4th Edition Morrow Project Skill Changes

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With the new edition of Morrow Project being released, I been a busy person going over the character creation and rule changes.

So far I think its great, but I have been fighting with the raise in general ability of both characters and skills.


In the 3rd Edition a trained bad guy would have 35% chance with there primary weapon. In the New edition its more like 55%.

A lot of this is for the base Stat Bonus (Task Base)  is now in the 40% Vs 10% of 3rd Edition.

So In order to keep things Sane in my campaign, I am going to do some small Modifications:

The Following Skills must be specialized at 0% (There is no general Skill limit up to 20%, You must always Specialize)

Archery, Persuade, Stealth, Drive, Firearms, Gunnery, Maintenance, Communications, Operate Equipment, Pilot Watercraft, Ride, Sensor Operations, Tactics, Artillery, Medicine.

I do this in order to try and control the very powerful generic nature of this skills and keep the game power level in check.

Mission Report: Heading for the Pits, Ohio River, Rockport, Illinois, July 19th, 2162

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Mission Report: Heading for the Pits, Ohio River, Rockport, Illinois, July 19th, 2162

Mission Log
Location: 1 Mile North of Rockport, IN.
Date: July 19th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Reporter: Vod Panchaco (Team Leader)

Not our finest moment, getting thru the Cannelton Locks Dam. our swiftboat, the Redrum could be renamed the Swiss Cheese.

Well, we have innumerable gun ports available on the boat now as a result of the damage taken from the Lock defenders and patrol boat we ran into after gunning thru the locks. In the battle our boat suffered over 120 rounds of 5.56, 30 or so of 50 cal, a few rifle grenades hits, and one 76mm hit on the rear weapon mount.

After The Docks

Our top speed is about 16 knts, and we have some major damage to the engine, and rudder system.

I was knocked out from the cannon round which hit the back of the boat. After shaking off the effects I went back to check on Herb. The only thing he could spot was some chunks of flesh and blood clinging to the gunnels.

Latter I was told he was manning the 81mm motar when it was hit by a 76mm round as killed instantly. What a waste.

We hope to eventual be able to give a toast for herb and say a few words of thanks for the service Herb gave the Project and CA4.

We slowed down a bit to 12 knts, and find that the boat is more under control.  And we spread out to assess the damage and condition of the our boat, the Redrum. The electrical motor was having some issues and needed repairs that would take hours. Windscreens were blown out, and there were more holes in our superstructure than we could count. Under the waterline, we were taking on quite a bit of water, but the bilge pump was able to keep up with it at this point. It became obvious that we need to pull into shore and do some repairs. We could really use a dry-dock, or winch to pull the boat out and do it right, but looking at our map, it is doubtful we will find major repair facilities that we can trust anytime soon. We needed a spot off the river to hide out and effect emergency repairs.

Herb manning the 81mm Motar station before the battle

Herb manning the 81mm Motar station before the battle

Traveling down the Ohio, and passing Troy IN, about 6 miles past the locks hoping to pull into the river our maps show used to be there. We found that the 66 county road bridge is down, and navigating around the wreckage would be very difficult in our condition without taking a lot of time. Time we don’t have, as I’m sure local forces were alerted to our very noisy forcing of the Locks. We have to find a spot further down the river.

We turned downriver, and then in the darkness about ¾ mile off we spotted a searchlight coming towards us. Damn someone from the Locks must have got the word out and a patrol boat was coming up the river. It actually mounted two lights, each one scanning a side of the river, as it cruised up the middle. We weren’t in the greatest shape, so we headed to one shore, and took aim. If we were really lucky the spotlights would miss us, and they would just keep going up river.

KFS River Patrol Boat during the battle

KFS River Patrol Boat during the battle

We weren’t lucky.

One spotlight scanned over us, but then swiveled back to pin us in their beam. Everyone on both sides opened fire. Tim opened up with our Twin 50 cal MGs, and both sides began pumping holes in each other’s boats. They had an automatic grenade launcher which started walking round around us. We took more damage to our aft section and suddenly veered into the south bank. I was tossed overboard by the shock, loosing my 40mm grenade launcher into the muck. Keshawn was able to take out the forward spotlight on the KFS patrol boat, and the angle of their craft prevented them from swiveling the rear spotlight onto us. Duncan ran below and grabbed our LAW from the stores. Conroy got to the front of the boat with his M60 and started hosing down their superstructure as well. He also managed to knockout their aft searchlight, and the KFS boat went dark.

