Cannon Ball Run ( Prime Base to Southern California)

By , 04/14/2014 6:05 pm

General Campaign:

The Cannonball Run was a campaign to bring needed war supplies from Prime Base to Southern California (The High Desert Area around Barstow). Along this way the team will meet quite a few different encounter groups and have to fight some very strange bad guys. It ends up with a series of mini adventures around Bishop california.

Campaign Backdrop:

The backdrop of the campaign is that the Invading Mexican Army is beating the forces of the High Desert Federation (HDF) and the project is starting to be reawakened but of very limited scope. The teams command group, CA-2, is desperate for the supplies that prime base has, so the team was sent to prime base to find out what happened to it. The team goes there and manages to battle their way through a Krell scouting party that is also searching for prime base and manages to activate the AI in prime base which awakens the Phoenix team.

Now the team needs to travel through the Nevada – California Desert in July to bring the truckloads of supplies desperately needed. 


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