KFS: Economics of the Ritch

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Science Team Arkansas: AR-2
DATE: April 22nd, 2162.
SUBJECT: Economic Activity in The KFS
FROM: Dr. William Dreyfus

From my primary report, you can see that the KFS is a economic stagnant command economy. From what we can find from talking to various river traders who would talk to our regional Recon Team, it seems that the KFS is constantly taking raw goods from the local traders. It then takes the goods and processes them into cheap trade goods.

Common KFS Trade Goods are 1940’s to 1960’s level technology. There sturdy but cheaply made. It seems that all the parts are designed with flaws that will fail from 4 to 10 years of active use. No surprise about that part, the KFS seems to give the basic equipment away for below market trade value then sells the repair parts at a premium.

Common Trade Goods:
Percussion Cap .58 cal BP Rifles (1863 Springfield Reproduction), Tube Recieving Radio (100 mile Range),, Simple Antibiotics, Simple pain revealer (Aspirin), Mechanical Tools, Simple Electronic Tools, Plow, Horse Tackle, blankets, typewriters, farm tools, paper, basically anything that is easy to make, and the common person would see great worth.

Uncommon Trade Goods:
Limited Military Goods (WW2 Rifles, M1 Grand, m1 carbine, grease gun) and Pistols (revolvers in 45 ACP). Some KFS Steel Pot Helmets, vehicles (such as pickup trucks or trucks), chainsaws, Tube based Transmitting Radio (15 mile range / 100 mile Range with only one frequency), water pumps, generators, ect. Very limited amount of ammo in the non standard military calibers (.30-06, 45 acp, .30 carbine), 1960 ford style pickup truck, tractors.

The common trade goods are on “Sale” with KFS contract merchants. These usually are on Steam powered river boats with a few KFS contract guards.

Uncommon Trade Goods are only sold to client state armies, political bosses, and those that they want to curry favor with.

The purpose of the KFS good flow is to keep it on the top, and thus it is always on the top of the trade pyramid.

It can punish towns or areas but simply not trading with them for a period of time to let all there higher technology fail. It commonly does this to prove who is on the top of the trade order (“Sorry we are out of X and will not be able to get it for sometime, perhaps you could find a way to provide more labor to us for the next 10 years? Prehaps you have some undesirables that could come back to the KFS as guest workers?”)

Mission Report: Battle of Cincinnati, OH, July 4th, 2162 (Part One)

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Mission Log
Location: Ruins of Cincinnati, OH
Date: 4pm July 4th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Herb Brandenberger

After the fight with the river raiders we captured some documents that indicated they were meeting another party for some unknown purpose. As we lack hard intelligence on the river it was decided to intercept this secondary group.

Due to whatever reason, we used the information to set up an ambush at the predicted RV site, Harrison Landing. Pacheco decided to completely wing it and so there was a lack of coordination among the shore party members and between them and the river support element where I was located. (I can’t lay complete blame on the team leader for a lack of forethought, I didn’t think to use the supplied radio comms information in any useful way either, although there always good value in at least some basic planning ahead of time.)

After a minor scuffle it was discovered the river pirates had been meeting with a cell of escaped slaves and/or their rescuers. The leader of the rebel cell was “Valentine”, accompanied by “Samson”, “Susan” and “Sam” (likely all pseudonyms). For armament they had an Uzi (Project issue), trade rifle, shotgun and crossbow. They were transporting escaped slaves (wounded in battles with Border Protection Services) and we rendered what medical assistance and material aid we could.

We were informed via radio that Harrison Salvage wanted the return of their legal property but we declined to mention any such contact. As we were in the process of breaking contact with the rebel cell we heard the visual and audible signatures of a serious firefight across the lake (Cincinnati) to the north with several units heavily engaged using automatic and heavy weapons fire. Susan revealed she’d seen “demons” in the night with “red eyes” and Pacheco had the admittedly brilliant idea to show her the pictures of a “biological harvester” on his PDA. This worked as she made a positive identification that it was similar to the large tracked “buzz saw” unit used by CRIMSON KING out west.

At this point it started to rain. We observed 2 BPS boats heading upriver at a high rate of speed towards the Henderson Salvage wharf area, the assumed location of the fire fight. After promise of a considerable bounty (after all, we are posing as mercenaries and would not be realistically expected to get involved without payment) we headed north to assist and investigate.

Drawing close to the Henderson Salvage wharf we observed first one patrol boat and then the other explode and sink, the second with a large “CRACK” and then disintegrating into large pieces. We did not observe what if any weapons fire caused these explosions as we stood off, not wanting to risk our own destruction.

We made landfall under the cover of a KFS (probably 105mm) artillery strike and rescued one slave (female) and foreman (male) from the ruins of the Henderson Salvage yard. Still under cover of the artillery we effected our withdrawal.

That night we made landfall.

The local military was grateful for our assistance. Whatever it was that nailed their patrol boats left them with no riverine assets so we were asked to provide cover for anti-rebel operations in the ruins of Cincinnati in a short while. The Secret Police wanted to know what we were doing in the area, very curious about our reasons.

Soon, the operation got under way. We were promised artillery support from a KFS battery on standby.

The entire team left to meet with the Rebels, leaving Tim to man the swift boat. We made contact with about ten minutes to spare before the forward KFS elements were about to assault the area to sweep and clear.

