Mission Report: Stillwater OK – November 9th, 2162

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DATE: 11/09/2162
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, – Team CA-4
Report – What the hell happened to all the roads?

Today while passing through Tulsa, OK we came upon a working airport at the old Tulsa International Airport.

Tulsa Airport

Tulsa Airport

We scared the crap out of some militia soldiers as our V-300 came across the open field. Come to find out the Five Nations has a military outpost set up there along with an air clan. Since there was only an air burst nuke that hit Tulsa, the Five Nations and other groups were had started Salvage in the area.

We heard lots of equipment running to the north west of us and every once in a while sounds of falling debris could be heard.

It turns out that Oklahoma State University was doing salvage work on an aerospace and science museum. We decided to go check out the ruckus and it was a good thing too. Apparently the Science department was doing the salvage work and failed to bring along any structural engineers. Those dam college people have no common sense.


The lady running the show, Assistant Professor Cathy Sheldon, needs to learn some manners and some common sense. Sometimes I hate being diplomatic; otherwise I would have given her a piece of my mind. We were finally able to talk some sense into them and I took charge of their salvage run and it was a good thing to. If they had kept going the way they were they would have brought the whole building down on top of themselves.It was bad enough that they killed about a dozen freshmen getting that far.

Eventually we were able to get inside. OíNeill and I were able to repel down to the basement. It was kind of dark and creepy down like something out of a horror movie. It really got creepy down there when we started hearing things and started seeing glowing beady eyes. Out of know where I was attacked by a mountain lion  and as it leapt away O’Neill shot and killed it. Apparently that was a bad thing because all of a sudden more started jumping out of the shadows. We were being attacked by a hoard of mountain lion. O’Neill yelled gas and I quickly put on my gas mask as he dropped a tear gas grenade at our feet. Mountain lions started to run toward this vent shaft to escape the gas.

As we saw the cats flee, we noticed a small litter of them that got left behind. O’Neill emptied a file box and placed them in it and pushed the box down the shaft. After the lions were all gone we returned to finding the rocket engines we were originally looking for.

Later I was told that they were just feral house cats, although if they were they must be over sized mutant cats. Between O’Neill and me we were able to hook up a sling and pulley system for the college kids to get the engines out. It would take them a few days but hopefully they wouldn’t lose any more freshmen. Asst. Prof. Sheldon thanked us profusely and gave us a token that would allow us to pass free of charge down the turnpike controlled by the University.

Thus we continued making our way to Oklahoma State Univ. When we arrived at the Univ. we were greeted by a pompous overweight police chief by the name of Daniel Wiggs. He kind of reminded me of Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard TV show. It seemed that most of their vehicles and equipment was KFS.

Eventually we made it to the Physics Dept. and found Professor Tanabom. He thanked use for the help in Tulsa and said that the rockets were destined for Texas. Prof. Tanabom seems like a very nice man although I think he needs to lay off the caffeine. Apparently they would like all of our team to give lectures on prewar knowledge.


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