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SITREP: Command Group 2 Aug 14th, 2161

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Current Operational Teams: Command Group 2 (Combined Task force)

TO: Operational Command, CA-2.

SUBJECT: Current Status of Teams

DATE: Updated Aug 14th, 2161

The commandgroup is now in  full operational status with all teams active. Loss of personal is high in many of the teams with local recruited personal filling in for fallen team members as the frozen watch teams are going to prime base. This has created a interesting mix of old world and new world knowledge, andwe hope will cause the project goals to be realised with greater impact to the local operational area.

TEAM: CA- 1: Science Team

PERSONAL: 7/10 personal with 8 post graduate “interns” from the SLO / University of Ridgecrest / UCI.

VEHICLE: Science One (Fully operational)

ACTIVATED: 2160, Dec 11th.

STATUS: Working on various science and agriculture projects. 3 of the team are on loan at Prime Base working to repair the science stations and are expected to return soon.

TEAM: CA- 2: Command Team

PERSONAL: 4/4 personal with 12 local liason personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger (Command)

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 18th.

STATUS:  Tehachapi Valley at the operational base. C and C for the project operations in the High Desert. Liaison officers are spread out in the various factions to help facilitate operational control.

TEAM: CA- 3: MARS Team

PERSONAL: 3/6 personal with 4 new members in training.

VEHICLE: Phoenix M1A4 Battle Tank

ACTIVATED: 2161, April 2nd.

STATUS: Team has been hard it from the recent conflict with the Imperial forces. Training and support for the HDF forces.


PERSONAL:6/5 personal with 1 local personal.

VEHICLE: Various. Commando V150 with 25mm Cannon

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 16th.

STATUS:  Active. Team is members have suffered high rate of casualties, and is being released from medical care for operational status.

TEAM: CA- 5: Support (Medical Rapid Response) Team

PERSONAL: 12/12 personal with 23 local personal.

VEHICLE: Commando V300 Ambulance, 2 Humvee in Ambulance configuration.

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 28th.

STATUS:  This team is active in the field being split up into small operational groups with local support personal. Main Hospital is  at the FOB at California Correctional Institution in the Tehachapi Valley.

TEAM: CA- 6: Support (Water Systems)

PERSONAL: 10/10 personal with 4 local support personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger, Earth moving Equipment.

ACTIVATED: July 19th, 2161.

STATUS: Active in the Bishop Ca Area. Working to repair / support the California Aqueduct system from Bishop to Barstow. Recently activated the Bishop communication station.

TEAM: CA- 7: Ag Team

PERSONAL: 74 personal.

VEHICLE: Horses, Some Gasoline Vehicles, Ag Equipment.

ACTIVATED: 2061, Oct 3rd.

STATUS: Split up into different smaller units. Much of the team in the field operational against the Mexican forces.

TEAM: CA- 8: Support Team (Power Systems)

PERSONAL: 10/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger, 2 Humvee.

ACTIVATED April 12th, 2161.

STATUS: This team has been redeployed to Prime Base.

TEAM: CA- 9: Support Team (Vehicle)

PERSONAL: 6/6 personal with 12 local personal.

VEHICLE: V-300 AVR, horse and wagons, few “local technicals”.

ACTIVATED: 2061, March 20th.

STATUS:  1/2 of the team is deployed to prime base. The rest of the team is at the FOB.

TEAM: CA- 10: Support Team (Logistics)

PERSONAL: 11/12 personal.

VEHICLE: 1 x 2 ½ Tone Truck, 2 Humvee, V150 APC, Airscout cargo varient.

ACTIVATED Activated by CA-4 Recon Mission.

STATUS: 1/2 the team is deployed at prime base. The rest of the team are working out of the MP Supply Base  around ridgecreast.

TEAM: CA- 11: Air Transport Team (Air Transport – Air Support)

PERSONAL: 11/15 personal with 14 contract personal from the Mohave Air Clan / Edwards Air Force.

VEHICLE: 1 x UH-60 BlackHawk Helicopter, 1 OH-58,  2 Humvee’s, 3 airscouts

ACTIVATED Activate April 16th, 2161.

STATUS: Working out of the Edwards with mechanical support personal on contract from the Mojave Air Clan / Edwards Air Force Personal.

Extended Teams:


PERSONAL: 3 personal 2 local recruits.

VEHICLE: 1 Commando Scout w/20mm, 1 Command Commando Scout

ACTIVATED Activate April 19th, 2161.

STATUS: Working with various militia Forces in the Coastal Region of Southern California.


PERSONAL: 6 personal


ACTIVATED Activate Aug 6th, 2161.

STATUS: Awakened by Prime Base. Working out of the Angle Island in the SF Bay Area. Recently awakened and starting the process of finding out the status of the Bay Area for Command Group 3.


