MISSION REPORT: August 16th, 2162. Benton ILL.

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DATE: 8/16/2162
LOCATIONS:  Benton (Illinois) – Outside of Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – Near Empire of Cario
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, Attached to Recon Team CA-4.

After our rainy night gunfight we loaded up into the Krell Wagon and onto the spare horses that they had. I was so glad that we found that wagon. Tim was in no shape to travel on horseback and I have no clue on how to ride a horse.

We managed to make it to Crossville, Illinois before our wagon gave out. We broke down a little ways outside of town where we ran into a boy scout and his dog. He was able to bring back his scout master and the town priest; this was another town that the Church of Resurrection controlled.

Boy Scouts in 2162

I thought that I would be able to gain the priests trust, but neglected to remember that I was dresses in TMP gear and not as a proper woman. Luckily for us the boy scouts are still reliable. Unfortunately they were unable to repair our wagon; we were able to trade for horses though.  That night we stayed in town and the next day we were given basic riding instructions and horse care. Thank God for that because I would have been lost if not. We stayed one more night and then left the next morning after thanking them for all their help.

We traveled on horseback for about two weeks until we were about a half days ride outside of Benton, Illinois. We stopped for an early lunch and realized that we were very low on food supplies.

At the time we did not realize that we were so close to Benton so a couple of the guys tried to go hunting. They were unsuccessful but about that time a man came walking down the road with a dead deer on his shoulders.

He was willing to trade the deer for a metal canteen and a black powder revolver.  The guys cooked up the deer and we shared it with our new acquaintance.  He was a rough looking fellow and reminded me a lot of Davey Crockett or Lewis and Clark.

Mr Bowie

His name was Daniel Bowie and he had just come back from Texas and was recruiting men to go back down. Apparently the Texans were at war with the Mexicans. He was headed back to a place called the Alamo to help the Texans defend the area. We were welcome to come with him on his return but told him we had business to finish first.

I forgot to mention that he also has a knife named after him called a “Bowie Knife”. He had a stamp on the blade that said made in China. I know it couldn’t be made in the country so I assumed it must be a town or city that was named after the country.  He told us that if we stayed on the road we were on and followed west we would come to a town called Benton. When we got there to find a tavern called ” The Jack Russell” and talk to the bartender. The bartender was a cousin of Daniels and would help us with some food supplies.

We finally reached town it was around dusk. Half of us decided to go the tavern and the rest of us went to the supply store across the street.  In the supply store we were able to buy saddle bags for the horses, flour, salt, rice, beans, and some other travel foods.

KFS V150

It was just getting dark when we left the store, so we loaded up our saddle bags with our food while we waited for the rest of the group. I was hoping the other guys made out just as well when a KFS V-150 showed up with a 20mm turret. Four Black Uniformed KFS soldiers got out and headed for “the Jack Russell”


I had this very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, little did I know what was about to happen.

Christina “Ruby” Howellet

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