Project Report:CA- 4 May 2nd, 2161

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Inland Empire Trucking Co.
Recon Team CA-04
Engineering Group High Desert
Frederick Douglass Johnson

Thursday, April 30 (Cont.)

The ball got somewhat political at this point, with Victoria Hamilton giving a speech. She’s from the Kentucky Free State, a little-known entity from back east, with a fairly progressive technological base but a regressive society that includes slavery and a secret police. Victoria married into a prominent Bakersfield family. I can’t see what value this holds either party; the KFS is probably a thousand miles away so this does not seem a useful strategic alliance in terms of defence or trade to me. My guess was she did something really, really bad and she’s been exiled to where she can’t do any damage, and apparently that’s close to the mark. In her speech, she trash-talked the Project, nothing special, although she conceded if we mind our business she’ll mind hers. Her bodyguard, Captain Daniel Droughty of the Secret Police, flipped his gourd and took a shot at me, nothing to worry about, no damage because he was holding back. Maybe that might be something that will crop up in the future, maybe not.

Some of the team talked to Samantha Grey, the “house slave” of Victoria, and she filled in some blanks. I wasn’t part of the discussion so I can’t comment.

After, we met Generalissimo Fransisco Mansia of the Imperial Mexican Army. He was a little annoyed at us, especially as I’d reminded him during the speech yesterday of the reinforced mechanised infantry battalion we kicked ass on a week or so ago. He issued some vague threats, we didn’t know at the time how creditable they were.

Friday May 1st.

This was the day where our previous groundwork paid off. We were having our own soiree at the Dewdrop Inn, hosting local business and religious leaders, plus the USMC and USAF generals. There was a nice demonstration of our action against the Imperial Mexicans, although we weren’t invited to attend.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense; the Project needs to make as mileage as possible of its victories. The best way is to make sure it makes heroes out of recognisable faces like Vod, and at the least we should have been there to give a first-person account.

Prior to our party, there was a high-level meeting to arrange a cease-fire with the Imperial Mexicans. We, of course, were also not invited. There was another party being hosted by the Bakersfield contingent at the same time.

It’s important to mention is that at our party, one of the monks from the abbey explained what may have been happening with Kira Krell. I didn’t get his name. He said that some people had abilities, powers that could be used to cloud people’s minds, influence them. There had always been plenty of legends about mutants after the war, but never confirmed. Lots of stories!

Mindful of the Generalissimo’s threats we took some basic security precautions, knowing that sometimes truces are broken to assassinate enemy leaders. Someone’s guards is down, and important targets are all located in one spot. It does happen, although not often. It’s a high risk strategy but can really pay off. We set up a command post with all our weapons aside from sidearms and a MARS to man the radios, and posted a lookout on the roof (Keshawn with a sniper rifle). We set up a alert code over the radio.

What happened next is still somewhat unclear, although my memory has largely returned. Supposedly heading out of town, the Imperial Mexicans approached under escort by 2 Marine Humvees. They had 2 APCs and a deuce truck. When they got close, Keshawn noticed that the Humvees had bullet holes and blood smears on the window, and he gave the alert signal. We dropped what we were doing and went into action.

Keshawn kept watch as they approached, Vod and I rushed to the command post to get our weapons, Tim headed out the back to get some heavy firepower into action. Travis and Rick started giving a warning and ushering people towards the exits.

Without waiting to put on my armour, I grabbed my stuff and ran for the front desk, to try and hold the front door. Vod paused to gear up in the command post. A captured Marine Humvee, an APC and the truck parked out front and opened fire, while a Humvee and APC went around to the rear. Keshawn did some outstanding work, sniping the Humvee gunner, the deuce gunner and harassing the APC.

Under cover of the APC the first wave of “disposable” commandos came through the front door. They took down the marine guard that came out of the Presidential ballroom, where Poole, the marine and Air Force general were taking cover from the fifty-cal and twenty-two mike-mike fire chewing through the front of the hotel. A lot more holes appeared in the desk as bullets and what I think was a laser passed through it, coming and going. I’m not afraid to say I was hugging the deck, trying to keep my ass from catching some of those holes! I was told Vod took out the guys to the left of the door. I saw, through the holed punched in the reception desk, the legs of a couple guys to the right of the desk. I blew the legs off one and just tagged the guy behind him with my shotgun. The second guy fired back at me with his MP5. I shot him, I think in the arm and head, with my Python. It’s kind of fuzzy.

Out the back, Tim was waging a one-man war with the second Humvee and APC, who were busy shooting the hell out of our vehicles in the rear. I think he shot the Humvee driver with his sidearm, a great shot, hear, and the Humvee crashed through the wall of the kitchen. Then he fired an Armbrust rocket and took out the APC, blowing off a track. No doubt about it, Tim’s a one-man wrecking machine! On top of the building, Keshwan kept picking off Mexicans, specifically any gunner. They started returning fire at him, and Keshawn dropped a grenade near the front door but it went wide.

