Mission Report: Miami OK, November 1st, 2162.

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DATE: 11/01/2162
Report – A Small Bank Robbery and a Hell of a fire fight.

The evening sky brings me back to my teen years in the Minnesota panhandle sitting in the Deer blind with my old man.  We would sit there for hours just waiting for a buck to be unlucky enough to walk into our line of sight.  We wouldn’t talk much outside of how I was doing in school and if I had a girlfriend, but the time with my old man was the only reason I was there.

The blast of the tuba and band brought me back to reality, and we were walking to a football  game.  The energy and excitement of the two towns really makes It hard to believe that its been 150 years since the war and you can see this event helps people ignore their poor lives.

As we walk, Tim comes up with the plan to return to the V-300 to get some booze to warm our blood as we sit watching the game.  Ruby, Conroy, O’Neill,and I decide to join him on the walk back.  Walking back to the V-300, many folks are walking past us on their way to the field with banners and noise makers.

Tim: “Hey team, check that over there?”

An armored van pulls up in front of the bordello, and 4 people get out and charge into the front door.  The bordello.  The bordello is a 3 story wood framed house with a balcony on the second floor.   To the left of the bordello you can see the clock of the town bank.  Next thing we see, 2 of the people appear on the balcony, a man#1 and women#1 which appears to be wearing a morrow project outfit.

Tim (tries to get the attention of the women):  “Hello (as he points to his headset)”

The woman leans into the man’s ear and whispers something then disappears back inside the bordello

Soon as she enters the bordello, the man#1 points his SMG and takes a shot at Tim.

The team scatter and rush the door, a smoke grenade was tossed and hits the balcony and land on the deck under the Man#1.  Tim and O’Neill rush the window under the balcony while the rest of us rush the front door of the bordello. An exchange of shot ring out and Porter hit the man#1 and he returns the favor by hitting Conroy and Tim.  Luckily nothing too fatal as we reach the building.

At this point, a man#2 appears in the window and takes a shot with his shotgun at O’Neill, who notices this man and quickly rolls under the front porch and most of the buckshot hit the deck with minimal damage to O’Neill.

Also the top of the van opens up and a man#3 setups a hand crank Gatling gun on a tripod and begins to open fire on the team and building.

As the smoke begins to build, O’Neill leans out from under the deck and puts 4 bullets in the man#2 in the window and and rolls out and runs toward the van.  He stops and leans behind a turned over truck that is in front of the bordello.  Tim takes this opportunity and jumps though the window and is now on the inside of the bordello.

Ruby and I, get to the front door and get ready to enter.  I open the door and we both rush in, Ruby hit the side of the bar while I attempt to jump over the bar.  My attempt was poor, I crash over the bar and  land hard on my ankle, luckily nothing broken or sprained.  I look up and see a bottle of Makers Mark staring me in the face.  I grab the bottle and take a swig, behind the bottle I see a old cowboy cowering in the corner.  Even with whats going on, bullets flying and people crashing thru windows, he still had the good manners to offer his guest a drink.

Later on, I found out out that on the way inside, conroy was able to take out the man#1 on the balcony who had a bead on Tim thru a hole in the roof.  The kill shot caused the man#1 to fall thru the roof and nearly land on Tim.

At this point, Everyone but O’Neill is inside, he is outside dealing with the man on the Gatling gun.  From behind thewagon in front of the bordello, he makes a sharp shooter head shot which drops the man#3 and also caused the van to roll forward.

I slowly make my way to the entry to the bar and as I look to the back room, I can see a flicker of a lighter thru the smoke.  I call out to the team to take cover as it look to be a light from a fuse.  Soon as I call out, a lighted stick of dynamite come flying toward Ruby and I.  The dynamite hits off the bar, and takes an unfortunate bounce and land within meters of Tim.  With no time to react the dynamite explodes and launches Tim back toward the front wall of the bordello.

After the smoke clears, Ruby makes her way to the doorway to the back room, and I follow.  We both notice thru the doorway it appears they used the Bordello as an entry to the bank next door.  They had blown a hole into the bank from the bordello and in the doorway I see man#4.

In his hand, he has another stick of dynamite and a lighter and about to light the stick and toss it into the room again.  I get a bead on him and get off 2 shots, one to the knee and one to the head.  The head-shot drops him and the stick of dynamite he was holding blows him into teeny tiny pieces.

Outside, the women runs out of the Bank, and is confronted by O’Neill.  As she runs to the van, O’Neill take a couple of shot at her which appears to hit the mark.  She gets in the Van and starts to get away.  As she drives away, O’Neill fires at the Van and got a hit on the back left tire which caused the van to briefly lose control.

With all the chaos over the locals show up and we are almost arrested but cooler heads prevail and we find out that the robbers were of a well known mercenary group that operate out of the Krell Republic lands.

In the morning we plan on gearing up and following the trail of the van up north towards the border. I personally am looking for a little payback for all this trouble and bloodshed.


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