Mission Report: Miami OK – November 1st, 2162 – GREAT BANK ROBBERY

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Mission Report: November 1st, 2162
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – at the big game in Miami, OK
DATE: 11/01/2162
REPORTER: Timothy Hart – CA4 Team Doctor
Mission title – The big game turns into a bank heist.

Well the day seemed to be going well.  We met with the sheriff of Miami and he seems to be a good man. The mayor came in a bit later. He seems to be from Asian descent and named John Chu. We will need to keep an eye on that one as he seems to have his hands in all sorts of unsavory things.

The mayor wanted us to go with him and I think he wants to use our skills to his advantage. I do not trust him. The sheriff informed us there was a football game at the local university in a few hours and we all said we would love to go. The mayor did not like this and seems to be at odds with the university as they pull at his power base and rejected some sort of contract he wanted.

The vehicle (V-300) is locked up out back of the sheriff’s office and we all heading out to the game with just our small arms as long arms are not allowed within the town. It seemed that hand grenades were not included in the ban, so a few grenades as found their way into the teams gear, as a grenade is always handy in a clutch.

It seems we are the guest of honor at the game. As I sat I found they had nothing to drink here in the way of a stiff drink, I talked with the group and as we still had time before the game I thought it would be nice to go back to the vehicle and pick up a few bottles of the trade booze.

I, Porter, Ruby, Conroy, and O’Neill headed out making good time to get the booze. While at the vehicle I also picked up a real pack of cigarettes,  for trading if my wife asks. Just to make sure the cigs were still good, I tried one on the way back to the game.

About six blocks from the sheriff’s office I saw a gas or diesel powered armored truck pull up in front of the hore house. Four people moved in, but what caught me as strange was that they had long rifles. I informed the group of this and said lets go take a look at this. Besides the bottles we had were the small airplane ones and I bet we could get a real bottle or two of the local stuff to test.

As we walked to the cat house I saw a women in Morrow gear and a man on the second floor balcony of the cat house. I hailed the lady and asked her to communicate with her head set. While doing this I informed the team that this did not look right.

Next thing I knew the lady said something to the man with her then darted back inside. This really did not bon well. I sprinted for the door to the cat house and told the others to split up to make it harder for them to hit us as it looked like they had assault weapons. As I ran up the man on the balcony opened up on me at point blank range with some sort of SMG and by the gods I did not get hit. Someone behind me, I think Porter, took a shoot at him and did graze him as he seemed to pull back a bit. Also O’Neill throw a grenade at the man and it dropped on the deck below him. I was relieved to see that it was only a smoke grenade.

I and O’Neill rush to the building O’Neill stopped at the boardwalk of the building as the window in front of him broke out and a man with a shotgun aimed at O’Neill. As I made it to the side of this window I pulled a frag grenade and was getting ready to throw it in the window. From the balcony the man with the SMG opened up on Porter and Conroy with Conroy getting it but his coveralls stopping most of the force of the bullet.

Next thing I knew the man with the shotgun at the window fired at O’Neill hitting the boardwalk in front of him. Then I heard Conroy and ruby say that a man popped up from the roof of the truck and he had a heavy weapon of some kind.

Shit, shit, shit I thought. Then O’Neill opened up on the man with the shotgun and said the man was down. With the frag grenade in my hand I throw it at the truck through the smoke and heard a good hit on the truck. As I was doing this the man in the truck opened up not with a MA Dues as I feared but with what Porter latter said it was a Hand cranked Gatling gun. Sill heavy bullets were flying everywhere. I jumped through the window landing on the dead man with the shotgun. I looked him over and took the shotgun loading it from the bandoleer of ammo I pulled from him. I also found a stick of dynamite with a shot fuse covered in nails.

This brought back memories of my youth when we would roll M80’s in glue and bee bees making mini grenades. I noted the Idaho military uniform, Patches, and name badge on the man. While searching I heard the lady yelling at one of the men to grab the money as the Morrow Project and State Guarded needed it. This sounded wrong to me. I informed the team of what I found and that they should pull on gas mask as I was going to throw a CS grenade.

O’Neill rolled out from the front of the building and runs toward the van stopping to take cover behind a wagon. This did offer him cover from the man in the truck.

Before I could throw the CS grenade Ruby and Porter made their way to the door of the cat house as the door was wide open. Ruby ducked in hitting the side of the bar. Porter jumped over the bar and I heard a thump and curse as he hit the floor.

Porter is a man after my own heart I found out again later. It seems as he hit the floor the poor bartender so afraid stuck out a bottle of whiskey to him. He took the bottle drank a good drag from the bottle and handed it back to the poor man. Also later on, I found that on the way in, Conroy also jumped the bar slipping and landed on the poor Bartender.

Okay back to the fight. As I was taking photos of the dead man, his uniform, and badges sending them to all the team I looked up just in time to see the man on the balcony pointing his submachine gun at me through the hole that the other man had made in his death throw. He bloody well drained his mag on me. Fuck he hit me in the leg and son of a bitch it hurt but again our uniforms stopped most of the impact.  I raised the shotgun up at him but before I could fire I heard gunfire and he fell through the hole barely missing me. I searched him taking the weapon (a sten gun?)  and three mags I found loading the last full one into it.

At this point, all of us but O’Neill were inside.  He soon called in that he had taken the man with the Gatling gun out, but the truck had moved to the door of the bank next to this building. With what he said things slipped into place in my mind. They were after the bank and wanted to blame it on the project and the Oklahoma government.

I moved up to the side of the half wooden wall and yelled out that I was Tim Hart of CA-4 and for them to identify themselves now or be fired on. I called to O’Neill and informed him to cover the bank as two people may be heading for the front door. As I looked through the smoke I show a bundle of sticks or candles fly throw the smoke. They bounced off the bar and rolled ten or fifteen feet from me. O my fucking god I said as I realized it was a stick of dynamite like the one I had found but moments ago. I tried to move but next thing I knew I was flying through the air hitting the ground some twenty feet away from where I had started thrown on top of the two dead men.

From here things were a bit foggy. It seemed someone shot the other man in the bank as he was going to throw another stick of dynamite causing him to drop it at his feet killing himself with it. O’Neill shot the woman in Morrow gear as she exited the bank causing her to drop the coin bag she had, but not killing her. He said he had hit the back tire of the vehicle but it was heading out leaking oil. It seems my grenade had done some damage. I was still trying to drag myself up as all this was going on. I was feeling sick and I’m sure I have a concussion. I reached for my healing power to help clear the fog from my head and the pain I felt all over.

I will continue the rest of this report later as I need to get some sleep. Well a good smoke and a small sip of whisky as well. The Whisky helps me sleep you know, purely a medicinal need. I do not want to hit the med pack for such a small headache.

P.S. Please edit the smoking and booze from this report before allowing my wife to read it friend. I promise a good cigar and bottle of the best when I get back for this editing.

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