MISSION REPORT: Border of Oklahoma – October 29th, 2162.

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Border of Oklahoma and Missouri
DATE: 10/29/2162
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Report – What the hell happened to all the roads?

The roads suck. Only the roadbed from the old Interstate is left with a few chunks of cement or asphalt occasionally visible thru the grass.The track is identifiable from the grooves and marks from the Gypsy Truckers that use it to go north/south. Fred is doing his best, but we can’t do more than 15-20 mph without losing fillings from out teeth.

About 10 miles north, near the Goodman Tower site, just south of Neosho MO, we came up on a couple Big Rigs. Fred said they look like trader/truckers clan on the road so we pulled up next to them and hailed to talk/trade. After a few startled looks they pulled over and we parked nearby. They asked what clan we were from and after a few tries got across that we were from the Morrow Project (clan) and planning to head over into Oklahoma. The Tipton clan was hauling raw wool, scrap metal and Diesel fuel north to Web City and beyond.

Tim pulled out his doctors bag and heading over to the kids to check them out and do what he could do. He showed his medical tattoo, which looked a little different from what they are used to, since it is from California, but they accepted his help. After Tim helped out one family apparently they paid with a nice heavy duty leather jacket. The Matriarch of the Tiptons realized that we didn’t have much that they could use for trading, or have use for their goods, but a little shared alcohol, and a couple .357 rounds from my pocket and she opened up some. We talked about our plan to drive down the trade route of old I-44 into Oklahoma.

She said that there are some raiders, the farther north (by the Kansas border (The republic of Krell)) the worse they are, but it is pretty safe. The 5 nations patrol the road, and do take some Tarrifs to use the road. She recommended Miami as a good place to stop, it has a university and is pretty safe. With a wave of thanks to the Tiptons, we pulled back onto the Rogers Trade route (on our maps its called Interstate-49).

My old oilskin slicker was burned when we arrived at the base, so Tim offered the jacket he received to me. Thinking how cold it could be getting soon I thanked him kindly. A little delousing and I’m sure I look like a native now. The people will welcome us with open arms.

Trucker Graveyard near Joplin MO.

Trucker Graveyard near Joplin MO.

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