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Reports to Prime Base tells the story of Morrow Project Recon Team CA-4. The team started out in the California High Desert on 3/16/2161, but since then has moved across various states and locations awakening its command group and even prime base. Now it finds itself in the deep in the Kentucky Free State border regions (Ohio River Valley) undercover as a group of mercenaries for hire.

For people who play RPG’s and want a summary of the changes I use from standard Morrow Project 4th Edition, You can check out the Morrow Project Game System Catagory.

We started the campaign in June of 2009 and to date have had over 15 players cycle through it at one time or another.


Morrow Project placed teams and material all over North America in cryogenic sleep to be awaken 3 to 5 years after a predicted thermonuclear war sometime in the 2017.

When the team awakes its finds Over 150 years has passed since the planned activation without any other Morrow Teams or support available.

Thus the team must not only survive, but must carry out their original mission: to rebuild the world. To do this they have their equipment and training, their team and their own guts and imagination. Together with their teammates they must try to do alone a job that thousands were trained to do.

Thus begins the story of CA4 and the epic quest to rebuild North America after a war that destroyed as much as 95% of the prewar population. Added to this they find that there are not awakening in a world completely without politics, weapons, or dreadful enemies, as parts of the old world still remain in both its good and evil forms.

So come and read about the journey of the men and women of the Morrow Project as they re-forge what has been lost and recreate a world of freedom and justice for all.

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2 Responses to “Mission Reports to Prime Base”

  1. William Stevenson says:

    I like your sight very much, I have played this game when it first came out. In my version I have taken the character generation from Aftermath, this gives a more rounded character.


  2. Project_Director says:

    Glad you like it. I used to play aftermath as well and still take bits of the game system for my games. We use the book with mods from the Supply Bunker. So far it has worked out well, but soon they are going to go into the deadlands of Los Angeles which will have a real road warrior feel Vs the present High Plans Western Feel.

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