Mission Report: Cannelton Locks Dam, Illinois, July 9th, 2162 (Part One)

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Mission Log
Location: 4 Miles west of Cannelton, upstream of the Cannelton Locks.
Date: July 9th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Lincoln Davis :> Newly Assigned to CA-4

Finally got the power back to my MA-5 “tablet”.  Still not used to this thing, but it is pretty cool.  Way smaller than the computers I am used to.

Today we pulled into a bog like area north of the Ohio river.  The maps call this little and big deer creek, but it is nothing but a swamp now.  There used to some houses out here, but it is all overgrown with no sign of anything man made.

Early this morning a team consisting of Kenshaw, Porter, and myself went out to scope out the dam and the locks.  Ironically this is what I was supposed to do as part of OH-2, but the situation is very different now.  I still can’t believe that the rest of the team is gone.  Maybe someday I can find one or two of the other survivors.

We trooped about 2 miles in the dark with our night vision googles to just under the crest of the hill on the Indiana side of the river.  Totally overgrown with trees and brush now, so we had plenty of camouflage.  Unfortunately, some of the local wild life also had plenty of camouflage.  I almost stepped on a western cottonmouth.  Luckily Kershaw pushed me aside right before I would have been bit.  After that we finished out trip uneventfully.  We did see what looked like lights over at the old girl scout camp on the far side of the hill from the river.  We did not explore that as we did not want to risk revealing ourselves to the natives.

Before the sunrise, we settled into a stand of trees near an old parking lot.  Again, not much left but some cracked chunks of asphalt.  Looks like no one comes around here anymore.  Below us was the dam, and we spent all day observing.

The Cannelton Locks and Dam are just what I was here for, and it even appears intact.  The generators that were supposed to be installed in the 90’s apparently got done before the ball went up.  A few of them are even working, which is something of a miracle.  I figured there would be nothing but rusted metal by now.  Unfortunately, the whole dam and lock system is in KSF hands.

Cannelton Locks in 2162.

Cannelton Locks in 2162.

The key point for us is to get through the locks.  Both locks seem to be operative, with two boat paths.  There are four hard concrete control buildings as well as other more recent structures.  Looks like a barracks, stable, and mess hall at the least.  We saw mostly KSF border troops, but they have army trucks and a jeep on site being worked on.  They also have a big guy that is clearly the local “authority” here from the way he acts.  He is in charge of tolls for using the locks and has two gorillas following him around.  Not people I would want to meet in a dark alley.

Luckily, no sign of real army troops, or worse, the secret police.  Several machine guns and search lights, but nothing too difficult.  Still a good 15-20 guys there.  We also saw a caravan come in from probably Cannelton and also a river patrol boat go through the locks in addition to the normal river traffic.

Of course it rained all day and I was soaked.  I hate this weather.

At least now we have gotten back together and made a plan.  We think we can just bribe and bluff our way through the locks.  Just in case Kershaw with his M1903 Sniper Rifle, Porter with his M60, and I (with my shotgun) are going to hide on the hill side to provide cover fire if they don’t go for.  I think between the boats guns and us on the hill we should not have any trouble if they don’t buy it.

We go at dusk, and we should be sailing past Cannelton by midnight.  Got my gear checked and ready.  Gotta go.

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