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Church of the New Resurrection (Frozen Chosen)

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TYPE: Cult

LOCATION: Primary 8-11 but sects can be found scattered throughout north america.

TRAITS: Volatile: 30% Extroverted: 60% Compassion:70% Discipline:90% Curious:30% Conservative: 70%




Steam, some electricity, farming, Shallow mines, stocks of modern weapons and equipment. Some Prewar learning and skills.


Firearms, both homemade and limited stocks of modern weapons.


The Elders are cryogenically frozen from our period and have 2016 knowledge and skills. Chosen have have some skills and prewar knowledge but the rank and file have very limited prewar access to equipment and skills.


Iron ore, coal, food stuffs, farming equipment, some light manufactured goods, blacksmithing, education, religion, security


Persuade, Communications, Leadership, Theology, Firearms, Survival, Farming




Church of the New Resurrection.

Robert SinClair was a Scientist working at a top secret Lab owned by the US Government. He was on the team which had the task to reverse engineer the first generation freeze tube technology taken from a Morrow Industries facility.

Being a very religious man, he took the plans and told his church leader Catherine Cummings. Catherine always believed that the end of world was near and her and the church stored weapons and supplies for the day of judgement. When she saw the plans that robert put in front of her, she knew that god had answered her prayers to save her flock.

She had a few very wealthy member of her church who had one a state lottery in 2011. With Roberts knowledge they started to build a small amount freeze tubes and add to their already formidable stockpile of weapons and supplies.

As Catherine was a careful charismatic person who preached compassion and self reliance, she managed to recruit many in the survivalist camps as well as the conservative christian movement.

By 2017, the Movement already had quite a few smaller churches scattered throughout the united states and all had stocked piled both guns, supplies, and tools to rebuild the world from the communing collapse that they were sure to happen soon.

Each Church had a defensible compound well away from any major city or military target and it was as ready as it could be for the coming of the asteroid.

The Council of elders also had a bunker in the main base that would allow 20 of the prime council to go to cold sleep so they could keep the message of the church constant for the followers.

When the war actually came, the church was ready and the council went into cold sleep while the flock endured the wars aftermath.

Church of the New Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

Church of the New Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

At any one time, there was always 2 of the council awakened to command the flock while the others slept. The Council is made up of 7 women and 13 men. Two of the Original council members have died and have been replaced by their relatives.

These men  have sired many children during their time awake so that there is now literally 100’s of relatives that are related to the council and it tends to keep the churches leadership tight and interrelated to each other. Most Deacons tend to be from this group.

Each church is a self reliant enclave with its own weapons and supplies.


A) It is a christian church and is heavy on the old testament.

B) Men can have many wifes. Wifes can own property, Women can have educations but tend to be housewives and less active in politics or the militia.

C) They do have slaves, but if a slave marries a person from the church community and have offspring, there children will be free. The slave parents can be raised to free status by the good deeds of their children over time, which encourages the children to be committed to the church.

D) The lay people tend to be at 1880’s frontier technology and tools (mostly animal drawn) and tend to be more closed minded about new idea’s or outside political movements. They are hospital but do not take kindly to others flaunting their customs.

E) The Deacons are the in between leaders from the Elders and the Lay people. They do know of the Rite of Resurrection (Coming out of cold sleep) and do know that the prophets speak in the old language of before the fall of mankind. The Deacons do go through military training and do have limited access to modern weapons and technology. Deacons tend to be the best educated, political savvy, and most in touch with the outside world.

F) The Elder are from the 2017 time period and have prewar knowledge and access to modern weapons and equipment. When they travel they will dress in post war clothes but carry modern firearms and have access to body armour. Most tend to be the more conservative force in the church, but they are also the most realistic and pragmatic.

E) The Church has the have the ability to produce simple antibiotics, reload weapons, Light Manufacturing, and advanced farming techniques.

F) They tend to trade with outside groups on a limited basis but will take converts from the outside. They will go out of there way to buy promising slaves or recruit outsiders  if they think they will adapt to the churches teaching and help a community.

G) They will not go out of there way to attack outside groups, but will charge tolls for use of their roads, and will watch anyone traveling through their lands. They do not allow freedom of religion in their lands. Groups of Deacons have been known to purge groups that abuse church congregations or practices.

H) They will go on mission to local areas and the Deacons will use their knowledge to help nearby towns to keep technology working. This has caused a lot of local towns to support the church and overlook the way the treat outsiders.

I) All church children will receive at least a 8th grade education. Few will move on to technical or military roles (Deacons) and some will move on to Science or Doctor Roles.

J) For Lay people, Clothing is simple and conservative. Women wear skirts and clothing that hide most of the skin. For Deacons (That can be women or men) they will tend to wear clothing that blends into their local environment and is more practical on horse back.

The Council does know of the MP and has a wait and see attitude towards them. They recognize the good that the MP is capable off, but also its outdated 21st century views are out of place for their more conservative outlook.

If anything the Council members would like to talk to a team in order to talk about the old days and how they can rebuild the world into a more peaceful one under the leadership of god and get rid of all the rebuilding a democratic institutions.

The Deacons can be from all sorts of personalities, but also are the ones on the ground (so to speak) and will react with suspicion to a morrow project team, but can be persuaded that the project could be of help to the church. The real power on the ground tends to be the deacons.

They Know of the KFS, and they keep a low profile in KFS areas in order not to be picked out. They are generally fine with the KFS policies as long as they leave the church alone.

Local Church community:

People: 20 to 60 people (60% women and children) around a retired Deacon.

Weapons: Simple Black Powder Rifles, shotguns, and pistols with the Deacon being armed with a modern assault rifle and a pistol. A Modern Radio will be located usually in the Deacons house for reporting back to the council as will the congregations emergency supplies.

When a council member rarely travels he will be with a group of 5 to 10 deacons who will be wearing body armour as well as carrying Modern weapons.

Church members working on a meal


Example Encounter:

Near any crossroads the team will see a man standing by a small campsite watching the team as they approach. He does not appear to be worried but is armed.

Abraham Brown
Description: Tall Well built Black Man with a black felt Hat, well made dark brown wool frock coat over a cotton white shirt with suspenders and black woolen pants. He carries an slung AK-47 Rifle (EF14) and a KFS Percussion Cap .44 Cal Revolver (EF10). On his horse he also has camping gear, 2 M67 Hand grenades, 3 30rd Clips of 7.62x39mm, a Sabre and first aid supplies.

Attitude: Abraham has seen over 18 years of service to the church and that experience has made him into a hard man based on the cruelty he has seen in the outside world. As a well read and traveled man, he does know that there is also good people in the world and he has recruited his fair share of new church members but has also killed many who crossed his church or threatened his congregation. He believes that one is one of the “Good Book” or not. If not, then they better stay clear of his attention as he will only warn a person once, before he will take direct action.

Note he is not a stupid or rash man, just has almost no tolerance for lying, laziness or decent. If a team crosses him, he will find a location that he can bushwack a team and not engage them head on. If needed he will go to a local church community use the radio and call in help from other deacons with heavier firepower.

If a team comes across as compassionate or friendly (especially if someone has theology skill), he will offer to make a team dinner over by his campfire, and talk to them about their mission and he will share some information about his church.

STR:22 CON:20 DEX:25 AWA:24 EXP:24 REA:22 FOC:26
MASS:10 SP:210 BP:210 BT:0+ ACTIONS:4
VOLATILITY: 60% (Vengeful), EXTROVERSION:65% (Prophet), COMPASSION:60% (Faithful), DISCIPLINE:67% (Principled), CURIOSITY: 40% (Conservative)


MISSION REPORT: Battle of Benton – August 16th, 2162. Benton ILL.

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Mission Report: August 16th, 2162 Benton ILL
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts
DATE: 8/16/2161
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Mission title –  A typical episode of “The A Team” – ak End of Darkness Recon

Daniel Bowie had gotten us to Benton, where we could possibly resupply and push on to Cairo. We split up to check out the bar, and talk to Bartender, and the other group was across the street securing some supplies at a general store.

That was the plan.

KFS Secret Police Strike Force in Benton ILL.

KFS Secret Police Strike Force in Benton ILL.

But the plan went wrong as the KFS V150 with the 20mm turret parked in front of the bar and 4 uniformed KFS Blackboots (Secret Police), in full body armour and assault rifles,  jumped out and headed towards the bar.

Desiree, Lincoln, and Ruby were in the general store across the street from the bar. They spotted the V150, and pulled out the RPG we had scavenged from the KFS ambush a few weeks ago ( when we were set up by with Madeline).The RPG was in all its component parts, so Ruby and Desere started the process of reading the weapon as they watched the V150 rotate its turret towards the bar.

