Team Roster

By , 06/17/2010 1:06 pm

Vod, aka the King of Foot Wounds, our illustrious leader

Tim, our chain smoking, whiskey hound doctor and part-time driver

Conroy “Roy” Ulrich VonBek, our radio, RADAR, and SONAR operator

Porter Blackburn, our second gunner and M60 support.

Christina Howellet, late of Support Team OH-2.

Fred, our post-apocalyptic trucker from the Lazy 8 Ranch in the High Desert which are descendants of Morrow Project members.

Past members:

Lincoln Davis, late of Support Team OH-2. KIA in Battle of Benton ILL.

Keshawn, our sniper rifle happy gunner and sneak (MIA) (Taking off with the Farmers Daughter)

Herb Brandenberger, our river boat pilot. KIA by a KFS 76mm Cannon at the Battle of Cannelton Locks (And yes he heroically stopped a 76mm Round from getting somewhere near the Boats Computer).

Bill, frozen in 1979, a stray recently picked up from the side the road with his better half Joe

Rick, our radio operator, took a bullet meant for our onboard computer

Travis, our driver, took a bullet which came through our onboard computer

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