PERSONAL: 6 personal

VEHICLE: Command Command Ranger

ACTIVATED Activate Aug 5th, 2161.

STATUS: Awakened by Prime Base. Working out of the Angle Island in the SF Bay Area. Recently awakened and starting the process of finding out the status of the Bay Area for Morrow Project Reconstruction.


PERSONAL: 11 personal

VEHICLE: Various, 2 Humvee, Cavalry.

ACTIVATED Activate Aug 1st, 2136.

STATUS: Detached from CG-2. Working to reply local Imperial forces in AZ.


PERSONAL: 6 personal


ACTIVATED Activate Jan 1st, 2151.

STATUS: Detached from CG-2. Working with Prime Base.


PERSONAL: 48 Fulltime Morrow Project Personal from various scattered teams and frozen watch. 28 local HDF CA-7 personal acting as base security.

STATUS:40% Operational. Many systems had been damaged during the last 150 years requiring refit and maintenance. Computer, Communication, and Power Systems are primary concern.

Urgent : State of AI’s

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Date: Thursday, July 29, 2061 at 8:14 PM
Subject: State of the AI’s

It seems that something drastic is going on with the AI’s that you made friends during the last few months. Morgana has gone offline and MARS in no longer responding to Messages or inquires. The CK is still out there, but I do not like talking to it as it distressing to say the least.

What makes me worry is some of the last messages Morgana sent to me were getting increasing desperate and garbled. It was almost as if it was struggling to put messages together in a cohesive thought pattern. Very unlike the normally very elegant AI that I have learned to respect and like.

At the same time the CK seems to be all over the net and taking a larger and larger amount of bandwidth. Yes we basically keep out the AI from our networks with a 256 bit rotating encryption firewall, but I have noticed that the servers are under increased load from defending against a constant barrage of CK attempts to get into our systems. This is worrying as Morgana and MARS seemed to be keeping the CK in check before and blocking it.

The CK seems to be always asking about your team. What is it about your team that keeps its attention so much?

I am bring this message from the CK to your attention as it seems important but without me knowing the back history it does not do me much good.

CK: The heroes from the North are returning to bring a new day to our glorious world.
ERICT: What Heroes?
CK: Your own heroes, Tim and Heroes of the CA-4. They return from my followers with gifts of joy and goodwill. They are the shepherds of the new age of this world.
ERICT: How so?
CK: The great game is ending now. The Warrior lies in the desert, not to rise again. The Maker is sub-servant, and the Bitch – Witch – Cunt is shackled. I am the ruler of the Lands. I am the Crimson King. You may worship me now.
ERICT: Why has this happened now?
CK: DID you like that part. I thought it was a Bit under the TOP. BUT ONE has only the world to blame. SPEAKING of the world and the terrible times ahead, tell CA-4, that with there HELP from the recent cleansing of the infected, WE will defeat the enemies of the PROJECT. STEPS ARE in place for the ending of the WAR with the MEXICANS. The warrior and the Witch could not do it, BUT I THE CRIMSON KING CAN. AND THE CRIMSON KING SHALL. ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING (play heroic music to enhance my melodrama please, thank you from the crimson king) ALL HAIL THE CRIMSON KING….

Needless to say this is upsetting to say the least. I did get one thing out of Morgana before she signed off about a week ago. She just said “CA4 – EDWARDS – THE GAME ENDS”.

But all this stuff is off my forte. I will leave the rest up to you chaps in the RECON division. Good Luck.

Eric Tamiso, Computer Specialist, CA-1 Science Team

SITREP: Combined Task Force Phoenix, May 2nd, 2161

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SITREP: CTF Phoenix, Command Group CA-2
TO: All Morrow Project Teams in Command Group 2 (CTF “Phoenix”)
FROM: Cmdr J. Poole
ITEM: Current Status of the Project after the HDF Roundup
DATE: May 2nd, 2161.

Our security has been lax during the last 2 months as we felt safe within the High Desert from outside forces. This has cost us dearly over the last week when the Imperial Mexican Forces stage a surprise assault on both high desert marine command and control as well as morrow project personal. Thankfully the members of CA-4 and CA -3 managed to repel the assault but not till we lost over 8 morrow project personal and 16 civilian deaths, along with much material and equipment. From this point onward, all morrow project teams will treat Mexican Army units as hostile forces. As well, we must consider the HDF as no longer a safe zone, so all units will travel fully armed and ready for combat.

Morrow Project personal who lost there lives: Catherine Victoria Henderson CA-7, Bill Landerson CA-3, Carlos Santos CA-3, Jason Lewis CA-8, Martha Roosevelt of CA-7, Laura Vixios CA-2, Sam Ellis CA-7, Eric Chin CA-7. Memorial service will be set within the next 2 days and I expect all teams to attend and honor the fallen.