Duncan took Desere AKM, who used it to line up a shot at the V150 commander who’s head and shoulders were visible on top of the turret, but missed.

Tim, blackburn, conroy and I were in the bar, talking it up, when some KFS trader guards stood up, raised their shotguns towards us and told us to back away. The next thing we knew MG and 20mm Cannon  fire was flying thru the building cutting into them and all sorts of other people.

Outside, the V150 commander opened up with his MG, and the 20mm started pumping rounds thru the building, out the other side, and into the countryside beyond. The waitress I was talking to was literally cut in half as I hit the floor. Tim took at MG round in his thigh, but it must have been a ricochet as it didn’t seem to do too much damage and was mostly stopped by his uniform.

With all the MG fire, I wanted out of the building so I ran to a window and jumped outside, thinking I could flank whoever was shooting up the building. But my webgear caught up on the windowsill and I ended up flat on my face outside. Tim followed up behind me but held position inside the bar, but behind a solid brick fireplace which seemed to stop most of the MG fire near his position. Conroy bolted for the door on the other side of the bar.

Blackburn hunkered down behind a solid looking table and set up his M60. He then laid down suppressive  with small controlled burst. Eventually I think he managed to kill the V150 Commander but with all the lead flying, I could not tell.

At this point it seemed like it was like the old TV show “The A team”. Tons of bullets being fired, and no one getting hit. Duncan shot at the V150 commanders back, but missed again. He must not have noticed where the shot came from, cause he just kept plugging rounds into the building.

I lifted my head up out of the dirt, in time to see 3 Blackboots running my way. I emptied my entire clip from my greasegun into these 3 guys, and when the smoke cleared, it was apparent I completely missed. Tim, using the window for cover, shot his pistol twice at them and missed too.


One of the Blackboots fired his Assault Rifle at me and I took at least 3 rounds into my chest. Luckily my IBA with the ballistic plates absorbed the shots, but it still stung like a bitch.

This time Lincoln fired at the secret police in front of me and missed, but was hit over 12 times when they returned fire. His body armour absorbed most of the impacts, but 1 messy headwound and a neck wound caused ruby to be sprayed with blood as Lincoln collapsed to the ground.

At this point Desere fired the RPG, and with a  BANG…. hit the V150. but it must have been a glancing blow and someone inside was still alive, as the turret began to traverse around from the bar to the church.

In the distance ruby and her half of the team could hear the beating of a helo, but they could not place the direction. Thinking that the KFS was sending in reinforcements, the started to reload the RPG while trying to spot a way for the team to escape the town

Conroy let loose a long burst, at the guys facing me and took one down, leaving 2. A secret policeman dropped his empty assault rifle and pulled out a pistol and I took a 9mm round to the thigh from it. My greasegun was empty so I pulled my saber and closed to attack. With a powerful swipe I took the hand completely off one of my assailants, and followed it up with a thrust to his chest which was stopped by his body armour. The man then threw himself at me and we wrestled on the ground till I eventually managed to find a gap in his neck armour and sawed my way through it with my sabre.

Tim took the 3rd down with a quick double tap from his pistol to the head.

At that point over our radio headsets we could hear something on the morrow project radio frequency but it was filled with static.

As the V150 started hammering the general store with the 20mm cannon,  ruby’s team sheltering behind the brick wall at the back of the store. Unfortunately the 20mm AP rounds seemed to be removing 1 foot chunks every time they hit.

Conroy tried tried to cut through the interference on radio and managed to contact the inbound MARS team OH-4 in a Blackhawk. They wanted to know if we needed assistance.

We told them to take out the V150 as quickly as possible, and soon after with a WHAM! it was an expanding fireball as a trio of 2.75 inch rocks slammed into it..

MARS Team OH-4

MARS Team OH-4 Comes to support the team

Desere said there was another KFS vehicle approaching, a V300 about ½ a mile away. The Blackhawk adjusted course and a burst of 2.75 inch Rockets made short work of them.

As the smoke cleared we took stock of the situation.

Ruby, hands covered in blood said that Lincoln died in her arms as he bleed-out from his wounds.

I looked at what was left of the team.

Keshawn no longer in our team, but missed.

Lincoln dead.

Herb Brandenberger dead.

Tim seriously wounded twice, and bleeding from another leg wound.

Everyone else sporting red patches of blood or dried or new.

The team was exhausted. Our Recon cover was long gone. Tired of being on the run. With a final decision, it was obvious this Recon Mission was over. I called up to OH-4 and they circled once and then settled on a field next to the bar. We loaded up what gear we had, and in a cloud of dust, took off into the evening sky. As we flew slow and low to the west, we saw some aircraft approach the town. Then Orange fire enveloped the few buildings, as the KFS aircraft dropped Napalm in the area. If that didn’t put an end to our mission I don’t know what else would.

Apparently HQ had determined that our Recon was over as well, which is why had the MARS team ready to extract us. By listening to the KFS radio bands, they had heard of the secret police unit responding to a confirmed report of an active morrow project team matching the description for CA-4 and took off to extract us.

We had attracted too much attention between the KFS and Krell.

Somehow most of the team fell asleep on the Helo ride thru the dark to the west.

After about 3 hrs of  flight time, we ended up 300 or so miles at what used to be the Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area. Just north of the border where Missouri and Arkansas meet up with Oklahoma. Looking up in my PDA, I noted that Morrow industries bought up the area as a “Nature Preserve” way back when, and retrofitted a regional supply base into the hillsides.

images An unwell US soldier (bottom) lies insid

We climbed out of the chopper, and were escorted to a “quarantine area” for “decontamination” apparently the base commander didn’t want us bringing in all the fleas, bedbugs, and other creepy crawlies into his nice “clean” supply base. We dumped most of our gear and watched them burn most of our clothes as they were literally rotting off our bodies.

As we watched the last of our things turn to ash, we closed the pages of the heart of darkness, and wondered what the next chapter to CA-4’s mission logs would be. Certainly it couldn’t be much tougher…… right?

MISSION REPORT: August 16th, 2162. Benton ILL.

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DATE: 8/16/2162
LOCATIONS:  Benton (Illinois) – Outside of Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – Near Empire of Cario
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, Attached to Recon Team CA-4.

After our rainy night gunfight we loaded up into the Krell Wagon and onto the spare horses that they had. I was so glad that we found that wagon. Tim was in no shape to travel on horseback and I have no clue on how to ride a horse.

We managed to make it to Crossville, Illinois before our wagon gave out. We broke down a little ways outside of town where we ran into a boy scout and his dog. He was able to bring back his scout master and the town priest; this was another town that the Church of Resurrection controlled.

Boy Scouts in 2162

I thought that I would be able to gain the priests trust, but neglected to remember that I was dresses in TMP gear and not as a proper woman. Luckily for us the boy scouts are still reliable. Unfortunately they were unable to repair our wagon; we were able to trade for horses though.  That night we stayed in town and the next day we were given basic riding instructions and horse care. Thank God for that because I would have been lost if not. We stayed one more night and then left the next morning after thanking them for all their help.

We traveled on horseback for about two weeks until we were about a half days ride outside of Benton, Illinois. We stopped for an early lunch and realized that we were very low on food supplies.

At the time we did not realize that we were so close to Benton so a couple of the guys tried to go hunting. They were unsuccessful but about that time a man came walking down the road with a dead deer on his shoulders.

He was willing to trade the deer for a metal canteen and a black powder revolver.  The guys cooked up the deer and we shared it with our new acquaintance.  He was a rough looking fellow and reminded me a lot of Davey Crockett or Lewis and Clark.

Mr Bowie

His name was Daniel Bowie and he had just come back from Texas and was recruiting men to go back down. Apparently the Texans were at war with the Mexicans. He was headed back to a place called the Alamo to help the Texans defend the area. We were welcome to come with him on his return but told him we had business to finish first.

I forgot to mention that he also has a knife named after him called a “Bowie Knife”. He had a stamp on the blade that said made in China. I know it couldn’t be made in the country so I assumed it must be a town or city that was named after the country.  He told us that if we stayed on the road we were on and followed west we would come to a town called Benton. When we got there to find a tavern called ” The Jack Russell” and talk to the bartender. The bartender was a cousin of Daniels and would help us with some food supplies.

We finally reached town it was around dusk. Half of us decided to go the tavern and the rest of us went to the supply store across the street.  In the supply store we were able to buy saddle bags for the horses, flour, salt, rice, beans, and some other travel foods.

