Mission Log June 24th, 2162

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LOCATION: on the Muskingum River


The local MP teams have set it up as a staging location, at a small village called Beverly (Pop 321). It is a local strong MP supporter as the local science team stopped a plague last year from killing most of the areas children. Thats a good thing, as the local teams tell me its mighty tough to be a active morrow project team in the area. It seems that the KFS has an unofficial buffer zone of perhaps 100 miles around its border, that it can exert great influence through a combination or military and economic means. Locals are encourage with large trade concessions if they are willing to turn in any morrow project activity in the zone.

Till recently I never could figure out why the KFS so hates the project, but after talking to a snake eater named Major Zed Harington, I now have a clue, but I am getting a head of myself.

Its best if I just play you the video I took of the meeting the first day the teams gathered in Beverly.

<<Video starts outside a small run down barn with perhaps 30 morrow project members of various teams. Some of the people have bandages, while all are heavily armed. In the Local Church bell tower, one can see a mars team member scaning the sky with a Stinger missile system.

There is an air of calm professionalism while an older man in a faded US Army uniform climbs onto the floorboard of an old wagon.

The Old man is skeleton thin, with long white hair pulled back into a braid with a tattered green beret on his sun burned head. Even though he wearing an old faded US Army BDU, His face and steel blue eyes show that he is a veteran of countless battles, and deserves respect from those he talks to.

“Now Listen Up, I understand that you have been around the block in this new world, but let me tell you about the So called Kentucky Free State. They call it a free state, but what I have seen its about as free as the old south in 1861. But at least these bastards don’t care about your color, religion, and your sex. They don’t care about your beliefs or your wealth. To them we are all tools to be used then discarded.

They call their slaves, DP’s, I would guess it was the pre war term for displaced persons, which might have been what they were 160 years ago, but today, there slaves in every sense of the word. They even implant their property with electronic chips for identification. I seen three year olds scream in pain as they get there DP chip just before they go on the auction block.

They keep the local areas poor but dependent on their crap goods. The only design their goods to last 5 years so the locals have to constantly trade for new parts. They do not allow anyone to gain any sort of modern manufactured goods and there very good about playing favorites. The basically control the economy of everyone within 200 miles in some way or form.

And they have the most capable military in the United States. Airpower, Tanks, AFV, and lots of guns. And they will use it at a wim. Anyone steps out of line, then you will wake up to a P-47 dropping Napalm on your town. It only takes one or two destroyed villages to remind everyone who is the top dog.

You see, the 5 families own the wealth around here. They have Skyscrapers, factories, and modern medicine. They had this for over 160 years, and could have rebuilt the USA many times but instead, they keep it all for themselves. They are the rich 5 and without anyone to stop them.

Then old man then smiles at you. And continues.

But, You see, the one thing these bastards are worried about is the Morrow Project. You have the training, the knowledge, and the weapons to bring back the United States. Thats the United States where people are free, with no slaves, and one can get ahead by one’s hard work, not their heritage.

You stand for everything that these so called Overlords are not and once people know that, well there is a lot of dirt poor people and very few of them. Thats why they will do everything they can to hunt you down and kill you before your dangerous beliefs of freedom and democracy can infect the local population.

So to take them down,  we need more knowledge of how they work, what they have, and what are their weakness.

That’s where you come in. I need a team of you to  travel down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River. You are going to do this undercover as a licensed Merc unit protecting an medical shipment. You are going to do the first professional recon of the KFS river systems, while contacting the resistance groups as needed.

We have reconditioned MP Recon Team OH-3 River Patrol Craft, a Vietnam Era SWIFT boat,  to look more “modern” and you are going to have to give up all your high tech weapons to blend in with the locals. No M-4 Carbines with Laser Sights, you are going to be using almost 200 year old  M-1 Garands, or Bolt Action Springfields. No Kevlar but Steel Pot Helmets. Think 1940’s and thats about what a well armed merc group could sport in any lands around the KFS.

Anything else, could draw attention to you and the secret police making a call. You all are too healthy, too smart, too education, too tall, and too proud. Your teeth alone would give you away in a moment so we are going to have a MP dentist help remove some of your fillings with ones that will blend in with your teeth.

You are going to need all your skills and luck to get through this, but what you can find out will give the MP a chance to bring down this demon. So do I have any volunteers crazy enough to do this mission into the Heart of Darkness?

A well dressed morrow project recon team commander steps forward and speaks in a commanding voice: “I am Commander Vod Pacheco of Recon Team CA-4,  And it sounds just like the type of Job we excel in. So I say for my entire team, lets do it”.

The holder of the video says (off camera), “Did Vod just volunteer our team for this suicide run?”

Another voice near by says: “Yep, he sure did”.

Then you hear the holder of the video say: “Fuck” and it turns off.



Mission Update June 14th, 2162

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LOCATION: 5 miles North of Cambridge, Ohio

TOPIC: Team Status Check

Its been over a month since our last mission update to prime base, so I am sending this via the MP radio chain through Colorado and Nevada. From looking through my PDA, I noticed that we have never updated the logs from the fire fight at the Palmer, MI.

Vod, and Conroy managed to take down some of the attack party with a combination of twin 50 cals, and many 40mm grenades. But with the amount of security guards fighting the team, eventually they had to do a fighting retreat in the midst of a hail of automatic fire.

The Rest of the team did managed to activate the science one from the lake and get it online with a series of emergency repairs. They then took the science one up the hill and with the usual use of restraint that our team is known for, we destroyed most of the local wildlife, security guards, and forest. The rest of the mine merc’s then took to the hills and ran as fast as they and there pickups could travel.

We then moved the Science One as fast as its damaged drive train could take it to Sawyer Air Force Base, were we had made friends with the local Air Clan the week before. They allowed us to hole up in a old hanger in order to get the science one back to operational condition. After 2 weeks we managed to get about 87% of the systems online and made our way to Michigan by floating across the great lake. Then we followed Interstate 75 to Ohio.

The Team is doing fine, and I think they have actually gained some weight eating all the processed foods in the Science One Food Stores. Over 2 months in a Fully stocked Science One has made the team a little soft to my eyes, but I can not complain much as having a Hot Shower everyday is a nice change of pace.

Its better than being in the Shot up V-150 APC that was our home for over 7 weeks, the same V-150 that has been damaged so many times, that it has wields over the previous wields. I think I have spotted over 30 years of different parts, and my favorite is the 1964 Chevy Car Door frame being used to patch up 3 20mm Holes by the driver hatch. But it is now in a better place as we traded it to a Michigan Morrow Project Recon Team, Mi-2, that was without an working vehicle. Heck they had walked over 170 miles when we found them, and they were almost starving so we figured the worse we could do was let them have the old V-150 plus about 25% of our supplies. They are heading towards chicago to see who the famed “Mayor of Chicago” is and what the  rumored Fort Morrow is about.

We are almost at the meeting of the southern ohio morrow project teams that prime base wants us to attend. It seems that these teams have been on the losing end of some skirmishes with the KFS and they need some help. I do not know much about the KFS, but I am sure the local teams will be able to fill us in about life in the border regions. I even heard that a snake eaters team will be there thats been active for over 25 years.

Did I mentioned that we discovered 2 trades packs in the Science one with over 10 remaining 180 year old whisky bottles? We been order to save at least 50% of them for the meet up, so we been rationing them. Sigh, the things you need to do for God and country.



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