Call of the Cthulhu : Gates of Madness ( Part 1 )

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Wall Paintings from Beta Portal - Gate 2

Wall Paintings from Alpha Portal – Gate 5

Security Rating: TOP SECRET: by the Joint US – Australian Alpha Omega Security Protocol of 2016.

Personal Log : Lt Kylie Davis, Detached Australian 1st Commando Company.

Date: February 13th, 2020.

Location: Forward station Zulu – 2 ( Antartica ) ( Classified )

Outside of Zulu two. The Ancient City of Elder Things

Outside of Zulu two. The Ancient City of Elder Things

Our team moved forward from the Ice Station into the Ancient City. Dr Hurns, has told me that the Boffins think the city is so old that it appears to be carbon dating from over 400,000 years old as is the aliens mummified bodies. For now the bloody command have told us to use the unimaginative code name of “Elder Things” for the aliens.

Elder Things captured in drawings in the Ruins of a great city in Antartica.

Elder Things captured in drawings in the Ruins of a great city in Antartica.

The Ancient city makes me jumpy as I have heard of over 13 people gone missing over the last 4 years. This is despite the fact a security team of over 24 men and women are on guard 24 hours a day.

We entered the star chamber and the team moved into position. I double checked my F88S-A3 while I watched the team check there weapons. It seems that Dr Hurns still does not know much about weapons so Sargent Jackson helped him check the Remington M870 shotgun.

Then the room went quite as the Boffins turned over the generators and powered up the control system for the Gate. An loud rumble shook the room and at the edge of hearing I could sense something moving closer to us.

The Elder Things Control room for the Gate Complex.

The Elder Things Control room for the Gate Complex.

I never tell this to the others on the team, but I hated being in that room. It takes all my strength to stay there while I can feel the hunger of something ancient wanting to come and devour us.

Then the Gate Opens. At first you don’t believe your eyes as it seems to open not just in our plane of reference, but in all planes of references. You see it, hear it,  feel it, smell it, taste it, and know it.

God I hate that fuck’n Room.

Without much fanfare I move up to the front of the team and move into the Gate with Sargent Jackson close behind me.

In an instance that takes forever I step out into another Portal room that is ancient beyond time. In this place it again is cold but the atmosphere is corrupted as is the smell of the place.

Another Hidden Elder Thing City, 6 more gates await our team.

Another Hidden Elder Thing City, 6 more gates await our team.

The City smells like rotten meat mixed in with a freezer. Its everywhere and even though you do not need to use a respirator, most of our teams put on our gas masks. I move to the right as Jackson moves to the left and we scan the surroundings through our Night Vision.

Soon there is another distortion in time and space and Corporal Samson and Dr Hurns both stagger out of the gate with Corpsman Tarkens taking up the rear. Samson takes a few steps then drops down on her hands and knee’s and vomits into the snow. No one moves to help her as she always seems to do that after a transit.

Sure enough, by the time I motion for the team to move down into the central plaza, she has already moved back to her position to flank the good doctor. She is a tough one.

When we hit the plaza she fires up the Generator that the support team has left us. Then Dr Hurns moves to the column of Green Crystal  which commands the next series of gates.

The Gates at Alpha Site appear to all be the same, but the truth is far darker.

The Gates at Alpha Site appear to all be the same, but the truth is far darker.

After a few short moments, flash of light opens in the 5th gate as I hear whispering in distance.

I do not take my eyes from scanning the openings to the right side of the plaza as I know from reading the reports from the other teams, that this hearing of phantom voices is a common side effect from being near an active gate.

What makes it worse is that this time I think I hear the voice of my sister. The same sister who died in a car crash over 17 years ago. And if she is to believed, the one who is calling on me to join her in the caves as she is cold and lonely.

I take a quick look at Jackson who returns the same blank look back at me.

We both go back to watching the caves and waiting for the Doctor to finish his work.

Final, the Doctor tells us all that the Gate is active and we are good to go, and he would really like to “Fuck’n Leave this shit hole” as soon as possible.

For a learned man, the doctor at least has some common sense.

We line back up again with Jackson and I taking point in front of the twisting vortex of Gate 5. With a quick nod to the rest of the team, and a silent prayer, I and Jackson move through to whatever awaits us…



Mission Report: Stillwater OK – November 9th, 2162

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DATE: 11/09/2162
REPORTER: Christina Howellet, – Team CA-4
Report – What the hell happened to all the roads?

Today while passing through Tulsa, OK we came upon a working airport at the old Tulsa International Airport.

Tulsa Airport

Tulsa Airport

We scared the crap out of some militia soldiers as our V-300 came across the open field. Come to find out the Five Nations has a military outpost set up there along with an air clan. Since there was only an air burst nuke that hit Tulsa, the Five Nations and other groups were had started Salvage in the area.

We heard lots of equipment running to the north west of us and every once in a while sounds of falling debris could be heard.

It turns out that Oklahoma State University was doing salvage work on an aerospace and science museum. We decided to go check out the ruckus and it was a good thing too. Apparently the Science department was doing the salvage work and failed to bring along any structural engineers. Those dam college people have no common sense.