KFS V150

It was just getting dark when we left the store, so we loaded up our saddle bags with our food while we waited for the rest of the group. I was hoping the other guys made out just as well when a KFS V-150 showed up with a 20mm turret. Four Black Uniformed KFS soldiers got out and headed for “the Jack Russell”


I had this very bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, little did I know what was about to happen.

Christina “Ruby” Howellet

MISSION REPORT: July 25th, 2162. New Harmony Indiana.

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DATE: 7/25/2162
LOCATIONS:  New Harmony (Indiana) – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – Church of the Resurrection
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, late of Engineering Support Team OH-2, Now Attached to Recon Team CA-4.

I definitely know why the rest of the group hates that redheaded b**** Colonel Madeline Frost.

She was the Krell agent I spoke of in my previous report. To say that she and CA-4 do not get along is an understatement. At first I thought maybe I was over reacting from the previous night. I thought that maybe I misinterpreted her and that they were exaggerating, but not after tonight…

Tonight that cruel backstabbing witch tried to blow us all up. The nerve of that woman, what did I ever do to her?

The night started out well with us being smuggled out of town and across the river. I felt bad since most of the team had to leave a lot of their supplies behind. I am sure the town is grateful though.

Old Schoolhouse Ca-4 holds up before the Battle. July 25th, 2162

Old Schoolhouse Ca-4 holds up before the Battle.
July 25th, 2162

We were taken to an old school house that reminded me of Little House on the Prairie. Frost told us to wait here until she could confirm the cache and then she would send us some horses and a wagon for us to escape in.

After she Frost left four of us decided to patrol the area outside because of the KFS. Well I guess I should say 3 decided and then I was volunteered. I don’t mind playing in the rain, but down pours are asinine.

Heavy Rain made escaping easier, but I hate marching in the wet.

“Heavy Rain made escaping easier, but I hate marching in the wet.” Ruby Howellet, July 25th, 2162.


Somehow how got paired with the team leader Vod. Something tells me the only thing he was looking at was me. Most of the patrol was uneventful, besides the rain, until an ambush was discovered. I don’t remember much of the fight. I do remember firing my weapon, but I couldn’t see what I was firing at. Every so often I could muzzle fire or rocket fire and I would just shot in that direction.

Thinking back it was kind of funny how Vod had to point me in the direction of the shooters. I was so rattled that I couldn’t get a fix on people’s locations. I was told to fire in a certain direction and I did.

I also remember RPG’s and 40mm grenades being fired at the school. Maybe what Lincoln said was true about them burning things down or blowing things up. By the time the fight was over that school was blown up and what was left was burning. Eventually we won the fight and managed to find some horses and a wagon for us to escape in.


At first I thought it was the KFS that we were fought, it wasn’t until after the fight that I learned it was the Krell we fought. I know that I will never trust that Frost ever again.

I hope the doctor is still ok and has better luck with her.
Christina “Ruby” Howellet

Mission Report: July 23rd, 2162 – New Harmony – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – (Indiana)

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts
Long term objective, – Get Antibiotics to Louisiana
Near term objective – get out of Kentucky Free States Territory, loop around to Cairo Illinois
Immediate objective – escape new Harmony and the Posse following us
DATE: 7/23/2161
LOCATIONS: Recouping in the town of New Harmony, and Planning the escape
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Mission title –  “A Deal with the Devil”

The official report to Prime base We met up with an have absorbed a member of original team OH-2, our team Medic Tim is healing nicely, we have formulated a plan with local KFS resistance elements to extricate ourselves from New Harmony. All is well and going to plan.

The Unofficial report which goes in my secret password protected part of my minicamp which will only be used for my memoirs when all is right and good again in America.


When it rains it pours, and i am not talking some dinky little shower.. This has the makings of a typhoon/hurricane type storm.

We made it into New Harmony with the rain slacking off enough to get a look at the town. New Harmony looks to be about 400 people and in good repair. Houses in good order, and what looks to be a nice town park on the west side of town. We drove the exhausted horses, both them an us rain soaked and muddy, into the docs’ barn. The doctor was brought out of his house to check out Tim along with Ruby, the orphaned OH-2 team member Lincoln told us about on the road.

I pulled doff my oilskin duster, and shook off my cowboy hat “Vod Pacheco, CA-4 Team lead. This here is Lincoln, Conroy, Porter, Desiree, and the one leaking vital fluids is Tim, our team doctor. The doc got to work, and was able to stabilize Tim. Our MP medkit used the last of our nanorepair injections on Tim, which would greatly speed his healing. He should be mobile in a day or so. We all sacked out for the night and would figure out what to do next in the morning.

I awoke early and started getting what gear I could organized, with the rain slacking off. I let the horses out into the barn’s corral, and took an overall inventory. With the loss of that wagon, we lost a bunch of our food, the twin 50 cal MGs and their ammo, the solar panels, and Tims Pipe tobacco. Luckily Tim was sleeping when I mentioned this, but im sure he will find out soon, and get pissed off at that. The weapons we recovered from the ambush included a postwar AKM. Its looked to be 10-20 yrs old and the barrel was in decent condition. The ammo used smokeless powder, but definitely post war product. A couple of pump action 870 shotgun reproductions, a Prewar MP5 in good condition(cache loot?) and a 38 cal pistol, definitely prewar. None of the postwar. At this point I figured we were in pretty good condition, with Tim recovering, and everyone starting to dry out a bit.

I figured while Tim recovered, Porter, Ruby and I would take one of our wagons out to the crash site and see what we could recover. And that’s when things started to go bad.

KFS V300 with 90mm Cannon in New Harmony, July 23rd, 2162

KFS V300 with 90mm Cannon in New Harmony, July 23rd, 2162

We were coming up on the center of town, when we heard the sound of a Diesel motor approaching ahead of us. Then the sight of a V300, with a 90mm cannon turret, rounded the corner about 5 blocks ahead of us, and pulled up to the town square. And a squad of KFS Army troopers dismounted and set up a defensive perimeter, and started asking questions of nearby townsfolk. We casually turned down a side street and circled around back to the barn to let the team know what is going on.

As we were talking, a boy about 9 yrs old ran up to the farm. Ruby recognized him as Kenny, the town baker’s kid, and asked what was going on. The Kenny said the KFS was at the town hall, looking for Doc and asking to talk to him. Kenny had heard them talking about a wagon wreck a couple miles out of town, and asking about any strangers in town. The wagon was thought to belong to the “River Dog Terrorists” and there’s a $500 reward for anyone who turns them in!

Kenny also said to tell Doc that the weapons’ shipment was due tonight and should they go ahead with it? Ruby said she would pass the message to Doc and sent Kenny on his way. After talking to Doc, he gave Ruby a note to take to the general store and give to Hank. It would tell hank to cancel the shipment for tonight. Doc then took off towards the town hall. We waited in the barn for Doc to return and meanwhile geared up in our body armor and prepared in case it came to a fight. I briefed the team that no long distance radio comms were to be used. The KFS had good RDF capability and only very low power local radios were safe, and even then keep it brief if we had to use them.

About an hour later, Doc came in and said that we were safe for now. The KFS had been about a day behind us, and found the wagon wreck.  The Church of the Resurrection and thus the town doesn’t like the KFS and they wouldn’t turn us in for now. But we needed to get out of town… soon. For now, he gave us some common clothes so we wouldn’t stand out.  We changed back out of our combat gear, and then exited the barn to take up residence in Doc’s house. Ruby took the note to the Hank.

When she got back she told us that a V150 cruised thru town and stopped at the town hall to join the V300 Army guys while she was walking. It was “running silently” so I would guess some unlucky MP team is dead and that was their vehicle. More importantly out of the V150 came a group of 4 Blackshirted KFS security police. While the army guys were pretty casual, one even “wolf whistling and hitting” on Ruby, these Security goons looked like they expected everyone was out to get them. CRAP, it just kept getting worse.

I took porter out with me in “commonfolk clothes” to check the roads and ways out of town. The KFS had set up roadblocks to the road north and south of the town, and another group at the ferryboat across the river. The townsfolk said that the strangers must have bypassed the town, so that bought us some time. But in a day or two, the KFS will realize that we didn’t. An 2 ½ tone Army Truck pulled into town, and more KFS Army troops got out and were setting up camp in the town park. This just got better and better. At least the V150 with the KFS security troops had driven south, and was out of town for now. We don’t need those crazies running around. We did see a flash from the church steeple and figured that an sniper was up there, in clear view of the roadblocks.