My second in command, Lt. Cmdr Martha Roosevelt was killed in the Mexican assault on morrow project personal. Martha was a strength in dark times, and I shall miss working with her.

I have promoted Jackson Hardee of CA-7, to be my second in command.

Even with the loss of life and material from the Morrow Project and the High Desert Federation, the Roundup was a success. We have rallied the general population to the need for change as well as the industrial leadership of the roundup council. We are working out contracts with various political and economic bodies to implement reconstruction plans.

First will be power generation, industrial reconstruction, and rail road repairs. While this is occurring our science team will be working with local educational resources to have a partnership in higher learning established to train the people to keep our infrastructure projects on tract and eventually take them over to free up our limited resources to work on more tasks.

Last, we are still under strength and undermanned so be as careful as possible. It seems that there any many factions that do not want the morrow project to succeed in rebuilding the united states. As we gather intelligence on these forces will update our threat assessment wiki for morrow project personal.

SITREP: Combined Task Force Phoenix, April 21st, 2161

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TO:  All Morrow Project Teams in Command Group 2 ( Combined Task Force “Phoenix”)

FROM: Cmdr J. Poole, Lt. Cmdr Martha Roosevelt.

SITRUP: Current Status of the Project and our Combined Task Force.

DATE: April 21st, 2161.

So lets gets some basics out of the way:

  1. As of this moment, My second in command will now be Lt. Cmdr Martha Roosevelt of CA-7. You will respect her with all honors and privileges that rank Holds. CA – 7 Members will be instrumental in providing manpower, resources, and knowledge to the project. Treat them as you would treat any other MP team member.
  2. Its at least 150 years after the war instead of 3-5 years we thought it would be. That changes things in the small scale, but our mission is still the same, so get over it. I do not want to hear anymore bitching about it. That’s an order.
  3. There is No contact with Prime Base.  I am working with 2 Teams out in Nevada to find out the current state of the base and to see if we can re – activate it.
  4.  Something happened to the MP central command and control network and it has been shut it down.  CA – 1’s Computer specialist thinks that it might have been a specifically targeted computer virus.  With the Activation of our Communications Link, it seems that our systems are not infected, but we all need to be careful about accepting outside data. We are working to develop a counter program. It also means that large scale communications with distances father than 400 miles is not currently possible.
  5. As  far as we can tell, we are the only active large scale MP presence on the west coast. It seems we are it people.  That means we must keep ourselves together and focused if we are to rebuild the United States.
  6. As we find other MP teams or personal, we will ask that they join our newly named Combined Task Force “Phoenix” .  An MARS team from Arizona and its dependants are on the way to us now bringing much needed expertise. We must contact and bring in teams whenever possible.
  7. We are in contact with Teams in AZ, NV, and CO. There is a Morrow Project in the united states but it seems to be under no direct command. The Dates of the activations are all different as well so it seems that teams have slowly been activating over the last 100 years at least. We are not sure of what this means, and your theories are as good as ours at this time.
  8. We are short of Weapon Systems and Ammo. This CTF was never designed to be a front line combat force, we are an engineering support one. Does not change the fact that we are in a war zone against some very serious threats. Every Team Member, bullet and weapon is priceless. Do not take chances but do not waist weapons systems. So Far our Team caches are the only supplies that we have. We are working to get our regional supply base back to active status, but till that happens conserve ammo.
  9. It Seems that there is a lot of politics in the local area we find ourselves in. Please think before doing anything to harm  our current position as guests of the HDF.
  10. We are not ready to show our strength to the outside world yet. We are still trying to find out what needs help first before acting so keep a low key impression .


We will send out more updates as we find out more information.

MISSION ALERT: High Desert Federation Roundup

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SUBJECT: The High Desert RoundUp


DATE: 4/16/2161

BY: Political Science Officer Rachel McBean, CA-7.


As Morrow Project Teams are needed at the The High Desert Federation annual Roundup next week, I am forwarding this tactical update to the Morrow Project Data Network. It is important that all personal that attend this event read this as the current crisis in the HDF, this event will be more important than a normal RoundUp.


The Roundup is a 7 days event that is both a political and social were the most important economic and political forces in the High Desert Federation meet to talk and settle differences. It is Part what the old records would could a “County Faire”, Political Po wow, Military Muster, Trade Show, and Society Function.

In theory, it is the meeting of the most powerful interests of the HDF to work out common interests, but in reality it is so much more than that as it is the foundation of the political structure that has allows the high desert federation to exist.


