MISSION REPORT: Huckleberry Ridge Supply Base – August 20th to October 28th, 2162.

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Team Report: Aug 17th- Oct 28th 2162
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Huckleberry Ridge Supply Base
DATE: 10/28/2162
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Report – the 4 R’s of MP School, Rest, Recover, Resupply…. Redeploy

CA4 is a changed team. The MP allowed us a couple of months to debrief, and recover from the riverboat mission. Clean beds, clean clothes, hot food…. You could see the change in the team as we recovered.

Command gave me early warning that our next recon would most likely be into Oklahoma Region, so I urged the team to take advantage of what the base had to offer to prepare.

More detailed information will be made available to the team, but apparently Oklahoma is split sorta down the middle along what used to be I35. The western half of the state is controlled by the “State Governor” and the eastern half is by The 5 Nations (Nicknamed Sequoyah by the Regional Base team) .

After the war, the Indian tribes (mostly located in the eastern part of the state) banded together and separated from the remnants of the state government to form their own nation. The two halves have an uneasy peace between them, and have even coordinated in the past against the Krell raiders in Kansas.

In general, Fuel is more apparent, as the oil wells are flowing to some degree in here and in Texas as well, so more trucking clans are seen traveling the roads.

The recent increase in hostilities between the governments seems to be over control of the oil fields in the center of the State. With the thought of Gypsy truckers traveling, I requested another member for the team. Fred, “ex gypsy trucker” was being flown out to help us relate to the truckers and act as a closer “native contact”. Tim and I were looking forward to seeing him. He was one of the first people we ran into after we woke up about a year and a half ago.

Something else which is different is that the two Political groups even know of, and accept the Morrow Project presence. They recognize that we can assist with humanitarian assistance, but will not tolerate political stirring in there lands.

So far there have been a couple of teams going around Oklahoma, OK-2, a small 6 person recon team has been traveling around researching the oil production capabilities of the state till about 4 weeks ago, when they went silent.

OK-4 is a Agriculture Support team with specialized agriculture and ranching, who stopped sending reports to base. It’s thought they aren’t dead, but may have gone “native” working with ranchers out in the western part of the state.

OK-1 is a command team which is split into two group, one in Clinton OK with the State Governor and one in Muskogee OK with the 5 nations elder council.


I took a tour of the motor pool to see if I could influence our mode of transportation for the next Recon mission. The base personnel seemed to be polishing up a Commando Ranger. That thing says it can hold 6 people, but as an uparmored SUV, it would be a tight fit.

About a week into our stay here the supply personnel towed in a damaged – captured KFS V300, and I quickly decided that it would be perfect for our next ride.

I went to work on the base commander, Cathy Tanager. A few evening horseback rides and a couple of dinners, and I had her convinced it could be made to work, but it was going to require a lot of hard work and sweat on our side. The back half of the 300 has a impact hits from multiple 40mm HEDP hits that were used by an Arkansas MARS team and the insides were a mess.

She said her team would have the equipment for the 300 ready for us and we went to work on it. We were able to retrofit in a fusion system, electronics, drive train, communications, and and MP computer.

For some reason she wouldn’t authorize a backup computer, she told me there was a directive from HQ that no spare MP vehicle comps be issued to our team. Huh, go figure, its not like EVERY comp we were given has been scraged… just well… almost every comp.

The V300 mounted a 90mm Cannon in its turret, with a coax and and we added a commanders Mag-58 with a small gunshield. Conroy was able to jury-rig a pole/canopy rig on top to keep the sun off if needed. We also were able to up armor the base vehicle to some point, by puting on a wire-mesh skirts to the sides, to protect against HEAT rounds, and were able to scrounge together 28 rounds for the main gun. Not a full load out, but sufficient for our needs.

The bases armorer was even able to manufacture 6 rounds of “canister” for “crowd control”.


I could see the team using the facilities. This place was loaded with equipment, and we took full advantage of it. I tossed out my grease gun, and got a nice new M4/M203.

Now let see some bear jump out of the darkness at me!

Others in the team drew out new equipment and went to work re-familiarizing themselves with it. Most of us spent some time on horseback, and time in the classroom learning the details of the political and economic situation in the area, and just bulking up as most of the team was down about 15 pounds from the last campaign on the river.

I was looking forward to Oklahoma, since they knew and accepted the MP presence, our team would be able to proudly wear our uniforms, and really show the common folk the good we could do.

I made sure to get some extra tradepacks and goods so we could trade and give them out along the road to those in need. Tim and I spent some time on the video talking to our wives back in CA high Desert. It was great to see my 3 month old son and reconnect at some level with them.

Fred showed up with a great artificial hand… he said his driving skills wouldn’t be impaired by it and with the condition of the roads I knew that would be tested.

With Keshawn gone and Lincoln dead we also were allocated a new team member. He was one of the last ones frozen before the war, Osheen O’Neill, a MARS team member who’s been working in Missouri for the past couple months. His local knowledge will be invaluable, as well as his skills as a sniper.


As our time in the base came to a close our mission parameters were clarified.

1 – Investigate OK-2 who disappeared 3 weeks ago. Where did they go, and what happened to them. Their last report was from the Oklahoma State University, near Stillwater, and that they were heading to the southern part of the state to investigate something.

2 – Determine the fate of OK-4. They went silent a while ago, and are not responding to radio calls from HQ. Rumors of a MP group are working with some ranchers in the west have been heard.

3 – Diffuse the tensions between the east and western governments. Something is stirring them up and tensions are rising with occasional border skirmishes between ranchers/Indians. If the MP can help with the peace it will go a long way towards helping this be a focal point of rebuilding.


Eventually the time came to back it up and head out.The V300 had space and in true form we filled it. Conroy was in charge of keeping it all in order. Cold weather gear, some hazard suits, Ammo, grenades, trade packs, ration packs, and I was even able to keep the Stinger missiles as the only time we don’t need them is when we have them, so maybe it will keep hostile aircraft away.

We pulled out of the motor pool, and I snapped off a salute to the base commander Cathy.

Her crew did a great job on the vehicle as it turned north onto what is known as the Rogers Trade route, what used to I-49. O’sheen said it was named after Will Rogers of prewar days. We would take that north and then catch the I-44 Trade route down into Oklahoma.
CA-4 at this point consists of 7 members,
Vod – Team leader with steel toed boots
Tim – Doctor and Jedi Knight
Conroy – Communications/Radioman
Ruby – Adopted orphan team member from Illinois
Fred – Contact specialist – One handed Gypsy Driver
Porter – M60 Fire support
Osheen – Sniper, local knowledge, Dentist.

I have to admit I feel a bit excited… the people of Oklahoma are going to be so happy to see CA-4.

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