KFS Army Troops on patrol, In New Harmony, Indiana, July 23rd, 2162

KFS Army Troops on patrol, In New Harmony, Indiana, July 23rd, 2162


I talked to Doc about how to get out of town. He said he could possibly get us across the river and then somehow arrange to get horses and equipment across later to meet up with us. I thought about shooting our way out, but figured that would just bring them down harder. We really needed to just fade out and disappear. I asked about the weapons shipments he had mentioned, and who they were getting them from. Specifically I figured that whoever could get weapons into the town, could get us out, so I requested a meeting. I was thinking, wow, what a great idea. Doc left for the evening, to make some rounds, and would return with his resistance weapons supplier to talk to us. Oh… boy I would come to wish I didn’t request that meeting… sigh.

The rain started up around 7pm, and when it rains it pours….about 10pm that night we were in Docs house when the door opened. Doc walked in, followed by 2 other people. They removed their oilskin dusters and pulled off their hats. I could feel the temperature in the room instantly drop 10 degrees. Tim and I froze, for two different reasons. I was looking at the most beautiful woman (other than Viviana my wife) I have ever seen.  Hair so red, Perfect body, confident piercing blue eyes. Decked out in leather, a .357 Magnum strapped to her thigh in an oiled holster like someone from a prewar comic book. A .357 Magnum strapped to her thigh in an oiled holster. I must have looked silly just staring. Somewhere in my haze I could hear Tim swearing behind me…..… “get out of my head Bitch!”

Colonel Madeline Frost, Republic of Krell, New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

Colonel Madeline Frost, Republic of Krell, New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

In a voice as smooth as glass she purred, “CA-4….. long time no see….. You have the strangest way of showing up in the strangest places…..” She looked at me with those eyes.. and then slowly pulled up her sleeve to reveal a Joker Tatoo…..

Joker Tattoo….

I snapped out of it. CRAP CRAP CRAP.. how can she be here!

My had dropped to my holster, but I realized the futility of it at this point. Open up a firefight and the KFS would be here in moments. I spoke the words “Stand down CA4……”

I could hear Tim behind me grinding his teeth… “But its HER!”

My mind raced back to the first days of the high desert. Colonel Madeline Frost was a product of Krell. Bred for her psychic abilities, generations of redheaded crazy women who could reach into your mind and pull out your thoughts. She had been at the High desert, trying to get the Alliance into a deal with Krell. She had been at the end of the Crimson King, when we blew the mountain up. One of her sisters had been there in the pursuit of the Nuke in Missouri. She just wouldn’t die.

“It all starts making sense”, she said. “Sigh… CA4, some new faces, but undeniably your signature on the trail of Havoc leading to this point. Only your team of maniacs could have managed to undo the years of our work to put the KFS to sleep in a matter of weeks. Its going to take years for us to coup the damage you have done.”

Now it made sense. The post war automatic weapons must have been made in the Krell Republic. They must be supplying the “resistance” to oppose the KFS. And we are smack dab in the middle of it, and now I was going to have to make a deal with this Devil.

“Colonel Frost…. Madeline…. I find myself in the strangest situation of asking for your help.”

The KFS don’t want us here… we don’t want to be here… and from your comments you don’t want us here either. What would it take get you to get us across the river and out of your oh so lovely hair.”

She thought a moment, “It would be so much easier just to kill you here, but I suppose that would just bring the KFS Blackshirts in and level this quaint little town. And they have been so useful in keeping the KFS back for these past years. I suppose we could strike a deal.”

We talked a bit on what it would take, and finalized on one remaining Cache of construction equipment that OH-2 had left. About 5 miles away. She would get us across the river. Confirm the existence of the cache, and then we would say our goodbyes. It would take a day to set up, so she donned her weather gear, and disappeared into the darkness outside the house. Everyone took a breath as we could feel the warmth return to the room, warmth that didn’t have anything to do with the potbelly stove in the corner.

Mission Report: July 23rd, 2162 – New Harmony – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – (Indiana)

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DATE: 7/23/2162
LOCATIONS:  New Harmony (Indiana) – Greater Economic Development Zone of the KFS – Church of the Resurrection
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, late of Engineering Support Team OH-2

Hello this is Christina Howellet of Engineering Support Team OH-2 reporting in. It has been three months since my team received its wake up call. Shortly after waking up we came under fire from the Kentucky Free State (KFS). We did not expect such hostilities nor were we prepared for them. At any time we were expecting a M.A.R.S. or Recon team to come to our rescue.

After about a month on the run I got separated from my team and thought them lost to enemy fire. Eventually I came across a doctor in New Harmony how took me in. The doctor was part of the Church of Resurrection, and a member of a resistance group.

Christina Howellet (Ruby) of Morrow Project Team OH-2 undercover in New Harmony, Indiana.

Christina Howellet (Ruby) of Morrow Project Team OH-2 undercover in New Harmony, Indiana.


The Church puts up with the KFS, but dislikes the KFS. Only the doctor knew of my Morrow Project background. During the days I pose as the Doctors assistant. During the nights I help the resistance work on their generator which supplies power to a small section of town. This is where figured I would be spending the rest of my life.

This all changed a few nights ago when in a pouring rain I hear a familiar voice over the short range radio. It was Lincoln Davis a fellow team member. Apparently he survived the air attack that scattered our group and hooked up with Recon team CA-4.


They were traveling by horse and wagon undercover and had wounded. The doctor I was staying with agreed to help them and we were able to sneak them into town during under the cover of darkness and pouring rain. When they arrived they had one badly wounded member and a couple of members with minor wounds. The whole lot of them looked haggard and tired. The badly wounded member was the team doctor Tim Hart.

There is the sweet talking Team leader Vod. I think I need to watch out for him. There is Desiree a Cajun river boat captain and resistance member. She seems pretty cool but rough around the edges. She looks like a pirate off Blackbeard’s ship, all covered in guns and weapons.

The next day the KFS came into town looking for CA-4, apparently the wanted something fierce by them. There was talk about them burning down a town, raping, and pillaging. At least thats what the wanted poster says, although I think they did burn a town down. If they did I hope it was full of those KFS bastards that got my team.

I must say this is not what I signed up for. I expected a little fighting but not being on the front lines. The resistance has brought in someone who can help smuggle us out of town. I don’t like her though she seems like she is evil and cruel. I get a very bad feeling being around her and CA-4 has had previous dealings with her and none that ended well according to them.
Christina “Ruby” Howellet

Mission Report: Outside of New Harmony, IN, July 23rd, 2162

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – In the driving rain outside of New Harmony, IN

DATE: 7/23/2162
LOCATIONS:  Hillside outside of New Harmony, IN.

Water pouring from his wide brim cowboy hat, Vod swears for the tenth time. Even with his oil skin duster, he is soaked to the bone and with the darkness of the storm, the road is a dark grey river of mud that continues down into a small valley.

“This sucks” says a voice next to him as another of his team members ride past him in the gloom.

“Yes it does” Vod replies without looking as looking would cause another pool of water to run off his hat down into his duster.

“Think Tim going to make it?” Conroy says as he shifts his m1 grand on its sling. He is is bleeding from a leg wound and the blood mixes with the mud as the rain comes down.

“Hope so, He is under the tarp in the back of wagon one, hooked up to the medical kit. I think he is stabilized, but without a real doctor, I am not sure he is going to make it.” Vod replies.

“At least he is unconscious. My leg wound is just killing me. Who the hell ever said riding a horse would be fun?” Conroy grumbles.

Desiree chimes in from the driver spot on the nearby wagon. “Oh stop your grumbling mon. You are scratched not bleeding to death as is the doctor, tim. Only your voodoo computer is saving his life now and you should all be happy that I and vod had to come and save all your lives back there. And a little bit of riding is good for body.”

Out of the darkness a riding appears in front of Vod causing Vod to pull his pistol and point it at the large man

“Shit Lincoln, I almost had to shoot you”

“Nah. I don’t think you could even see me in this hell storm. But I got good new for you. I have contacted another Morrow Project member from OH-2. She is hiding out in the near by town of New Harmony. She says she can get a barn for us and the local doctor ready. I think its only 2 miles away down the road”

“Thank God” Vod replied as his team was at the end of there rope and needed a place to rest.

Just then the scream of horses can be heard over the sound of crashing wood and metal from behind the team.

Vod and Lincoln turn there horses around and quickly come back to were Porter wagon had been.

“Porter you out there?” Vod cries as he looks towards the edge of a small hill.