The lady running the show, Assistant Professor Cathy Sheldon, needs to learn some manners and some common sense. Sometimes I hate being diplomatic; otherwise I would have given her a piece of my mind. We were finally able to talk some sense into them and I took charge of their salvage run and it was a good thing to. If they had kept going the way they were they would have brought the whole building down on top of themselves.It was bad enough that they killed about a dozen freshmen getting that far.

Eventually we were able to get inside. OíNeill and I were able to repel down to the basement. It was kind of dark and creepy down like something out of a horror movie. It really got creepy down there when we started hearing things and started seeing glowing beady eyes. Out of know where I was attacked by a mountain lion  and as it leapt away O’Neill shot and killed it. Apparently that was a bad thing because all of a sudden more started jumping out of the shadows. We were being attacked by a hoard of mountain lion. O’Neill yelled gas and I quickly put on my gas mask as he dropped a tear gas grenade at our feet. Mountain lions started to run toward this vent shaft to escape the gas.

As we saw the cats flee, we noticed a small litter of them that got left behind. O’Neill emptied a file box and placed them in it and pushed the box down the shaft. After the lions were all gone we returned to finding the rocket engines we were originally looking for.

Later I was told that they were just feral house cats, although if they were they must be over sized mutant cats. Between O’Neill and me we were able to hook up a sling and pulley system for the college kids to get the engines out. It would take them a few days but hopefully they wouldn’t lose any more freshmen. Asst. Prof. Sheldon thanked us profusely and gave us a token that would allow us to pass free of charge down the turnpike controlled by the University.

Thus we continued making our way to Oklahoma State Univ. When we arrived at the Univ. we were greeted by a pompous overweight police chief by the name of Daniel Wiggs. He kind of reminded me of Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazard TV show. It seemed that most of their vehicles and equipment was KFS.

Eventually we made it to the Physics Dept. and found Professor Tanabom. He thanked use for the help in Tulsa and said that the rockets were destined for Texas. Prof. Tanabom seems like a very nice man although I think he needs to lay off the caffeine. Apparently they would like all of our team to give lectures on prewar knowledge.


Personal Log: Osheen Conall Brendan Corc Alan O’Neill, Nov 10th, 2162

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DATE: 11/10/2162
REPORTER: Osheen Conall Brendan Corc Alan O’Neill


Dear Brother,

While I write this letter I cannot help but think about the last few days with the CA-4 recon group that I have been assigned to. After foiling the bank job and doing our best to track down the criminals we continued to travel west on what was left of the Oklahoma state highway system, such as it is. The bad condition roads forced us to slow to a crawl even the slightest bit of work could return these to a workable form.

Just a day short of the ruins of Tulsa we ran into a very small town that served as an overnight camp for us to spread the good word and gather so local Intel. We met a few interesting people that mentioned a few things of note:

Tulsa is in ruins and is mostly been ignored by the locals. This means that there will be a HUGE amount of salvage that can be gathered that has just become rad free.


Deathweep: it is a deep purple plant with a rotten smell, toxic and deadly, leave air ASAP or wear gas-mask. It creates a purple fog that kills and poisons the air and water around it. Like many like many such plants it most likely has medicinal applications if used properly.

The best roads are the toll roads that are maintained by either the toll keepers or the local governments some time with or without the states help.

The railroads are run/maintain/lease by the Oil Cartel, they will be easy to deal with like most cartels they will sell out for easy money.

Tulsa OK Refinery

Tulsa OK Refinery

The next day we made better time by following the rail lines all the way to Tulsa Airport. the airport was populated by three groups barely coexisting together.

First is Capitan Wilcox “Big Bear” commander of the 5 nations defense force, aggravated with both his job and the people he has to deal with. Assisted by Sargent cooper they serve as the governmental forces that keep the other two from running rampant and destroying more than they do.

The Air clan run by Mad Sal age 50+, missing teeth, with a 1/2 burned face, and her second Bug Eyed Joey. Their goals are to trade for profit and to expand their air force. The Air fleet at Tulsa was based around a few kit-bashed cargo planes and maybe a ½ dozen ultra-lights.

The Oklahoma State University team led by Professor Tannenbaum, of the OSU Physics Department, backed up by Okey, an OSU Engineering Professor and Assistant Physics Professor Cathy Sheldon (age 20ish). We found them and their team tearing down the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, looking for lost tech. The main goal turned out to be the rocket engines stored within. After preventing them from destroying the building and everything inside we helped them to secure two packed ‘space x’ engines for shipment back to OSU.

For our help we earned letters of introduction to OSU Dean of Physics and Hard Sciences Professor Mathews. The papers also turned out to help us get through all the tolls and city gates we were to encounter on our way to OSU.

We did learn that the Agro Team (Agricultural MP team) is rumored to have gone native somewhere in the Western part of 5 Nations. Helping ranchers, traded with Truck clan in or about Woodword, OK. Also we are hearing radio broadcast from home in the form of “Voice of America” that sounds like it comes from The Morrow Project area base.

Our plans are to continue on to OSU by taking Route-177 to Crushing, OK; it is a Toll road, which is in much condition than past roads.

Send word when you can about the rest of the family, and may we one day returnhometo help our homeland rise from the ashes.

