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Operation Lucifer Cover


The original Operation Lucifer takes place with the awakening  of Recon Team G-5 in the middle of Wisconsin in spring 2151 by the computer system Damocles . There mission is to find a dud Nuclear Bomb before various other not so nice people find it. Its a pretty standard Team Vs environment plus for extra excitement Team Vs an army of Krell (also trying to find the Bomb).

I have always liked the adventure as a smart team can actually live through it and at the same time help common people. So looking at it in my campaign (that takes place with the war in 2017 Vs 1989) I decided to mix things up a bit.

1) Team G-5 does awaken at the regular time but does not find the bomb and eventually goes to grown in Wisconsin. Eventually they help a small community and raises there families there. ( http://henrick.com/ca4/?p=474 ). When Prime Comes on line (almost 20 years later) they do respond and become a source of information about Wisconsin.  Eventually they hear of a Krell Army that is moving towards Wisconsin (at La Cross WI as in the adventure) that is looking for a old nuclear weapon system. As the Team is in there 60’s and equipment out of service, they request help from Prime Base. Thus our team of Morrow Project troubleshooter CA-4 comes in.

Now any team could have been woken up or brought into play for this task. I wanted the team not to have all the shiny toys that a new team would have so I recommend that the team be a team without a lot of gear (Frozen Watch comes to mind). Its a nice twist to have the team without all the huge amounts of gear that they normally have.

In My campaign I airlifted the team to be dropped out of the back of an ancient C-130 that was hired by the Project to get the team from California to Wisconsin.


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