Terrarch Chronicles RPG in GURPS 4.0 Intro

By , 10/27/2012 11:05 pm

William King has a new series of Books about The Eldar Races (Think Call of Cuthluu ) meets Magic meets revolutionary war technology.

You have Humans (That are second class citizens) and there Betters the Terrach (Think Elves). In a modern context think of the Nobles (Terrach) and the Commons (Humans).

The technology is 1770’s as are the uniforms and general way of things. You have cannons, dragons, daemons, muskets, pistols, magical swords, horrors from the deep.

Its actually quite cool how everything is mixed and it makes since to the reader.

So I am going to do a series of Updates for a Campaign using GURPS 4.0.

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