“Fucken help me up I slipping” voice cries as Vod and Lincoln dismount and help the larger man back away from the edge of the road.

Porter is covered from head to toe in mud and is swearing as he checks himself for his equipment.

Lincoln takes out his flashlight and shines the light down the hill towards the tumble of broken wagon and supplies at the bottom of the hill. A horse with its legs broken screams in pain still attached to the harness lies in the ruble.

“The Damn horse bolted in the last thunder clap and ran straight off the road. I warned you all that I can barely control a horse.” Porter says as he joins vod, and Lincoln at the edge.

“I’ll take care of it” Conroy says as he grabs one of the crossbows from the second wagon and moves to the roadside. A second letter a thang is heard and the horse stops crying.

“Boss man you want me to go down there and see what can salvage?”

“No. We need to get Tim to that doctor and in this weather, its just to dangerous to go sliding down that hill side”.

“That was the wagon with the 50’s and most of the spare food. Damn this weather to hell” said Conroy as his mounts back up on his wagon.

“Yes, sometimes I think god does not like the good old ca-4 wrecking crew” vod says as he helps Porter climb up to join Desiree.

“Ain’t that the truth” says Lincoln, as he turns to lead the team to New Harmony and hopeful safety.


Mission Report: Wadesville, IN, July 21th to July 22nd, 2162

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Overland on horse and carts – Exiting  Kentucky Free State Territory control – Heading to Wadesville: RECON

DATE: 7/21/2161- 7/22/2161
LOCATIONS:  Back on the road to the 66, On the 66 1 mile or so south of Blayersville, In Blayersville, 2 Mile south of Wadesville, 1 mile south of Wadesville.
REPORTER: Tim Hart, Medic of CA-4

Mission title – “Tim tries to help a lady and gets his ass kicked and almost dies. Just call him Armstrong!”

We woke up early and said goodbye to the University group. I’m still not sure if they will turn us in or not, but we sure as hell do not want to hurt them.

Not too far down the road On the 66 we met a lone traveler who bid us to join him and share information. He introduced himself as Jeremiah the pilgrim who was traveling from the west. He was traveling on horseback and carried a good quality pump shotgun. What caught me odd at first was his speech. I looked closer and could see he was in great health and had good teeth.

To me this set off the warning flag that he may be a Project member. I asked him if he had seen my uncle Bruce and this did not raise an eye brow. He informed me there were a lot of Bruce’s but he did not know one well himself. I still think he is for our time and later found others felt the same.  He spoke of the ‘church of the resurrection’ and asked us if we believed in Christ.  I informed him that I had been saved and Jesus Christ was my savior. He was very happy to hear this. While we were all talking him he asked where we came from. Vod and Porter informed him Wisconsin but when he asked where in Wisconsin they paused a bit long and finally gave him a name of a city. He knew of the great lakes and our accents. I informed him of late I was from Ohio but was born in what I called Santa Monica California. He did not bat an eye at this. We asked about the town ahead and he informed us to look up Father Collins in Wadesville and inform him he sent us to talk with him.


Wadesville Church, 2162

Wadesville Church, 2162

We arrived in town around 10am. The town had a nice church, a firehouse, and a smithy/blacksmith. We pulled up near the Smithy and started to stepped down from our horses and the carts. As I was trying to talk with the blacksmith the bells at the church started to ring. I noted that the blacksmith had a newer pump shotgun on the wall and as I turned to the church to see what was up with the bells I caught a flash from the 3rd story firehouse tower and noted a sniper up there. I looked at the others and most saw this as well. Next thing you know the church door open up and out came a flood of people in their Sunday best. I had forgotten that today was Sunday. People started to come over to the wagons and soon an older man who could only be the pastor or Father came up to us and in a thick Irish accent ask who we were. We informed him we were the Traveling Willberry’s repair group and asked him if he was Father Collins. This stopped him and he said yes what can I do for you all. We informed him we met Jeremiah down the road and he informed us to come see you once we were in town as you we the man to see for more information on this area and what we may be able to help each other with.


Father Collins in Wadesville, IN 2162

Father Collins in Wadesville, IN 2162

Father Collins asked if we would like to visit the church. I said I would love this and Porter, Conroy and Lincoln headed off to the church. Vod and the rest stayed back to watch the gear. Vod said he was going to see what these fine people may need in way of help from us. I asked him to work on getting me some true blacksmith tools old used ones would be fine. The others stayed to stop him from giving away everything we had, Seems this was a workout for all of them but in the end we did get some trade for what Vod handed out. We again have two pigs not too sure what the other items were but Disarray seemed okay and did not want to kill Vod. It seems she had a big issue with the town’s people as they did not like her dress or mannerisms. They were very un-lady like to them it seems. I think the fact that she if covered from head to toe with weapons helped to keep them from doing anything but talk.


Church members in Wadesville, IN 2162

Church members in Wadesville, IN 2162

As we rounded the corner of the church while walking with father Collins to the back of the church we came on a big event. Let me set this up correctly for you. We rounded the corner to the sight of a lady in stocks with a large group of woman berating her.  Father Collins took a step back and halted us to do the same. He said that this was woman’s council work and we did not want to get involved. He assured us no real physical harm would come to her.

We all watched as a woman who could only be the leader of this group chastised this woman in the stock. She said Addy we are not pleased with how you treated your husband in public at the picnics. You need to repent and apologize to your husband for this disrespect. Addy looked up indignant and said Hell no he is a drunkard and she would not repent or apologize to him or anyone. She again was asked to repent and apologize to all of them or face the council’s will. She said NO. All the ladies in the group started to call to her to repent and apologize. Next thing I know they were throwing Shit at her and asked her again.

Too this the young lady spewed a nonstop verbal assault at them that would have made a seasoned sailor turn his head. The council leader once again asked her to repent and apologize. The Young lady (Addy) kept up the verbal assault. To which the ladies came up to her and started to rub and cover her in shit. She was informed she would stay here till she saw the light and repented for this affront along with apologizing to everyone.

Women Circle, Wadesville, IN 2162

Women Circle, Wadesville, IN 2162


I pulled father Collins aside even more and asked him what was this all about. He again said it was women’s work and every man knew not to mess with them. He added that Addy was young and back from collage with her head filled with all kinds of unhealthy Idea’s. Then he dropped a bomb and said No woman needs to read or write as this is what you get from it. As we continued to the back of the church we heard Addy cry out she was sorry and wanted to repent and apologize. The Father stopped and we watched as the ladies council helped clean her up then paraded her around to everyone even us to tell us how sorry she was and that she would repent. The look I saw in her eyes informed me she was anything but sorry and if she had her way could kill someone.

Father Collins again guided us to the church and asked us what skills we had. We informed him mechanical, electrical, and medical Skills. He said they had an issue with the pump in the firehouse leaking. Lincoln and I think Conroy went off to help with this and the rest of us continued into the church. He said if we stayed the night he could pass the word around that I was a doctor. He said there were some people in great need of work on their teeth. I informed him I was a doctor not a dentist to which he said aren’t they the same. I informed him I could take a look but it was not my strong side.

Father Collins went in to more detail on the “The Resurrected ones” as we walked. He informed us that Jeremiah was one of them and an elder. It seems that people have been coming out of cold storage here (Being Resurrected), and that they are considered the elders of the church. Father Collins was not resurrected and he has his accent from his mother and father whom came from a land of Ireland. I informed him I had not met anyone form Ireland in a long time and asked if he knew if you could travel there still. He seemed to think not and did not even flinch on me saying I knew people from Ireland or even that I knew of Ireland. He said that the elders were of different ages and ethnicity and had been coming out more over the last 30 years.   He informed us that the main body of the church was up north at. He had gone to the collage/seminary there but we would not be allowed to visit it as we were not members of the church.

Kids Plying in the fields behind the church in wadesville, IN, 2162

Kids Plying in the fields behind the church in wadesville, IN, 2162


Later I found out from the other group that they do have slaves here. Slaves seem to be willing or indentured for 14 years or so till they have proven they are a member of the church in spirit. Once this servitude is done they are given land and made full members of the community. The whole community works to build them a home and stare the land for farming. There is a grey area to all of this as we are not sure if this is a join or die kind of chose. I can see now runaway slaves from the KFS would freely do this as it is a much better live and they and their children will be free men one day. Again this is an area we need to get better Intel on. Also more Intel on how they are treated, but is seems better then if they were KFS slaves although a whip was seen on the horse of the man guiding the two men to the fields.

