COMMANDER REPORT: Huckleberry Ridge Supply Base – October 29th, 2162

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MISSION FILE: Morrow Project Supply Base: Huckleberry Ridge – MO.
DATE: 10/29/2162
REPORTER:  Cathy Tanager – Base Commander
Report – Recon Team CA-4

Commanders Note: While it was nice that we got to spend time with another morrow project team, CA-4 personal are “Interesting” and a bit “Raw” from there years out in the wider world.

I could tell after 3 weeks, they had gone partially “Native” in this new world and had a more flexible viewpoint about “Morrow Project Rules and Regulations” than most teams.I recommend that they get a full psychological workout when the project is not so understaffed just to make sure that they are still “Fit for service”.


Recon team CA-4 has filled out the required supply forms and have left our facility on October 28th, 2162.

A V-300 with 90mm Cannon based on the KFS Current Version (Model 2a61 Burbond Industries).

Crew: 3 (Gunner, Driver, Commander + 9)
Length: 6.4 Meters
Width: 2.54 m
Height: 2.7m (turret roof) 1.98 m hull top
Max Speed: 90km / 3km in water
Gradient: 60%
Vertical Obstacle: 2ft
Armor Value: 40 (B), 80 (NB), 8640 (EX). (Slat Armor Upgrade *1)
Primary Weapon: 90mm Cockerill Mk.3 Cannon (x39 rounds)*2 with a co axel 7.62 MG (2000 rounds).
Secondary Weapon: Mag-58 with 2000 rounds.
MASS: 59 (14514 kg combat load)
STATS: SP: 3200 STR:90 (150kW fusion) DEX: 6 PACE:15 INT: 25

Upgrades: Winch, Heater Kit, A very simple NBC (overpressure) system was installed by the MP Maintenance team.

*1 Note on additional wire cage on the side of the vehicle. The Sides of the V-300 has an added light weight steel cage which can detonate an Heat round before it hits the side. Any HEAT round that hits the cage has a 50% of detonation and only 1/2 the AP effect of the weapon. Any Pure Ballistic (Say a 50 cal AP ) round will not be stopped and will effect theV-300 normal.

*2 Even though it can take 39 rounds, it was only captured with 28 (20 HE, 8 HEAT (Effective Range 1Km).The Maintenance team created 6 more Canister Rounds (Taken from some old M590 Antipersonnel Canister Rounds traded by local trucker clan) ( Filled with 2000 steel wire Flechettes).

Basic Equipment in the V300:

Tool Kit (See pg.177), Shovel, pick, axe, sledgehammer, machete, bolt cuter, Camouflage Kit, M83 Solar unit, Tow Chain, 3 x Halon Fire Extinguishers, 50m Nylon Rope in bag, 2 pairs of dust googles. Electrical Tool Kit. Electronics Tool Kit, Mechanics Tool Kit (For internal combustion Engine), Simple Biological Identification Kit.

Medical: Large Medical Kit, Surgical Kit, 2x UniDrug Universal AntiBody / Antidote

Communications – Electronics:
AutoNav system, Vehicle Computer System (3.4 Ghz, 16 G Ram, 1 TByte SSD, Hardened), Two AN/PRC-70 Radios, One Radio Direction Finder, One Set of CP-7 Laser Ranger Finder Binoculars, 1 spare set of AN/PVS-5 Night Vision Goggles. 1 x 15 mega Pixel Camera with 30mm – 150mm Telephoto lens with 256 G SSD.

Team General Supplies:
Five Ration Packs, One Camping Kit, one Utility Box, two Trade Packs.
8 Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (EK-WAX)
8 Hazard Suits

Demo Kit + 2 cases of M112 Explosive + 4 Rolls of Primercord (154m each)
4 M1 Rocket Flares
1 M79 GL with a load bearing Grenadier Vest (empty)
4 Armburst 300
8 pounds of xxx black powder (Post War – KFS Manufacture)
Reloading supplies for BP Pistol (lead, bullet mold, crimping tool, Percussion Caps) (Post War -KFS Manufacture)

1000 9mm Rounds
1640 rounds of 5.56
100 rounds of 357 mag
400 rounds of 44 mag
200 rounds of 45 ACP
two cases of 7.62 linked (1600 rounds )
1/2 case of 40mm M433 HEDP (36 rounds)
1/2 case of 40mm M381 HE (36 rounds)
1 case of 40mm CS (24 rounds)
1 composite case of 40mm Rounds ( 12 multiple projectile, 6 stun bag, 6 M1029 Crowd Dispersal 6 parachute flares, 2 each color star flare)
1 Case of NICO Thunderflash Grenades (x16)
1 Case of M67 Fragmentation Grenades (x30)
1 Case of M34 WP (x16)
1 Case of AN-M8 Smoke (x16)

1 Fim-92A Stinger Launcher with 2 missiles

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