Red Rum during previous engagements with River Pirates

Red Rum during previous engagements with River Pirates

Black of night, only lit up with streams of tracer fire between us. I was calling out “Duncan! Get me the LAW… quickly!” As he edged around the back of the boat. Duncan emerged, and noted that a fire was again started near the remaining 81mm mortar rounds in the back of the boat. He tossed the law to me, and then started dumping sand and water on the fire, shuffling 81mm rounds away from the flames.

After Battle Sketch of the KFS River Boat

After Battle Sketch of the KFS River Boat

I took aim with the Law at the faint outline of the KFS boat and waited for someone there to open up to be sure of his target… he only had one chance, so he needed to get it right. The KFS twin 50s opened up again, and Vod fired at the meter long muzzle flashes. The round went in low on the waterline near the rear of the KFS boat with a WHUMP. And all fire on the other side stopped. Keshawn used his night scope to pick off any remaining KFS troops and it was over.

The Red rum (AKA the Swiss cheese) had more holes, and blood on deck  but it still floated. Duncan jumped into the water to check the rudder. The control cables were severed. Using some parachute cord we jury rigged the rudder, so that someone in the back of the boat could manually adjust it. It would have to suffice. The vehicle computer somehow survived, along with our radio. The whip antennae was lost and would need to be replaced. We need an entire new rudder and the engine needs repairs. The Pigs died.. but the chickens survived.

Backing out of the shore, we slowly made our way down the river in the black of night. Using our nightgear we scanned the shoreline, trying to find some tributary river or bog we could pull into. About 8 miles further downriver we found Rockport. There was a small waterway and pool north of what used to be a quarry.  It was navigable and we made it off the river. And Slept.

In the morning the Redrum looked even worse. We pulled out the Damocles drone and had it search out the local area. North of us was what used to be a major coal fired power station. The coal long gone, and it looked to be scavenged pretty hard. Guiding the drone back south over the town, about half a mile off, there are what used to be 7-8 warehouses which may have some salvage we could use. What used to be the town of Rockport, is home to a few homes down around the old sheriff station. Perhaps we could talk to them and see if they could help us out as well.

Using the Damocles drone to boost our radio range, we were able to contact Pete, an old homesteader (an Morrow Project Rebel Contact) near Boonesville. After talking to Pete for a while, we got the feeling we could trust him. He is about 15 miles away (20 by road) and after some trading offers, said he could help us out. His two sons were going to come over with their cart and draft horses with some welding equipment and would be there by nightfall. He told us that Rockport housed a group of “Badgers”. Not quite pirates, but someone who would prey on river traffic. If we can negotiate with them, they too may provide some parts and supplies we would need to get going again.

Pete said that Owensboro has a KFS presence, a guard post near the river, and from all the radio chatter, something has kicked over the hornets’ nest, and stirred up the KFS like he hasn’t seen in a long time.

That would be us……

Pete said he would relay our message to some Morrow Project people he knows about and has intermittent communications with to let them know where we are.

For now, we will scout out the surrounding areas, starting with the warehouses. We should be able to meet up with Pete’s boys near them and cart what we find back to the boat to continue repairs. We will be here for a few days at least. Perhaps a week if we can manage it and watch the river to see what the KFS will do. Perhaps they will think we sank and things will die down.

We are about 80 miles from Cairo, where the MP has friends and facilities to do a more proper repair job.

Recovered MISSION REPORT: CA- 4 – Local History and the Supply Base – April 4th to 16th, 2161

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Bill Jackson, MP Information Systems Tech, Prime Base
I managed to recover a series of old mission reports from an old beat up vehicle computer belonging to Morrow Project Team CA-4. It seems that the team has a history of destroying vehicle computers, and to my amazement, I found this and other files in the memory banks, so I decided to publish the files to the mission logs section. It also seems that there is another post on the recover of the supply depot.

Note this post are at least a year out of sync with the latest ones.

But I do have to ask, are these guys for frigging real? CHUDS? Oh come on!

DATE: 4/17/2161
LOCATION: China Lake Navel Weapons Station, CA-10 Supply Base.
REPORTER: Tim Hart, Medic of CA-4
Day 4/04/2161 – 4/16/2161:

This was down time for me and the team. Well me and my wife no more on this timeline. I can say one thing a whole lot of dancing.