Your loving Brother,

Osheen Conall Brendan Corc Alan O’Neill

Warrior High Prince of the Crimson Hand, Son of the Seminole Deer Clan, Earl of Tyrone,

Last Descendant of the High Irish Kings, Hire to the Crown of Ireland

After Action Report: Bank Robbery and Chase of the Black Hand Gang, November 2nd, 2162

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DATE: 11/01/2162
REPORTER: Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department

Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department

Deputy Paul Griffon – Miami Sheriff department



“So this thing is going to record my voice. You are kidding me. How can something that small record my voice?”

Another voice in the background: “Trust me it does. Its called a PDA and it works just fine”

“Okay if you say so. Can I start now?”

The other voice responds: “Yes you can start when you’re ready”

“Okay then. So from what I saw in the aftermath of the gunbattle at the Bank in town, 4 of the gang were shot by you fella’s pretty damn quick and taken down. The 2 more got away in a motor vehicle and headed up north towards the border with the Republic.

Now I know something of those assholes up north in the republic. Even though they say there big on law and order, those Krell bastards are a real lying piece of shit, if you asked me. They keep saying one thing but everyone knows that there is a damned lot of these bandits that are called contract merc groups by the Krell government.

They give protection to them (and I think they must get a cut of the action) but they never own up to that fact. Pisses me and every other lawman off.

So the Black Hand Gang are well know in the Missouri area as a contract to hire merc group that specialize if raiding. I know about it as I was just up at my cousins funeral in Missouri and a fellow badger was drunk and talked all about them. Real professional scum bags and there leader is called “The Cobra” and she has an heart of ice. Killed her old man when she was 14 when he tried to touch her is what the rumors say.

Well, The sheriff tells me that he wants me to go with you Morrow Project Fella’s in your big armoured truck thing and track down the gang and capture or kill them all. I look at your truck, or I think you called it a V – Something, and say sure, as it looks like it has a lot of balls, and it just looks like it could destroy a entire regiment of bandits.

So in the morning we head out and follow the tracks in the snow by the black hang van and it takes us to the ruins of Picher. Now I only been up here once or twice as its a really messed up place with all the sandhills in the middle of the town and the town is pretty much all just ruins after everyone left 100 years or so ago.

So entering the ruins we spot the van on the side of the trail we been following.

Now the morrow team is really hopped up on coffee (which they have shared with me) and its really great stuff. I do not know were they get it, but I sure would like to know as would the sheriff ….

Voice in the distance: “Could we get back to the Report?”

Ahhh sure, Oh ya, the vehicle was off to the side of a bunch of ruins and a large 3 story building was prehaps 20 yards or so away from it.

Ruby, the red head women was up in the commander’s position with a Large evil looking Machinegun, and Tim, the Doc, was walking to the left side of the teams V – thing. I think Vod the team commander was out to the right also walking. I being the smartest of everyone, was staying in the middle of the armoured truck with lots of steel between me and the bandits.

So Ruby or someone outside says they see some bandits and all hell breaks lose. Pretty Sure that Ruby fired like million rounds or so as all this brass comes raining down the hatch and one falls down my jacket and burns my neck. Then I hear the Gunner say “Clear” and a BOOM! The V – something rocks like a buffalo kicked me and there is a loud explosion near by as the gunner actually giggles and says “Lets load one of the AP Rounds next!”.

Outside there is a lot of small arms fire and some sounds of small arms hitting the hull. I spend my time moving from one vision block to another vision block trying to get a view of what is going on. But with the smoke, burning truck, and the sound of the MG on the top blazing away, I can’t tell anything of what is going on.

Soon I see the turret rotating again and then another BOOM! as another building – wall – person is blown to bits. After this I hear VOD call for a cease fire and I venture outside to see the wreckage.

Wow, you Morrow Project types just don’t mess around. Or I mean you sure do leave a mess around as I spot bits of dead, burning bandit, all over the ground.

I think The lady (Cobra) got away, but the money from the town bank was recovered, and there was a huge amount of dead bandits let in the snow.

So after a another cup of that great coffee that you guys made for me we get back into the vehicle and drive back.

So Thats about it. But I do have to hand it to you all. You sure make an impression with the locals and the wildlife.

The other voice responds: ” Thank you for your time, Deputy”

No Problem. Could I now have those extra packets of coffee you promised?

The other voice responds: “Sure”


Mission Report: Miami OK, November 1st, 2162.

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DATE: 11/01/2162
Report – A Small Bank Robbery and a Hell of a fire fight.

The evening sky brings me back to my teen years in the Minnesota panhandle sitting in the Deer blind with my old man.  We would sit there for hours just waiting for a buck to be unlucky enough to walk into our line of sight.  We wouldn’t talk much outside of how I was doing in school and if I had a girlfriend, but the time with my old man was the only reason I was there.

The blast of the tuba and band brought me back to reality, and we were walking to a football  game.  The energy and excitement of the two towns really makes It hard to believe that its been 150 years since the war and you can see this event helps people ignore their poor lives.

As we walk, Tim comes up with the plan to return to the V-300 to get some booze to warm our blood as we sit watching the game.  Ruby, Conroy, O’Neill,and I decide to join him on the walk back.  Walking back to the V-300, many folks are walking past us on their way to the field with banners and noise makers.

Tim: “Hey team, check that over there?”

