there, and then first thing get down the mountain and to Cajon. CA-9 had completed our vehicle refit, and it would be waiting there for us. We needed to get there, and then Race off to assist CA-1 out of UC Irvine. No rest for the weary.

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