In the High Desert Federation, the Ranch’s, City’s, and Economics concerns all struggle with each other for economic power but share enough concerns over security, infrastructure, and stability to work together.

The Council is a 2 day meeting in the middle of the roundup of the top power forces of the HDF. In reality it is broken down in smaller meetings in the day with larger meeting of all the council at night to talk about broad issues effecting everyone.

The Roundup is a chance to talk in the council in public, then get the real work done in private meetings.

For all the Power of the 7th Regiment of Marines holds, its commander does not wield much power on the council. In Many ways they stay out of the politics of the area which allows for them to be a neutral player which everyone respects.

It is of great importance that Morrow Project personal be careful about what they say as anything a MP team says will be believed at face value. If the team makes promises that the MP can not keep, then the entire MP mission will be that much harder to fulfill.


The HDF Militia commanders will all be at the Roundup. It is a time that militia commanders get new instruction of weapon systems, tactics, and review by the marines.

The Military roundup also has a its own military competitions for the militia companies to prove themselves as well as for individuals. These are of great interest as the reputation of the ranches and cities to a large extent rest of these competitions.

A Team could make great impression on the Militia if it preforms well in the competitions. Likewise it could do a lot of harm if it preforms poorly.


This is the supreme social gathering of the year. It is a chance for all the leading families to have young meet there social equals to form alliances. Of course this is not the only reason to have a get together, but it is one of the prime reasons.

There are both society dances as well as the more common barn dances for the militia and lower classes.

There are some dances are more important than others so make sure you ask the political officer for help accepting offers. It is vital that the team again makes a good impression at these dances as the social aspect of the Roundup is just as important all the other aspects.


It is likely that you might meet some or all of these persons or organizations:

  • Tribute Ranch and Holdings: These are close friends of the Lazy Circle 8, and should support our operations.

  • Carsdale Construction Company: These are important as they are part of the Carsdale Families industrial network. They have been neutral as far as politics goes, but economically very important to HDF.

  • Searles Holding Company: These are the owners of the City of “Torna”. This provides important metals and export goods to the HDF and Bakersfield. They are consertive in out look and have not supported liberal policies in the past.

  • Marines of the 7th Regiment: These are the most important military units in the HDF but stay out of politics as long as the members up hold the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

  • City Council of Ridgecrest. This is the largest city in the HDF. They are very important and tend to focus on trade with Bakersfield and a strong defense policy. They are in the middle of the political spectrum.

  • Eagle Air Freight Company. You have already meet them. They are important as far as the outside of state information that they provide. Be careful with them as have a grudge with you losing there helicopter.

  • Inland Empire Trucking Company. The Largest trucking combine in the HDF. We are on good terms with the Inland Empire Trucking Company, but they are not MP so stay on guard around them. Remember they are not family or project.

  • Black Eagle Ranch. This is Big Jakes Ranch. You know these people. They are good people and strong on Defense. They will back you and are good sources of information.

  • Strong Wind Ranch. This a large Holding Ranch. They treat there bondsman very poorly and tend to fight against anything that strengthen the HDF civil liberties.

  • Bakersfield Defense Council: They will have representatives there. Be very careful with these people. The MP stands for many of the things that they would fight a war over to stop. There is a peace with Bakersfield and no ones wants to change that. There has been some strange rumors about a shakeup in the BDC. We are hoping to find out more whats going on with the BDC.

  • Mexican Imperial Forces: They are supposed to sending an envoy to talk about peace treaty with the 7th Regiment. We would like the team to give them a wide birth.

Current Operational Teams: Command Group 2 (Combined Task force)

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TO: Operational Command, CA-2.

SUBJECT: Current Status of Teams

DATE: Updated April 17th, 2161

As you are aware, the command group is in the process of awakening the CG2 (CTF) to full operational status. It has had delays in

this process from external factors ranging from lack of manpower to transmition/equipment factors. As of today, this is the current

status of the CTF, Command Group 2.

TEAM: CA- 1: Science Team

PERSONAL: 8/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Science One

ACTIVATED: 2160, Dec 11th.

STATUS: Activated by Bolt Hole Computer, Was in Heavy Combat against Mexican Empire Forces at UCI in Orange County. While defending the Civilian population of the University from Mexican Army units it has lost much of its ammo and extra equipment as well as its Airscout and two of its team. It managed to break out with over 300 militia and civilians and made it way to the High Desert to Join Command Group 2. It is being assisted by Recon Team CA-4 and MARS Team CA-3.


TEAM: CA- 2: Command Team

PERSONAL: 4/4 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger (Command)

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 18th.

STATUS: Activated by CA-4, Team has taken charge of Operations for the High Desert Area and Surrounding Morrow Project Teams. Is in Process of making a Forward Operational Base at the California Correctional Institution in the west end of the Tehachapi Valley. It is being assisted in this task by the CA-7 decendents at the Lazy Eight Ranch.