Day 4/17/2161
Well it started out with us still on R&R, but all good things must come to an end as they say. Vod asked me to come with him to have a looky loo up at the front gate. It seemed we had a group claiming to be from the Morrow Project. The gate staff wanted someone to do a meet and greet we found out as we drove to the gate. Vod seemed to think it could be the team out of Arizona. (Note they are AZ-3 MARS) The gentleman we meet looked to be well in his 50’s. He and his group looked to be right out of a wild west movie except he had a well worn MP set of Body armor. He introduced himself as Justin Walker, one of three I think he said remaining members of AZ-3. His group contained around thirty men. The others were very young and I think may have included some of his sons. They all wore an old style sheriff’s badge. Hell I think he said they were called the Arizona rangers or patrol, something like that. I will need to follow up on it. He and Vod did the card swapping and my wife’s team later did verify he was who he said with a DNA test. AZ-3 seems to have activated nine-teen years ago in the Tempe Arizona area. They soon worked with the USA campus, and were turned into the legal arm of the area. It seems he had to clean Tempe up and with the Campus help have setup a nice little learning center. He did say that the meet a group called the “Krell”. This group was the worst he and his men had encountered and they killed them to the very last. Another group he mentions was called the “Kentucky free state”. They blew right through town with no hidey ho.

Soon after they were settled, Poole called us in to brief us on the CA-10 situation. Apparently the computer Tech from CA-1 Science team finally identified the general location of CA-10 near China Lake, and Poole wanted CA-4 to go have a look. The location was an old Titan Missile base, long abandoned before the war. It looked like MP industries had retrofitted it into a bolt or a supply base. This is a high priority, so CA-11 will transport us with one of their Blackhawks. The team will be, myself, Vod, and Keshawn, along with a CA-7 trainee John Martinez.

We loaded up and soon were on our way northeast about 100 miles to the site. We overflew it, and were dropped off to recon and secure the area. The site was a mess, old and broken down. We started the recon and located bones of different types mostly animal and felt there was an active predator here. We found only one surface building worth note. It looked like a huge rust bucket. We then came upon what appeared to be two Mag58 turrets. One we felt was sheared off by an explosive, and the other was rusted out. Once we felt the area was secured we radioed the Blackhawk to set down and holed this area while we went inside. Vod had Keshawn support the Blackhawk crew as overlook. My self, Vod, and, John, explored for the entrance inside. I took the Mk2 Laser I still had from the rescue mission as I thought the cutting power may be needed to work through any blockages.

The Outside of the Abandoned Titian Missile Base (CA-10 Supply Depo)

The Outside of the Abandoned Titian Missile Base (CA-10 Supply Depo)

We found the blast door ajar and could see what looked like a passage going down into the site. Working together we were able to open and get a better look. We found it was rusted and dripping water from all over. The foundation looks safe so we made our way in. Vod made an off handed comment about project and the site we saw. John looked a bit green from Vod’s comment and how sucky this site looked. It seemed Vod saw this as well and he took point with John in middle and me on read guard. As we worked our way in were found the site was even worse here then we had thought. The floor was a death trap with sections missing and some of the floor so rusted we would step through it. It was a slow and painful working our way around. Vod had us use the red filters on our lights so we could save our night vision. This was not working so he approved using the lights unfiltered. When we went to do this we were surprised to find that the area glowed lightly. I took at looks and found it was from the microbes in the water algae and lichen on the walls. They were glowing with a bioluminescence of their own. As we made are way down the tunnel Vod signaled us to a halt as here heard a noise. We waited but soon Vod said it must have been rats, God knows what else was down here I thought. He informed us to stray alert and frosty.

We keep making are way in deeper till we came to a T intersection. We found that one branch lead to the control room and the other to the power room. It was decided we would go down the left to the control room first. We thought this would be the best chance to find the entrance to the CA-10 site, and if not would give the best chance at intel on the site.

PowerRoom in Titan Base

PowerRoom in Titan Base

We still had not found a wall map of the area yet and a control room should have one. The new tunnel seemed even creepier as we spent more time down here. All of us were on edge, and I check the laser again to make sure it was good to go if needed. Dam this thing gets heavy fast (The laser and pack). We made it to the Control room and what an even bigger mess this area was. Rust everywhere we saw metal, water dripping down walls, with the wires and cables hanging down. We started a full search for the area and before we went far we saw signs of a fighter fight and bodies. The bodies were not Project that we could find. The fight looked to have been some time ago from the adg of what I found. While I was looking them over Vod signaled us to a stop again as he heard something. He said it sounds closer now. I turned around looking down the tunnel but did not see anything. I also did not hear the noise Vod was. Vod took point and headed further into the Control room and pointed out a hole or tunnel in the ceiling. The tunnel in the ceiling of the main Control room was not on the map Vod showed us he had. Vod asked myself and John to come in side. He had John shine his light up into the tunnel, while he climbed the wreckage leading up to the access to check it out.