An armored van pulls up in front of the bordello, and 4 people get out and charge into the front door.  The bordello.  The bordello is a 3 story wood framed house with a balcony on the second floor.   To the left of the bordello you can see the clock of the town bank.  Next thing we see, 2 of the people appear on the balcony, a man#1 and women#1 which appears to be wearing a morrow project outfit.

Tim (tries to get the attention of the women):  “Hello (as he points to his headset)”

The woman leans into the man’s ear and whispers something then disappears back inside the bordello

Soon as she enters the bordello, the man#1 points his SMG and takes a shot at Tim.

The team scatter and rush the door, a smoke grenade was tossed and hits the balcony and land on the deck under the Man#1.  Tim and O’Neill rush the window under the balcony while the rest of us rush the front door of the bordello. An exchange of shot ring out and Porter hit the man#1 and he returns the favor by hitting Conroy and Tim.  Luckily nothing too fatal as we reach the building.

At this point, a man#2 appears in the window and takes a shot with his shotgun at O’Neill, who notices this man and quickly rolls under the front porch and most of the buckshot hit the deck with minimal damage to O’Neill.

Also the top of the van opens up and a man#3 setups a hand crank Gatling gun on a tripod and begins to open fire on the team and building.

As the smoke begins to build, O’Neill leans out from under the deck and puts 4 bullets in the man#2 in the window and and rolls out and runs toward the van.  He stops and leans behind a turned over truck that is in front of the bordello.  Tim takes this opportunity and jumps though the window and is now on the inside of the bordello.

Ruby and I, get to the front door and get ready to enter.  I open the door and we both rush in, Ruby hit the side of the bar while I attempt to jump over the bar.  My attempt was poor, I crash over the bar and  land hard on my ankle, luckily nothing broken or sprained.  I look up and see a bottle of Makers Mark staring me in the face.  I grab the bottle and take a swig, behind the bottle I see a old cowboy cowering in the corner.  Even with whats going on, bullets flying and people crashing thru windows, he still had the good manners to offer his guest a drink.

Later on, I found out out that on the way inside, conroy was able to take out the man#1 on the balcony who had a bead on Tim thru a hole in the roof.  The kill shot caused the man#1 to fall thru the roof and nearly land on Tim.

At this point, Everyone but O’Neill is inside, he is outside dealing with the man on the Gatling gun.  From behind thewagon in front of the bordello, he makes a sharp shooter head shot which drops the man#3 and also caused the van to roll forward.

I slowly make my way to the entry to the bar and as I look to the back room, I can see a flicker of a lighter thru the smoke.  I call out to the team to take cover as it look to be a light from a fuse.  Soon as I call out, a lighted stick of dynamite come flying toward Ruby and I.  The dynamite hits off the bar, and takes an unfortunate bounce and land within meters of Tim.  With no time to react the dynamite explodes and launches Tim back toward the front wall of the bordello.

After the smoke clears, Ruby makes her way to the doorway to the back room, and I follow.  We both notice thru the doorway it appears they used the Bordello as an entry to the bank next door.  They had blown a hole into the bank from the bordello and in the doorway I see man#4.

In his hand, he has another stick of dynamite and a lighter and about to light the stick and toss it into the room again.  I get a bead on him and get off 2 shots, one to the knee and one to the head.  The head-shot drops him and the stick of dynamite he was holding blows him into teeny tiny pieces.

Outside, the women runs out of the Bank, and is confronted by O’Neill.  As she runs to the van, O’Neill take a couple of shot at her which appears to hit the mark.  She gets in the Van and starts to get away.  As she drives away, O’Neill fires at the Van and got a hit on the back left tire which caused the van to briefly lose control.

With all the chaos over the locals show up and we are almost arrested but cooler heads prevail and we find out that the robbers were of a well known mercenary group that operate out of the Krell Republic lands.

In the morning we plan on gearing up and following the trail of the van up north towards the border. I personally am looking for a little payback for all this trouble and bloodshed.


Mission Report: Miami OK – November 1st, 2162 – GREAT BANK ROBBERY

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Mission Report: November 1st, 2162
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – at the big game in Miami, OK
DATE: 11/01/2162
REPORTER: Timothy Hart – CA4 Team Doctor
Mission title – The big game turns into a bank heist.

Well the day seemed to be going well.  We met with the sheriff of Miami and he seems to be a good man. The mayor came in a bit later. He seems to be from Asian descent and named John Chu. We will need to keep an eye on that one as he seems to have his hands in all sorts of unsavory things.

The mayor wanted us to go with him and I think he wants to use our skills to his advantage. I do not trust him. The sheriff informed us there was a football game at the local university in a few hours and we all said we would love to go. The mayor did not like this and seems to be at odds with the university as they pull at his power base and rejected some sort of contract he wanted.

The vehicle (V-300) is locked up out back of the sheriff’s office and we all heading out to the game with just our small arms as long arms are not allowed within the town. It seemed that hand grenades were not included in the ban, so a few grenades as found their way into the teams gear, as a grenade is always handy in a clutch.

It seems we are the guest of honor at the game. As I sat I found they had nothing to drink here in the way of a stiff drink, I talked with the group and as we still had time before the game I thought it would be nice to go back to the vehicle and pick up a few bottles of the trade booze.

I, Porter, Ruby, Conroy, and O’Neill headed out making good time to get the booze. While at the vehicle I also picked up a real pack of cigarettes,  for trading if my wife asks. Just to make sure the cigs were still good, I tried one on the way back to the game.

