MISSION REPORT: Battle of Benton – August 16th, 2162. Benton ILL.

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Mission Report: August 16th, 2162 Benton ILL
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts
DATE: 8/16/2161
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Mission title –  A typical episode of “The A Team” – ak End of Darkness Recon

Daniel Bowie had gotten us to Benton, where we could possibly resupply and push on to Cairo. We split up to check out the bar, and talk to Bartender, and the other group was across the street securing some supplies at a general store.

That was the plan.

KFS Secret Police Strike Force in Benton ILL.

KFS Secret Police Strike Force in Benton ILL.

But the plan went wrong as the KFS V150 with the 20mm turret parked in front of the bar and 4 uniformed KFS Blackboots (Secret Police), in full body armour and assault rifles,  jumped out and headed towards the bar.

Desiree, Lincoln, and Ruby were in the general store across the street from the bar. They spotted the V150, and pulled out the RPG we had scavenged from the KFS ambush a few weeks ago ( when we were set up by with Madeline).The RPG was in all its component parts, so Ruby and Desere started the process of reading the weapon as they watched the V150 rotate its turret towards the bar.

Duncan took Desere AKM, who used it to line up a shot at the V150 commander who’s head and shoulders were visible on top of the turret, but missed.

Tim, blackburn, conroy and I were in the bar, talking it up, when some KFS trader guards stood up, raised their shotguns towards us and told us to back away. The next thing we knew MG and 20mm Cannon  fire was flying thru the building cutting into them and all sorts of other people.

Outside, the V150 commander opened up with his MG, and the 20mm started pumping rounds thru the building, out the other side, and into the countryside beyond. The waitress I was talking to was literally cut in half as I hit the floor. Tim took at MG round in his thigh, but it must have been a ricochet as it didn’t seem to do too much damage and was mostly stopped by his uniform.

With all the MG fire, I wanted out of the building so I ran to a window and jumped outside, thinking I could flank whoever was shooting up the building. But my webgear caught up on the windowsill and I ended up flat on my face outside. Tim followed up behind me but held position inside the bar, but behind a solid brick fireplace which seemed to stop most of the MG fire near his position. Conroy bolted for the door on the other side of the bar.

Blackburn hunkered down behind a solid looking table and set up his M60. He then laid down suppressive  with small controlled burst. Eventually I think he managed to kill the V150 Commander but with all the lead flying, I could not tell.

At this point it seemed like it was like the old TV show “The A team”. Tons of bullets being fired, and no one getting hit. Duncan shot at the V150 commanders back, but missed again. He must not have noticed where the shot came from, cause he just kept plugging rounds into the building.

I lifted my head up out of the dirt, in time to see 3 Blackboots running my way. I emptied my entire clip from my greasegun into these 3 guys, and when the smoke cleared, it was apparent I completely missed. Tim, using the window for cover, shot his pistol twice at them and missed too.


One of the Blackboots fired his Assault Rifle at me and I took at least 3 rounds into my chest. Luckily my IBA with the ballistic plates absorbed the shots, but it still stung like a bitch.

This time Lincoln fired at the secret police in front of me and missed, but was hit over 12 times when they returned fire. His body armour absorbed most of the impacts, but 1 messy headwound and a neck wound caused ruby to be sprayed with blood as Lincoln collapsed to the ground.

At this point Desere fired the RPG, and with a  BANG…. hit the V150. but it must have been a glancing blow and someone inside was still alive, as the turret began to traverse around from the bar to the church.

In the distance ruby and her half of the team could hear the beating of a helo, but they could not place the direction. Thinking that the KFS was sending in reinforcements, the started to reload the RPG while trying to spot a way for the team to escape the town

Conroy let loose a long burst, at the guys facing me and took one down, leaving 2. A secret policeman dropped his empty assault rifle and pulled out a pistol and I took a 9mm round to the thigh from it. My greasegun was empty so I pulled my saber and closed to attack. With a powerful swipe I took the hand completely off one of my assailants, and followed it up with a thrust to his chest which was stopped by his body armour. The man then threw himself at me and we wrestled on the ground till I eventually managed to find a gap in his neck armour and sawed my way through it with my sabre.

Tim took the 3rd down with a quick double tap from his pistol to the head.

At that point over our radio headsets we could hear something on the morrow project radio frequency but it was filled with static.

As the V150 started hammering the general store with the 20mm cannon,  ruby’s team sheltering behind the brick wall at the back of the store. Unfortunately the 20mm AP rounds seemed to be removing 1 foot chunks every time they hit.

Conroy tried tried to cut through the interference on radio and managed to contact the inbound MARS team OH-4 in a Blackhawk. They wanted to know if we needed assistance.

We told them to take out the V150 as quickly as possible, and soon after with a WHAM! it was an expanding fireball as a trio of 2.75 inch rocks slammed into it..

MARS Team OH-4

MARS Team OH-4 Comes to support the team

Desere said there was another KFS vehicle approaching, a V300 about ½ a mile away. The Blackhawk adjusted course and a burst of 2.75 inch Rockets made short work of them.

As the smoke cleared we took stock of the situation.

Ruby, hands covered in blood said that Lincoln died in her arms as he bleed-out from his wounds.

I looked at what was left of the team.

Keshawn no longer in our team, but missed.

Lincoln dead.

Herb Brandenberger dead.

Tim seriously wounded twice, and bleeding from another leg wound.

Everyone else sporting red patches of blood or dried or new.

The team was exhausted. Our Recon cover was long gone. Tired of being on the run. With a final decision, it was obvious this Recon Mission was over. I called up to OH-4 and they circled once and then settled on a field next to the bar. We loaded up what gear we had, and in a cloud of dust, took off into the evening sky. As we flew slow and low to the west, we saw some aircraft approach the town. Then Orange fire enveloped the few buildings, as the KFS aircraft dropped Napalm in the area. If that didn’t put an end to our mission I don’t know what else would.

Apparently HQ had determined that our Recon was over as well, which is why had the MARS team ready to extract us. By listening to the KFS radio bands, they had heard of the secret police unit responding to a confirmed report of an active morrow project team matching the description for CA-4 and took off to extract us.

We had attracted too much attention between the KFS and Krell.

Somehow most of the team fell asleep on the Helo ride thru the dark to the west.

After about 3 hrs of  flight time, we ended up 300 or so miles at what used to be the Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area. Just north of the border where Missouri and Arkansas meet up with Oklahoma. Looking up in my PDA, I noted that Morrow industries bought up the area as a “Nature Preserve” way back when, and retrofitted a regional supply base into the hillsides.

images An unwell US soldier (bottom) lies insid

We climbed out of the chopper, and were escorted to a “quarantine area” for “decontamination” apparently the base commander didn’t want us bringing in all the fleas, bedbugs, and other creepy crawlies into his nice “clean” supply base. We dumped most of our gear and watched them burn most of our clothes as they were literally rotting off our bodies.

As we watched the last of our things turn to ash, we closed the pages of the heart of darkness, and wondered what the next chapter to CA-4’s mission logs would be. Certainly it couldn’t be much tougher…… right?

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