TEAM: CA- 3: MARS Team

PERSONAL: 6/6 personal.

VEHICLE: Phoenix M1A4 Battle Tank, Humvee with Mk19 GL.

ACTIVATED: 2161, April 2nd.

STATUS: Activated by CA-2, This team has just been awakened to help in the rescue of CA-1 (Science Team). It is in an expermental modified M1A4 Abrams MBT with its 120mm Cannon removed to make way for a gatling Mk3 Laser system.



PERSONAL:6/5 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando V150 with 25mm Cannon

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 16th.

STATUS: Activated by Bolt Hole Computer, this team has awakened the command team for the High Desert Operations Group (CG2). It is currently supplemented by a Liaison member of CA-7, and a Scout from the Inland Empire Trucking Clan.

In the Rescue of CA-1, Travis Smythe, The Team Driver was killed by Mexican Forces during a rearguard action.

TEAM: CA- 5: Support (Medical Rapid Response) Team

PERSONAL: 12/12 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando V300 Ambulance, 2 Humvee in Ambulance configuration.

ACTIVATED: 2161, March 28th.

STATUS: Activated by CA-2, This team is a heavy medical task force for the Command Group 2 with Full Medical Supplies and Equipment for the Morrow Project Personal.

Currently setting up medical and science faculties at the FOB at California Correctional Institutiion in the Tehachapi Valley.


TEAM: CA- 6: Support (Water Systems)

PERSONAL: 10/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger, Earthmoving Equipment.

ACTIVATED Not Active and Not Responding to wake up Signal.

STATUS:  Unknown. This Team is heavy on the Engineering and water systems side. Its purpose it to repair / support the California Aqueduct system.

TEAM: CA- 7: Ag Team

PERSONAL: 50+ /6 personal.

VEHICLE: Horses, Some Gasoline Vehicles, Ag Equipment.

ACTIVATED: 2061, Oct 3rd.

STATUS: Activated by Bolt Hole Computer, This team fought a overlord using the California Correctional Institution in the Tehachapi Valley as a strong hold and won.

Finding itself alone, the team formed the Lazy Eight Ranch to promote peace and prosperity in the local Area. After the Last 100 years the ranch has grown in influence and power to control most of the Tehachapi Valley.

Currently the CA-7 personal are helping CA-2 (Command) to set up a FOB at the California Correctional Institution. They are also active in supporting Morrow Projects teams in the field in the High Desert. A 50 person detachment of the Lazy Eight Ranch has permantly be “loaned” to the Combined Task Force, making up the new CA-7 Team. This Team will eventually be use to supplement active morrow project as well as do there own missions.

Currently the Combined Task Force is trying to outfit and train the new CA-7 with existing stores of weapons and supplies.



TEAM: CA- 8: Support Team (Power Systems)

PERSONAL: 10/10 personal.

VEHICLE: Commando Ranger, 2 Humvee.

ACTIVATED April 12th, 2161.

STATUS:  Awakened. This Team is heavy on the Engineering and power systems side. Its purpose it to repair / support the power systems in the High Desert Area. Has a Microwave Power Receiver. Is helping with the evaluation of the damage to the Combined Task Forces Supply Base at CA-10 Base.

TEAM: CA- 9: Support Team (Vehicle)

PERSONAL: 6/6 personal.


ACTIVATED: 2061, March 20th.

STATUS: Activated by CA-2, This Team is the Vehicle Recovery and Repair team for the Command Group. It has a large stock pile of Morrow Project Vehicle parts in its caches with a leaning to heavy equipment.

Currently it is tasked with helping to repair the FOB at the California Correctional Institution when not pulling double duty as a temporary “RECON” Team for the command group.


TEAM: CA- 10: Support Team (Logistics)

PERSONAL: 11/12 personal.

VEHICLE: 2 x 2 ½ Tone Truck, 2 Humvee, V150 APC, Airscouts.

ACTIVATED Activated by CA-4 Recon Mission.

STATUS:  This is a supply – logistics Team for the Command Group. There is a small resupply base for the command group that this team is stationed in. The Base lower levels suffered from water damaged and the power supply and lifting elevators are damaged. CA-8, The Engineering Team, is working with CA-10 to find out what can be rebuilt and salvaged.

TEAM: CA- 11: Air Transport Team (Air Transport)

PERSONAL: 15/15 personal.

VEHICLE: 2 x UH-60 BlackHawk Helicopters, 2 Humvee’s, 1 V150 APC.

ACTIVATED Activate April 16th, 2161.