About six blocks from the sheriff’s office I saw a gas or diesel powered armored truck pull up in front of the hore house. Four people moved in, but what caught me as strange was that they had long rifles. I informed the group of this and said lets go take a look at this. Besides the bottles we had were the small airplane ones and I bet we could get a real bottle or two of the local stuff to test.

As we walked to the cat house I saw a women in Morrow gear and a man on the second floor balcony of the cat house. I hailed the lady and asked her to communicate with her head set. While doing this I informed the team that this did not look right.

Next thing I knew the lady said something to the man with her then darted back inside. This really did not bon well. I sprinted for the door to the cat house and told the others to split up to make it harder for them to hit us as it looked like they had assault weapons. As I ran up the man on the balcony opened up on me at point blank range with some sort of SMG and by the gods I did not get hit. Someone behind me, I think Porter, took a shoot at him and did graze him as he seemed to pull back a bit. Also O’Neill throw a grenade at the man and it dropped on the deck below him. I was relieved to see that it was only a smoke grenade.

I and O’Neill rush to the building O’Neill stopped at the boardwalk of the building as the window in front of him broke out and a man with a shotgun aimed at O’Neill. As I made it to the side of this window I pulled a frag grenade and was getting ready to throw it in the window. From the balcony the man with the SMG opened up on Porter and Conroy with Conroy getting it but his coveralls stopping most of the force of the bullet.

Next thing I knew the man with the shotgun at the window fired at O’Neill hitting the boardwalk in front of him. Then I heard Conroy and ruby say that a man popped up from the roof of the truck and he had a heavy weapon of some kind.

Shit, shit, shit I thought. Then O’Neill opened up on the man with the shotgun and said the man was down. With the frag grenade in my hand I throw it at the truck through the smoke and heard a good hit on the truck. As I was doing this the man in the truck opened up not with a MA Dues as I feared but with what Porter latter said it was a Hand cranked Gatling gun. Sill heavy bullets were flying everywhere. I jumped through the window landing on the dead man with the shotgun. I looked him over and took the shotgun loading it from the bandoleer of ammo I pulled from him. I also found a stick of dynamite with a shot fuse covered in nails.

This brought back memories of my youth when we would roll M80’s in glue and bee bees making mini grenades. I noted the Idaho military uniform, Patches, and name badge on the man. While searching I heard the lady yelling at one of the men to grab the money as the Morrow Project and State Guarded needed it. This sounded wrong to me. I informed the team of what I found and that they should pull on gas mask as I was going to throw a CS grenade.

O’Neill rolled out from the front of the building and runs toward the van stopping to take cover behind a wagon. This did offer him cover from the man in the truck.

Before I could throw the CS grenade Ruby and Porter made their way to the door of the cat house as the door was wide open. Ruby ducked in hitting the side of the bar. Porter jumped over the bar and I heard a thump and curse as he hit the floor.

Porter is a man after my own heart I found out again later. It seems as he hit the floor the poor bartender so afraid stuck out a bottle of whiskey to him. He took the bottle drank a good drag from the bottle and handed it back to the poor man. Also later on, I found that on the way in, Conroy also jumped the bar slipping and landed on the poor Bartender.

Okay back to the fight. As I was taking photos of the dead man, his uniform, and badges sending them to all the team I looked up just in time to see the man on the balcony pointing his submachine gun at me through the hole that the other man had made in his death throw. He bloody well drained his mag on me. Fuck he hit me in the leg and son of a bitch it hurt but again our uniforms stopped most of the impact.  I raised the shotgun up at him but before I could fire I heard gunfire and he fell through the hole barely missing me. I searched him taking the weapon (a sten gun?)  and three mags I found loading the last full one into it.

At this point, all of us but O’Neill were inside.  He soon called in that he had taken the man with the Gatling gun out, but the truck had moved to the door of the bank next to this building. With what he said things slipped into place in my mind. They were after the bank and wanted to blame it on the project and the Oklahoma government.

I moved up to the side of the half wooden wall and yelled out that I was Tim Hart of CA-4 and for them to identify themselves now or be fired on. I called to O’Neill and informed him to cover the bank as two people may be heading for the front door. As I looked through the smoke I show a bundle of sticks or candles fly throw the smoke. They bounced off the bar and rolled ten or fifteen feet from me. O my fucking god I said as I realized it was a stick of dynamite like the one I had found but moments ago. I tried to move but next thing I knew I was flying through the air hitting the ground some twenty feet away from where I had started thrown on top of the two dead men.

From here things were a bit foggy. It seemed someone shot the other man in the bank as he was going to throw another stick of dynamite causing him to drop it at his feet killing himself with it. O’Neill shot the woman in Morrow gear as she exited the bank causing her to drop the coin bag she had, but not killing her. He said he had hit the back tire of the vehicle but it was heading out leaking oil. It seems my grenade had done some damage. I was still trying to drag myself up as all this was going on. I was feeling sick and I’m sure I have a concussion. I reached for my healing power to help clear the fog from my head and the pain I felt all over.

I will continue the rest of this report later as I need to get some sleep. Well a good smoke and a small sip of whisky as well. The Whisky helps me sleep you know, purely a medicinal need. I do not want to hit the med pack for such a small headache.