Victoria asked us to delay the KFS advance long enough to evacuate the wounded, of which we knew there were many. We set up in an L-shaped ambush with the M60 set to provide enfilading fire down the route of advance with the rest of the team on an ambush line. We removed our vests and prepared Molotovs to throw. As the lead Bradley approached, we called in artillery via the boat to tie up the KFS battery. Per Keshawn’s suggestion it was not on the KFS units themselves (they might stop it or at least have some hard questions to ask us) but a ways away.

We will need to think up a good cover story to explain this “error”, perhaps bring the body of a dead rebel to show for our efforts, if one has died at the aid station. A little callous, I understand, but we need real proof to show the KFSers.

Mission Report: Battle of Cincinnati, OH, July 5th, 2162 (Part Two)

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Mission Log
Location: Ruins of Cincinnati, OH
Date: 11pm July 5th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Herb Brandenberger

Pre-log by Chris Wilson Intelligence Branch, Prime Base:
It seems that CA-4 work as merc’s for the KFS put them into a unusual situation that while they were helping the local rebel branch escape, they were also hired to support the KFS Army in destroying it. So while setting an ambush for the approaching KFS armored force, it met a unknown force…

Approaching Ambush site, KFS M2 passes a burning rebel vehicle.

Approaching Ambush site, KFS M2 passes a burning rebel vehicle.

The fight was a confused ambush. We planned to stop the approaching Bradley with an IED, with 40mm HEDP to disable it if the IED didn’t work or finish the job if it did. The M60 GPMG was placed to provide enfilading fire down the road to catch the dismounts on the other side. The rest of us were equipped with small arms and Molotov cocktails.

The Free State Bradley approached from the north. We hit it with the IED, which stopped it. Vod then smoked it a couple times with 40mm grenades with uncertain results. We fired small arms and the GPMG, plus threw Molotovs into the smoke the IED left behind. We couldn’t seem to actually destroy the Brad but picked off the KFS soldiers as they advanced. Keshawn nailed the track commander. In the midst of this confusion, it became clear that the KFS troops were not advancing on us but fleeing from something behind.

After being hit by a 30mm Rail gun round, KFS M2 Burns in Ruins of Cincinnati, OH. July 6th, 2162

After being hit by a 30mm Rail gun round, KFS M2 Burns in Ruins of Cincinnati, OH. July 6th, 2162

Further, whatever it was began shooting in our direction, ultra-high velocity rounds that punched through everything without stopping: trees, walls, buildings, the pile of concrete debris several of us were using as cover. I decided it was time to bug out; I didn’t know what it was that was firing at us, but if it was going through heavy cover like paper we were in a very bad position! I called on everyone to fall back. If the KFS was stopped, even only temporarily, that was good enough for the rebels we were covering to pull out. Whatever else was happening wasn’t our problem but its firepower seemed incredible.

Battle of Cincinnati, Damocles RCV. July 6th, 2162.

Battle of Cincinnati, Damocles RCV. July 6th, 2162.

I noted something very strange: a small helicopter drone was hovering behind us! This didn’t look like KFS tech. I shot at it and it crashed into a tree. A large tracked vehicle, like a robot tank, came at us through the smoke, I couldn’t see its armament. Meanwhile, Vod ran into something that looked like a “Terminator” robot with 3 legs and armed with a minigun. He somehow managed to destroy it. I threw a Molotov at the spy drone and set the tree it was in on fire, destroying it. These somewhat resembled the remote “harvester” devices deployed by the AIs out west known as CRIMSON KING and MARS, but cruder and less refined.

As the robo-tank was blinded by the loss of its drone and had lost its ground remote combat walker, we withdrew in good order. AWe killed the surviving KFS soldiers; I didn’t like it but I understood the necessity of not leaving witnesses. Vod took the head of the walker for Tim’s collection. Others salvaged one or two KFS AR15 clones. We took a body the rebels gave us, this would help with our cover story of being mercenaries part of the blocking force when we returned to base.

Once we made it back to the boat, we witnessed more KFS artillery working over the ruins. An airstrike (by P-47s) dropped some napalm and bombed the area. One was shot down and we saw the pilot hit the silk. Even though every less Free Stater in the world was a good thing, we decided to rescue the pilot, to better support our cover as being greedy mercs (for the reward). We found him and, after some first aid, brought him back to the boat. The pilot was [?], a scion of one of the Rich Five families. We returned to base to turn over the dead rebel for the bounty and report in for our contractual pay.

This turned out to be a stroke of luck. Due to the activities of the harvesters, the Special Police were taking over the operation and were locking down the base. The regular army Colonel was under house arrest, and the SPs wanted to speak with us. The pilot pulled some strings and warned us we needed to get out as soon as possible, and if we left now he’d see us later.

We made it out of the riverport with minutes to spare. Running at full speed and no lights, we made it down the river to [Y] before laying up for the day. Aside from a patrol boat going full speed in the opposite direction, obviously looking for us, we didn’t see anyone else. It looked like we slipped the SP’s net.

In the mean time, we hacked the computer in the head Vod salvaged. It seemed that it belonged to a local AI, DAMOCLES[?]. DAMOCLES was salvaging materials to help rebuild the USA, per its programming, and was harvesting KFS vehicles and tech as it was the most industrially advanced state around. It didn’t escape our notice that the Project might find itself targeted for the same reason (available high tech materials and electronics).

It seemed that CA-04 had run into yet another AI, and again, it wanted what information we had and was willing to deal.

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