I was behind John when he pointed with the light more and yelled at Vod. Fuck this shit I thought and powered up the Laser. I felt like one of the Ghostbusters getting ready to sap slimmer. I saw Vod almost slip but regained his grip and pulled himself further up inside.

Then I saw it. I was not sure what it was only it looked ready to kill. At the same time I heard noises back in the tunnel and saw more of them heading for use I yelled to the other we had incoming. They were about three feet tall with pale hairless skin, but what I noticed then was all the fangs and claws. At this point things went into slow motion. I heard John open up behind me with his AK at what I guess what the one near VOD, soon followed but a grunt from Vod and the crash of something into the Control room.

This was followed by a click of John’s AK and him saying shit (Jam of his AK). I let the laser go down the tunnel straight at the oncoming mob. I heard a 9mm firing topside my guess VOD so he was alive and did not fall good, John had hit the first one we saw and it was what had fell I thought. From here I focused the others out as I worked on the ones running at me, dam they are fast. I’m not sure how many shots I was able to get off, but it was not enough to stop them all.

Soon I was in hand to hand with one of them. They are strong as hell for their size. I hear the Mac 10 of John’s goes off and the one on me drops. As I was freeing myself from it I heard more shots from top side and John. I hit all the CHUD’s (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) around me once again to make sure they were dead. When I turned Vod was climbing down with blood running from a bad cut to his left leg, and John was moving around the room making sure the others were dead.

I helped Vod down and looked him over. The chest of his IBA was torn but not hit to him. The leg was a mess. Vod can never seem to not get hit in his leg or feet it. This was bad. I played it down as I worked on him. I knew I would need to tap my will to help him heal and was able to save the leg and he could walk be it slow. I hit him with pain killers and told him to let me know when it started to bleed again as I knew he would need more work.

I saw Vod heft the axe that he was hit with and as he looked around he said. “Ok so we aren’t dealing with rats boys. Let more to the Power room and take a look.” I said Ok one second and walked over and cut the head off of one of the CHUD’s. I bagged it and gave it to John to carry back to the base for my wife and the science team to take a look at. Vod was not happy but allowed it. John looked at me like I was on crack and this hero worship he had for CA-4 was starting to wear I could see.

We seemed to move a bit slower than needed with Vods leg as the reason. I think we were all a bit in shock with what had happened and wanted to make sure they did not get the jump on us again. At the intersection we heard more noise deeper in the base back both ways we had been. We headed to the power room a bit faster from here, but the noise was not heading to use there was just more of it. I was pulling rear guard here still and Vod and John were moving side by side all the way down the tunnel till we hit the Power Room.

This room was also a mess. We found rusted generators and consoles. I secured the tunnel entrance and Vod and John reconed the room. Vod called out he found something. He and John looked over the conduits, and found power lines out of place that had power. Vod examined the wiring, and said it was in flukes and he was going to try to repair it. The man was on a mission. He went around pulling wires and cables here and there. He went to Jboxes and took parts from it them as well.

As he was working on this one of the boxes held a Project access card slot. With a lot of work he was able to run stable power to the card slot. He pulled out a card I had not seen before and inserted it. Man the noise was worse the fingernails on a chalkboard and the door slid open. Vod popped in first then had us follow him in. We decided it close the door to keep the CHUDs out of this part of the base. After this I was really feeling the weight of the laser pack. That door was a bitch to close and I was not sure we would get it open again.

CA-10 Section of Supply Base

CA-10 Section of Supply Base

On this side of the tunnel everything is much newer. It still had age but was in much better shape. The concrete was in good repair and the walls were painted. The air was good but did not show the signs of a recently opened bolt hole and had humidity to it. This section of the base seemed to have been breached before we again took are places with myself in the read and Vod and John up front. This is not sealed. We slowly made our way down the corridor, and reached a 2nd blast door, which opened to Vod’s other Project card. This one opened right up. Once inside we find lights here flickering and it was obvious there was some power issue here as well.

This looks to be a Base, and not a disposable bolt. The fusion reactor is low on fuel of damaged. We hit another door to a control room, and we could see the Cold Sleep boxes all in a row. I started to checked them and found all in working order, but one had been broken into. This is not good with CHUD’s around. Vod says were not alone and with his light he points out a blood trail and a decapitated arm in the corner. John screams out and opens up straight into the ceiling with his AK, and the body of a huge CHUD fell on top of him.

