Church of the New Resurrection (Frozen Chosen)

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TYPE: Cult

LOCATION: Primary 8-11 but sects can be found scattered throughout north america.

TRAITS: Volatile: 30% Extroverted: 60% Compassion:70% Discipline:90% Curious:30% Conservative: 70%




Steam, some electricity, farming, Shallow mines, stocks of modern weapons and equipment. Some Prewar learning and skills.


Firearms, both homemade and limited stocks of modern weapons.


The Elders are cryogenically frozen from our period and have 2016 knowledge and skills. Chosen have have some skills and prewar knowledge but the rank and file have very limited prewar access to equipment and skills.


Iron ore, coal, food stuffs, farming equipment, some light manufactured goods, blacksmithing, education, religion, security


Persuade, Communications, Leadership, Theology, Firearms, Survival, Farming




Church of the New Resurrection.

Robert SinClair was a Scientist working at a top secret Lab owned by the US Government. He was on the team which had the task to reverse engineer the first generation freeze tube technology taken from a Morrow Industries facility.

Being a very religious man, he took the plans and told his church leader Catherine Cummings. Catherine always believed that the end of world was near and her and the church stored weapons and supplies for the day of judgement. When she saw the plans that robert put in front of her, she knew that god had answered her prayers to save her flock.

She had a few very wealthy member of her church who had one a state lottery in 2011. With Roberts knowledge they started to build a small amount freeze tubes and add to their already formidable stockpile of weapons and supplies.

As Catherine was a careful charismatic person who preached compassion and self reliance, she managed to recruit many in the survivalist camps as well as the conservative christian movement.

By 2017, the Movement already had quite a few smaller churches scattered throughout the united states and all had stocked piled both guns, supplies, and tools to rebuild the world from the communing collapse that they were sure to happen soon.

Each Church had a defensible compound well away from any major city or military target and it was as ready as it could be for the coming of the asteroid.

The Council of elders also had a bunker in the main base that would allow 20 of the prime council to go to cold sleep so they could keep the message of the church constant for the followers.

When the war actually came, the church was ready and the council went into cold sleep while the flock endured the wars aftermath.

Church of the New Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

Church of the New Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

At any one time, there was always 2 of the council awakened to command the flock while the others slept. The Council is made up of 7 women and 13 men. Two of the Original council members have died and have been replaced by their relatives.

These men  have sired many children during their time awake so that there is now literally 100’s of relatives that are related to the council and it tends to keep the churches leadership tight and interrelated to each other. Most Deacons tend to be from this group.

Each church is a self reliant enclave with its own weapons and supplies.


A) It is a christian church and is heavy on the old testament.

B) Men can have many wifes. Wifes can own property, Women can have educations but tend to be housewives and less active in politics or the militia.

C) They do have slaves, but if a slave marries a person from the church community and have offspring, there children will be free. The slave parents can be raised to free status by the good deeds of their children over time, which encourages the children to be committed to the church.

D) The lay people tend to be at 1880’s frontier technology and tools (mostly animal drawn) and tend to be more closed minded about new idea’s or outside political movements. They are hospital but do not take kindly to others flaunting their customs.

E) The Deacons are the in between leaders from the Elders and the Lay people. They do know of the Rite of Resurrection (Coming out of cold sleep) and do know that the prophets speak in the old language of before the fall of mankind. The Deacons do go through military training and do have limited access to modern weapons and technology. Deacons tend to be the best educated, political savvy, and most in touch with the outside world.

F) The Elder are from the 2017 time period and have prewar knowledge and access to modern weapons and equipment. When they travel they will dress in post war clothes but carry modern firearms and have access to body armour. Most tend to be the more conservative force in the church, but they are also the most realistic and pragmatic.

E) The Church has the have the ability to produce simple antibiotics, reload weapons, Light Manufacturing, and advanced farming techniques.

F) They tend to trade with outside groups on a limited basis but will take converts from the outside. They will go out of there way to buy promising slaves or recruit outsiders  if they think they will adapt to the churches teaching and help a community.

G) They will not go out of there way to attack outside groups, but will charge tolls for use of their roads, and will watch anyone traveling through their lands. They do not allow freedom of religion in their lands. Groups of Deacons have been known to purge groups that abuse church congregations or practices.

H) They will go on mission to local areas and the Deacons will use their knowledge to help nearby towns to keep technology working. This has caused a lot of local towns to support the church and overlook the way the treat outsiders.

I) All church children will receive at least a 8th grade education. Few will move on to technical or military roles (Deacons) and some will move on to Science or Doctor Roles.

J) For Lay people, Clothing is simple and conservative. Women wear skirts and clothing that hide most of the skin. For Deacons (That can be women or men) they will tend to wear clothing that blends into their local environment and is more practical on horse back.

The Council does know of the MP and has a wait and see attitude towards them. They recognize the good that the MP is capable off, but also its outdated 21st century views are out of place for their more conservative outlook.

If anything the Council members would like to talk to a team in order to talk about the old days and how they can rebuild the world into a more peaceful one under the leadership of god and get rid of all the rebuilding a democratic institutions.

The Deacons can be from all sorts of personalities, but also are the ones on the ground (so to speak) and will react with suspicion to a morrow project team, but can be persuaded that the project could be of help to the church. The real power on the ground tends to be the deacons.

They Know of the KFS, and they keep a low profile in KFS areas in order not to be picked out. They are generally fine with the KFS policies as long as they leave the church alone.

Local Church community:

People: 20 to 60 people (60% women and children) around a retired Deacon.

Weapons: Simple Black Powder Rifles, shotguns, and pistols with the Deacon being armed with a modern assault rifle and a pistol. A Modern Radio will be located usually in the Deacons house for reporting back to the council as will the congregations emergency supplies.

When a council member rarely travels he will be with a group of 5 to 10 deacons who will be wearing body armour as well as carrying Modern weapons.

Church members working on a meal


Example Encounter:

Near any crossroads the team will see a man standing by a small campsite watching the team as they approach. He does not appear to be worried but is armed.

Abraham Brown
Description: Tall Well built Black Man with a black felt Hat, well made dark brown wool frock coat over a cotton white shirt with suspenders and black woolen pants. He carries an slung AK-47 Rifle (EF14) and a KFS Percussion Cap .44 Cal Revolver (EF10). On his horse he also has camping gear, 2 M67 Hand grenades, 3 30rd Clips of 7.62x39mm, a Sabre and first aid supplies.

Attitude: Abraham has seen over 18 years of service to the church and that experience has made him into a hard man based on the cruelty he has seen in the outside world. As a well read and traveled man, he does know that there is also good people in the world and he has recruited his fair share of new church members but has also killed many who crossed his church or threatened his congregation. He believes that one is one of the “Good Book” or not. If not, then they better stay clear of his attention as he will only warn a person once, before he will take direct action.

Note he is not a stupid or rash man, just has almost no tolerance for lying, laziness or decent. If a team crosses him, he will find a location that he can bushwack a team and not engage them head on. If needed he will go to a local church community use the radio and call in help from other deacons with heavier firepower.

If a team comes across as compassionate or friendly (especially if someone has theology skill), he will offer to make a team dinner over by his campfire, and talk to them about their mission and he will share some information about his church.

STR:22 CON:20 DEX:25 AWA:24 EXP:24 REA:22 FOC:26
MASS:10 SP:210 BP:210 BT:0+ ACTIONS:4
VOLATILITY: 60% (Vengeful), EXTROVERSION:65% (Prophet), COMPASSION:60% (Faithful), DISCIPLINE:67% (Principled), CURIOSITY: 40% (Conservative)


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