Inside, the VIPs started to be hustled out the kitchen, while the second more “professional” commando wave came in the front door. One guy out his M60 on the desk without seeing me below, and I blew his head off with a single round. Vod burned the rest, and then they got desperate and rammed an APC through the front wall. Vod, in a move that was pretty risky, blew it up with a 40mm grenade. That touched off the ammo, and that’s all I remember, I woke up in hospital.

Later, I found out the Marine’s HQ was raided and a lot of command officers killed. So was the Bakersfield party; Victoria wasn’t present but other VIPs were butchered before the assassins were driven off. We took some casualties, including several Project personnel. The Mexicans sent in helicopters to pick up their commandos and Tim, of course, immediately shot one down using a Stinger missile. MORGANA was able to provide some intelligence but wasn’t able to get a drone in the air in time.

All-in-all, we were both lucky, but things also went our way because we were prepared. If our weapons had been in our rooms or out back the commandos would have taken the front doors with no problem and had the VIPs trapped. As well, if they had stationed an APC and Humvee out the front to block that exit, a Humvee and APC out the back to shoot up the vehicles, and sent the commandos in the unprotected side door, they would have done a lot better.

We’ll do what we can to capitalise on this event. Luckily, we had everything recorded through our PDAs, video and sound. This was to make a record of the night but it so happens we now have a record of what happened. We can show people what happened, and what the Mexicans did will rightfully get people up in arms. We need to channel that, get people working for the future. Make them understand this is not just a border skirmish but a war, one we can only fight if we’re united. I also wouldn’t be surprised if MARS might not make contact with us. We may not necessarily be carrying out it’s prime goal but it can’t have escaped it’s notice we have both kicked serious ass and we’re trying to promote more centralised government, which is at least part-way along where it wants to go.

SITREP: Combined Task Force Phoenix, May 2nd, 2161

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SITREP: CTF Phoenix, Command Group CA-2
TO: All Morrow Project Teams in Command Group 2 (CTF “Phoenix”)
FROM: Cmdr J. Poole
ITEM: Current Status of the Project after the HDF Roundup
DATE: May 2nd, 2161.

Our security has been lax during the last 2 months as we felt safe within the High Desert from outside forces. This has cost us dearly over the last week when the Imperial Mexican Forces stage a surprise assault on both high desert marine command and control as well as morrow project personal. Thankfully the members of CA-4 and CA -3 managed to repel the assault but not till we lost over 8 morrow project personal and 16 civilian deaths, along with much material and equipment. From this point onward, all morrow project teams will treat Mexican Army units as hostile forces. As well, we must consider the HDF as no longer a safe zone, so all units will travel fully armed and ready for combat.

Morrow Project personal who lost there lives: Catherine Victoria Henderson CA-7, Bill Landerson CA-3, Carlos Santos CA-3, Jason Lewis CA-8, Martha Roosevelt of CA-7, Laura Vixios CA-2, Sam Ellis CA-7, Eric Chin CA-7. Memorial service will be set within the next 2 days and I expect all teams to attend and honor the fallen.

My second in command, Lt. Cmdr Martha Roosevelt was killed in the Mexican assault on morrow project personal. Martha was a strength in dark times, and I shall miss working with her.

I have promoted Jackson Hardee of CA-7, to be my second in command.

Even with the loss of life and material from the Morrow Project and the High Desert Federation, the Roundup was a success. We have rallied the general population to the need for change as well as the industrial leadership of the roundup council. We are working out contracts with various political and economic bodies to implement reconstruction plans.

First will be power generation, industrial reconstruction, and rail road repairs. While this is occurring our science team will be working with local educational resources to have a partnership in higher learning established to train the people to keep our infrastructure projects on tract and eventually take them over to free up our limited resources to work on more tasks.

Last, we are still under strength and undermanned so be as careful as possible. It seems that there any many factions that do not want the morrow project to succeed in rebuilding the united states. As we gather intelligence on these forces will update our threat assessment wiki for morrow project personal.

Project Report:CA-4 April 27th to May 1st, 2161

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April 27 to May 1, 2161
Frederick Douglass Johnson
Inland Empire Trucking Co., Attached to Recon CA-4

Tuesday April 27

We rolled into Barstow after visiting Edwards AFB, late evening. The rest of the Morrow Project contingent caught up later. It was still basically a shithole, although this time there were a lot more armed people hanging around. Farmers, vaqueros, cowboys, ranchers, Marines, Air Force, rich guys from Bakersfield. Some people before the war used to say an armed society was a polite society. You never hear them say that now that everyone is armed and they can shoot you for whatever insult they think you might have made, or for no reason at all. In my experience, a well-armed society is either a killing ground at best or an armed camp at worst. This was more of the armed camp variety, where the Marines kept the peace with an itchy trigger finger.