Back to the intel we have from Father Collins. He did not seem to hold back anything from us that I could tell. I asked about the Flag and he went over the meaning of all of it. I will attach this information with a picture of the flag to better inform you of what each symbol represents to him.

Church of the Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

Church of the Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

Once in the church father Collins went over the building. I asked if I could get a copy of the bible as mine was worn. He informed me this would not be allowed as we were not a member of the church. He did allow us to look at one. The first think we noticed was that it had an extra book. I was not able to read this book but father Collins did give us a summary.  It seems very similar to revelations but with much more fire and brimstone. This I’m sure is due to the war that brought the world down. He also explained that this book contained the words of the profit. To me it seemed like a spinoff of TCOJC, but with its own morals and meanings. I will work to obtain a copy of this Bible along the way or at least of the added book.

Lastly father Collins informed us that there were bandits up the road  and I’m not use who my guess is Vod or Porter said that we would take care of them if possible.

We all met back at the smithy to compare note on what we found. I informed them I wanted to stay the night so I could help the people here with their medical needs. To my surprise and later much pain the majority of the group wanted to push on as the next town was bigger and only a few hours away. I again asked to stay to help but even Vod wanted to push on. I gave up on this but think deep down I knew we should have stayed

So we pushed on and were trying to make good time to get to the town before night fall.

As we rounded a corner on the road we came across an encampment and saw a lady yelling and running from a group of men.  I, Porter, and Conroy with a wagon and two of us mounted on horseback pulled forward to help her. I jumped off my horse and ran to a nearby wall where I was able to grab the lady cupping her mouth and pull her against the wall just as the first of her accelerants ran right by.

Conroy and Porter opened up on this guy and his head popped like a balloon my guess is that it was Porter with the 7.62 round hitting him.

I worked with the lady to calmer her down and just as I thought she was calm a 38 revolver slipped from her dress. I was stun but as I reached for it she hit me in the left shoulder with a brick. I was a bit out of it here as I think she dislocated my shoulder or broke my color bone. While I was trying to clear my head  I another  man ran past  the wall Conroy was shooting at him I think as I saw fire from Porter going down the other end of the wall I have no clue how many he was fighting as to my further disbelief the lady picked up the revolver and pointed it at me not the other man. Then I heard two shots bang, bang, I did not feel a hit at this point and was in hand to hand with her to try and not get hit.

While struggling with her she shot three more time just as I was getting my head clear. The next thing I knew I felt a hot bee sting to my groin. O shit I thought she blew my dick off. At this point thing again went cloudy. All I remember was horses coming from my left side again not sure how many but I did hear gun fire from them and my team.

I was fighting for my life as I realized not only was this lady kicking my ass, but she was doing everything in her power to kill me. I again was able to try to feebly fight her off when she fell limp against me and the wall At this point I tried to reach deep down to pull the much needed healing power I can use sometimes. I do not think I was able to call on this power as I was slipping into darkness and screaming to myself Noooo.

From time to time I was able to come out of this blackness. I saw Conroy and Porter working on me then blackness, I saw Vod over me and the large med system hooked to me. I thought No I cannot die my wife will kill me. I tried again to reach deep for my healing power but felt the meds take affect and slipped back into the darkness.

I woke up again to darkness, no star, but water dripping on me. I reached again to the power and felt something but again slipped back. The next thing I remembered from this point was pain again as I think the cart stopped short and a cry went out in  the night soon followed but the scream of something in pain like me then all went silent. Again I tried to reach out to heal myself not sure if it work but able to breathe better and feel the searing pain in my groin thinking O god let me live and still be able to have kids. Then sleep but not darkness came over me.

May days later I would come to know that the woman had broken my color bone and shot off my left tactical. While I was in hand to hand form my life it was Porter with the crew served weapon that put the woman out of my misery. To this day I feel bad she was killed as I do not know if she was the bait or the victim, but I’m glad she did not kill me.

There were two guys with the woman that Porter and Conroy killed. While doing all this Conroy took a hit to hit upper torso, but it was a clean through. He lost blood but was able to still get around on his own. I and he both agree fuck this under cover shit we are pulling are project gear out. I have been hit before but never without the protection. Not saying if hit again I would live but that gear is the shit and even if I have to sweet my ass off so be it. Even if I have to wear it under my leather vest and shit. Makes me wish I had my full gear. If I did I would have me tactical still and just a hell of a bruise. Man my wife is going to be O well that is for late.

Two other men on horseback came in from my left one swinging a saber on horseback charged Conroy, He shoots the horse, and the guy falls under the horse. The other man also swinging a saber on horseback went for Conroy. As move to avoid the hit his left foot went in to the air and he received a glancing blow. While the rider and mount went by Porter he opened up full burst on rider and mount. From what they said the M60 turned them both into a blood glob of meat everywhere.

So as the total stands Tim not only had his ass kicked by a girl but can be called Armstrong, Conroy is hurt but able to move, Conroy and Porter took out four men, Two horses, and  the woman. Vod and the others did a very fast sweep of the dead and there camp. It looks to be two different groups Vod piled the bodies in the wagon in camp and fragged it. The team moved on to get me to a doctor. On the way they made contact with one of Lincoln’s teammates,  Who has setup a barn and doctor for us. We lost the cart with most of our food and the twin Ma duce when it went off a road in the rain and storm a mile or so from town as they were rushing me to the doctor.

They recovered one AKM with three Magazines and 60 rounds left. One 12G Pump Shot gun with 20 Rounds ’00’. One 9MM HK35 with a 15 round magazine and 10 rounds left in it. One Smith Wesson Snub 38spl , 1 round left. One black powder 6 shot single action revolver .44 cal, Two Sabers, lots of horse meat and two saddles. Horse meet was later lost.

All in all this now rates as the shitiest day of my life so far. I did not help the towns fold, The woman I tried to help nearly killed me and took one of my testis before my teammates had to kill her, I cannot drink or smoke for now as this would slow my healing, I had to have another doctor work to save me and do not get me wrong I’m glad he did but I needed to redo my stitches and reset my collarbone without him knowing. I think he still knows I worked on myself after him. Not sure what they told him or if he knows of my project medical gear. Damn shit day but the next day was one of the best and the ones after that as I’m here now able to type up this report.

 For my wife:

If you are reading this Love, I’m ok and cannot wait to see you. We may want to think about kids again now. This scared the hell out of me.  I know what you are going to say I cannot save every lady and child I met.


P.S. I hope you were able to find that redheaded girl a boy and that they are married, Please set them up away from us. We had a run in with another AI and the whole Church of Tim and his redheaded white robed followers is something I never want to have to deal with again.


Love you,

Tim Hart

MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4, July 20th, 2162 – Highway 66 (West)

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Horsedrawn Carts and Horseback

Kentucky Free State Territory RECON
DATE: 7/20/2162

LOCATION: 1 mile west of Boonville, Highway 66 heading West.

REPORTER: Vod Pacheco, Team Commander CA-4

Mission title – “While running from the Posse, can we stop to give some stuff away?”

Riding away from the farm, backlit by the fire, as it began to consume the house and barn, our team was making their best time west. We needed to stay away from the river, as we apparently really have pissed off the KFS. On the good side, we are technically “outside” their territory. On the bad side, large armed groups usually don’t pay much attention to “technically” these days. Donning our night vision gear, we made the best time possible at night gaining some distance between us and the farm. Unfortunately the road we were on would bring us thru Evansville, right next to the river. Plus we had all this gear and the wagons which didn’t exactly make us “fast”

We made it to what was originally the Wesselman Park Nature Center. From the crazy overgrowth, nature sure has taken over. Perfect for us, as we were able to get off the road and cover our tracks while we rested up during the day. The team was looking a little haggard. This is not the type of Morrow Mission we were used to. It seems we are constantly on the run, and it will be hard to make any kind of dent in the corrupt Bureaucratic Gordian knot that the KFS has shown itself to be. Somehow we are going to need to focus on how incredibly horrible the bottom 90% of the KFS is treated. These people in the border zone think they have it great, with the KFS coming in and setting up railroads, electricity, plumbing, and stores to sell their manufactured goods. But what they don’t see is that once the KFS truly takes over, they will all be in chains. Or Dead. Well that’s for the PSIops and propaganda guys back at Prime to figure out. They should be able to do a lot with the deep recon data we have been able to collect, assuming we can get it back to them.

images (1)

During the first watch of the day, while most of the team slept, we did notice a large turboprop plane flying overhead. So there is some type of Aerodrome functioning. Looking at our maps, we note that Evansville had a regional airport about 3 miles north of us, so it is probably where the plane is flying out of. Just another thing to worry about spotting us while we are traveling in the area. Good idea we stopped in the deep forest for the night.

