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After Action Report: Bank Robbery and Chase of the Black Hand Gang, November 2nd, 2162

By , 08/04/2014 10:34 pm

DATE: 11/01/2162
REPORTER: Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department

Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department

Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department



“So this thing is going to record my voice. You are kidding me. How can something that small record my voice?”

Another voice in the background: “Trust me it does. Its called a PDA and it works just fine”

“Okay if you say so. Can I start now?”

The other voice responds: “Yes you can start when you’re ready”

“Okay then. So from what I saw in the aftermath of the gunbattle at the Bank in town, 4 of the gang were shot by you fella’s pretty damn quick and taken down. The 2 more got away in a motor vehicle and headed up north towards the border with the Republic.

Now I know something of those assholes up north in the republic. Even though they say there big on law and order, those Krell bastards are a real lying piece of shit, if you asked me. They keep saying one thing but everyone knows that there is a damned lot of these bandits that are called contract merc groups by the Krell government.

They give protection to them (and I think they must get a cut of the action) but they never own up to that fact. Pisses me and every other lawman off.

So the Black Hand Gang are well know in the Missouri area as a contract to hire merc group that specialize if raiding. I know about it as I was just up at my cousins funeral in Missouri and a fellow badger was drunk and talked all about them. Real professional scum bags and there leader is called “The Cobra” and she has an heart of ice. Killed her old man when she was 14 when he tried to touch her is what the rumors say.

Well, The sheriff tells me that he wants me to go with you Morrow Project Fella’s in your big armoured truck thing and track down the gang and capture or kill them all. I look at your truck, or I think you called it a V – Something, and say sure, as it looks like it has a lot of balls, and it just looks like it could destroy a entire regiment of bandits.

So in the morning we head out and follow the tracks in the snow by the black hang van and it takes us to the ruins of Picher. Now I only been up here once or twice as its a really messed up place with all the sandhills in the middle of the town and the town is pretty much all just ruins after everyone left 100 years or so ago.

So entering the ruins we spot the van on the side of the trail we been following.

Now the morrow team is really hopped up on coffee (which they have shared with me) and its really great stuff. I do not know were they get it, but I sure would like to know as would the sheriff ….

Voice in the distance: “Could we get back to the Report?”

Ahhh sure, Oh ya, the vehicle was off to the side of a bunch of ruins and a large 3 story building was prehaps 20 yards or so away from it.

Ruby, the red head women was up in the commander’s position with a Large evil looking Machinegun, and Tim, the Doc, was walking to the left side of the teams V – thing. I think Vod the team commander was out to the right also walking. I being the smartest of everyone, was staying in the middle of the armoured truck with lots of steel between me and the bandits.

So Ruby or someone outside says they see some bandits and all hell breaks lose. Pretty Sure that Ruby fired like million rounds or so as all this brass comes raining down the hatch and one falls down my jacket and burns my neck. Then I hear the Gunner say “Clear” and a BOOM! The V – something rocks like a buffalo kicked me and there is a loud explosion near by as the gunner actually giggles and says “Lets load one of the AP Rounds next!”.

Outside there is a lot of small arms fire and some sounds of small arms hitting the hull. I spend my time moving from one vision block to another vision block trying to get a view of what is going on. But with the smoke, burning truck, and the sound of the MG on the top blazing away, I can’t tell anything of what is going on.

Soon I see the turret rotating again and then another BOOM! as another building – wall – person is blown to bits. After this I hear VOD call for a cease fire and I venture outside to see the wreckage.

Wow, you Morrow Project types just don’t mess around. Or I mean you sure do leave a mess around as I spot bits of dead, burning bandit, all over the ground.

I think The lady (Cobra) got away, but the money from the town bank was recovered, and there was a huge amount of dead bandits let in the snow.

So after a another cup of that great coffee that you guys made for me we get back into the vehicle and drive back.

So Thats about it. But I do have to hand it to you all. You sure make an impression with the locals and the wildlife.

The other voice responds: ” Thank you for your time, Deputy”

No Problem. Could I now have those extra packets of coffee you promised?

The other voice responds: “Sure”


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