P.S. Please edit the smoking and booze from this report before allowing my wife to read it friend. I promise a good cigar and bottle of the best when I get back for this editing.

MISSION REPORT: Border of Oklahoma – October 29th, 2162.

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Border of Oklahoma and Missouri
DATE: 10/29/2162
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco – CA4 Team Commander
Report – What the hell happened to all the roads?

The roads suck. Only the roadbed from the old Interstate is left with a few chunks of cement or asphalt occasionally visible thru the grass.The track is identifiable from the grooves and marks from the Gypsy Truckers that use it to go north/south. Fred is doing his best, but we can’t do more than 15-20 mph without losing fillings from out teeth.

About 10 miles north, near the Goodman Tower site, just south of Neosho MO, we came up on a couple Big Rigs. Fred said they look like trader/truckers clan on the road so we pulled up next to them and hailed to talk/trade. After a few startled looks they pulled over and we parked nearby. They asked what clan we were from and after a few tries got across that we were from the Morrow Project (clan) and planning to head over into Oklahoma. The Tipton clan was hauling raw wool, scrap metal and Diesel fuel north to Web City and beyond.

Tim pulled out his doctors bag and heading over to the kids to check them out and do what he could do. He showed his medical tattoo, which looked a little different from what they are used to, since it is from California, but they accepted his help. After Tim helped out one family apparently they paid with a nice heavy duty leather jacket. The Matriarch of the Tiptons realized that we didn’t have much that they could use for trading, or have use for their goods, but a little shared alcohol, and a couple .357 rounds from my pocket and she opened up some. We talked about our plan to drive down the trade route of old I-44 into Oklahoma.

She said that there are some raiders, the farther north (by the Kansas border (The republic of Krell)) the worse they are, but it is pretty safe. The 5 nations patrol the road, and do take some Tarrifs to use the road. She recommended Miami as a good place to stop, it has a university and is pretty safe. With a wave of thanks to the Tiptons, we pulled back onto the Rogers Trade route (on our maps its called Interstate-49).

My old oilskin slicker was burned when we arrived at the base, so Tim offered the jacket he received to me. Thinking how cold it could be getting soon I thanked him kindly. A little delousing and I’m sure I look like a native now. The people will welcome us with open arms.

Trucker Graveyard near Joplin MO.

Trucker Graveyard near Joplin MO.

Followers of the Burning Book (Razers Encounter Group)

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NAMEFollowers of the Burning Book (Razers)

TYPE: Cult (Destruction)

LOCATION: Anywhere

TRAITS: Volatile: 90% Extroverted: 20% Compassion:40% Discipline:90% Curious:30%




Some Petro Chemical knowledge. Some black powder weapons, horses, blades, some farm compounds.


Black powder firearms, homemade flame throwers, molotov cocktails, blades, black powder hand grenades and cannons


Almost none. Will trade with other highly religious groups with like minds.


Brawl, Scrounge, Theology, Firearms, Survival, Farming, Explosive, Special Weapons (Flame Throwers), Ride


None Yet!



Followers of the Burning Book.

The Followers of Jedediah Krull have one true calling in the world: Make sure humanity does not destroy itself again.

They were founded by a nuclear scientist after the war as a movement to destroy all remaining nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. In the chaos of the post war days, Jedediah published a small booklet called “The Burning Book” which outlined the need to stop humanity from destroying itself in the future by repressing the means to do so. At first this was held to stopping nuclear, biological, and chemical research and weapon production, but soon it changed to become any technology that one day in the future could cause another genocide. Over the last 150 years its interpretation has included almost anything above steam technology (Tech level E).

While not the rabble that other Razers tend to follow, the Followers of the Burning Book ( or Burning Book for short) are very targeted in their quest to repress the knowledge. First they will go into an area and preach about the end of days during the fall of mankind and about the dangers of unbridled scientific knowledge and how mankind was never meant to know about the inner nature of the universe as thats Gods right. If this tack works then they will hold book burnings and help to destroy the remnants of the old world in a controlled and planned manner then move on.

If an community rejects the teaching of Jedediah, then they will try a more direct path with sabotage, arson, and if needed direct killings. Only if a community is so powerful that it would result in the destruction of a band of the followers will they back off. But even then, they will try and find a way to destroy the technology over time as the Followers of the Burning book take a long time view and understand that the mission to save everyone will take sacrifice, time, and bloodshed.

While they do not necessarily know about the project,  they would try there best to repress it and or destroy it, as they are absolutely against the bringing back of the old days with all the risk for another armageddon.

For the project, these represent a very dangerous group as they do not attack wildly as razers tend to do, but will carefully plan a campaign to get there goals.

Local Band:

Encounter Size : 6 to 10 people (almost always men as the women stay back in the compounds).

Weapons: Simple Black Powder Rifles, shotguns, and pistols, Black powder hand grenades, TNT, with the at least one  armed with a primitive flamethrower. Expect that most of a group would be mounted on horses and carry sabre’s with larger groups also carrying a small black powder mountain howitzer.

Appearance: Well dressed in Black Wool Frocks and pants, large felt hats, they tend to look like an 1880’s band of preachers but for all the weapons and grim determination that they all show. One of the group will always be a preacher and have good persuasion skill.