Computer Simulation of the Creatures encountered in the Supply Base.

Computer Simulation of the Creatures encountered in the Supply Base.

The next thing I know another CHUD well a giant CHUD jumps from the crawlspace and near the arm and says “leave our food and we will kill you all for messing with our food” Vod opened up on it with his 9mm soon followed by John with his AK. I talked to him after this as he poured to mags into it and would have done more I think if he did not have another jam. I walked over and user the laser and the larger one and sliced off its head.

I put it in another bag and passed it off to John. He was not happy but took it. Thank god for him these things stink to high hell.

Once we were sure the area was secure I and John moved one of the storage cabinets over the opening and I used the laser to weld it shut. Vod and me talked about what to do with the team and decided it was not safe for them here and we would need to wake them now. Vod used the MP card to start the wake up process. It started the 30 minute count down and I monitored the tubes and team. While waiting we used the computer here to access the base status. We could see three levels to the base. We were on the top or first level. The third level showed a red alert and was totally underwater, with a critically failing power supply.

Vod asked for the power pack from my laser, and managed to jack it into an external port. Using the computer we were able to bring up full power to the first level. We again worked on the computer and found that the much needed ammo was on level three. Level two showed some water as well and contained supplies for power infrastructure, heavy construction, and foodstuffs. Level two looked like we would be able to salvage this stuff. This level is the motor pool and living quarters, and had the armory with the small arms so looks like we have a lot of good weapons but limited ammo.

Vod and John went off to look this level over and prep for the waking team. I stayed to help the team wake up. The team started to wake up and upon seeing the CHUDs and dead team mate went all MARS. I called to Vod and he and John were able to cool them down and get there weapons. The newbies had loaded them and not even tried to clean them.

Fuck wait till they see what is outside. I cannot wait till I can talk to Bruce and thank him for the fun times in the new world. Well I do have my wife. Ah skip it.

Once all were up we went out and looked around in the motor pool area we found: a pair of deuce-1/2, two Humvee, two Air scouts, an 18 wheeler with a flatbed and supply trailer, a V150 APC. Over in the corner in one of the Missile tubes we found a vehicle elevator to the roof. I went around the rest of this level while Vod jacked into the external antenna and gave Keshawn and the Blackhawk team SITREP here with a big heads up on the CHUDS. John covered the other team and the entrance in the sleep chamber room. I walked back in as he was relaying the SITREP to Poole, requested a MARS group to come clear this place.

Poole informed us he was also sending CA-8 and had requested the Blackhawk to come get them while we secured the area Soon CA-3 and CA-8 showed up. We all worked to clear the emergency hatches. CA-8 started to work on this lift and found the gears underwater. They said they would start to pump out the water and inspected this and the second level. The leader of CA-3 said no to going to any other levels till they cleared and secured the base. CA-3 headed out with my favorite, the AA-12 Assault shotguns, and soon we heard the firefights in the tunnels. About 20 minutes later they came back in with wounded, one seriously. I aided them as best I could while Vod talked to their TL who said they had killed 30 or more of the CHUDs and would need more guns and a lot more ammo before this site would be secured.

Keshawn, called down and informed us are ride back to CTFP, (combined task force Phoenix) base was ready. We loaded up and head out. Along the way we passed the other Blackhawk heading to the site with some of the AZ-3 guys. Once our boots hit the ground we were escorted to Poole’s office. He was not happy to smell the heads or see them and called for one of the science team to come get them. We had a quick SITREP on the CHUDs and were told to get cleaned up and rest as it would be all hands on deck till the site was cleared of the CHUDS or any other threat. Vod will be on downtime for a few weeks with his knee. I will be stopping by to check on him.

For the next week or so the base was busy with the task of securing the supply base. Everyone in base expect the command team took a turn helping to clear the base. We are not saying it is clear yet but we are moving staff, and equipment to and from. Everyone moves around in groups of three loaded to the teeth.

The base is also gearing up for the round up to take place soon. My wife has me work with her on dancing. It had been sometime to say the least. I also worked with the band and had a few jams. Most county but I’m working on getting then use to new well old rock. I worked with the Arizona boys on my horsemanship and shooting. They say my horsemanship is so so, but my shooting is topnotch. I still need to work on using this dam saber I have to wear everywhere. I can hack and defend again So So, but work every night for about an hour with the CA-7 team. They still kick my ass but I’m getting in hits now without getting hit all the time.

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