The guys on watch were cooking some food, and the scent must have carried a ways, because while I was sleeping soundly, a couple of large dogs ran into our camp and started gnawing on Tim’s arm The dogs were quickly killed with a few well-placed shots, and Tim only had a few teeth marks to show. They didn’t look rabid, but we will watch Tim and make sure as time goes on for any adverse symptoms. Unfortunately the dogs spooked some of the horses, and they broke the tethers and ran off. We quickly split up to look for them. Found one, and another came back on their own. Unfortunately it was maimed by a nasty bite on the leg, so we had to put it down.

Desiree and I took off to track down the last unaccounted for horse. We could smell some smoke, and followed the track to another camp about ½ mile away. A group of Gypsy truckers. Two 18 wheelers, a couple of cars and….. a horse. We approached them hands open and friendly like. Three of their group came out to meet us. After introductions were made, we told them that we were looking for one of our horses. Hmm they only have one horse, but were willing to trade for it. This is great! An opportunity to help out some people and we have so much we can trade for it. I started to mentally tally all the things we could offer to get our horse back. I’m not sure why, but Desiree got a strange look on her face, like she knew what I was about to do, and suddenly started bartering with them. We only were able to give away some clothes, and the meat from the horse we put down. I said since we are a repair group, could we help them with their vehicles? We are very good with mechanical repairs. They said one of their trucks could use some help, as it was starting to belch even more smoke than normal. So we got the horse back.


Gypsey Truckers, IN, 2162

Gypsey Truckers, IN, 2162

The Team made its way to the Gypsy camp, and Conroy was able to fix the truck as best he could. The clan was making their way to the Evansville Trade zone and agreed that we could travel along with them that far. Only about 4 miles on in what used to be Garvin Park. They said that the KFS has a good about of manufactured goods there since its only a few miles from the river they can keep it supplied.

We traveled along the road, and as we went thru Evansville, noted that our RAD detectors were only slightly elevated above background. We wouldn’t want to live here, but no danger for passing through. We could see the telltale rings of destruction from a low level nuke from the war. From the remnants of walls to the pure rubble of the concussion zone. Even now, melted ripples in what was left of the asphalt, and concrete could be seen. You could almost feel the ghosts of the people who were vaporized here. Desiree talked to the leader of the Gypsy’s and was able to express our desire to keep out of entanglements with the KFS. Some story about a deal gone wrong, and that was why we were moving on. After some discussion between the team, we came to realize that as much as we need to lighten our load, this would not be the best place to do it, as the KFS would be sure to notice. So as the Gypsy’s turned off, we went on thru the remainder of Evansville.


Higinbottom Cemetery, IN.

Higinbottom Cemetery, IN.

The Day was getting late, as we were about 8 miles west of town and decided to camp for the night at a campground next to Higinbottom Cemetery. There was another group there, with some wagons, and horses, so we figured, why not try to mix in with them for the night. A man walked out, introducing himself as Jake Sulivan. The traveling Wilderberries were introduced around and Jake said he would be willing to share the site, if we could help reshoe one of his horses. They were a group of university students from the “University of Southern Indiana”. Checking our maps later on, we could see that it was just 6 or so miles south on Hwy 62. They were heading to the trade fare in the morning on one of their bi-weekly trips to sell some of the things the students were able to make in their classes.

The University is about what you would expect from a “Frontier” society. More of a Trade School focusing on practical learning. Farming, frontier medicine, Mechanical repair, veterinary science, etc. No true hard sciences as expected, as that wouldn’t be much use nowadays. They keep up cordial relations with the KFS, as without them they know that the dark ages would have taken over and the university would have been long gone.

As dinner was cooked up and eaten, people sat down around the back of one of their wagons. Jake went over, opened up what looked like a cabinet, but turned out to be a Post war manufactured Radio. They tuned in KFS1 station, and it brought back memories of what the 1920’s were like. This is what people did for entertainment. We listened to a Soap Opra type show. A heroic Bordertown businessman was able to make a great deal, saving their town and saved the beautiful girl, while foiling the plot of the evil River Pirates. I could have sworn that the pirates were named something like the Black River Dogs. Wow, even this quickly our infamous name has made it into their “entertainment” as the bad guys. The enormity of the MP trying to take on this type of Hearts and minds integration starts to sink in. Adds for various “Wonders” that the KFS makes regularly made its way into the broadcast. I looked around and realized that in 10-15 years all these people will be slaves to the few Overloards of the KFS.

After some dickering with the team, I pulled out a keg of pickled pigs feet to contribute to the dinner, and we all sat down, munching an listening. I was able to give out some trinkets, trying to gain the good will of the people. The radio changed to news. They talked of how the KFS was able to buy up the bumper crops of the region, and industrial production was way over their plan, so people of the area could expect great things coming their way soon. Then the newscaster started describing events on the River east of us. I glanced around the team and everyone caught my eye that this could be bad. They talked of the Black River Dog Pirates who were armed and Dangerous, and known to be in the area. They said that anyone having any information about them should contact the nearest KFS security personnel without delay.

Henry, one of the older people in the group, apparently an engineering instructor of some type stood up an said he was tired and heading to bed. He was looking scared and nervous. Conroy was able to skirt around the group and approached him out of the circle of light the campfire was producing. Conroy told him that we are NOT the bad guys. He told Henry that we are here checking out the area and not happy with how the KFS treats its people inside the KFS. Here on the border, they are all sweetness and bounty, lulling the people into a sense of security. But after a few years, they borders move… sweetness turns to shackles and death for anyone who opposes them. Henry says that he will not expose us, as long as we leave in the morning and don’t hurt his people. Conroy says that we will leave, and that we would never hurt good honest people.

After an hour or so, the radio is packed up, and everyone breaks for their camps. The entire team got a good night sleep, only keeping one of us up on watch at a time. In the morning, we would be back on the road, heading up hwy 66, towards New Harmony. Hopefully we can find some friends there and get this mission of Recon moving again, and get back to helping people.

Mission Report: Boonville, IN, July 20th, 2162 – “can we burn down your farm?”

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Horsedrawn Carts – (Swift boat: Redrum scrapped) – Kentucky Free State Territory RECON
DATE: 7/20/2161
LOCATION: 8 miles east of Boonville, IN
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco, Team Commander CA-4
Mission title – “So, since you’re leaving anyway, can we burn down your farm?”
We woke up in the morning about 8 miles east of Boonville, Indiana. The two boys, Wilber and Fred starting prepping the cart, while Desiree, our newest Pirate rebel, and the rest of the team broke down camp. The Postman thanked us for our hospitality of sharing the camp, and said goodbye, along with his dog muttonchop and the old mule who only responded to dumbshit.
To the northeast, we heard the sound of a steam whistle, and we could just see a column of smoke thru the clearings in the forest that surrounded us. I took Conroy on a couple of horses to check it out.About 1/3 mile away, we came to a set of railroad tracks. They looked shiny enough to indicate that they were still in use. Coming down the track, heading west was a functioning steam Train. It was pulling 5 cars, 2 passenger, 2 boxcars and a flatcar headed towards what could only be Boonville.

The engine looked reasonably new and in good shape as it steamed on past us. The engineer and some passengers waved, we waved back. Apparently the KFS has sponsored a good working rail transport system, even in these areas “outside” their territory. We noted next to the railroad there were telegraph lines as well.

Steam Train in the Special KFS Economic Development Zone

Steam Train in the Special KFS Economic Development Zone

After the train passed by, we returned to the group and completed preparations to travel into Boonville. We realized we needed to change our cover story, as the Black River Dogs are being hunted.So CA4 is now the “Traveling Wilberries Repair Troop”. We can leverage our skills to be able to converse as a group of people traveling from town to town to help repair equipment that local people can handle.

As we approached the town, we noted that many people were in the fields, harvesting, and planting later summer crops. A strange dichotomy of farmers. On one side of the road you we could see Oxen pulling a manual plow, as farmhands harvested with scythes. Yet across the road, or next door a fully functional tractor or harvester was doing the work of 50 men.
Many of the buildings didn’t have the “defensible” look to them. As if people here didn’t have to worry about the problems on the frontier. I guess having the KFS so nearby has provided a measure of peace to this region.
Boonville, like almost all towns had shrunken, even from its meager prewar state. Rubble and wreakage on the outskirts, but no town wall, as we have seen on so many other frontier towns. More evidence of the feeling of safety.On the east edge of town was the train station, the train we saw, still there being serviced and loaded with foodstuffs. The grain silos and open warehouse next to the siding evidence that Boonville was where all those local farmers brought their food to get shipped out.