Example Encounter:

When the team comes to a small farming village they will see a man standing on wagon preaching about the need to destroy the evils of the old world which caused mankind’s downfall. Around him is 2 other men dressed like the speaker who are both armed with Percussion Cap Rifles but are not threatening the crowd. It seems that he wants the villagers to burning the old library science books and get them to take a pledge to stop teaching the children about the evils of the old world.

A young women (Janet, who is the school teacher) is trying to convince the people that its important to teach all children about science and the old world

It looks like the man preaching is getting the better of the crowd and a few men are busy carrying out handloads of old books into the middle of the street.

If the team makes a persuasion skill (Preachers 55%  ) VS persuasion skill roll and wins, the crowd will stop the action and the man will walk over to team and ask who they are and what business of theirs in interfering with their holy work to save the world. If the team argues with the preacher, Janet will butt into the conversation and tell the followers to leave the town and there kind is not wanted here.

At this point one of the followers men will slap janet and push her to the ground and while telling her to leave the talking to the men. They will not draw weapons unless the Morrow Project team does so first, and seeing the strength of the team in gear and equipment, will back off and leave the town.

Latter that night they will ride back to the town with their entire band (8 in number) and try and burn down both the library and the school house. If the team is still at the town they will do their best to ambush the team at night where they think they have the advantage of surprise. If the team has a armoured vehicle the will attempt to throw 3 bundled sticks of TNT in it or underneath the vehicle by a wheel. If they take more than 50% casualties they will retreat and leave the town but watch for the team to leave so they can go and finish their work.

Followers of the Burning Book:

STR:23 CON:23 DEX:22 AWA:22 EXP:22 REA:19 FOC:25
MASS:10 SP:230 BP:230 BT:Various  ACTIONS:3
VOLATILITY: 60% (Vengeful, controlled), EXTROVERSION:65% (Prophet), COMPASSION:30% (Faithful), DISCIPLINE:67% (Principled, Hardened), CURIOSITY: 20% (Conservative)




Church of the New Resurrection (Frozen Chosen)

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TYPE: Cult

LOCATION: Primary 8-11 but sects can be found scattered throughout north america.

TRAITS: Volatile: 30% Extroverted: 60% Compassion:70% Discipline:90% Curious:30% Conservative: 70%




Steam, some electricity, farming, Shallow mines, stocks of modern weapons and equipment. Some Prewar learning and skills.


Firearms, both homemade and limited stocks of modern weapons.


The Elders are cryogenically frozen from our period and have 2016 knowledge and skills. Chosen have have some skills and prewar knowledge but the rank and file have very limited prewar access to equipment and skills.


Iron ore, coal, food stuffs, farming equipment, some light manufactured goods, blacksmithing, education, religion, security


Persuade, Communications, Leadership, Theology, Firearms, Survival, Farming




Church of the New Resurrection.

Robert SinClair was a Scientist working at a top secret Lab owned by the US Government. He was on the team which had the task to reverse engineer the first generation freeze tube technology taken from a Morrow Industries facility.

Being a very religious man, he took the plans and told his church leader Catherine Cummings. Catherine always believed that the end of world was near and her and the church stored weapons and supplies for the day of judgement. When she saw the plans that robert put in front of her, she knew that god had answered her prayers to save her flock.

She had a few very wealthy member of her church who had one a state lottery in 2011. With Roberts knowledge they started to build a small amount freeze tubes and add to their already formidable stockpile of weapons and supplies.

As Catherine was a careful charismatic person who preached compassion and self reliance, she managed to recruit many in the survivalist camps as well as the conservative christian movement.

By 2017, the Movement already had quite a few smaller churches scattered throughout the united states and all had stocked piled both guns, supplies, and tools to rebuild the world from the communing collapse that they were sure to happen soon.

Each Church had a defensible compound well away from any major city or military target and it was as ready as it could be for the coming of the asteroid.

The Council of elders also had a bunker in the main base that would allow 20 of the prime council to go to cold sleep so they could keep the message of the church constant for the followers.

When the war actually came, the church was ready and the council went into cold sleep while the flock endured the wars aftermath.

Church of the New Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

Church of the New Resurrection Flag, Wadesville, IN, 2162

At any one time, there was always 2 of the council awakened to command the flock while the others slept. The Council is made up of 7 women and 13 men. Two of the Original council members have died and have been replaced by their relatives.

These men  have sired many children during their time awake so that there is now literally 100’s of relatives that are related to the council and it tends to keep the churches leadership tight and interrelated to each other. Most Deacons tend to be from this group.

Each church is a self reliant enclave with its own weapons and supplies.


A) It is a christian church and is heavy on the old testament.

B) Men can have many wifes. Wifes can own property, Women can have educations but tend to be housewives and less active in politics or the militia.

C) They do have slaves, but if a slave marries a person from the church community and have offspring, there children will be free. The slave parents can be raised to free status by the good deeds of their children over time, which encourages the children to be committed to the church.

D) The lay people tend to be at 1880’s frontier technology and tools (mostly animal drawn) and tend to be more closed minded about new idea’s or outside political movements. They are hospital but do not take kindly to others flaunting their customs.