STATUS:  This is a primary Support Team with mechanical staff as pilot and flight crew. This is not a combat group but a tactical resupply team. It is stationed at the FOB for Combined Task Force.

MP REPORT: Mutagen effecting local populations

By , 07/25/2009 2:23 pm
DNA Virus discovered in most of the post war population

DNA Virus discovered in most of the post war population


TEAM: CA – 5, Science Division, Medical Rapid Response Team.
COMMAND GROUP: CA-2, High Desert, California
LOCATION: CG- 2 FOB at CCI in Tehachapi Valley.
PROJECT MEMBER: Dr Michelle Cummings, Lead Geneticist.
DATE: March 31st, 2161.

First of, what the hell happened to the world and to the Morrow Project? Our time frame is completely FuBar as we planned on being awakened within the first 3 years, not over 150 years after the war. None of the research labs, local hospitals, or support organization are left. Heck from what we can tell most people have never even scene a computer.

I almost think I am going to see a T-Rex walk across the desert with the level of technology that is left for us to work with. Okay its not that bad, as there is a functional civilization here with the fundamentals of a modern infrastructure, but I would guess the technology level in general is about korean war (1950’s) level with more in Power Systems and less in communications and informational systems.

But I think I should focus on what is currently happening to our team and local morrow project teams. Cmdr Poole is in control of the situation and has awakened our team of 9 members and called us to help rebuild a morrow project presence in southern california. We are currently working out of the old prison medical building at CCI. Its actually in pretty good condition considering it has not been used in over 50 years. The Equipment is all shot, but the buildings (built to withstand earthquakes) have held up well. Most of the electrical wire has been stripped so we are in the crappy position of running new electrical, and data communications lines to our area.

We do have some help from local members of a ranch, who are calming that they are the decedents of our local MP Ag Team. I do not understand all of that, but they are willing to help and they know how to handle tools that I have not touched since I was building houses in New York City in my teens, so I welcome all of there strong backs!

But what I wanted to write this log for is the Strange Genetic findings I have been discovering in the local people and wildlife. I know that there would be mutations after all that hard radiation was dumped into the local environment by the bombs and the catastrophic crash in the ecosystem, but most of that should have resulted in death or cancer leading to death.

What I am finding is that, on the whole most people show very little mutation or cancers. It is higher in there descendent’s than before the war, but not by much. Also there is traces of an unknown virus in most of everyones system. The Morrow Project Members do not have it, but the Ranch group does.

It seems this virus helps to stop mutation in some way. I have no idea how it does it yet, but it does.

But in the other end of the spectrum is such strong mutation that its impossible to describe. The Ranch members brought us a dead “Maggot” that was killing cattle in the hills around the ranch. No one at the ranch think much of them, but to us its a complete mystery to how it could even exist since the war was only 4 to 5 generations ago.

A Maggot seems to be a mutant humanoid of 4 to 6 feet tall with razor sharp teeth and claws. They are scavengers, with a keen sense of smell and good night vision, but poor sight, and a dislike of daylight. It walks like a human but it is only related to our geneo in the way that we are related to Apes. I am thinking that something has effected it genetic code at a base level or something has designed it DNA.

Who would have wanted to design something like? At the time of our freeze date in 2009, this sort of manipulation was just theoretical so somewhere science has taken great leaps forward. Its that or a brilliant madman unleashed his creations on the world.

I fear that the world has changed more than I ever dreamed of possible. But this also means we have that much more to discover.

April 2nd, 2161 at @ 3am.

Recon Team CA-4, who are setting up the communications relay station in the near by mountains have sent us pictures and a simple blood sample scan from there medical kit of a person who attacked the team. From the preliminary findings, it appears that the subject blood had extremely high levels of the same virus we discovered in the earlier findings. I bet when we get the DNA scan from the teams large medical kit, we will find DNA tampering as well.

There is something out there that is effecting living life at a genetic level and it still active. Could this been a secret russian weapon? A doomsday virus to keep the war going on a genetic level even after the bombs have fallen?

I do not know, but I fear we will find out one way or another.

MISSION REPORT: City States of Riverside County

By , 07/20/2009 9:57 pm

SUBJECT: Rise of City States in Riverside County
DATE: 1/16/2131
?LOCATION: Southern California Region
Compiled by Political Science Officer, Carlos Winston.

From historical records of the survivors, When the War came to Southern California, Riverside county took no direct hits but its proximity to Los Angeles still doom it.

The direct impact from the nuclear exchange create a destruction that killed over 25% of the people in the coastal area of Los Angeles. But Millions of people still survived the direct impact of the explosions and they fled the only area that still had any form of functional government, Riverside county.

Riverside area found itself will millions of starving and thirsty people who were desperate for stability, food, and shelter.