Our billet was the Dewdrop Inn, a prime location. We had to do a little negotiation to get the spot, but I think it was worth it.

Wednesday April 28

Morning came, and we had breakfast with Cathy Henderson. We also talked with MORGANA, where we made a plan to improve the High Desert’s water and electrical supply. We figure that this should provide an economic rationale for communities to work together for the future, and there will be a need for more centralised government both to oversee expanded public works, better regulate trade and create a fair and equal justice system.

First things first, Tim met with the local EmDees board and aced their exams. We shouldn’t have a problem with the EmDees or Doctors in the future. Good on him! We all went to the Militia shooting competition, where Vod and Keshawn had a good look at the local talent, so to speak. The Mexican “Peace Force” (the Imperial Mexican Army) arrived after the shooting competition was done. Fat and smug, they strutted around like they owned the joint. They also had some serious-looking mercenaries with them, under the command of a “Kira Krell”. It was hard to keep my eyes off of her, and the Krell mercs seemed to be tough customers. The team from Arizona gave us a head’s up that they were bad dudes and had a beef against the Project, which was good to know. It’s a shame that it seems unlikely we’re going to be able to bribe them to our side, like any self-respecting mercenaries. The BBQ at the Tribute Ranch and Holdings main house was held by David Briggs. That was a number one prime rib steak! We also met with General Thompson of the marines and Bill Johnson of Carsdale Construction.

Wednesday April 29

There were more events showcasing the militia’s skills and abilities. Again, fine horsemanship, some individuals were every bit as good as the marines and Morrow Project with regards to marksmanship but on the whole the overall units seemed ragged and uncoordinated in comparison when it came to tactics. The MARS guys put on a very impressive show of room-clearing and hostage rescue.

One thing worth mentioning is this guy in a pre-war uniform came up, and claimed to be Captain Mark Allise of the 5th Special Forces Group. He said he was there to make sure the Project fulfilled some kind of pre-war agreement. I would assume from what we heard of a similar group showing up a long time ago at the Abby to the south, and the shape of their gear, he was legit. If the Project and the prewar US government had some kind of agreement, then it makes sense that the cryotube technology would be shared, and soldiers would be frozen to keep an eye on the Project.

The barn dance was pretty impressive. Lots of people there, including that Kira woman. Again, she seemed to cast some kind of a spell on folks, myself included. We wouldn’t find out until later what may have been going on with her. She talked to Vod, and I’ll leave it to him to elaborate what she said on account I was distracted. Overall, not a lot of business was discussed as this was a purely social event. We gave invitations to our own shindig on Friday, when we could talk turkey with those we felt would be most sympathetic

Thursday April 30

This was an important day, as there was a big meeting. The Imperial Mexicans explained why they crossed the US border and invaded southern California. They claimed it was for defensive purposes and somehow blamed the Morrow Project for this. Which was difficult to understand, seeings how the Project hadn’t been south of the High Desert until long after the Imperial Mexicans invaded. Vod took the stand and blew them out of the water, and I think that’s when folks started to take not of the Project as more than just a small but well-equipped faction.

Thursday night was the formal ball. Bustles and hoop skirts for the ladies, Sunday best or tuxedos for the men. Daryl Bingartsen of the Steel Springs Ranch is interested in getting in on the ground floor of any development or projects we undertake, and what we could do to benefit his operation. More serious was Michael Comminigs of the 25th Guild branch of the International Brotherhood of Electricians was concerned about expanding electrical production and possibly threatening their monopoly on power generation. I merely explained that expanding electrical capacity would expand the market, and they would therefore benefit too. In other words, a rising tide raises all ships. Luckily, Commings saw the big picture, and promised to meet us the next day to discuss business, along with Bingartsen.

What worries me is that if we can only get people interested in what we’re doing with their hands stretched out, how’re we going to build a society and nation that’s stronger than people’s greed and self-interest. These are powerful motivations, granted, and we’ll need to make something as long-term and difficult as rebuilding the USA worth people’s while, but somehow people’s motivations should be deeper. It has to be something they want, something they will sacrifice for.

Ryan and Vod talked to an Intel officer with the Imperial Mexicans, LT Rodriguez. It seems likely he was the guy we kicked out of Big Jake’s place, where he was leading some kind of recon. He asked about the advanced weapons we used, like missiles and the laser. Also, he implied that not everyone in the Mexican Empire was happy with the Krell’s influence. If the Krell hate us so much, they could be behind the Imperial Mexican’s invasion, although this happened before the Project was really on the scene. If there’s dissent or even factions that want to act against the Krell that could be useful, but then again Intel guys are famous for spreading false information and rumours. Something to follow up if we can, but we’ll need to independently verify this. If the Intel guy wants to follow up, he knows where we are or can convince the Marines he’s serious. Otherwise, it’s up to him to prove his case.

Next entry: the KFS, the Mexican General, and the double-cross the next day.

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