I could only guess that the train would be heading down the south line, to the KFS territory. A couple of men in KFS suits seemed to be overseeing the operation. Boonville is a trade junction, just the place we could use to stock up on materials to flesh out our cover of the Traveling Wildberries.

The center of town consisted of about 8 blocks, and looked to be new construction. The town had cleared the rubble and rebuilt, rather than try to fix up old broken down buildings.

The variety of people’s clothing reinforced the feeling of a trade hub, and would do nicely to help us “blend in”. Road Gypsies, with an 18 wheeler, and some cars were parked and set up to sell what they had, and there was a large “General Store” near the center of town.

Conroy and Desiree, being the best at the local accent, went to the general store to get some clothes. It was even Air conditioned! Thats the first building we have seen in over 1 year that had AC. You don’t know how jealous I was that they got to get out of the oppressive heat and humidity that is July in Indiana.
I watched as they were confronted by some type of store security, but I could see Conroy flash some of our Gold coins and they disappeared inside.
I figured they would be about 30 min getting us some suitable outfits to replace our worn clothing, so I strolled across the street to the old courthouse. It was still in good repair, and I noted a bulletin board with some posters and local newspapers pinned up.
Apparently the American Freedom Party was warning of some raider attacks near Graysville, operating on horseback. Mt Carmell and Mt Vernon militia were being called out to fight the bandits.
Still working after almost 200 years, an Ancient Rail Bridge in Boonville, IN

Still working after almost 200 years, an Ancient Rail Bridge in Boonville, IN

There was also a poster indicating that there was a crackdown on the Ohio River, and to be careful to carry extra ID when entering KFS. The crackdown was the result of the Black River Dogs, and a reward was posted for $500. There were some rough descriptions of our team, and a list of our alias’, indicating the Black River Dogs were thought to be traveling in 2 wagons. Anyone with information was to contact KFS internal Security Forces at the telegraph office. I surreptitiously took a picture of the poster for our archives.
In the local newspaper, there were talks of the Republic of Krell going to war with the militia up north at La Cross Wisconsin, From what it sounded like, it could  be the battle we were in months ago when we were shipped out from California and landed in Wisconsin.
Then another mention of strange creatures in St Louis and the Maxilla Free Militia setting up checkpoints around what was left of the city.
I looked over and saw that a servant was bringing out lemonade to our wagons with Conroy and Desiree. Behind them, to my amazement was a line of slaves carrying more and more stuff out of the store and to our lowly wagons. What the hell did they buy?
I casually approached Conroy, and inquired, and he started talking about all the great stuff they had and that somehow, He and Desiree just kept buying and buying.
It seemed all of us needed nice felt hats and a suit of fine sunday clothes, the iron cooking gear, a evening dress for Desiree, candy, coffee, sugar, a french press for said coffee, a parasol, white gloves, pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet, ect, ect, ect.
We realized it wouldn’t fit on the 2 wagons, so the farm boys were sent over to the livery to get us another wagon to haul all this stuff. Well I’m sure there are a lot of people out there we will run into that could use it. The Morrow Project is here to make people’s lives better. We will just have to find some and spread the wealth.
A local policeman came by to ask who we were and what were we doing. Conroy let him know we were the TWRT and just heading thru after stocking up after a long repair contract up northwest.
While Conroy spun the story, a couple of us notice that we were being watched. Three or maybe four people were just “loitering around” glancing at our way every once in a while, taking more notice than everyone else. I mentioned this to a the team and we decided that it would be a good idea to get out of town and out of sight.
The boys returned and we loaded up all the goods into the 3 wagons and headed out to the Farm of the two local boys who been helping us for the last week, which was about a mile and a half west of town.
When we got there, the Farmer was happy to see us, and we set up in the barn for the night. He also said the Morrow Project wanted someone from our team to stay and help out with the local resistance/underground. Another team will be coming into the area soon, and they wanted someone to meet up with them in Bloomington, North of here about 50 miles.
Over dinner with the farmer’s family we talked about our next steps, and how to get West to Car, he indicated that the old Highway 62 was a trade route, and goes thru Evansville and was the most direct route. It was nuked in the war, but no one gets sick anymore and It had been stripped of most salvage long before.
We could go that way, but he warns that it would be best to stay 30-50 miles from the river as the KFS was mighty pissed at us apparently.
We could take route 64 to St Louis and then head south, after skirting around the city.
There were Rebel contacts in New Harmony on the 66 who could help us. It also seemed we would be traveling through the American Freedom Party area of control. They doesn’t work with the resistance, but they control the area thru which we will be traveling. The team will be skirting around Evansville and then up 66 to New Harmony. Maybe we can make some new friends with the Rebels and get them to work with the Morrow project.
That night we set up a rotating watch, with radios on our hidden sentries. Conroy and I took the first watch, while Keshawn, Tim, Porter and Desiree were in the house still talking to the farmer. Actually Tim, Porter and Desiree were talking, Keshawn was nowhere to be seen., But then again, the Farmer’s daughter was nowhere to be seen either… hmmmm…The rest of the team was bunked down in the barn catching some sleep before their watch started.

I heard Conroy whisper on the radio that he had 2 armed men sneaking up from the east on the farmhouse. No sooner than he said it, than I spotted 3 more next to me on the west side. I guessed that these guys were here to take us down as they seemed armed to the teeth. Whether it was just our extravagant spending spree, or if we had been made as the Black River Dogs, it didn’t matter. We needed to take them out.
I alerted the team and took aim. With a Quick radio countdown, Conroy and I opened up on these bandits.
Conroy hit both the guys he saw, killing one, and missing or wounding the second, while I hosed down the three on his side with a long burst from my greasegun. One went down gurgling from a throat shot, while the other must have been hit in the leg, hitting ground with a scream.Porter ran out of the front door and took cover at the corner of the house near me to back me up. Tim grabbed his shotgun, ran to cover the back of the house, while Desiree dowsed the lights, sending the farmhouse into darkness.

One of porters bandits fired his shotgun, hitting him in the thigh. The one I missed freaked out. He dropped his weapon and took off running, towards Porter’s position. The leg shot guy near me blasted a hole in the corn next to me with his shotgun, but one pellet creased my scalp. I took aim and put him out of his misery with the last of my clip.
Porter realized that the guy running near him was just trying to get away. He had no weapon, so he wouldn’t shoot him in the back as he ran off. I called over the radio not to let anyone get away, but it was too late as he disappeared into the blackness.
Tim came out and helped bandage up our light wounds.
The farmer is… well pissed. With one of the bandits away, it won’t be long before he gets to town to report to the sheriff and thus to the KFS.
Im sure a posse will be on it’s way and here in the morning. We can’t be here when they get here.The farmer says he can’t be here either or they will kill him or burn down his farm. In the middle of this discussion, Keshawn comes down tucking in his shirt into his pants stairs to ask what happened.  But of course he is followed closely by the daughter, who looks quite blushed and a bit disheveled,  it all comes into place at least what had happen by Keshawn during the fight.

He was “busy”. Well. He then volunteered to escort the farmer and his family north out of the way. Keshawn will stay local, and help prep for the Morrow Team which will be here in a few months.Dang. We had been together from the beginning out at the bolt hole in the cement factory back in the high California Desert. Im sure our paths will cross again.

The next thing I  hear is Conroy saying to the farmer,  “So, since you’re leaving anyway, can we burn down your farm?”…
 The silence was broken by an very loud “NO, YOU CAN NOT BURN DOWN MY FARM” from the farmer.
Conroy replied, “Well… it would help cover our tracks and distract the posse.”
The farmer repeated his statement and said, while you are at it, how about paying me for my farm since I have to leave and he could have to have some money to start all over again somewhere. Conroy dug into his pack, and held out a handful of coins, “Here is some gold to make up for it… “ and he gave out most of our remaining gold.
I thought that was a good idea, “As you know, the Morrow Project is here to make life better. So here is the gold to help you out” I gave him my best AAA smile. The farmer seem to glare at me for some strange reason, that must be how he says thanks!
The team headed out to the barn to get the wagons going. Keshawn pulled his gear out of the wagons and said his goodbyes as he got on his horse to catch up with the family on the northern trail off the farm.
We put on our night vision so we could make the best time. We needed to be long gone before anyone came out to the farm to find out what happened. Or investigate the fire… not sure which at this point.

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