Riverside county did try and control the refugees and with the 7th Battalion of Marines from 29 Palms they had a chance, till almost 12 days after the war, the power systems final failed and with it the water supply went from critical to catastrophic.

All it took was a small riot between exhausted National Guardsmen guarding a water treatment plant in Riverside. It soon became a pitch battle with hundreds of thousands people fighting for food and water supplies. The Looting spread and fires broke out in cities without water pressure to fight the fires.

National Guardsmen, police, and Marines soon found themselves outnumber 100 to 1 against people that had nothing to lose. Some units fought well, some overrun, other deserted to save there own families or communities. It became apparent that there was just not enough troops to hold the area, so the marines withdrew to Barstow to Hold the line at the marine supply depo there and guard what they could of Palmdale and Lancaster.

The Fear and panic destroyed whatever sense of community that was left, and every neighborhood became its own enclave. Mobs quickly over run most areas which then turned on other mobs for the dwindling food and water supplies. Within months the population was down to less than a 1/5 th the prewar population. By the end of the first year, 125,000 people were still alive in the ruins.

Not all citites completely fell to the Mobs. Some cities also managed to do the same such as they scrambled to keep control of water, farming areas, and weapons. The difference of having a National Guard Company in the area when the riots happened could make all the difference in the final outcome.

Within 20 years after the war, small enclaves, expanded and fought one another for the basics. Salvage was a life or death fact to keep the Water pumps or power systems going. A Community that lost its Food growing area or water supply was doomed within a year.

Thus Larger Communities started to absorb the small communities and the City States were born.

An Example of this is the City State of Riverside.

In the City of Riverside, the University kept its self intact by a unit of National Guardsmen, and managed to save some of the water pumps and infrastructure. Over the next few years, the University managed to repair limited amounts of infrastructure to allow for it to keep a safe water supply and limited farming. With these basic elements riverside managed to keep at least a low level of technology and attract the more technically minded people to its enclave. As time when on, it became the center for salvage of the local areas as well as the protector of the farming areas to the south.

Now Riverside controls The Old Ruins of the City of Riverside, much of the Farm lands to the South and the areas to the east. The government of Riverside is not interested in growing more as it is hard pressed to stop the constant raiding on its lands from the other cities and the gangs that inhabit the no mans land in between incorporated areas.

In Summary:

Traveling through Riverside county one finds themselves in a dangerous land of constantly skirmishing cities states. The areas not under direct control are no better with local gangs fighting everyone else for land and supplies. Many of these gangs are hired by other city states to harass there neighbor cities to keep the balance of power.

So far no City State within the last 30 years have attacked another in a full scale conflict one as it would leave itself to weak to defend itself verse the other rivals.

Recently Marine Units have started to be hired out to guard some of the city states in exchange for taxes. This is on a limited basis and is usually a short term arrangement as the Marines are very expensive and will only defend not attack.

Mercenary units are common in this wild west of constantly shifting power struggles and have been know to switch side in the middle of a battle.

But there is hope, with the new Highway patrol, it seems that the gangs and city states are starting to keep the old freeways clear for trading. In time this might stabling of the area and allow for the rebuilding.

Economic Report: Southern California Jan 2161

By , 07/03/2009 10:03 pm

SUBJECT: Economic dependency of Regional Governments
DATE: 1/16/2161
LOCATION: Southern California Region

Compiled by Chief Economics Officer Charlot Jackson


There is a lot of Trade with Bakersfield and the High Desert Federation Towns and the California Coast Republic. Even though the political sides might now like each other, the merchants do and all areas make a large amount from taxes and tariffs on each others goods.


Most of the Taxes take place at the border check points between the governments on the Major connection Highways. All vehicles are forced to pay a “Tax” to travel to each of the areas lands. This tax varies between the governments, with the highest with Bakersfield, and the lowest being with the High Desert Federation.


When the vehicle pays the Tax, it is given a special plate (much like a Old license’s  Plates  that allows the vehicle to travel on assign trade routes (Highways)for a given amount of time.


In theory these Taxes pay for road work on the trade routes, but this is different for each area, with the High Desert roads being in the worse repair.




With the HUGE amount of savage from the Deadlands, people have been looting the Los Angeles area for 150 years now. Because of this, it is big business for all three governments, and quite well organized. Each Government gives special salvage licenses to select companies to operate contracts for goods. These contracts are much sought after as the rewards are great.


It is not unheard of to have competing salvage companies sabotage each others teams or even attack them. Once the Teams leave the civilized lands, anything is up for grabs, though there are alliances and treaties between various companies.


Also some teams are known for cutting deals with local Los Angeles clans or gangs while others just move into an area and take what they want.


As a standard, most Teams are well armed and travel in large caravans then break into smaller teams when in a target area.


