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Changes to the 3rd addition MP Book and Timeline

As a veteran Morrow Project Game Master (PM), I decided to shake up the standard Morrow Project World a Bit by updating the Campaign with different ideas as well as information I picked up by various excellent morrow project resources on the web.

Here is a quick summary:


We are in the process of thinking about changing from the Morrow Project 3rd edition rules to our own Morrow Project D20 rulebook. This is turning into a large task, but there is just some role playing elements that the 3rd edition MP book lacks (character advancement for large campaigns and better skill tree’s) and D20 has it. We are using a slightly modified Grim and Gritty 4.0 for combat with the Hit charts from ADCOM. It makes for quick combat that is very deadly for people without body armor. Also the teams only have around 14 hit points so yes there still scared of being shot with a 9mm pistol. If you would like to know more about it, I can send you what we have.

With 4th Edition of MP sometime in the future, we are in a wait and see approach.


War takes place in 2017 with most nuclear armed countries joining in.


In our Game, the Freeze Date was 2008. This allowed for about 70% of the team to be Iraq or Afghanistan Vets.


We use the following branches: MARS, RECON, SCIENCE, SUPPORT, AVATION.


The world did not stand still during the war. Yes it destroyed most of the larger countries, but many smaller countries stayed together and have expanded there power in the vacuum.

Trading has started again in the last 100years as pacific nations start to have excess food and supplies and want other resources. America and other first world nations are now the junk yards for the newer nations with a constant flow of industrial raw material (power lines, factory machinery, old cars, ect) flowing from the US and medicine, food, ammo, weapons coming in.

This of course makes it much harder for the project as the US is being stripped of any of the remaining industrial base that it desperatly needs.

So at Port Hueneme, the only major california deep water port not to be nuked in the war, you can find tramp steamers, sailing clippers, and some larger ships trading goods with the rest of the world.


In my morrow projectworld, Recon team CA-4 does not work in a void of leadership. They have awakened there command team (CA-2) who has awakened the combined task force CG-2 of the High Desert Area of California. That means there is some 120 or so Morrow project personal on the ground and rebuilding the southern california. Recon CA – 4 has medical, support, avaition, and ,mars support to allow them to complete there missions. It also means that there is a clear chain of command that the players must work within.

But the theme’s of every team being on there own is still there, as there still a RECON team, so they spend a lot of there time away from the main morrow project compound at the old prision complex around Mojave CA.


MP still uses the V150 series with upgrades: Better Com gear, Harden MP vehicle computer, Battle field network, small weapon upgrades (20mm à 25mm), some reactive armor (MARS only).

The project uses up armored Humvee’s instead of XR311 series. It has some V300 variants and was starting to use the STRIKER variants for the latest teams (10% of teams).

Basically the MP was not going to put away its older vehicles just because new ones are available when it took so much time and effort to get them in the first place.


Since the war takes place latter, 80% of morrow project teams had been reequipped with update equipment and gear.  The major upgrades are in personal battle field electronics and intelligence gathering tools as advances in the last 20 years make the infantry man much more effective when they can be tied into a communications network VS working alone.

Examples of this are the teams personal PDA’s, Digital Cameras, Digital Video recorders, small unmanned drones, and vehicles computers. This allows a recon team to gather a huge amount of information which can be sent back to prime base for sorting.

The Weapon upgrades are pretty simple (M16A2 à M4 Carbine or G36, Mac-10 / Uzi à MP5) but laser weapons are smaller and easier to use (but still rare for a team). The AA Shotgun now is even better with the AA-12 (and with some use of the new HEDP rounds for it, Ugh!).

All teams now have the standard US Army IBA with plates and Kevlar Helmets with 3rd Gen Night Vision.

It makes no sense for the MP to train, and freeze teams and not give them $3000 dollars worth of body armor.

GM NOTE:> This does tend to make the players into Tanks against small arms hits to the Torso as AF16 IBA combined with AF7 for the coveralls makes the players tough to kill. But remember that almost 50% of hits will not hit the torso, and Bullets still have a chance to stun the team even if it is hit in the torso so it all works out.


This is changing as the Game Changes and more information from the net changes my views.

Snake Eaters:

The US government did have some contact with the Morrow Project and it was not going to let something as big as the project do its work without some oversight.

So without letting the project know, they put teams of special forces personal into freeze to make sure the project kept to the pre war agreements and did not set up a dictatorship.

So the Snake Eaters Teams know about the projectand there goals and are there to make sure teams do what they are supposed to do. If not the SFT has no problems taking out teams that go rouge. Thus while they might help the project from time to time, they will stand appart most of the time.


There just a side note in the campaign (so far). There mostly mercs as california is a long way away from the middle of the country and there powerbase.

Ritch 5 / KFS:

There in the game as much as they have contact with Bakersfield Defence Council. BDC has a view point very similar to the KFS, and so has some support from the KFS (mostly a few technical / military advisors).

Recently a daughter of one of the most important families in the KFS married into a powerful BDC family which is causing a lot of gossip in southern california.

Why would the KFS care about Southern California? Well it sure does not like the MP and there is gasoline here and a willing proxy. All it needs to do is supply some technical advisers, and old military equipment, and it gets a vested interest on the pacific rim and the trade it brings. Its a win win for them at almost no cost.


Bio Tech:

The whole muntant thing in the morrow project never made sense given the short time frame from the war (150 years). So I use a biological virus to do some of the DNA corruption. You can year about it in the MISC REPORTS area.


Yes there is some super science in the games. I try and keep it low key as I do not want to make it the theme of the game. The game is about a RECON team trying to rebuild America, its not about some AI’s power games.

There fun to have every now and then and mostly act as a oracle, fustration generator, and sometimes low key support.


Clive Henrick – Project Director

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