Followers of the Burning Book (Razers Encounter Group)

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NAMEFollowers of the Burning Book (Razers)

TYPE: Cult (Destruction)

LOCATION: Anywhere

TRAITS: Volatile: 90% Extroverted: 20% Compassion:40% Discipline:90% Curious:30%




Some Petro Chemical knowledge. Some black powder weapons, horses, blades, some farm compounds.


Black powder firearms, homemade flame throwers, molotov cocktails, blades, black powder hand grenades and cannons


Almost none. Will trade with other highly religious groups with like minds.


Brawl, Scrounge, Theology, Firearms, Survival, Farming, Explosive, Special Weapons (Flame Throwers), Ride


None Yet!



Followers of the Burning Book.

The Followers of Jedediah Krull have one true calling in the world: Make sure humanity does not destroy itself again.

They were founded by a nuclear scientist after the war as a movement to destroy all remaining nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. In the chaos of the post war days, Jedediah published a small booklet called “The Burning Book” which outlined the need to stop humanity from destroying itself in the future by repressing the means to do so. At first this was held to stopping nuclear, biological, and chemical research and weapon production, but soon it changed to become any technology that one day in the future could cause another genocide. Over the last 150 years its interpretation has included almost anything above steam technology (Tech level E).

While not the rabble that other Razers tend to follow, the Followers of the Burning Book ( or Burning Book for short) are very targeted in their quest to repress the knowledge. First they will go into an area and preach about the end of days during the fall of mankind and about the dangers of unbridled scientific knowledge and how mankind was never meant to know about the inner nature of the universe as thats Gods right. If this tack works then they will hold book burnings and help to destroy the remnants of the old world in a controlled and planned manner then move on.

If an community rejects the teaching of Jedediah, then they will try a more direct path with sabotage, arson, and if needed direct killings. Only if a community is so powerful that it would result in the destruction of a band of the followers will they back off. But even then, they will try and find a way to destroy the technology over time as the Followers of the Burning book take a long time view and understand that the mission to save everyone will take sacrifice, time, and bloodshed.

While they do not necessarily know about the project,  they would try there best to repress it and or destroy it, as they are absolutely against the bringing back of the old days with all the risk for another armageddon.

For the project, these represent a very dangerous group as they do not attack wildly as razers tend to do, but will carefully plan a campaign to get there goals.

Local Band:

Encounter Size : 6 to 10 people (almost always men as the women stay back in the compounds).

Weapons: Simple Black Powder Rifles, shotguns, and pistols, Black powder hand grenades, TNT, with the at least one  armed with a primitive flamethrower. Expect that most of a group would be mounted on horses and carry sabre’s with larger groups also carrying a small black powder mountain howitzer.

Appearance: Well dressed in Black Wool Frocks and pants, large felt hats, they tend to look like an 1880’s band of preachers but for all the weapons and grim determination that they all show. One of the group will always be a preacher and have good persuasion skill.

Example Encounter:

When the team comes to a small farming village they will see a man standing on wagon preaching about the need to destroy the evils of the old world which caused mankind’s downfall. Around him is 2 other men dressed like the speaker who are both armed with Percussion Cap Rifles but are not threatening the crowd. It seems that he wants the villagers to burning the old library science books and get them to take a pledge to stop teaching the children about the evils of the old world.

A young women (Janet, who is the school teacher) is trying to convince the people that its important to teach all children about science and the old world

It looks like the man preaching is getting the better of the crowd and a few men are busy carrying out handloads of old books into the middle of the street.

If the team makes a persuasion skill (Preachers 55%  ) VS persuasion skill roll and wins, the crowd will stop the action and the man will walk over to team and ask who they are and what business of theirs in interfering with their holy work to save the world. If the team argues with the preacher, Janet will butt into the conversation and tell the followers to leave the town and there kind is not wanted here.

At this point one of the followers men will slap janet and push her to the ground and while telling her to leave the talking to the men. They will not draw weapons unless the Morrow Project team does so first, and seeing the strength of the team in gear and equipment, will back off and leave the town.

Latter that night they will ride back to the town with their entire band (8 in number) and try and burn down both the library and the school house. If the team is still at the town they will do their best to ambush the team at night where they think they have the advantage of surprise. If the team has a armoured vehicle the will attempt to throw 3 bundled sticks of TNT in it or underneath the vehicle by a wheel. If they take more than 50% casualties they will retreat and leave the town but watch for the team to leave so they can go and finish their work.

Followers of the Burning Book:

STR:23 CON:23 DEX:22 AWA:22 EXP:22 REA:19 FOC:25
MASS:10 SP:230 BP:230 BT:Various  ACTIONS:3
VOLATILITY: 60% (Vengeful, controlled), EXTROVERSION:65% (Prophet), COMPASSION:30% (Faithful), DISCIPLINE:67% (Principled, Hardened), CURIOSITY: 20% (Conservative)




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