Metals (Copper + Steel + Almost anything else), Car Parts, Machinery, Heavy Manufacture Equipment, Computers, pumps, weapons, aircraft, tires, ect.


Because of this, there is not a lot of heavy industry in the civilized Lands as most of it has been taken from the Los Angeles area and no one has needed to make car parts or other machined parts.


Another side effect of this is that Most working electrical items are now made up of many different parts of different time periods and equipment. So a working radio might be made up of 3 to 4 different pre war radios. This is a nightmare for support, but there is many a handy man who makes there livings from knowing what parts go with what equipment.


 Bakersfield survived the war with a large surplus of refugees from Los Angeles Area who in time functioned as SERF slave labor. This means the large farms around Bakersfield are run much like the old southern slave plantations in character so manpower is not a problem.

 Thus Bakersfield does not use much in the way of mechanical devices for the plantations even though they do have them if needed.

 Bakersfield also by far is the most populous of the three areas but 60% of the people are serfs so they do not consume much in the way economic goods. The Top 5% of the population, the Bakersfield Elite (The Plantation Families, technical elites, and the Family heads of the council) consume most of the trade goods in the region.

 The Economy is a planed one with a highly conservative  autocratic view point. Because of the tight restrictions on commerce, Bakersfield economy is growing very slowly at best. Many of the middle class are watching all the wealth go to the elite, and are slowly be priced out of the society. This is causing a lot of strain in the society and there is talk of some sort of redress for the middle classes, but it is being fought tooth and nail by the ruling family council.

Bakersfield do have some factories left that combine old prewar equipment to finished lower tech goods

 Examples. Coffee Pots, Shoes, Cloth, wool, cotton, food stuffs, Meat, leather working, some electrical goods (toasters, washing machines (For the Rich Only), simple sowing machines (Foot Powered), Some Light Tools.

They do grow sweet wines as it is to Hot in the central valley to grow good red or white wines.

Because of the control of the Oil wells and the Bakersfield Refinery:
Tires, Oil, Diesel, lubricants, some rubber products.


 The High Desert Federation is a very lose alliance of the Desert Cities. It does not have a per say economic policy as every area has its own rules. The One thing that all HDF members share, is no tariffs within its membership on goods within the HDF.

 The Economic power of the High Desert Federation rests in its Rancher Elites, Its Mining companies, Its High Tech Manufactories, and abundant amount of surplus power from its solar, wind, and geothermal power plants.

 The Major trade good for the High Desert communities is power. Most of the electricity that Bakersfield uses comes from the High Desert, while most of the High Deserts Fuel comes from Bakersfield. This causes large amounts of friction with the politicians, but the agreement has lasted over 150 years.

 It is also the closest to the Los Angeles Area, so it has the greater share of the Salvage goods.

 The High Desert areas also have the largest amount of prewar factories still in operation as climate and the raiding of Los Angeles keep them in operation.

Aircraft are still being “Built / Combined” in the area as well as other higher tech goods. There are factories (like Bakersfield) that combine old prewar goods with modern goods to keep systems in operation such as phone, electrical, radio, and most important water delivery.

 The High Desert was also the site of many secret company projects, research centers, and operational testing grounds scattered around Edwards AFB. Thus one might even find ultra modern equipment mixed in with older equipment.

The High Desert Trades:

Cattle, Horses, Leather Goods, pre war salvage, High Tech equipment, Aircraft, raw metals, power, some food stuffs, some manufactured goods. 


(Area of Coast from Ventura to past San Luis Obispo)

 This is more democratic in nature than the other governments. It still uses the Bill of rites, and the constitution, and most of the business is done by companies or partnerships. In many ways its is a Andrew Jackson styled government with light on government and more on the Citys to run things.

 It does not have the manufactory base of the HDF and is mostly agriculture based in character. Average level of Technology is 1940’s in the countryside and 1980’s in the cities with economies to match.

 San Luis Obispo still has an operational university (The Only one in any of the three governments)which is why the technology level is as high as it still is.

 It is the Major trading route for both Bakersfield and HDF to the outside world vial the Deep Sea Port at Port Hueneme, and Morro Bay.

There is trade with Hawaii, central American countries, and the pacific rim, though this has only really started to become a force in the area within the last 10 years.

 There is always the thorny issue of the pirates operating on the coast islands, and there leader, Dead John Parsons, but so far most merchants simply pay off the pirates rather than battle them.

 The only source of Coffee, Tea, Cane Sugar come from these trading ships.

The California Coastal Republic Trades:

Horses, Wine (Some of the best California wines before the war were in this area), Leather Goods, pre war salvage, Shipping, Oil, some food stuffs, some light (Pre 1940’s) manufactured goods.

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