Edwards AFB, Ca. and later Barstow

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Combined Task Force Phoenix – WESTERN REGION
DATE: 4/26/2161
LOCATION: At Edwards AFB, Ca. and later Barstow.
REPORTER: Tim Hart, Medic of CA-4

Day 4/26/2161:

Well I know now that I had to have pissed Poole off. All I can think was he was not to happy I dismantled the laser. O’Well off I go on another day trip that turned into an over night trip. Poole slated me, Fred, Hannah, Keshawn, and John the greenie to pop in on Edwards air base to do a meet and greet, then on to Barstow to get rooms for the Morrow teams who will be sitting in on all the Ho Downs going on in town. We headed out in Fred’s truck and one of the project’s Hummers. I was happy to be in front of Fred’s truck. I know he loves it but man what a mosquito killer.  The trip out was nice as the temp is changing. We made good time and soon were at Edwards.

 Once at the gates to Edwards we were halted and asked to step out. I did not like the way they eyed the Hummer, but they were very professional about the greeting.  Once they knew we were there for a meet and greet with the power to be. We were escorted in side to the Generals office. On the way their Hannah pointed out two Bearcat airplanes that seemed to be being prepped and marked for the Bakersfield group. At the office I was surprised to see that they had air-conditioning and lights running as the norm. They also served us coffee with milk and sugar. These guys are loaded it would seem. The General was a no shit by the books man, but you could see he had an edge to him. He had two egg heads with him that flipped at the sight of my PDA and later at the gear in the hummer. I pulled out all the stops with the general at let him know who we were, how old I was, the status of the project at the meeting in Barstow, How we were here to help re-build what we could of the USA. I pointed out my flag and that we were both on the same side and that we did have the tools and more so the knowledge needed to help get this valley back up and running under the constitution of the United States of America. That is was going to take the help of groups like his to get this started and we would have to take it one step at a time and before we knew it we would be seeing the fruits of our labor pay off.  I think it went well as the general offered us a tour of the base. There were to be some areas we were not allowed to visit and at this time I did not mention the card to the black ops site. A side notes the Ranch seems to carry some weight with the general and he was impressed with Hanna’s group.

 The tour of the base mainly consisted of the hangers and air fields. We have all of this on tape and film. They have a lot of jets and some very high tech equipment that I fear they do not know how to use anymore. I did see one hell of an airplane grave yard. It is home for a lot of different civilian aircraft. It seemed as the war hit they were all directed here and just piled on the side of the runways were they were pushed after landing. It is where they get most of there parts from. They seem to be sticking to fixed wing prop aircraft with some helo’s. O yea they have one of the shuttles. The Atlantis. Here is where I kind of lost composer as this was a dream come true. They would not let me sit in it but damn I bet if we had to we could get her in the air again. I fear I will not see this in my lifetime but it is there all the same. From this find we were told that Vandenberg was still active and could launch rockets and satellites. O and they have just about any kind of aircraft we may need or want. From small one set aircraft, to the largest freight carriers and bombers of our time. Well we spent more time here then we planed on but I feel it was time well spent and we should seek them out as allies.

 Off to Barstow with a quick stop for a real cheese burger and fries. Hmmm there is a God.  Just do not tell my wife as I bet I ate 3000 calories worth of food. In Barstow Fred worked his magic and set the Project up at a motel named the Dew Drop-Inn on the main strip (we made some bad blood here as we stole the reservation from that crap ranch the littler girl and her family work for). Everyone coming or going can get a good looky loo at us. We ate a good meal and did a bit of gossiping. We were able to find out there was going to be one hell of a wedding party going on in town at the same time. It seems the KFS group the Arizona boys talked about from down south is marrying off one of their ladies to the Bakersfield group.

 It looks like we will need to gather a lot of Intel here and I fear we may not go over as well as we hope with some of the groups. Night time and with all this food and coffee I have had today I will sleep like a baby. I quick sitrep to the wife and I was out like a light.

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