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So as a Project Director (or Game Master in other games ), you will need to make a lot of decisions about the flow of the game will be.

One of the primary decisions is to figure out the starting situation in the Project and America as a whole.

LONE WOLF GAME: Standard Morrow Project Universe : The Project is deactivated. With prime base taken out with the bioweapon from Krell, the project is still asleep and scattered across america. The Odds are that the team will awaken do to a problem with the fusion plant, a computer glitch, or someone breaking into the bolt hole.

This is the standard, The team is alone against the world approach with only its wits, weapons, and skills to win the day and rebuild the world. There is many good things about this approach as the team is still highly skilled and equipped with better gear than anyone else. I personally am a bit tired with this time line approach as I played it in many a game in the 1980’s to the 1990’s.


In this campaign, the team does awaken without a prime base command, but there is a past that teams have been awaken. You could have the rumors of older teams be well know in an area so that there is a Urban rumor of a group of sleepers that will awaken and rebuild america. These rumors say that  sleepers help the common people, have vast amounts of ancient goods, and bring security. This can generate a lot of good will for a new team, but it also means that the team will have a LOT to do if they want to live up to the Legends or else have the locals turn on the team as they are not “acting like what true Sleepers or People of Morrow do”.

In my campaign I had an agriculture team (CA-7) awaken almost 100 years before the time of the currents teams timeline. They managed to defeat a local warlord and bring peace to the area of operation that the new team (Recon CA-4) finds itself in. But over 100 years things change in the world, and the knowledge of Ag team is used to benefit its family members and locals more than that of the community in general. Its not hard to believe that the grandchildren of a team would see the knowledge and education that there grandparents  brought as there “right” and there place as protectors of the common people more of a obligation than a duty.

So the old team left behind the Lazy Eight Ranch (Its symbol is a MP Infinity symbol turned on its side) in order to stay hidden but help the local ranchers. But now, when the team awakens is more of a economic power house that is looking after its interests more than that of a morrow project team. But it also has over 100 people that are better trained than others and have a “secret” that all family members of the ranch beleive that they are still in the Morrow Project and dedicated to there goals of what they see the projects goals are.

All of this allows for a Team Like Recon CA-4 to find out that they are not alone in the world and do have support from other teams, but not the support that they planned on (And a lot more politics than the team planned on).

PROJECT AWAKEN (Regional/ Semi – functional):

This is the case when a Morrow Project team manages to awaken (or is the command team) its for the region. From 3 to 7 teams might make up a Area of Operations for the project.

There may be a local small supply depot for the AO, and usually includes a mix of support teams.

In the High Desert AO, The local command team (CA-2) was awaken by the Recon Team (CA-4) during the campaign. With the Command Team active, other teams were slowly awakened in order to activate the Southern California High Desert AO.

The postwar mission of the The High Desert AO task was to rebuild power and water  infrastructure to support the other California Teams in the area. For this it is heavy in the support side with power and engineering skills. Only one MARS Team one SCIENCE, and one RECON team was included out of the 11 teams.

It was fun to have the teams go from having no support at the start, to actually having a proper base (a prewar prison complex converted to work as the region MP base)  to work out of. It also was interesting to watch the team go from being its own boss to being in support of a larger goal. That also brought the team having to fill out paperwork to get resupplied and filling out mission report forms to the tactical operations officer, and yet more forms to get equipment repaired.

With local team support, it also means more bureaucratic problems but I found it great for a team to take pride in watching an area recover and rebuild according to at least some Morrow Project Support.

This also means the Campaign can have more of an EPIC theme.

PROJECT AWAKEN (National / Semi – functional):

This is the case in the latter published modules. Prime base is awaken and active (Under the watch of the phoenix teams or a Frozen Watch Team) but it is damaged or highly undermanned.

In this campaign, the team might have some far away moral support (prime base) but in reality are still on there own. Prime Base just does not have the man power to send the team any tactical support, but might be able to awaken local morrow project teams to help.

My Campaign has evolved into this, as the team liberated Prime Base from an attack by the Krell, but even with the Phoenix Team in place and a few frozen watch teams activated, and local (southern California) CA-7 recruits trying to help, prime base is only at 20% of the prewar population and is in desperate need of trained people to rebuild and repair. So Prime Base is more of a theoretical concept for the teams in the field. It has limited Air support and can in desperate situations provide supplies to teams in the west, it is really a clearing house for information.

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