E) The Deacons are the in between leaders from the Elders and the Lay people. They do know of the Rite of Resurrection (Coming out of cold sleep) and do know that the prophets speak in the old language of before the fall of mankind. The Deacons do go through military training and do have limited access to modern weapons and technology. Deacons tend to be the best educated, political savvy, and most in touch with the outside world.

F) The Elder are from the 2017 time period and have prewar knowledge and access to modern weapons and equipment. When they travel they will dress in post war clothes but carry modern firearms and have access to body armour. Most tend to be the more conservative force in the church, but they are also the most realistic and pragmatic.

E) The Church has the have the ability to produce simple antibiotics, reload weapons, Light Manufacturing, and advanced farming techniques.

F) They tend to trade with outside groups on a limited basis but will take converts from the outside. They will go out of there way to buy promising slaves or recruit outsiders  if they think they will adapt to the churches teaching and help a community.

G) They will not go out of there way to attack outside groups, but will charge tolls for use of their roads, and will watch anyone traveling through their lands. They do not allow freedom of religion in their lands. Groups of Deacons have been known to purge groups that abuse church congregations or practices.

H) They will go on mission to local areas and the Deacons will use their knowledge to help nearby towns to keep technology working. This has caused a lot of local towns to support the church and overlook the way the treat outsiders.

I) All church children will receive at least a 8th grade education. Few will move on to technical or military roles (Deacons) and some will move on to Science or Doctor Roles.

J) For Lay people, Clothing is simple and conservative. Women wear skirts and clothing that hide most of the skin. For Deacons (That can be women or men) they will tend to wear clothing that blends into their local environment and is more practical on horse back.

The Council does know of the MP and has a wait and see attitude towards them. They recognize the good that the MP is capable off, but also its outdated 21st century views are out of place for their more conservative outlook.

If anything the Council members would like to talk to a team in order to talk about the old days and how they can rebuild the world into a more peaceful one under the leadership of god and get rid of all the rebuilding a democratic institutions.

The Deacons can be from all sorts of personalities, but also are the ones on the ground (so to speak) and will react with suspicion to a morrow project team, but can be persuaded that the project could be of help to the church. The real power on the ground tends to be the deacons.

They Know of the KFS, and they keep a low profile in KFS areas in order not to be picked out. They are generally fine with the KFS policies as long as they leave the church alone.

Local Church community:

People: 20 to 60 people (60% women and children) around a retired Deacon.

Weapons: Simple Black Powder Rifles, shotguns, and pistols with the Deacon being armed with a modern assault rifle and a pistol. A Modern Radio will be located usually in the Deacons house for reporting back to the council as will the congregations emergency supplies.

When a council member rarely travels he will be with a group of 5 to 10 deacons who will be wearing body armour as well as carrying Modern weapons.

Church members working on a meal


Example Encounter:

Near any crossroads the team will see a man standing by a small campsite watching the team as they approach. He does not appear to be worried but is armed.

Abraham Brown
Description: Tall Well built Black Man with a black felt Hat, well made dark brown wool frock coat over a cotton white shirt with suspenders and black woolen pants. He carries an slung AK-47 Rifle (EF14) and a KFS Percussion Cap .44 Cal Revolver (EF10). On his horse he also has camping gear, 2 M67 Hand grenades, 3 30rd Clips of 7.62x39mm, a Sabre and first aid supplies.

Attitude: Abraham has seen over 18 years of service to the church and that experience has made him into a hard man based on the cruelty he has seen in the outside world. As a well read and traveled man, he does know that there is also good people in the world and he has recruited his fair share of new church members but has also killed many who crossed his church or threatened his congregation. He believes that one is one of the “Good Book” or not. If not, then they better stay clear of his attention as he will only warn a person once, before he will take direct action.

Note he is not a stupid or rash man, just has almost no tolerance for lying, laziness or decent. If a team crosses him, he will find a location that he can bushwack a team and not engage them head on. If needed he will go to a local church community use the radio and call in help from other deacons with heavier firepower.

If a team comes across as compassionate or friendly (especially if someone has theology skill), he will offer to make a team dinner over by his campfire, and talk to them about their mission and he will share some information about his church.

STR:22 CON:20 DEX:25 AWA:24 EXP:24 REA:22 FOC:26
MASS:10 SP:210 BP:210 BT:0+ ACTIONS:4
VOLATILITY: 60% (Vengeful), EXTROVERSION:65% (Prophet), COMPASSION:60% (Faithful), DISCIPLINE:67% (Principled), CURIOSITY: 40% (Conservative)


Cannon Ball Run ( Prime Base to Southern California)

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General Campaign:

The Cannonball Run was a campaign to bring needed war supplies from Prime Base to Southern California (The High Desert Area around Barstow). Along this way the team will meet quite a few different encounter groups and have to fight some very strange bad guys. It ends up with a series of mini adventures around Bishop california.

Campaign Backdrop:

The backdrop of the campaign is that the Invading Mexican Army is beating the forces of the High Desert Federation (HDF) and the project is starting to be reawakened but of very limited scope. The teams command group, CA-2, is desperate for the supplies that prime base has, so the team was sent to prime base to find out what happened to it. The team goes there and manages to battle their way through a Krell scouting party that is also searching for prime base and manages to activate the AI in prime base which awakens the Phoenix team.

Now the team needs to travel through the Nevada – California Desert in July to bring the truckloads of supplies desperately needed. 


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